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BANDIDO. Fortunately the CIA DID still have record of “Andrew Chevalier,” his credentials check out so Otto Ganz’ weapons business with “Trevor” could continue. Daniel’s mission is unchanged- he is after dates & locations of any planned terrorist attacks by Ganz’ group to scare German people into voting for Otto’s fear mongering, far right political candidate Katerina Gerhardt. (Berlin Station is spying on her at her residence, too.) Hector silently breathes his relief, thinks his part is done, but Otto doesn’t want to deal with anyone else. Daniel isn’t expecting this, vouches for Ganz to keep it going. Otto does by having money delivered for the sale. Well, actual money changes everything. Especially 100,000 euros. Hector decides to keep this charade going, not like he has a choice anyway. “It’s just an hour, boss.” Fuck you, Daniel.

With the money in hand, an explanation from Daniel about his off-the-books mission that includes Hector punching him for it (not entirely for Ganz’ benefit), and his new life blown up, Hector is feeling more reckless than usual. “If this shit goes south, it’s every man for himself.” He invites them all to lunch in the adjacent small town, showing off his Porsche in the process. He accepts a glass of celebratory wine: so much for sobriety. Daniel watches all this, knows Hector and how his appetite for chaos can get out of control. In town, “Trevor” reassures Lena that he can be trusted. With Ganz’ terrorist “shopping list” in hand, Daniel also updates Berlin Station. Esther’s BfV Armando is clearly a problem; not only is Hector furious again that BfV knows about him, he sees Armando is acting as Lena’s boyfriend. A security risk. Now that he knows the German Secret Service is involved, Hector succinctly says to Daniel: “Get these fucking people out of here.” Not so fast. Otto has other ideas.

BERLIN STATION Episode 203 on EPIX Sunday October 22nd & also begins in US on SPIKE channel!


Tom Hiddleston and Game of Thrones

- Natalie Dormer as Margaery Tyrell

- Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen

- Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark

- Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister