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What other women do you fancy, apart from Camila obviously?!

Oh my god so many, I’m gonna give you a short list 

My baby Lauren ❤️

My baby Emma ❤️

My baby Emilia ❤️

My baby Freema ❤️

My baby Laura ❤️

My baby Sophie ❤️

My baby Chloë ❤️

My baby Alycia ❤️

My baby Josefine ❤️

My baby Alia ❤️

My baby Nathalie ❤️

My baby Dianna ❤️

My baby Kristen

My baby Ryoko ❤️

My baby Evan ❤️

My baby Antonia ❤️

My baby Katherine ❤️

My baby Rhian ❤️

My baby Sydney ❤️

My baby Rachelle ❤️

My baby Kathryn ❤️

My baby Gugu ❤️

My baby Stefanie ❤️

My baby Liza ❤️

My baby Lupita ❤️


Awesome photo of Tom Wlaschiha by Clemens Porikys!🤗

@clemensporikys IG

Game of Thrones Star @tomwlaschiha at the Berlin Opening Night @gala_magazin #berlinale2017 #berlinale #TomWlaschiha #gala_magazin #berlin #filmfestival

JANE BOND dream cast

So, obviously, Jane is Gillian Anderson: 

The super-evil villain, with whom Jane has SO MUCH SEXUAL TENSION (maybe, they start out as lovers and it turns out Cate has been evil all along, just thinking aloud here tho) is Cate Blanchett: 

The villain’s nasty sidekick is Rupert Everett: 

The first Bond Girl is Antonia Thomas:

The second Bond Girl is Emilia Clarke: 

M is Helen Mirren: 

Q is Helena Bonham Carter:

and Miss Moneypenny should still be Naomie Harris tbh: 


Coldplay’s Game of Thrones: The Musical (Full 12-minute version)

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant :D


The Pianist (2002)

A Polish Jewish musician struggles to survive the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto of World War II.

IMDB Rating : 8.5

Director :  Roman Polanski

Writers : Ronald Harwood (screenplay), Wladyslaw Szpilman(book)

Stars : Adrien BrodyThomas Kretschmann,  Emilia Fox

Genre : War | Drama | Biography

Awards : Won 3 Oscars


“El tercer sábado de mayo, Treena y Thomas vinieron a casa. Mi
madre salió por la puerta y recorrió el camino del jardín antes de
que hubieran cruzado la calle. Thomas, juraba mientras lo agarraba
con fuerza, había crecido varios centímetros desde la última
vez. Cómo había cambiado, cuánto había crecido, qué hombrecito
estaba hecho.”

Me Before You- Jojo Moyes


Best ever!

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Don't you have other background characters??

ooc: [Clears throat] Like…all of them? 

Charolette (Prostitute bae from 1912 Ragtime that chills with Theo)

Dolan (1963 Bully of Terry and Finnick who can eat three hotdogs at once and is a football champ )

Catalina (ESPOSA MUY BONITA KICKS ASS AND KIsses Pablo all the time despite his itchy mustache. Would probably be the loudest cheerer for Juan when he graduates that is if she…was like…alive still.)

Jesús (Tired, but caring cousin of Pablo. Watches Juan and cries at soap operas. He is a hardcore Brazilian soccer fan)

Pablo (I’m only including him since I haven’t seen a roleplayer yet but he is a cinnamon roll who is tired all the time but manages to smile for his son. Also don’t get him mad.)

Juan (Dorky, dweeby, hispanic nerd who has a hella ego and is just a cutie in general)

Patsy (Finnick’s sister who’s hella cute and hella chill-hippie and drinks soysauce don’t ask why she does it’s just a thing she likes)

Chantal (Precious lesbian baby who stutters in public but can be rauchy as fuck with people she’s comfortable with. Is known to throw hella shade when mad.)

Emilia (Juan’s crush who always has pudding. Her mom’s a lawyer and she loves art. She snorts milk out of her nose sometimes.)