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“Those are unusual movements.
What are you doing?”


Heroine [her-oh-in]

1. a woman noted for courageous acts or nobility of character.
2 .a woman who, in the opinion of others, has special achievements,abilities, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model or ideal.

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‘anti-shippers’: *mad with the new spoilers, writing several essays about how Jon x Dany will not work (even when their narratives are literal parallels) using arguments™ that are obvious projections of their own feelings in other ships which from the very beginning clearly would never be canon* inevitably in the tag:

I feel like the White Whale’s mist made this fandom forget the reason why Subaru fell in love with Emilia.

He’s kind at heart, but he isn’t a selfless person who acts faster than thinks when somebody is in danger.

When a passerby was nearly run over by a dragon carriage, he thought it was a great opportunity to check if he could use magic, staying in the safe zone. He was against the idea of helping a lost child as retrieving the stolen insignia was higher in his priorities. He didn’t stand up in the loot house until Rom and Felt were dead. After he figured out his return by death ability and realized that Emilia didn’t save him that time, so he was no longer indebted, he was planning on using his modern knowledge to live in luxury.

However, talking to a shopkeeper who didn’t want to meddle in other people’s problems made him think a lot about Emilia’s actions. As he said, she didn’t know him, but she put aside her own problems, helped him and tried her best not to make him feel like he owed her. She let him come with her, although later she admitted he was holding her back, and “played along with that useless stranger’s self-satisfaction”. In the end, even Subaru - a “worthless” shut-in who tends to take the easiest road - decided to act in order to secure the future of the people he barely knew.

If what he said about not doing anything before coming to this world is true, his resolve to fight back was life-changing. I do believe he was inspired by Emilia, the first person who didn’t neglect his existence and took the time she didn’t have to help him. Rescuing him from the thieves wasn’t all - she also tried to believe in him and let him handle negotiating with the insignia holder. Subaru expected her to protest, because he personally thought low of himself, but she put faith in him. I’m sure entrusting him retrieving something so important meant a lot to him and even now he wants to live up to it. Her smile is his motivation and he wishes to be worthy of it.

Emilia was quite busy in the second arc, but she always found some time to spend with him and offered emotional support. When he left the mansion, she told him he was welcome there anytime - in other words, she gave him a place to come back in this foreign land. When he was devastated, she was ready to listen to anything he had to say. When Ram attacked him, she chose to trust in him. When he was pushing himself too hard, she let him rest in her lap. When he was fighting the witchfiends in the forest, her accurate predictions of his behaviour helped Roswaal find him. Maybe her presence wasn’t particularly impactful to us, viewers, but it surely was to Subaru.

Unfortunately, even having a person like that doesn’t magically cure mental problems. He desperately tried to prove his worth by using the only weapon he had - determination. It made him unable to keep any promises and he ended up disregarding Emilia’s feelings. But, despite of that, she started the discussion with calmly asking him about his reasons. Even when she lashed out, she never said she was hurt. That’s the kind of person she is.

They have a long way to go and learning how to communicate properly would definitely be the first step, but there’s more to these two than “love is irrational”.

D.Gray-Man AU

Hey everyone !

I promised you all a whole explanation on my D.Gray-Man AU (which I previously called modern!gangster!AU), in which were set two drawings of Emilia and Tyki I made (here & here). As said in a previous post, the purpose of this AU is mostly aesthetic, but in spite of myself it has grown into my imagination as something bigger than that, so that’s why I wanted to explain it to you. (And that would help you understand potential future drawings I’ll make about it). Furthermore, the AU is mostly centered on my rarepair, which is Emilia Galmar/Tyki Mikk, but I developped the other characters and the main story a bit aswell. I’d like to thank @pouzingarou for helping me on developping the story during very late conversations (haha). @badlydrawntykimikk I’ve seen that you were particularly interested in it, so here it is !

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Hey, about Alec being autistic, could you tell me the signs? Like, sorry, I don't really know which they are so I didn't notice them 😅

ummm im not rly great at explaining this but @maialesbian is the real mvp here and actually keeps an organized tag for posts about autistic alec which you can find here

hope that helps!