anonymous asked:

Emilia, Lena and Peter were all nominated for Emmy's! GoT scooped up 24 nominations too! I was kinda upset that Kit, Sophie and Alfie didn't get any recognition, but at least GoT is getting the recognition it deserves! Yay.

YESSS!!! I’m so happy for them they really deserved it! I think with Sansa getting darker and more interesting every season Sophies time will definitely come! And Aflie - I absolutely admire the job he’s doing with “reak”. That’s such a difficult role to portray and I think he deserves a lot more recognition. 

Also Game of thrones is nomintated for best drama series again! With the first ep, hardhome and the final it’s well deserved!

porsukgezer asked:

Emilia is in Belfast. Kit was spotted in Belfast. Can we all scream !!! Jon snow is back ladies and gentlemen (I'm praying for one emilia kit picture)

I’m so happy he is and that they are all back together doing the table read!!! :) I do think it’s a positive sign that Jon will be back but on the other hand we’ll probably see his “dead” body in the finale and towards the middle of next season he’ll be resurrected (earliest). But why show his body when he’s gone for good, right?? And I’d die for some kemilia table read selfies of god! Now that Emilia has instagram that’s very possible! On the other hand I think they have to be hush about him being there so maybe they aren’t allowed to … :/