Concerning Lilit, I had initially decided to let the matter drop. I had manipulated her boss into giving her a raise and a promotion while she was still with Javier – of course, I didn’t foresee her cheating on him. I was content to hold it as a reminder that I can’t control or know everything.

Until the bitch came back.

I actually liked Marisol. Her relationship with Javier was still too new to withstand their history. Lilit had to go. This would be the best way - my Uncle Luke had connections to see that it happened exactly the way I wanted. Still, I was part of his family through marriage, not blood. I didn’t expect him to do it for free. Is that why my stomach knotted as I approached his house?

I found him outside. We exchanged pleasantries until he told me that Aunt Colleen was at the spa. That was my out if I decided to take it. “Actually,” I said, relieved my voice sounded confident, “I came here to ask you for a favor.”

Uncle Luke nodded and pulled out his cell phone, “Mike, make sure my office is acceptable to receive guests,” and hung up. “I don’t talk business outside of my office,” he explained.

I understood why when we reached the top floor where I found myself being pat down. Mike was a bit grabby but I bore it silently while glaring daggers at the back of his head.

“She’s clean,” he announced simply. Uncle Luke motioned for me to sit down.

“I can’t be too careful, your grandma’s been trying to catch my ass for years,” he laughed. “Now, about this favor of yours…”

I agreed to his price. It was steep compared to what I asked for but I had an idea of how to fulfil it without getting caught. I hoped. She should have stayed away.