Castiel is five years old on the day he starts school, the number he wrote on his hand is 4122, but he doesn’t know that yet.

On the day he learns his 1 to 10, the number on his hand is 4119 and his teacher asks him who taught him such a big number, Castiel tells her that it was nobody and his teacher looks confused.

He’s eight when he asks Gabriel what the numbers mean, and Gabriel just shrugs and says,

“You’re the one writing them, Cassie, you should know.”

But that’s not fair because Castiel doesn’t know and Gabriel is supposed to know everything.

He’s ten when he realises that his mother no longer keeps pens in the house. On the day he makes this realisation, the number on his hand in purple felt tip says 2421 . He still doesn’t know what it means, but it gets one less each day and Castiel knows that he’s counting down to something.

He’s thirteen when he tries to stop, his mother doesn’t keep pens in the house any more and he knows he’s worrying her. He refuses to write the number on his hand during the day, ignoring the nagging compulsion for all of his waking hours, but he wakes up halfway through the night with a pen clutched in his right hand and that number, one less each day. He goes to the bathroom and scrubs till his hand is red and the tears pricking at the backs of his eyes are no longer a going concern.

He’s fourteen when he stops trying, the hours spent rubbing at his hand in the early morning taking their toll until Castiel decides he simply doesn’t care. It’s stupid to think he’s counting down to anything. He still hides his hand from his mother though, writing the number in inconspicuous places as small as possible, he never wanted to upset her.

He’s seventeen when he finally reaches 0, and he prays it’s over. The pen today was bright green, found in the hallway on his walk to class. He’s just taken his seat when someone he doesn’t recognise walks in. Castiel sees the stranger’s hand and his world stops, there in bright blue ink on the back of the other boy’s hand is a huge 0, unlike Castiel, the boy -Dean, his teacher just called him- is completely unapologetic about the number and Castiel thinks Dean is what he needs.

From the moment he walked in with that huge 0 on the back of his hand in bright blue ink, Castiel knows that Dean Winchester is what he’s been counting down to.



  • Angela Brinson and Michele Domineck (Childhood Friends)
  • English and Stephen King (Married)
  • David Windecher and Emiley Cox (Dating)
  • Sentra Tran and Thu Tran (Best Friends)
  • Troy and Chele Pfost (Married Airsoft Gun Show Owners)
  • Aarif Mirza and Imman Ahmed (Best Friends)
  • Matt Sundberg and Christina Zapolski (Engaged)
  • Lee Wilson and Hilmar Skagfield (Escape Room Owner and IT Consultant)
  • Miles Svoboda and Will Muzika (Friends)

blood on my name; a dean winchester playlist   ((listen))

i. god’s gonna cut you down - johnny cash | ii. blood on my name - the brothers bright | iii. dust bowl dance - mumford & sons | iv. bottom of the river - delta rae | v. dean man’s bones - dead man’s bones | vi. run boy run - woodkid | vii. hardest of hearts - florence + the machine | viii. far from any road - the handsome family | ix. the cave - mumford and sons | x. bad ritual - timber timbre | xi. goodbye stranger - supertramp | xii. silent my song - lykke li | xiii. oh death - jen titus

The Last Supper (1495-98) - Leonardo da Vinci // Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson + Bruno Mars

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hello guys c: as you can tell i have a bit of a thing for punk/tattooed!cas so i decided to make a network so we could share fics and scream about cas in tight jeans with wing tatto’s uwu


  • mbf this punk!cas lover
  • reblog ONLY
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  • spn as a main fandom (doesnt matter so much)
  • ill add about 10-15 members when this reaches enough notes!

if your accepted

  • ill send u a lil message asking you to send me:
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  • track the #punkcasnet tag
  • the benifits are many
  1. more fics of punk!cas
  2. we can share fanart and head canons uwu

yeah so thats it guys! have a lovely day