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It’s their first official date. Or whatever. It’s Cora birthday and even if she didn’t want a party, she doesn’t have a choice. The ice rink is full of Scott and Derek falling on their asses, and Erica wrapping feather boas around everyone’s shoulders, Boyd cutting cake and laughing at everyone.

Stiles pulls her away from the crowd, holding the small of her back while she tugs her hair out of the flower crown Allison made her. The smell of the flowers tickle her nose but Allison looked so happy when she asked her to put it on. She smooths out her hair and looks for a place to put it, finding the best place is atop Stiles’ head. His scent calms the flowers.

“We need pictures to mark the occasion.” He grins, moving to slide onto the seat, flail his arms around her to close the curtain once she’s settled next to him.

“I’m not quite sure this’ll work, Stiles.” She shakes her head as he punches at buttons.

“What? Why not? Oh, shit. The flash. Wait!” The counter is already counting and gets her mid-movement, him reaching out to try and cover it, mouth gaping open. The noise he makes when the flash goes off makes her laugh. The second photo is just that, her laugh as he looks at her confused. He chuckles, “Wait, I’m not fucking up?”

“N-No,” She shakes her head through laughs, “You just care too much.”

“Oh really? I can be carefree. Watch me strike a pose!” And he does, looking at the camera. Only he does it too early, which throws her into another fit of laughter. That’s the last picture.

She snorts and pulls him into a kiss, feeling the tickle of the boa against her bare shoulder as he chuckles against her lips.


Stilinski Corner Bakery, “Like Home”

“I saw my first Starbucks holiday cup on the way in.” Stiles says as he sheds his numerous sweaters and scarves, drops them in the crate before shoving it under the counter.

“Does that mean you’re finally gonna start making Christmas specialty stuff?” Scott asks from his curled up position in his chair, sipping hot chocolate and tuning his webcam so he can talk to Allison in France.

“Fine, fine. We’ll get out the Christmas cookie cutters.” Stiles’ father caves in, giving a smile as he restocks the coffee jars. Stiles goes and takes over for him.

“Put on the fucking sweater.” Cora demands as Derek shakes his head for the fourth time.

“No, I’m wearing the seasonal socks, seasonal underwear, and you hid my jacket for an ugly lime green coat. There’s no way I’m putting on your ugly Christmas sweater.” He answers, still searching through the loft for his leather jacket.

“I will stomp on all the presents if you don’t put it on right now.”

Derek puts on the fucking sweater.

Derek takes a swig from his mug and sits sideways on the couch, “Okay, so what’s in the bag?”

“My laptop. Thought we could watch some tv or something.” Stiles says, setting his mug down to take it out.

“Why doesn’t yours look like mine?” Derek asks, running his fingers over the Darth Vader decal on the top.

“…They’re not actually wood, you know. Your decal is just made to look like wood.”

“I’m not stupid, I know. It’s a computer. It has, y'know, wires and stuff. I just didn’t think it was white.”

Stiles bites his lip, decides to have a little fun, “Did you know you can watch tv on it? Or is this the first time you’ve heard of that?”

Derek scowls at him, “If you mean the YouTube, I already know.”

The YouTube, huh?” Stiles laughs, feeling like he’s teaching his father all over again. He sputters with laughter at the expression Derek gives him, “Oh my god, you look like this cat–”

“I do not look like the Grumpy Cat!” Derek shakes his head, “That’s what my sister says.”

“Your sister’s right.” Stiles giggles and covers his mouth, then touches Derek’s arm, “But the cat is really cute, so it doesn’t matter.”

Derek softens, “You think I’m cute, too?”

derek lives in a cabin and is sort of disconnected from all tech besides a macbook cora got for him. stiles is visiting and brings his own laptop.

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haleofatime, I know I know. I was wondering what to give him as a username and then I thought of Laura signing him up for Netflix and putting him up on dating sites and he meets Stiles by chance on a blog and he’s like “Laura, I wanna talk to people easier. How do I do it?” And she signs him up for Skype. And gives him the name. And at first he hates it, until Stiles says it’s adorable and he thinks it can’t be that bad.

Whenever he logs on, he gets so excited. Whether it be on his phone on his break at work, or as soon as he gets home on his computer. He’ll even say hello and let Stiles know he’s there before he showers or cooks, just so Stiles knows he’s important.

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“Oh, my God. I’m in public. People are gonna think you’re jerking off for me.” He glances to someone walking the other way, thinking that everyone is watching him now. Stiles smirks, laying his head back again, groaning openly, “This how you want me to do it? Derek, talk dirty to me.” “Stiles.” He tries to cover the mic with his thumb, but can’t quite get it unless he wants to drop and break his phone. Stiles groans louder. “I love it when you say my name!” And then he lets out this sort of...

Oh my god, I loved writing this. I wanted to establish that yes, they were more than friends, flirting and awkward and sweet, but they could also have moments where Stiles is Stiles and Derek’s like ‘fucking hell it’s hot but please i’m in public and i’m gonna blush’. And I love the image of Derek with red cheeks so, so much. I wanted him flustered. And I wanted to show just how much they talk. How close they are.