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Okay wait, I've been gone for so long and I need to catch up :( What is the drama with Lexi and James?? I assume there is drama. I mean, it's Lexi we are talking about

OKAY it’s probably me just being petty, because as we all know, I am PETTY.

Lexi is one of those people who hate when the attention isn’t on them, so they try to bring it back to them. And this constantly happened when I was in fulfillment(The department where she and James work), and when ever I was back there having a discussion with James about something, Lexi would insert herself into the conversation, usually very loudly, and stray from the topic James and I were talking about.

She talks over me when I try talking to him, she constantly texts him, snaps him, etc, and then proceeds to say things like “Emilee, did you see what James posted on Snap? Oh, wait, he only sent it to me, sorry!” Now, I talk to him on social media, but not as much as she does. She is 24/7. I think she talks more to him than she does my brother sometimes?

I made the mistake of telling her that I really like him, and though she didn’t say anything, the look she gave me was one of distaste as if it was a, “He’s too good for you, don’t even try”

Has told me that I shouldn’t try when I’ve expressed my concerns about liking him.

She has talked about me to him, and it has caused some tension. I’m not sure what she’s said, but I get a feeling that it’s not good.

She goes to lunch with him, takes her breaks late so she can go to break with him.

We went to the mall with him a couple of months ago, and literally, it felt like I was 3rd wheeling a date. It was that bad.

She doesn’t like comics, as she has told me before, but she’s going out of her way to read the same ones as James just so she can talk to him more.

She buys things for him, like, shirts, clothes, little gifts. Etc.

I’ve gotten to the point of: I don’t even want to associate with James anymore because Lexi is always right there. I like him, but if he can’t see that she’s a bitch then I don’t want a guy like that. :)