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Seth Meyers Has A "Couple Things" To Say About Uber

It’s a car sharing service that’s competing with taxis in lots of major cities. Well, this week Uber is facing some serious criticism because on Monday their Vice President of Business, Emil Michael, told a group of people at a private dinner party that Uber should consider spending “a million dollars” to hire opposition researchers to fight back against critical journalists by digging into “their personal lives and their families.”

Okay, so Uber: couple things.

Then again, I think I saw a Sopranos episode once where Paulie said, “Remember, we don’t go after their families. That’s not us.”

Plus, what exactly is going on with the corporate culture at Uber? Earlier this year CEO Travis Kalanick called the fact that he now gets hit on by a lot of women, “Boober.”

Second thing. To his credit, Emil Michael apologized for his comments about journalists. But he also said that those comments he made in private do not reflect his actual views.

That’s not how it works.The comments you make in private are absolutely your actual views. That’s why you make them in private. 

It’s the comments you make in public, when everyone is listening and recording what you’re saying, that don’t reflect your actual views. That’s true for all of us. The truth is always worse than what we say in public. In fact, if you publicly said you wanted to spend a million dollars digging up dirt on journalists, I would have said, “Holy crap, Uber is murdering journalists.“

Third thing. Speaking of journalists, you made your comments about smearing journalists with journalists around. Arianna Huffington was there. The editor of BuzzFeed was there. Sure, you later said you thought the dinner was off the record, but you can’t tell a group of journalists that you’re planning on going after journalists. That would be like Voldemort walking into Hogwarts and saying,

Fourth thing: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, the “Boober” guy, also apologized. But he did it in a series of thirteen tweets on his Twitter feed. Thirteen tweets?

Also, no one wants to read anything on Twitter in thirteen parts. It’s not a season of Mad Men. Write one tweet that says “My apology” and has a link. ‘Cause I’m not gonna get all thirteen parts back to back, anyway. I’m gonna get your first three tweets, then a fantasy football tweet, then your next two, then a sweet pic of the Biebs. And at that point I’m not going back to your apology because I got Biebs on the brain. 

Final thing: I don’t like that this happened to Uber. I use Uber. Sure, they price gouge. Sure, they charge you up to four times as much when it’s raining and two times as much when it’s cloudy. But it’s so much easier than taking taxis. And unlike taxi drivers, when I get into an Uber car and tell the driver I want to go to the airport he doesn’t go,

This stinks for me. Whenever some company or group does something disgraceful it’s always some product I like. Uber, Chik-fil-A, the NFL. Sure, I could eat KFC while trying to hail a taxi on my way to a hockey game, but I don’t want to.