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A zoologist who observed gorillas in their native habitat was amazed by the uniformity of their life and their vast idleness. Hours and hours without doing anything. Was boredom unknown to them? This is indeed a question raised by a human, a busy ape. Far from fleeing monotony, animals crave it, and what they most dread is to see it end. For it ends, only to be replaced by fear, the cause of all activity. Inaction is divine; yet it is against inaction that man has rebelled. Man alone, in nature, is incapable of enduring monotony, man alone wants something to happen at all costs—something, anything…. Thereby he shows himself unworthy of his ancestor: the need for novelty is the characteristic of an alienated gorilla.
—  Emil Cioran

Some traditionals that went as a holiday treat to @starfally, somewhat in return for these beauties that I received earlier :3

cinderellie-cinderellie  asked:

AU where Emil is spiderman and Mickey is mary-jane! (Upside down kiss in the rain!)

First of all can we all just appreciate the fact that Emil literally IS Peter Parker :’D Aka the dorky sweet high school kid who would let the popular kids beat him up in the hallway just to make the happy :’D

  • Emil lives in New York with his Czech grandma and grandpa (from mom’s side) who fled to America during the communism, his parents died in a plane crash when they were travelling back to the Czech Rep because of some business
  • He is constantly being made fun of at school because he keeps merging the two languages together and sometimes he’s hard to understand
  • He’s an absolute sweetheart, though, and is the star of the science club
  • He actually looks really cute in his nerdy glasses
  • Emil has a biiiiig secret crush on Michele-Juliano Crispino (whom everyone calls Michele except of his sister who calls him Mickey), a senior of Italian descend with ridiculously good looks and a tongue so sharp he is trying to break through as a journalist
  • Emil is sooo excited for the school trip the science club is going to! Unfortunately, something goes wrong and Emil gets bitten by a very nasty spider that escaped from the lab
  • He doesn’t tell grandma and grandpa, even though they can see something is visibly wrong with him. He doesn’t want to bother anyone.
  • And so, ta-da! A freakishly tall Spider-man with a foreign accent was born!
  • At first he sucks at everything, Emil is a very clumsy boy and coordinating his body on land is hard enough for him. When he’s supposed to climb up a building, he always ends up either not focusing enough and falling, or getting too happy over achieving something. And falling.
  • On Monday, Michele is being made fun of really badly at the school cafeteria. He’s almost on the verge of crying because some of the popular kids saw him kissing with a guy at a party at the weekend. It was his first kiss and he was really excited about it until he came back to school and it turned out to be just one big prank being played on him. 
  • Sara is being really mad with the guys laughing at Mickey and gets so pissed off she even hits one of the guys
  • Which leads to the guy hitting Sara pretty badly
  • Michele flips out and, of course, this results in a fight of 5 against 1
  • Emil steps in immediately and with his new strength he KOs all the guys within a second (which, to be honest, he would do even without his super powers), making it especially painful for the guy who hit Sara
  • Emil gets suspended from school for the rest of the week, but when he leaves the principal’s office, Michele comes to thank him for saving his sister. Before Emil tries to explain it wasn’t because of Sara, Michele is gone.
  • Since then Michele is quite torn because woah, the freshman from the science club is actually cute and really nice, but he apparently likes Sara *sigh*
  • Emil sure realizes he should do something with his newly gained powers because now he can help people more than he ever imagined
  • No, his grandpa isn’t dead, I’m not heartles!!!!!!!!
  • Soon a new superhero starts saving everyone around the city, he’s a new hero with a secret identity and he’s always so nice and gentle, making sure that nothing gets destroyed in the process of saving people
  • Emil and Mickey don’t really talk to each other again after the incident in the cafeteria. They both want to, they’re just kinda scared of each other. Besides, Emil is too busy saving the world and Michele is too busy writing about it and becoming a great new journalist
  • Mickey eventually gets a job at the local News station because he looks goddamn good on the TV screen, who are we kidding, and that combined with his amazing skills is just what New York needs!
  • There is a human rights march focused on the LGBT+ community going through the city that eventually grows into massive riots because of various protesters emerging, people are fighting, the streets are genrally not safe for anyone, but Mickey is still sent out there to make a report about it. It’s especially hard for him since it’s an issue close to him.
  • Emil is hopeless, he just sits on the high building above the street getting devastated and doesn’t know what to do first. He notices Michele standing in the middle of it all with a camera guy
  • At the time the police forces arrive, it’s pretty obvious things are absolutely fucked and people know it, panic starts, people run away, it’s just a giant stampede
  • Michele is so much into getting the report right he doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on around him and soon gets tackled to the ground, being stepped on since the situation is getting absolutely out of hand
  • Emil manages to get him out of there just in time, carrying him princess style out of the crowd into the nearest empty alleyway 
  • Michele is shaking uncontrollably, but it seems like he only has some bruises, nothing got broken, there’s no blood, he’s just really shaken from the whole situation
  • He tries hard to keep his face straight when thanking his hero, but ends up crying and hugging Emil tightly because “Why are things so hard for us? Why can’t we just be happy about who we are?” He’d rather fight an army of bad guys like Spider man than dealing with homophobes every day
  • Emil doesn’t really know what to say to calm him down. But he hugs Michele back and explains to him that some people have to deal with all of this at the same time. Fighting for the greater good at night and fighting for their life and love during the day.
  • The scent of the man holding Michele in his embrace is so familiar and after hearing the voice, Michele immediately knows who is the person in front of him. But he says nothing. He understands that Emil wanted to keep this a secret for a reason.
  • Instead of a simple “Thank you”, he rolls up Emil’s mask up, laughing inside because as if it wasn’t obvious until now, the beard was definitelly saying it all
  • Emil has a mild heart attack, but, surprisingly, Michele stops the mask above his nose and doesn’t reveal his whole face
  • The kiss they share is the warmest, most loving kiss either of them ever experienced
  • After that, Michele puts Emil’s mask back down and thanks him quietly. And he leaves.
  • Emil looks after the other man for good 5 minutes until he fully realizes what just happened
  • Emil squeals all the way home because he’s the happiest boy in the universe

micaelabisaccio  asked:

So, I am curios. I don't know if I should be trippin on Sala and shit, but is Sala romantically interested in Yuri? Because whenever I look at her I'm just like "ahh shit we got trouble". I don't know if you notice that but I'm really scared that there is going to be a love triangle.

Ahhh, I’ve seen this fear permeating throughout the fandom. But I honestly don’t think we’ve anything to worry about.

So Sara (Italian-speaking members of the fandom have said this is her name, as Sala means room or something lmao) is the only one in that elevator scene who interacts Yuuri, right? Well, there’s a bunch of reasons for this. First of all, Emil and Michele are busy arguing and Seung-gil does not give a fuck about anyone there. Sara MUST recognize Yuuri though because both Michele and Yuuri competed against each other at the last Grand Prix Finals, and no doubt Sara was there to cheer Michele on. So obviously she recognizes him from this, and quite possibly because she’s been following his season (if for no other reason because he’s being coached by Victor Nikiforov). However all she really does is say “Hi,” and then moves onto trying to invite Seung-gil out for a bite.

I think people are freaking out because Sara and Yuuri look at each other for a moment, but honestly, Yuuri was just probably surprised? Not only at the scene in front of him, but because someone said hello to him. We know from his inner monologue that he isn’t friendly with anyone here, unlike in China. But socially awkward Yuuri doesn’t even respond to her, he just uses the distraction provided by Seung-gil’s blunt rejection to escape. That doesn’t really strike me as “oh shit we’ve got competition” behavior!

Now throughout the rest of the episode, Sara does not at all think of Yuuri, but only about her twin brother Michele. She laments their unhealthy codependency on one another and this is super important holy shit. Their relationship and their little arc is directly meant to parallel Victor and Yuuri’s relationship. Michele and Sara cannot stand to be apart and Michele doesn’t realize how harmful this is for both of them. Now what else happens at the end of this episode? Victor and Yuuri are separated. But the way they handle this is far different than what would have happened if it were Sara and Michele. Without hesitation Yuuri tells Victor to go back to Japan, even it means leaving him alone for the Free Skate. “I’ll face [it] on my own,” he says. This is important because this is where Sara pops up from around the corner, watching this. If Victor and Yuuri–who clearly have some sort of codependency thing going on–can maturely decide that being apart is necessary, then it might be what Sara needs to convince Michele of a similar thing.

THAT’S why Sara’s in the shot at all. It’s not because she’s going to pounce while Victor’s away. It’s setting up for Sara and Michele growing up and learning to let each other go, as well as showing the audience that it’s going to be a test for Victor and Yuuri too.

If nothing else, keep in mind a few things. First, Yuuri is basically an awkward turtle and he has a hard time making friends. He’s not going to become romantically interested in Sara over the span of a day, especially not now that the pressure is on. You could say that maybe she’s going to try and comfort him and maybe that’ll lead to something, but I doubt it. After all, Yuuri’s Free Skate is about his relationship with Victor. No one else can really wriggle their way into his heart at this point. And the second thing…. There are only 4 more episodes left. That’s not a lot of time to set up for a love triangle and resolve it, not when the show is already jam-packed as it is. When’s the last time we got a minute to breathe, haha?

(BTW I answered this publicly–if you want me to make it private, please let me know!)