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we’re going to build a giant lego piece out of lego

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Can you do something with the nordics and their s/o going to a pond and feeding ducks but the ducks attack

Denmark/Simon Densen- He should have seen this coming but he didn’t and oh my God is that a piece of his shirt when did it bite him there help him don’t just la u g h

Finland/Tino Väinämöinen- It would be a shock that the animals would turn on him! Please! Please little fluffy things don’t do that! Here’s all the seeds just stop! At least he has the mind to shield you form the uproar.

Iceland/Emil Steilsson- He will glare those fuckers down, let them try to attack him. Or more importantly let them try to attack you…Really he’s just gonna run when they chase him, try to get it on camera for blackmail. 

Norway/Lukas Bondevik- It’s also unlikely they would attack him rather than just try to pile on him to get the yummy things he brought. Buuut, if it does get out of hand then he just tries to give in and then get you to take pictures while it’s docile.

Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna- The ducks do not attack. The ducks stay calm. They know. They know.

APH Nordics as things my friends have said
  • Iceland: [drops food] why am i like this
  • Finland: [with a Lady Gaga outfit on] BABY YOU WERE BORN THIS WAY
  • Sweden: I can't believe Lady Gaga made me like this
  • Denmark: [rummaging through clothes] Fuck it, I'm going ass naked
  • Norway: I don't think ass naked is legal

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What do you think the nordic's bedrooms would look like ? Btw, i'm glad you're back! I've followed your blog for a really long time now, actually !

Aw thanks bby! I am very glad to be back on here. Thank you so much for sticking along for the ride and supporting our writing for so long <33 

Denmark/Mathais Kolher

I feel like Denmark likes something modern, but rustic as well. Red is a definite color he wants to involve, and he likes to mix and match different patterns in his bedroom. It’s well decorated, but not overly so.

Norway/Lucas Bondevik

I think the color scheme would be a little different than the one in picture I have for him (it’d probably be blue rather than pink hues), but I don’t think he’d mind having different colors in his room, as long as they were more pastel. He’s a fan of the more simple, but elegant look. His decor isn’t crazy, but he noticeably doesn’t have any of it on his walls. Definitely likes to decorate with lighter shades.

Iceland/Emil Steilsson

He wants to be Tumblr af, but is struggling for that adult-simplicity kind of look, so he’s somewhere in between the two. Unlike his brother, he goes for a darker color scheme for his bedroom.

Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna

Berwald likes a really rustic, cozy feel to his bedroom. His ultimate goal is comfort outfitted in stylish IKEA furniture. His room has a somewhat naturey feel with wooden paneling, and animal head wall decor.

Finland/Tino Vainamoinen

Tino likes comfort in simplicity. He surprisingly would go for something a little more modern, with gray’s and beige’s as his colors of choice. He would probably have more brightly colored blankets/pillows than what is shown in the picture, but I feel as if this is pretty accurate.

Okay but it took me literally 500 years to find a picture for Denmark’s bedroom because I just didn’t know what he’d like, but I feel like the picture I ended up going with is pretty good. Bonus though: I found a bedroom that would legit be perfect for either child/preteen (maybe even teenage) America?? 

-Admin K. 

Aph Nordics as things my friends have said #10 (oh great double digits)

🇳🇴: She’s pretty…..//long pause// pretty stupid..
🇮🇸: //walks in covered in water// I’m having what some may call, a “bad” day…
🇸🇪: You can’t spell suicide without “u” and “I”!!!
🇩🇰: WHEN I SEE THAT BITCH NEXT SHE’S GONNA GET A- //teacher walks in// hug, I love her so much!!!!
🇫🇮: //screams because there’s a backside to the worksheet//

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Hi, I was wondering if I could request DenNor? Thanks :)


“What are you doing here?” Lukas hissed, easing the window open farther. “Do you know what time it is?!”

Matthias just grinned, hoisting himself further up the wall with practiced ease and crouching on the windowsill. His face was only inches away, but Lukas could barely see it, shrouded as it was in shadow.

“What better time to meet a forbidden lover than under the cover of darkness?”

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The Aph Nordics's OTPs.
  • Aph Sweden: Table x Chair.
  • Aph Finland: Santa x Mrs. Claus.
  • Aph Denmark: Blue Lego x Red Lego.
  • Aph Norway: Butter x Bread.
  • Aph Iceland: Sportacus x Robbie Rotten.
Aph Nordics as things my friends have said #14

🇩🇰: What would ya do for my KlonDICK IN YOUR MOUTH?!
🇳🇴: I can relate to LazyTown on a spiritual level
🇮🇸: YOU TOUCH MY LEG I Cry because I can’t do any real damage to you pleasedon'thurtme I'masmallchild……
🇸🇪: People who leave the tea bags in their cups when they drink tea can’t be trusted…. //is visibly doing that exact thing//
🇫🇮: I’m small and ready to brawl! Just kidding I’m ready to cry into someone’s chest and beg them for cookies and cuddles….

Happy Valentine's Day from the Nordics!

🇩🇰: Roses are red!!!!!
🇳🇴: Violets are blue….
🇸🇪: All the stars in the world
🇫🇮: Can’t compare to you~
🇮🇸: W-with your beautiful eyes and gentle voice
🇩🇰: You’ve left me without a choice!!!!
🇳🇴: I wish and wish every single week…
🇸🇪: That someone like me so shy and meek
🇫🇮: Will one day be noticed, so I hope and pray~
🇮🇸: Th-that you’ll be my valentine today….
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!- 🇸🇪🇮🇸🇩🇰🇳🇴🇫🇮🖤