Video is at 1x speed.

When I was in middle school, my English teacher had the students keep journals in class.  We had daily writing sessions, and were told that we could write about anything and that the teacher wouldn’t read our journals, but for some reason we had to leave our journals in the classroom each day…  

I’m not saying I was paranoid my teacher would read my journal or anything (-cough-).  Just in case, I wrote all my entries backwards in cursive, skipping every other line until I reached the bottom, then filled in the blank lines starting from the top again.  I never wrote about anything personal in those journals, so this was more of a “Ha!  If you’re lying about not reading our journals, I just made it incredibly difficult for you to read my journal entry about how clouds are made of water vapor.”

I’ve always referred to this kind of writing as “writing backwards,” but yesterday I found out that it’s actually called mirror writing.  I also thought that anyone could write mirrored (and read mirrored) if they tried, because this feels very natural to me.  I’m not sure how accurate this is, but apparently only 1 out of 6500 can mirror write. (I don’t really trust this statistic, but here’s the source.)

I am also able to read and write upside down, as well as upside down and backwards.  I wasn’t aware that I could write upside down and backwards until I tried it yesterday, but I’ve always known I could read upside down, because I used to do that in elementary school when we had “group reading time.”  I’ve always been a fast reader, so I would read ahead when I got really into the story, but when my turn to read aloud came around, I wouldn’t know where the rest of the class was at.  To slow myself down a bit, I started reading upside down… but even then, I found myself reading ahead.  I liked it much better once we were allowed to read individually. (My 4th grade self:  "I don't care where the rest of the class is in the story!  Just leave me alone so I can finish this book.“)

Anyway, just wanted to share what mirror writing looks like.  Does anyone else here have this skill?