emijinx asked:

hey so add me on facebook, i see you're going to lsu. my boyfriend is starting there in the fall and junk. maybe you two would get a long lol. and keep an eye out for him lol. im jkin but yeah add me on facebook, links on my tumblr. (:

Whoa man, you know lots of ppl I know XD

Our first homecoming together. I put his boutinere on wrong and got really embaressed then his dad took this picture lol. He loved it. @codyjamespayne #emijinx #throwback

my reason to keep going <3 i dont want to ever hear my little brother say he wants to kill himself again… i stopped breathing when i heard that and i stoppes everything for him. i dont know what id do without him. he cried when i explained everything ive been through. he never knew how close he came to losing me. he was only nine when i started and what if i had succeeded?… he wouldnt know what to do with himself.. he knows now how important he is to me. i love you jonah. youre the reason i havent moved out, and the reason i changed. i love you! #suicideawareness #suicideawarenessday #keeppushing #myreason #littlebrother #emijinx (Taken with Instagram)