emiiandstuff  asked:

HOLY SHIT THANK YOU! That dress drives me crazy. I want to see her in a bold red or something that doesn't resemble something I would wear to a funeral. She has the prettiest skin and she would look so pretty in some oranges or autumn-y colors.

THE WORST PART IS SHE LOOKS NICE IN LIKE EVERYTHING because she’s so fucking gorgeous and I feel like that just gives the folks dressing her license to be lazy. I just feel like a lot of what she’s been wearing to major appearances lately has been chosen for the dress and not for what actually suits her. I’m not an expert on ~fashion~ by any means but I think Dior is kind of an odd match for her. Like I’d love to see her in some Cavalli or McQueen or something bold idk. If you’re going to put her in black can’t it be something like that dress Carrie Underwood wore to the grammys srsly.