Emily was my first visitor into my town!  It was fun showing them around and meeting with all the towns folk while they were here. 

She left before the fireflies came out, but hopefully I’ll go to her town later tonight and we can see them!!


The rest of the night was train-hopping from town to town. We visited Emily’s town again, just to get everyone to meet together. Now Ashly, Brittany, Emily and I are all in our Best Friend’s list and it’s pretty cool!!

From there, we visited Ashley’s town, Chicks, picked up some pears to plant at home, and fished for a while.

Our last stop for the night was Andy’s place, Azabu. They found a bunch of stuff in the trees while we were there, while Emily and I snagged some of their oranges. After that, Andy and I played tag and hide and seek for a while, which was actually surprisingly fun!!

It was a long, eventful night, where I taught Andy some science.