Pyrography by Wood Fire Ink. Please do not remove credit.

I recently finished this coffee table in Venice.  This table was in rough shape, but we sanded it down and then the clients gave me complete design control.  I based my design on the rug below, loosely interpreting it into a floral pattern down the center.  I then recommended a red stain to match the chairs in the background, and finished it with a clear varnish. If you’d like custom furniture work in Colorado, please feel free to contact me via Etsy, message, or emjoywalker@gmail.com.


Happy Birthday to my husband! I burned on this knife made by explosiventure - beautifully done.  Joel immediately commented on the craft of the knife as well as the design I put on it.  Thank you, Karl, for helping make my husband’s birthday special. 

My husband’s initials are on the side with Huginn and Muninn.  Tiwaz (my husband’s favorite rune) is on the other side, with the serpent. 


A handfasting box I recently finished for Jennifer & Bobby’s ceremony.  The officiant who commissioned it gave it to them at the bridal shower, so I can reveal it a bit early! I am really pleased with how the lines came out for the knot work. The bride loves Celtic knot work and the husband is very interested in Elder Futhark runes.

If you’re interested in commissioning a box, feel free to visit my shop.


I’m shipping off this bracelet today.  It was a fun challenge to try to honor the couple’s adventure by putting in many different cities (and a mountain range!).  Represented here: Boston, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Seattle, Drakensberg Mountains, Koutoubia Mosque, Toledo (Spain). 

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