Happy Birthday to my husband! I burned on this knife made by explosiventure - beautifully done.  Joel immediately commented on the craft of the knife as well as the design I put on it.  Thank you, Karl, for helping make my husband’s birthday special. 

My husband’s initials are on the side with Huginn and Muninn.  Tiwaz (my husband’s favorite rune) is on the other side, with the serpent. 


Pyrography by Wood Fire Ink. Please do not remove credit.

I recently finished this coffee table in Venice.  This table was in rough shape, but we sanded it down and then the clients gave me complete design control.  I based my design on the rug below, loosely interpreting it into a floral pattern down the center.  I then recommended a red stain to match the chairs in the background, and finished it with a clear varnish. If you’d like custom furniture work in Colorado, please feel free to contact me via Etsy, message, or emjoywalker@gmail.com.

Pyrography & Story by Emi.Nation.

I’ve been refraining from listening to music and trying to allow my mind to be open while I’m drawing and burning.  I’m finding that my mind begins to create stories as I draw, and I thought I’d share the one I thought of while burning this piece. 

When the days grow short, and the air is crisp, the leaves begin to quake. The chill seeps into the ground, whispering promises of abandoned spaces waiting to be reclaimed. Forest spirits, roused from their slumber, know that the time is coming to once more dance for their sister moon.  Slowly, they twist and turn their heavy heads, convincing the last leaves to fall.  Only then are they light enough to prance under the stars. On the longest night they stretch their limbs, shake the soil from their fur. So long ago, before the humans swept over the wild spaces, these beings roamed freely throughout the year.  Now they break free from the earth only on the night when boundaries fade. Oh, what a sight to see! The forest has transformed! Each beast is a marvel to behold- bear and oak, fox and ash, stag and birch - the mortal eye can scarce comprehend the anatomy of magic.  As darkness hides the traveling woods from the eyes of humans, the players begin a song.  The air shimmers with howls and squawks, a wild cacophony.  Hooves and paws strike the ground to form a complex beat. Every creature adds to the refrain, this midnight reverie.

The serpents, sparkling like gemstones, show off their new-shed skin.  The birds all take to the skies, acrobats on wings.  One cannot tell where feathers turn into leaves, where claw becomes stone.  The flora and fauna are one. Proudly watching, the stag awaits for his moment to arrive.  He bows his head to his kin, white bark a brightness in so much shadow.  He steps into the lunar light. Raising his eyes to the silver orb, he springs into a gavotte.  Hooves fly, sending leaves on a second free fall back to the hardening earth. The other spirits join in with wild ecstasy, each jete larger than the last.

It goes on and on, a wild waltz, until the sky begins to lighten.  As one, the beasts turn to honor their sister in the heavens, the silent keeper of their ancient secrets.  As a peaceful languor creeps through their bones, they seek shelter once more.  The spirits slip into the ground, the soil covers their majestic forms.  As one last sigh escapes the stag’s lips, the dawn chorus greets the sun. 


A handfasting box I recently finished for Jennifer & Bobby’s ceremony.  The officiant who commissioned it gave it to them at the bridal shower, so I can reveal it a bit early! I am really pleased with how the lines came out for the knot work. The bride loves Celtic knot work and the husband is very interested in Elder Futhark runes.

If you’re interested in commissioning a box, feel free to visit my shop.


Wildflower thin bangle - commission by Emi.Nation.

I was told the woman who will be receiving this loves flowers and being a mother. So I chose to do the primrose, the cosmos, and the violet to represent her children (each one is represented by their birth month flower). 


I’m shipping off this bracelet today.  It was a fun challenge to try to honor the couple’s adventure by putting in many different cities (and a mountain range!).  Represented here: Boston, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Seattle, Drakensberg Mountains, Koutoubia Mosque, Toledo (Spain). 

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