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I don't understand why Brian has to have an open relationship why can't he just commit to Justin ??



What I realized about the Love Live seiyuu if they never joined the Love Live School Idol Project.

Kussun would still be working at a maid cafe.

Pile would still be working a blue collar job, looking back at how her music career was nothing after one single.

Rippi would still be a model. Same with Shikaco.

Nanjo would still be with fripSide, but would never have the fun she had if she joined the Love Live School Idol Project.

Soramaru and Mimorin would still be voice actresses in anime, but Soramaru would never have the joy she would get if she had joined the School Idol Project. 

Mimorin and Emitsun would still be chatting at Starbucks, saying how their futures are hopeless.

I’m not even sure where Ucchi would be if she didn’t join.

Happy Birthday @Senren-san ※*・:*:`♪:*:。*・☆*

“Making one person smile can change the world.

                                               Maybe not the whole world, but their world.”

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OK I really need to rant here, because are you fucking kidding me?

You know what? I rarely speak out on tumblr, especially when it’s drama because I absolutely cannot stand confrontation, it’s such a bad trigger for my anxiety.

BUT I have been witnessing everything happening on emi’s account and I really can’t hold my tongue anymore.

I know I’m probably quite late to the party here, but I’m SO fed up of seeing people send hateful anons to @artdolan

GUYS, Emi is one of the biggest sweethearts I have ever had the delight of coming across. If you actually took the time to fucking get to know her, instead of just assuming things, you would know that!

From the minute I started talking to her, she has been nothing but kind and loving and supportive!!

She shouldn’t have to justify the fact that she wants to better herself. Fuck you if you’ve made her feel guilty for things she’s done in the past, “calling her out” does nothing but start the drama that you’re so desperately trying to get away from.

so how can you call her a hypocrite when you’re starting the drama you say you’re trying to avoid?

If you truly have a problem, quietly unfollow her and move the fuck on. (but id rather you didn’t, because she’s so nice and has good blog content)

Emi, if you’re reading this then I’m so sorry that people are so shitty, I love you so much and I’m so proud of you for wanting to better yourself, even though you were pretty damn great to begin with! Stop justifying yourself to people who clearly want to see you fail, it’s not worth your time or effort. You know where to find me if you need to talk🖤🖤