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Hey, It's the Hic & Hoc 2014 Lineup

I’m super excited to announce a whole slew of books that Hic & Hoc will be publishing or distributing this year.  Some new faces, some old faces, some dirty faces, some faces that are mostly clean but have one gross smudge and I’m not sure I know them well enough to say “Hey, wipe that off.”  No clean faces.

Mimi and the Wolves Act I by Alabaster

First up is Alabaster’s self-published and much-loved Mimi and the Wolves, reprinted in a spanking new paperback edition, exclusively distributed by Hic & Hoc.  As Alabaster’s followup to her awesome debut The Complete Talamaroo, the first Mimi book begins an epic tale of affairs, alliances, and friendships in a quest for power and self-discovery.  Paperback, 64pp.  Due this spring.

“There’s a level of immersion I want to compare to classic children’s literature, but that brings me to something else I really love about this work: This is some of the realest writing about adult relationships you can ask for.”  Mia Schwartz, Comics & Cola

“Alabaster takes you off guard – you expect one kind of story, a light meditation on Mimi’s pursuits, and end up with something much darker, emotional and thoroughly fascinating.”  John Seven, North Adams Transcript Arts

Irene Volume 4 edited by Dakota McFadzean, Andy Warner, and d w

Each of the first three issues of the Irene anthology, co-edited by Dakota McFadzean (Other Stories and the Horse You Rode in On), Andy Warner (the Stumptown-nominated Complete Brief Histories of Everyday Objects), and d w (Abzernad), offered a sampling of the highest quality work being produced by emerging cartoonists, including some of their buds from the Center for Cartoon Studies.  Hic & Hoc is psyched to be distributing the fourth volume, which promises to be their best issue to date.  Just have a looksee at this lineup: Amy Lockhart, Emi Gennis, Jackie Roche, James Hindle, Georgia Webber, and many others (including the three fine editors).  Softcover, 168pp.  Due this spring.

“[F]or … anthology series like Irene, everyone is bringing their A-game.”  Rob Clough

Scaffold: The Collected Edition by V A Graham & J A Eisenhower

V A Graham & J A Eisenhower create the kind of comics that grab you by the eye, and then the brain – beautiful, sprawling spaces dotted with detail and motion that suck you right in to the weird and marvelous universe they’ve created.  The first collection of their Scaffold series tells the story of a migratory people living on a world-sized structure, which is itself constantly on the move.  Graham and Eisenhower draw at a fixed, ant farm-like scale, creating layouts  that form one big, continuous space, along with maps that allow the reader to follow the mazy narrative in its entirety from a birds eye view.  Softcover, 64pp.  Due this summer.  

“The narrative rules [Scaffold creates] push the boundaries of traditional comic panel sequences, partially inspired by blocky, 80’s video game labyrinths. The result is really quite elegant and a surprisingly intuitive read.”  Andy Rench, Printed Matters

“The pages are filled with environments so detailed with such incredible and varied line work that I get nervous the way you can when entering a crowded room or a large building you’ve never been in.” Sean Christensen, Gridlords

Cheer Up by Noah Van Sciver

Hic & Hoc continues to push itself into the funnybook ghetto with Mad Magazine contributor Noah Van Sciver’s all-jokes comic book Cheer Up.  When a master artist, known for his long-running Blammo series and the fantastically nuanced Abraham Lincon bio The Hypo, offers up a comedy gold cover with an old timey gent getting a swift kick to the family jewels, how can you say no?  Comic book, 24pp.  Due this fall.

“Van Sciver possesses one of the most original voices in indie comics." Hannah Means-Shannon, The Beat

”[Van Sciver is] not only a talented writer and cartoonist, but a storyteller who can infuse truth and humanity into a subject that in another’s hands, runs the risk of being stuffy, dry, or worst of all, boring.“ Eddie Wright, MTV Geek

Infinite Bowman by Pat Aulisio

Yup, it’s all of ink maven Pat Aulisio’s Bowman stories collected in one handsome volume, with a bunch of new material to boot.  Aulisio’s manic spattery squiggly style pairs magnificently with his unique breed of inter-galactic toilet humor.  Softcover, 144pp.  Due this fall.

"Aulisio also packs his pages with crazy amounts of eye-melting detail, drawing in scads of wavy lines and debris that leave the reader off-balance when simply looking at the page.” Rob Clough, High-Low

“I imagine that [reading Bowman] is what having sex with Jennifer Lopez must be like. It is so overwhelmingly enjoyable that I can hardly articulate the emotion I’m feeling at this moment. It’s touched me in a deep and primal place that I’m not even ready to discuss.”  Justin Giampaoli, Thirteen Minutes