emi day dreams

Guys I had an incredible dream last night
Okay get ready
It’s season 15 of agents of shield and its announce that it’s the lest season so the finale is aired at the same time all over the globe:

Something happens (I can’t remember what) but shield has to dismantle and the agents have to go their separate ways
We see them packing up their things and getting onto quinjet a after saying goodbyes and leave

We hear a child voiceover “that’s it? Mummy there’s got to be more”
*cuts to a mother and son sat in their back garden*
“Okay my dear I’ll tell you what happened next:

Phil Coulson and May left for somewhere , they never told anyone where, but they stayed together and I think Phil became a history professor and may turned to gardening, of all things” *shows may and coulson in their new lives*

The boy giggles “tell me about daisy and Lincoln”
“Daisy and Lincoln also stayed together, they went to China back to the hounan province and got married and had 3 children” *shows daisy and Lincoln on a walk with their children*

“Mack lived with his brother for a while but then went to find elena i don’t know if he found her but I’m sure he did” *shows mack finding elena and kissing her*

The mother looks at her son, with his big blue eyes and soft brown curly hair

“And fitzsimmons…. They went to Perthshire like they’d always talked about”

“Did they have any kids?” The boy asks

“Well after a few months Jemma was pregnant and they had a baby girl 9months later, but this is the part of the story I’ve been wanting to tell you, Fitz and simmons’ daughter… Was me”

The boy gasped “nana and grandpa are fitzsimmons”


A woman comes up behind them “you’ve been telling him the stories haven’t you?” Jemma says

“There too good to not tell” her daughter replies

“They’re just stories”

“Yeah mum sure they are, I’m going to go find dad, look after LJ (Leo Jr)”

The daughter walks of as Fitz comes out of the cottage door

“Hiya dad”

“Hey sweetie, have you been telling him about shield”

“Yeah, but mum wants him to think they’re just stories”

“He is just a kid, but you mother did say stories, not specifically fictional” he says with a wink, a phone starts ringing

The daughter takes out her phone and answers it
“Agent Fitz, we need you to come in”
“But sir I’m with my parents and my son”
“Fitz we need you at base now”
“Okay sir”

*cut to credits*
And a new shield starts with the relatives of our shield agents and other agents.

In short