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Do you think the two years Dazai went understate was him meeting up with Dostoyevsky?

I’d say anything is fair game since we know little to nothing about what happened during those two years… But maybe their meeting was more of an encounter than a rendezvous ? Perhaps we will find out more in the next few chapters!

The exchange between mama Nagai and her daughter, Eri, about what it means to care for someone, is deeply important. Eri was angry at Kei’s decision to take their mother advice to cut Kaito off, and she accused mama Nagai for being “quick to make things black or white”. “What’s wrong with caring for everyone?”, she asked, to which mama Nagai countered with a brilliant answer: 

Yes folks, you are seeing an unapologetic display of level-headedness from 1) a woman, who is assumed by everyone else to be gentle and yielding, 2) a doctor, who is supposed to show sympathy for everyone she treats and 3) a mother, who is traditionally taught to treat everyone fairly, and expected to pass this lesson on to her children.

Mama Nagai breaks not just one, but three stereotypes in her debut chapter. More women like mama Nagai please!!!  

White dress: design by Giambattista Valli Couture Fall 2016 (unknown photographer)
A painting of Maddie Ziegler by unknown artist
Eye art: Toni Mahfud @toni-mahfud
Detailed drawing: Emi Nakajima
City watercolour painting: Sunga Park (flickr.com/photos/parksunga)

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Annem babamı arar: nerdesin hacı?
Babam: burdayım (babam daha eve gelmedi)
Annem: nerde burda.
Babam: burda işte.
Annem: tamam hacı.
Ahir: Allah sizi cennetine soksun emi.