What’s coming out this Wednesday? September 2 edition

Happy September! Did you hear we announced Ron Wimberly will be at our pre-SPX party? Why aren’t you RSVPed already?! Anyway…

8house #3: Kiem - Brandon Graham & Xurxo G. Penalta (Image)

The first chapter of Spanish artist Xurxo Penalta’s collaboration with Brandon Graham for 8house, our favorite new series. Kiem has something to do with “astral projection soldiers,” and Penalta’s art gives us all sorts of Mœbius vibes. We’re doing a book club for 8house and Island together on Sunday! Be there.

Plutona #1 - Jeff Lemire & Emi Lenox (Image)

One of our fave webcomic artists Emi Lenox, known for her autobio series EmiTown, makes her mainstream comics debut with veteran Jeff Lemire in a heartfelt story about kids and superheroes. We’ll read anything Emi draws.

Lady Killer TP - Joëlle Jones & Jamie S. Rich (Dark Horse)

We’re excited to see this housewife/hired assassin story finally collected, just in time for us to do a book club for it on the 24th! Check it out.

Toil and Trouble #1 - Mairghread Scott, Kelly & Nichole Matthews (Boom!)

A retelling of Macbeth from the perspective of the witches? With an all-female creative team?! Sign us up!

Jem and the Holograms #6 - Kelly Thompson & Sophie Campbell (IDW)

The finale of the first story arc! And the end of the Sophie Campbell era of the comic?! D: We’ll be sure to do a book club for it as soon as the trade paperback comes out in October.

So what are you picking up?

anonymous asked:

How come there's still people out there trying to convince me that the only time J topped B was that time we saw on screen. Like they want me to believe B didn't enjoy Justin's skills enough to want a repeat Or J thought once of B cute bum is enough

Because people are ridiculous, nonny. You can’t even convince me that was the first time Justin topped Brian. Honestly boggles my mind that people get so caught up in this rigid belief that Brian never bottoms to Justin, especially since we see time and time again how much Brian loves when Justin takes the lead and how Justin rarely ever bottoms if he’s with anyone other than Brian. Ridiculous.