“Hey look, this would be perfect for Clint!”

“Miles ahead of you Steve I placed an order last week. Now c’mon let go look at that tree." 

Happy stevetony fest! This is for ladyblip I was your secret santa, so I decided to do some EMH steve and tony going xmas shopping. Hope you like!!!!! \^o^/

(and Clint ended up getting like four of those stupid archery sets) 


In the end, this is actually the best format. The first 11 million panels are just an extended technobabble conversation that only matters if you really dig my Coded AU. For most of you, I’m sure the schmoopy pun ending is all you really need ;D

If you do dig that AU though, here’s a bit MORE technobabbling:

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I can’t believe I haven’t drawn Tonys of different universes!!

Sorry I somehow forgot this drawing in my draft box haha

(And the Logo(?) of this drawing is totally inspired by the design of the Iron Man pen ad of S.T. Dupont (x). I really love the idea that Tony is who makes the armor Iron Man and he, himself, is Iron Man. All credits of this wonderful design belong to them)

Update on 6 Sep: Thanks @ranoutofrun for reminding me that Natasha (Earth-3490) has black hair and blue eyes! Amended and sorry for the mistake! :)

a birthday present for @tapedmurders, a person who has been such a joy to me this past year. i’ve loved getting to know you and becoming close to you, and i’m sorry that this is so late, but i hope you enjoy it anyway!

this was made using the cherry soda palette from this post. i quite like it!

Aaaand I did another Soriku Day thing after all. Followup to the Email My Heart AU escort mission subplot (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 if you wanna see the rest).

EDIT: “GKT” is just a poorly-chosen onomatopoeia for a back-of-the-throat spluttering noise. Sorry for confusion! oTL