Skate Toolbox & Test logos. Some longboard necessities in a toteable toolbox. I’m also testing out a couple more logo submissions for my contest/giveaway (big thanks to the awesome people who have submitted - there are 10 days left!) - what do you guys think? Pros/cons? Mike Girard vs. emgeemann? (I’d ideally want to have it with an empty background, so I can integrate it directly into the image rather than having it surrounded by a white box) Other design elements?

My “BEST” posts of 2011*

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*I’m not sure exactly how this tool chose these photos, because there doesn’t seem to be a clear pattern of notes/reblogs… but anyways, check it out! Here are 12 of my “best” posts of the year :) Fun fact: #12 is my very first post, which includes my original motivation for starting a tumblr.

Some personal additions:

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Take the Plunge, Bro.

Mini edit from yesterday’s rad DH/freeride/kicker session, featuring Norman Plante and Eric Roth of Stretch House Media. Eric and Norm ride for Eden Racing, and are Orangatang Product Development Team riders. Filmed and edited by me.


instagram: @emgeemann

Folks - been on the road a lot for my job, so I haven’t been able to upload much on here. I have a lot of dope photos from X-Games and elsewhere that I still plan to upload, but while I’m traveling I’m mostly just uploading stuff to my instagram. So if you’re an iger and like my photography, check that out & follow! Go figure - my username on there is “emgeemann” too :)

<3 Mike

dylanisbaloo-deactivated2012012 asked:

hey dude, what's the logo for exactly? i don't mean to be rude but it's just bad design all together. if i know what the logo is for then i could give you a few suggestions.

Basically I’m looking for a watermark for my photos, not necessarily just a logo. The one I posted is just one submission I got, and I wanted to post it up and see what people thought to help give the process some direction. I’ve been getting more into photography and my photos have been popping up uncited and unasked a whole lot on the internet, especially since I’ve gotten the 60D. I’m looking for a tasteful, subtle watermark with the text emgeemann or emgeemann.tumblr.com so that I can at least show who owns the photos, and allow for viewers to find the source if they’re so inclined.  I’m running a little giveaway to try and drum up some designs from the community (since I don’t have photoshop/illustrator/etc at the moment). Guidelines and such are here: http://emgeemann.tumblr.com/post/15418526954/t-shirt-giveaway-im-doing-a-t-shirt-giveaway I’m definitely open to your suggestions!



Howdy! I’ve decided to start a mixed media blog. I really enjoy some of my friends’ blogs and other blogs that I’ve seen, and given my interest in video, music and photography and imminent study abroad trip to Dijon, France, I’ve decided to start my own! The plan is to update daily with a photo, video, or other interesting material. Expect a wide variety, but with an emphasis on longboarding.

This first post is from a visit with my bros the Stones in Boston. On the walk back from Wired Puppy coffee shop we saw a funny snow scene with a beat-up graffiti scene in the background. Feels like something out of a post-apocalyptic film where all the people and animals turned into snow and started to crumble. My interpretation.. Enjoy!

Here’s to many posts to come and a great semester abroad!