emetophobia warning

Poor Anders has some kind of a stomach bug probably (sorry, but also this is me confronting my emetophobia a little bit: my faves puke sometimes and it’s a fact), and Jay has to give the kittens whatever medicine they require that time. It’s smelly & Anders does not approve but also all the kittens are sleeping on him because he’s hot.

For a Good Time

Chapter 1


Pairing: Natan

Word Count: 2600

Warnings: alcohol mention, swearing, intoxication, emetophobia warning

Rating: M (this chapter is SFW, but future chapters will not always be) 

Summary: A phone number scrawled across a dark, dirty bathroom stall prompts a drunk Natalie to make a phone call. When Lucifer answers, he agrees to help her find her way home. Natalie clings to the impatient man, who wants nothing more than to never see her again. Of course, he never gets what he wants.

(thanks @leafno for writing the summary!) 

Natalie stopped counting her drinks a long time ago, her buzz and the excitement of pink umbrellas in frilly glasses was too much to try to enjoy while keeping track at the same time. Her hands were in the air as she swayed side to side on the dance floor, the lighting dark and the music loud and pulsing. Natalie laughed, vibrant in the dark nightclub as one song faded into the other and she kept swaying, the alcohol in her body making her movements slightly off beat.

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Hot Mess - Viktuuri

send me a title/pairing and I’ll give you the summary for a fic I’ll never write!

This is another entry from the Summer of Excruciating Mutual Pining. You know that trope where two people are messy and imperfect around each other for the first time and it only makes them crush even harder and that’s how they know they have it bad? I love that trope. This is That Trope: The Fic, but for both of them.

- The Katsukis take Victor out for teppanyaki. Victor, who was up all night thinking through choreography, takes a big bite out of a chunk of prepared-but-raw chicken, thinking it’s a grape. Miraculously, his stomach processes this.

- Victor arrives in the height of pollen season. He swallows a spoonful of wasabi to clear out his congestion. What happens next will not surprise you.

- About a month into training, Yuuri stops pretending that he’s someone who’s above attempting to get an extra ten minutes of sleep in the locker room every morning. This is who he is, okay. He’s not going to hide it anymore.

- Victor knows that he’s bad at karaoke, but he leans into it. He cues up the one Japanese song he knows and he goes full ham. When Yuuri politely tries to suppress his giggles, Victor waits just enough time for Maximum Comedic Effect… and then loads the same song again. Yuuri hears the music cue and proceeds to laugh so hard he hiccups for a good half hour.

- Victor babbles in Russian for half the walk home. Yuuri knows a little Russian, actually, but it’s easier to understand when you’re not trying to keep several dozen kilos of drunk figure skating superstar on his feet.

“English?” Yuuri asks, not sure he’s going to get anywhere with that. But Victor takes him by the shoulders, and the set of his mouth goes somber.

“I want to make you happy,” he says. It’s the clearest thing he’s said in hours. “Tell me how to make you happy.”

It stops Yuuri short for a moment. Then Victor stumbles and hip-checks a trash can and Yuuri has to go back to the task at hand.

- “You don’t have to stay with me” is what Yuuri tries to say, though he’s not sure how much is clear with his face pressed against the bathroom tiles. He’s on Hour 3 of what is either norovirus or demonic possession. It’s possible he lost a few organs while his stomach attempted to turn itself inside-out just now. He’s going to miss them.

“Do you want me to go?” Victor says.

Yuuri very carefully rolls over. Victor is hovering above him, holding a Gatorade in one hand and a washcloth in the other. He looks completely out of his depth.

“Please don’t,” Yuuri says.

Victor doesn’t.

I’ve watched listened to WAY too much Grey’s Anatomy (all of it from the start, within a month and a half probably, or less). xD I meant to ACTUALLY include Anders in his nurse’s outfit but the way this went he didn’t want to be in the picture. xD LATER, then.

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Executioner Smough - what is the weirdest thing you have eaten, humanoid or otherwise? How did you prepare it?

Smough gave it a long think, and then his entire disposition seemed to sour a little. You could truly see it in his posture, and hear it in his tone that the story to follow wasn’t a fun one.

“..Alright, so–hell. Look. It was a fuckin’…I was hungry,” he began, seeming to have some difficulty getting the words right. “Basilisk legs,” He finally blurted out, “I had an idea, half my squad was on my side, and everythin’ was goin’ fine. We were stranded, and Basilisks suck, but we didn’t even lose anyone, or even any limbs trying to get’em.” He spoke with his hands, but suddenly his arms dropped to his sides.

“Then we made the mistake a’tryin’ to cook the damn things. They had meat in’em, yeah. It wasn’t too different from things I’d cooked before, right?” He shook his head. “No, no. I was so..wrong. I took one for the team though, and a couple idjits did so with me, and we all just…Look. I’ve not vomited so much in my life. Do yourself a favor if you’re ever stranded in Farron Swamp–Steal from Ghru, don’t eat anything purple, and don’t fuckin’ try to cook basilisk legs over an open fire because there isn’t enough whisky or estus in the world to soothe you.”

Don't Say Goodbye by dovingbird
By Organization for Transformative Works

Pairing: Ninja Ship Party (Dan/Brian)
Rating: Explicit
Length: 20,866 words
One-Shot/Chaptered: One-shot
Genre: Fluff, romance, angst, smut, humor
Warnings: Emetophobia (nothing too bad, just brief mentions)

Brian’s pouring himself a second shot when there’s a knock at the door. He instinctively looks around as he gets to his feet – maybe one of the Grumps left something before they left – and he opens the door, mouth opening to greet them. The words never come out.

Danny’s there leaning against the doorframe, grinning, hair in his face. “Surprise?” Danny says with that tinkly little laugh that Brian loves.

Brian forgets how to breathe.


A filled commission. Here’s the thing: Brian’s always been in love with Danny. He knows it’s a lost cause. He moved to London just to get over it. The unfortunate thing is, now that he’s in California with him, he seems to be more in love with Dan than ever, and no amount of self-sabotage seems to be fixing it.