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Hey there friends since it’s Endometriosis Awareness Month (and also Endo Awareness Week I’m pretty sure) here’s some important info about it:
  • Endometriosis affects one (1) in ten (10) people assigned female at birth
  • It’s when the lining of the uterus grows outside in other areas of the body
  • Its common symptoms are pelvic pain, abdominal pain, lower back pain, heavy/abnormal menstrual bleeding, painful intercourse, nausea, extreme fatigue, digestive problems, and sometimes fertility problems
  • You don’t need all those symptoms to have endometriosis
  • Anyone at any age, race, and identity can be affected as long as they’ve started their period
  • It doesn’t just affect you during your cycle (I’ve been wiped out from this for months now so trust me, I know.)
  • Many doctors, GP’s, and even gynaecologists don’t know much about it
  • Halsey, Whoopi Goldberg, Chaz Bono, Dolly Parton, Daisy Ridley, Marilyn Monroe, Cyndi Lauper, Yuki Murofushi, and even Hillary Clinton all have endo
  • Surgery isn’t the only solution, and birth control, acupuncture and natural medicines usually end up working better anyway
  • There currently isn’t a cure for it

And remember: heavy and painful periods aren’t normal, they’ve just been normalised. You aren’t making it up or overrreacting, and you don’t deserve to suffer like this.

Love n spoons 💕

“May I?” Lady Lunafreya asked. She held out her hand.

“Are you… offering to heal me?” Prompto asked, hesitant. Everyone was watching him. He shifted nervously and brushed a lock of hair out of his face. “I’m really grateful but, uh. No thanks? I’m not hurt. But—but I appreciate the offer!” The last thing he wanted was for the Oracle—for Noctis’ friend, the person who had pushed him to meet Noct in the first place—to think him ungrateful.

But Lunafreya didn’t seem to hear. Her arm didn’t waver. “Please.”

Everyone was still watching. Noctis, with his head cocked to the side. Ignis, quietly observing. Gladio, arms crossed, making sure nobody got too close to the Oracle or the King. Prompto didn’t want to be the odd one out.

Lunafreya’s hand looked warm and inviting. So he took it.

Within seconds, Prompto was doubled over, something acidic and awful falling from his lips.

The sensation of throwing up had always been unpleasant.

This was awful.

Despite all that, Lunafreya clutched his hand. Her grip was surprisingly tight, even as Prompto bent over, his free hand on his knee in a last ditch effort to stay upright.

He heaved and heaved and heaved. All he saw was black.

And through it all, Lunafreya held on.

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i just randomly remembered a book i read as a kid, where the kid and their father go to the father’s hometown, which is then subsequently attacked by a giant cheese monster (??) and in the end the kid’s power of vomiting (???) is what defeats the cheese monster (???????)


I like how some undertum artists make Sans look like a transparent grocery bag and you can see everything he ate, and some make him all sorts of cool swirly colors like he swallowed a bath bomb. So, yeah i just wanted to draw him all colorful and cool looking, like he ate a bath bomb, and then after i drew that i went and watched a video of a bath bomb and realized this would probably be terrible.

  • LOVES spicy food, but like. foods that are so spicy they are UNHOLY and his friends’ eyes water just sitting close to his plate. the reactions he gets are half the fun
  • enjoys puns way too much, especially when used to torture daichi and asahi. once again, the reactions are what compel him
  • is a TERRIBLE driver like, he is WAY TOO LAX about things he should not be lax about like. he speeds thru yellow lights and takes super sharp turns and his family’s poor car has a million dents on the bumpers. asahi threw up once but between the three third years suga’s the only one with a license since he’s the oldest so asahi is Trapped
  • adores horror movies, especially the bloody ones. asahi threw up more than once
  • similarly enjoys playing first person shooters in his downtime and the first time daichi heard his shit talking he was horrified. suga’s a sniping pro tho
  • has an absolutely bizarre sense of humor that his friends find endearing, especially when he’s trying to tell an absolutely awful joke but starts crying laughing too hard to even reach the punchline until he finally manages to gasp it out between laughs but by that point his friends are already laughing too
  • his family has a pet cat that is old and mean but suga insists they’re best friends despite the hissing. he once had to sleep on a futon because the cat was on his bed and refused to move but he was so happy the cat deigned to share a room with him he didn’t care
  • works with nishinoya to come up with all the ridiculous cheers they do during games to boost morale. they are slowly growing more and more complex and the rest of the second string players are getting anxious
  • drinks his coffee black as tar
  • the more he likes a person the harder he punches them when he’s happy or proud. his mom does the same thing, much to daichi and asahi’s shared horror. he sticks to hard head rubbing with the babies (first years) tho 
  • carries around sunscreen bc his skin is so fair and he gets moles easily. he’s quick to offer it (read: forcefully apply it) to anyone who doesn’t have any during the summer like an aggressively caring irish mother
  • he’s also pretty good abt keeping lotion and chapstick around so his skin is almost always #flawless and is the envy of many classmates
  • he and kiyoko hang out and talk shit and watch bad movies just to laugh at them on weekends, something they’ve been doing pretty regularly since they were first years. suga’s and kiyoko’s moms both adore their guests and love having them over
  • sends his friends snapchats that have them howling with laughter at like. 3am
  • looks like an angel, punches like a… really tough angel
  • everyone has crushes on him. he has no idea