Some of the most talented women in comics, on Tumblr and beyond, are joining us for a special Women’s History Month Issue Time. 


Maytal Gilboa is the founder and CEO of Emet Comics, a publishing company focused on empowering female comic book creators. In 2016 Emet Comics acquired Fresh Romance, a romance comic anthology from publisher Rosy Press.  Fresh Romance Volume 2 is currently in production and being crowdfunded through Kickstarter.  Prior to starting her publishing company, Maytal spent 4 years working as an executive at animation house, ReelFX Creative Studios, where she worked on films such as The Book of Life, and Freebirds.  Emet’s latest webcomic is Zana.

Sally Jane Thompson is an artist and writer whose work includes comics from Oni, Dark Horse, Image, Oxford University Press, The Phoenix and more, as well as live art, sketch reportage and illustration. She drew The Ruby Equation (with Sarah Kuhn, Savanna Ganucheau and Steve Wands) for Fresh Romance Vol 1, and is returning to the series to both write and draw Under the Oak Trees.

Born and raised in Chicago, Ashley A. Woods is an illustrator who got her start through self-publishing her action-fantasy comic series, “Millennia War”. January 2015, she met Amandla Stenberg and Stranger Comics at a convention; six months later, she began working on “NIOBE: She Is Life” which went on to sell tens of thousands of copies and inspired many cosplays.

Afua Richardson [ pronounced Ah FOO wah ] is an award winning American Comic-book illustrator best known for her work on Marvel’s Black Panther World of Wakanda. Some of her other works include Wildstorm, Attack on Titan, X-men 92, Captain Marvel, All Star Batman to name a few. Afua is also a musician, voice actor, activist and mentor. As a recipient of the Nina Simone award, she is aptly called a Jane of All trades.

Suzana Harcum and Owen White of the webcomic Tripping Over You are a two-person comics team currently based in Arizona. They are a married lesbian couple who once flirted with each other by creating characters and drawing together, and continue to make LGBTQ positive comics today for the love of writing stories together.

Our panelists will start responding on Monday 27 March

X-Files Fic: Emet

This is a post-episode for “Kaddish,” for @txf-fic-chicks‘ post-ep challenge.

The air inside the oncology clinic is stale, antiseptic, a hospital smell even though it’s not technically a hospital.  Though it’s not a smell that’s ever bothered her before, this time, Scully begins to feel nauseous just walking through the front door.  Not a good sign, wanting to vomit before the treatment has even started, before she’s even consented to be treated at all… but after Allentown, after Scanlon’s “treatments,” she’s a acquired a whole new selection of experiences to associate with the smell of a hospital.

She gives her name at the front desk and takes a seat in the waiting room, trying hard not to look around at the other patients, all in various stages of treatment.  Some look perfectly healthy, some are a bit pale, many are sporting scarves and soft, knit hats, and a few are living ghosts, thin and listless, staring lifelessly at the taupe carpet.

Scully wonders, if she decides to go through with the treatment, whether she’ll lose her hair… then mentally chastises herself for her vanity.  She should be using this time to make a decision, one she should have made long before her appointment, not worrying whether or not she’ll need to invest in scarves and wigs.

It’s not like her to arrive at an appointment like this not having made up her mind already.  Dr. Zuckerman had outlined her treatment plan on Monday and had told her to go home and think about it for a few days, and to come back on Friday.  She had been ready with an answer right then and there, but Zuckerman had pleaded with her to discuss it with her family first.

She hasn’t.  She had never planned to.  This is her choice to make, and hers alone.  And until a day ago, she had been firm in her decision: even with aggressive chemo and radiation her prognosis is exceedingly poor, and she doesn’t see the sense in spending what little time is left curled over the toilet vomiting, or lying exhausted in bed.  Until yesterday, Scully had been prepared to tell Dr. Zuckerman to give her a good, strong prescription for the headaches, and to send her on her way.

But then had come the case in Brooklyn.

A year ago, Scully would have scoffed outright at the very idea of the golem, at the suggestion that earth and clay could be shaped into a man, animated and given life- after a fashion- with a few Hebrew characters written on its hand.  And she still isn’t sold on the idea, not literally… but in a figurative sense, the notion is all too real to her.

Isaac Luria, Mulder claims, had been brought back to life by the love of his fiancee, Arial Weiss.  But absent his soul, it had been a pale imitation of life, one where he had known nothing but a thirst for vengeance, stumbling mindlessly from one victim to the next.

For Mulder, Scully knows, it will be the other way around.  She will die, and he will be left behind, empty and broken, feeling nothing but hate, caring about nothing but exacting revenge, taking out the men responsible for what has been done to her, one by one, until there is only himself left.

And then, she fears, he will finish the job,

She doesn’t think she’s being overdramatic.  Her mother and Melissa have told her the full story of what a wreck Mulder had been when she’d been taken, and when she’d been returned comatose.  She’s seen herself, these past weeks, how he’s looked at her with guilt-stricken horror every time she’s had a nosebleed.  In the hospital hallway, in Allentown, he’d kissed her forehead, right over the spot where the tumor is lurking, his lips lingering a fraction too long, as though he’d thought that maybe, somehow, he could siphon the cancer out of her and take it into himself.

She knows he would.  He wouldn’t eve stop to think about it.

Kenneth Ungar, the scholar from the Judaic Archives, had explained that the golem was animated by inscribing three Hebrew characters onto it: Aleph, Mem, and Tav, spelling out “emet,” the Hebrew word for “truth.”  The golem could only be killed by erasing the first character, the Aleph, changing the word to “met,” meaning “death.”

Scully is Mulder’s truth.  She is the Aleph being gradually erased from his life, and when she is gone, she will leave behind only death.

She reflects, again and again, on his words to her in the hallway: “The truth will save you, Scully.  I think it’ll save us both.”  She knows he’s right.  And she knows she cannot give in without a fight, no matter how painful and difficult the battle may be.

“Ms. Scully?”  The receptionist calls Scully’s name, jerking her out of her reverie.  She follows a nurse back to the office, where Dr. Zuckerman is waiting.  He smiles as she enters and takes a seat across from him.

“So, Dana,” he says, “have you had some time to think about how you’d like to proceed?”  Scully takes a deep breath.

“Yes,” she says firmly.  “I’d like to go ahead with the treatment.”


mercury sulfide (cinnabar) and gold.

gold was meant to be culled shortly after her “birth” due to her unpredictable behavior, but mercury persuaded the higher-ups to allow her to keep gold as her personal pet project. at a later date, in an unrelated incident, mercury became partially corrupted herself and self-exiled to escape persecution. despite this, gold remains unshakably loyal to her once-savior and does her best to keep her safe and well out of the sight of gem authorities. likewise, mercury is fiercely protective of gold and outright hostile towards other gems, attacking on sight in almost all cases.

mercury is no longer able to summon a weapon from her gem. instead, the mercury deposits in her gem have manifested as a mass of malleable, self-regenerating toxic mercury in place of ordinary hair. she is able to control the length, shape, and direction of travel. exposure to the substance tends to confuse and disorient other gems. prolonged exposure can cause degeneration.

gold’s gem is a small ring manifesting in the center of her chest. the attached decoration is not a part of the gem, but a gift, given by mercury before her corruption. gold places a great deal of sentimental value on the object and fashioned her weapon after it. gold is body-oriented and prefers not to use her weapon in battle, but won’t hesitate to summon it if necessary.

for two such kindred spirits, these two would have an awfully messy fusion fyi.

  • Student: Please, Ozpin, name us something else!
  • Ozpin: I'm sorry, but my hands are tied. You guys are team BARF. I couldn't figure out a different way to use your names.
  • Student: The bullying won't stop. People keep putting emetics in our lunches. My bulimia is relapsing. My parents can't pay for all these therapy sessions I need to take now.
  • Ozpin: Well, if you figure out another color that works with your names, then come back to me.
  • Student: My parents are suing.
Ozark Encyclopedia – A – Alder

Hazel Alder - Alnus serrulata

Parts used: bark

Traditional uses: Compound decoction of scraped inner bark taken as an emetic. Bark removed by scraping downwards used as a laxative. Used for childbirth pain and infusion of bark used for various pains. Infusion of bark taken to purify blood and compound infusion used as a blood tonic. Used as an emetic and purgative. Infusion of bark taken for cough. Infusion taken for heart trouble. Cold infusion of bark taken to purify blood or lower blood pressure.

Used for chills – “Gather an arm of green limbs from Alder trees growing at the edge of a creek. Place the limbs in a large pan and let simmer on the back of the stove for two or three hours. Strain tea into quart jar and drink regularly throughout the day.” ~Parler FBA II 1742

Moerman, Daniel E. Native American Ethnobotany (NAE)

Parler, Mary Celestia Folk Beliefs from Arkansas (FBA)

The Language of Aromatherapy

When learning Aromatherapy it is super important to have a grasp of the common vernacular - below is a list of common therapeutic terminology.

Analgesic: Relieves pain
Anaphrodisiac: Reduces sexual desire
Anti-emetic: Helps to reduce or alleviate vomiting
Antimicrobial: Kills pathogens - similar to antiseptic, however, antimicrobial kills pathogens whereas antiseptic inhibits growth.
Antipruritic: Relives itching
Anti-sudorific: Reduces excessive sweating
Antiviral: Inhibits the growth of viruses
Calmative: Produces sedative effect
Cephalic: Relates to disorders of the head, especially stimulants of the mind
Cicatrisant: Promotes the formation of scar tissue
Demuculent: Soothes, softens and prevents irritation of mucous membranes
Emmenagogue: Induces menstration
Expectorant: Promotes the removal of mucous from the respiratory system
Febrifuge: Reduces fever
Hypotensor/Hypotensive: Lowers blood pressure
Hypertensor/Hypertensive: Raises blood pressure
Nervine: A nerve tonic
Rubefacient: Local circulatory stimulant - may cause reddening of skin
Styptic: Stops external bleeding
Vulnerary: An agent that is applied externally to help heal cuts, sores and other open wounds.

There are plenty of other terms but they are much more obvious - having a good understanding of the above allows for a better understanding of all the incredible uses of essential oils.

I’ve started reading Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastard series and I’m starting to think that Camorr is like the Florida of the City-States - except that any reports that may circulate with regards to “Camorr Man” are more often than not just the Misadventures of Locke Lamora in a Variety of Silly Hats. 

“Camorr Man Spends Entire Morning Being Strangled in Hopes of Attracting Lucrative Business Opportunity”

“Camorr Man Calls Literal Wizard an Asshole - Kills His Pet Bird”

“Climbing Down 100-Foot Trellis After Taking an Emetic Honestly Camorr Man’s Best Option Given the Circumstances”

“Camorr Man Lucky He Wasn’t Devoured by Giant Spiders After Nearly Drowning in Barrel of Horse Piss”

“Camorr Man Fakes Assassination Attempt in Order to Steal Man’s Pants”

“Camorr Man Punches Old Lady in the Face - Jumps out Fiftieth Story Window - Claims it was ‘Really Big Bird’“