Juhani Romance Guide - Now Complete!

Greetings KotOR fans!

Since many players (I used to be one of them as well) have difficulty with triggering Juhani’s romance, notably the final romance conversation, and I couldn’t find a solid and detailed guide for Juhani’s romance anywhere, recently I’ve been doing a lot of research and investigation by using KotOR Tool to examine the game files relating to Juhani’s conversations as well as KotOR SaveGame Editor (KSE) to compare my save files to find out if there’s a definite way to trigger Juhani’s romance. As a result, I finally figured it out and succeed in completing Juhani’s romance in my latest KotOR playthrough!

Therefore, I’ve also written a Juhani Romance Guide, including details on how to advance Juhani’s conversations that will lead to the final romance conversation, links to YouTube videos of the individual conversations and mod recommendations, because I would like as many players experience the very first canon same-gender romance in BioWare games as possible.

Here’s the link to my Juhani Romance Guide

Here’s the link to my YouTube playlist for Juhani Romance & Conversations

emesha SS12 collaboration!!

I can finally my print designs and Emesha’s wonderful look book with you all. Emesha and I met via Amelia’s Magazine when I was asked to illustrate her collection for Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion illustration (thanks Amelia!!!)

The collection was shown at London Fashion Week back in September. Through Emesha’s success at Fashion Press Week she has won a year’s subscription to both WGSN and Diary Directory, as well as a series of business and marketing mentoring sessions with Fearnhurst PR, Mishcon de Reya and Hemyca. Exciting times for Emesha!!

What is even more exciting is that she has since asked me to collaborate with her again!

Here are some pictures from her SS12 look book and more close ups of the print designs!

You can view the whole look book on Emesha’s Facebook page.



In my second year at University I chose printing for my elective, and I also created a print project as one of my final year projects – it was a love affair at first sight. However, I never seemed to find the time to actually include it into the collections I have done for my own label. I came across Lisa Stannard’s work when I was featured in Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration, a book in which she illustrated my collection for the feature. I really liked her hand writing, and we started our “cyber” friendship by following each other on social media sites. For my latest project I felt really strongly about including prints, therefore I asked Lisa whether she’d like to collaborate on the project.

Illustrations by Lisa Stannard (www.lisastannard.com)