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Following the creepy music is a bad idea… Or we can follow the creepy music.


(The 100 episode posters - 1-4 Best Rated Episodes of Season 3 (so far according to imdb)


The 100 Crack 3x06
The episode in which:
- RAVEN WAS HAPPY like she actually smiled for more than 0.10 seconds
- Octavia was and still is the MVP on this show
- The BITANIC set sail
- Emerson was a beast
- And Titus revealed he is anti-Clarke (Damn it Titus)

Manila Undressed: A Review of Emerson Reyes’ MNL 143

by Christelle Delvo

Emerson Reyes writes a love letter to the city of Manila with his first full-length feature film, MNL 143. Reyes pays a lovely and often humorous tribute to the city’s sights and sounds closer to reality – streets heavy with private and public transportation vehicles, barkers left and right, the sun’s heat on bare skin, passengers stepping in and out of everywhere, and crowds consuming crowds in all directions. Ultimately, he paints a vision of Manila that is not just someone’s means to an end but rightfully as a home, a backdrop of a thousand individual stories.

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