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College Confession 48

A few nights ago, a group of friends and myself were chilling in the common room when a group of happy drunks came in and started talking to us. One of them was trying to memorize the name of everyone in the room, but kept on messing up mine. When the drunken group were leaving, this guy insisted on giving me a hug goodbye as an apology. Immediately, he was amazed at how amazing of a hugger I am. Cue every drunk and sober person in the area lining up to get a hug from me, each one amazed when it turned out better than they expected. One girl even insisted that my hugs reminded her of her mom and made all of her anxieties melt away.

Nowadays, when being introduced to new people, everyone insists on mentioning how good of a hugger I am. I still can’t believe this is the reputation I have built for myself.

– Emerson College


“Hi, my name is Benjamin Linus and I’ve lived on this island all my life.”


Some more Henry Gale face porn appreciation just because…


My name is Benjamin Linus and I’ve lived on this island all my life.

i hate it when people say clarke is gryffindor like do you not have an understanding of the houses or of clarke as a character at all? the girl emotionally manipulated lexa by using a loose story with her dead mentor and a braided hair piece that most likely wasn’t even anya’s to begin with just so lexa would hear her out. She made Emerson run 6 hours straight back to the mountain instead of walking 8. What were those 2 hours gonna do? idk? shes clarke griffin thats why. going on, she hid the fact octavia was in TonDC before the bomb hit to her own brother so her brother could focus on the task at hand and then let it drop knowing Octavia was there. She shot Dante with the walkie talkie on so that the President could hear his father slowly die. She tried emotionally manipulating Roan to kill his own mother. the list goes on. 

like the girl is great, shes the hero, and shes my favorite - but make no mistake, shes a slytherin.