Papa Emeritus III and Niels Nielson in one room. comforting you with tea and a hot bath after a stressful/hard day. Papa is being a goof and trying to make you laugh as Niels rummages through your cabinets trying to find some nice bath salts. 

later you’re all in bed, laying together three in a row. talking in the dark and telling stupid stories until you all fall asleep.

I was tagged by @misslavender 💜 thank you, darling!

name: Kelsey

nickname: Kels, Kelso, Kelsex (seriously)
my parents call me Lena for some reason??

gender: Female

star sign: Capricorn

sexual orientation: heterosexual

Hogwarts house: Slytherin 🐍

favourite colour: purple or black

time right now: 11:53 am

average hours of sleep: 4-5

cat or dog person: I can’t even pick.

favourite fictional characters: it’s too early to even answer this. I want to say Philippe I, Duke of Orléans but he’s an actual person?? I’m literally half asleep LMAO. Can I pick Papa Emeritus II??

number of blankets I sleep with: 1

favourite singer/band: Ghost is my fave band but I also love Mumford & Sons (fucking random, right?) but Martin Gore singing One Caress does things to me.

dream trip: Italy or France

current number of followers: 300?? Something around there.

when did your blog reach its peak: here recently, actually.

I tag @vampire-h0tel, @lavida-delaluna, @gingersnarls, and anyone else who wants to do this 💕