The Fox and The Maiden Fair: Revelations and Fears

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Emer was impressed, when they passed through one of the four gates of the fortress she saw lots of houses with oval sides, many poles at the sides, supporting the walls and the roof. It seemed the wood used was oak.

With the help of some men, Gunnar took Bragi with him to lead the injured man to be tended by a healer.

Some of the inhabitants were outside to watch her. They were curious about the princess that would be their queen. She could see some of them were cautious. A small girl ran from her mother and stopped in front of Emer. The princess smiled at her. The girl saw this as a sign to investigate further. She took Emer’s hand on her own and was dazzled by the softness of her skin. Emer found the girl fascinating as well, with grey and curious eyes. The girl’s mother didn’t know what to do. She was fearing being offensive and wake up Ivar’s wrath.

Sigvard approached and whispered to Emer. “Ivar is out there, watching us.”

Emer blushed, after almost a year, she was seeing that man. Not only this, she was marrying him. She looked in Ivar’s direction. A little smile playing about his mouth, but suddenly the smile disappeared and he was looking angry. The girl has gone with her mother and Emer started walking to Ivar, flanked by the brothers, Sigvard and Gunnar.

Emer didn’t know how to greet him. Should she bow?

She had not to think much about it. Ivar looked at her from head to toe.

He asked Sigvard. “Did her father checked the mundr?”

Sigvard nodded negatively. Emer was ashamed. They were discussing about the payment.

Ivar’s face was showing a kind of emotion Emer couldn’t name. Was he angry? Frustrated?

He smiled in mockery and turned around, walking away. Emer was embarrassed. She knew her appearance was not the most charming after such a tough travel. The woman didn’t know if she should follow him. Sigvard walked past Emer, giving her a reassuring look and nodding his head for her to follow inside.

Once inside, Emer saw that Ivar was sitting, leaning forward and looking at her in amusement. It was like he was enjoying her confusion. She was angry that after such a long journey he had not spoken a word yet. All she wanted was to have a bath and eat something fresh. Not the old bread from when they were on the road.

He was tilting his head to the side, as if he was studying Emer, while the woman was looking at him fiercely. At last, he nodded saying. “I imagine you are tired of the travel and wish for a bath and food. Is that true?”