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gender neutral name for emma?

Gender neutral names for Emma:
I hope these helped


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Numin, have you and Bull ever gone on a really cute date? Have you ever got caught before?

When he brought Num to the emeral graves there was a lot of cuddling and sickenly sweet things involved. And yes, they get caught. Poor guards.


#TCMParty schedule for the week of July 27

The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947) MONDAY, JULY 27 @ 08:00 PM (ET)

A teenage girl’s crush on a playboy spells trouble, particularly when he falls for her older sister.

I Know Where I’m Going (1945)  WEDNESDAY, JULY 29 @ 08:00 PM (ET)

A determined young Englishwoman sets out to accomplish her goals even at the risk of her heart


Irish company Ceadogán Rugs has a Mainie Jellett collection! From their website:

Mainie Jellett (1897 – 1944) was one of Ireland’s finest painters of the 20th century. She was part of the explosion of ‘Modernism’ of 1920’s Europe and was a notable contributor to the ‘Art Deco’ movement that revolutionised thinking in design, colour and composition.

Mainie Jellett made many rug designs through the latter part of the 1920’s and into the 1930’s. She exhibited her first carpet design in her solo exhibition of 1928. It was in gouache, on paper mounted on card, fragile and slight. It was accompanied by a pencil drawing on paper annotated with details of colour. This was to be her general approach; all her finished rug and carpet designs were in gouache, a more controlled medium as far as colour was concerned. Her rugs were executed by various enterprises such as the Dun Emer Guild, The Irish Countrywomens Association and a company based in Paris. Mainie’s own family, including her sister Bay and her mother produced a number of rugs in their home at Fitzwilliam Square.

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Dear *anyone*,

Dear Best friend,

im not going to get to see a lot of you for a bit, Im really going to miss you. I hope you enjoy your last week at nerd camp :P You’re hella cute and honestly one of the nicest most caring person i’ve ever talked to. Im so glad we’re friends and idk where i’d be without you. P.s you’re a fucking dweeb and I love you :P 

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make sure your ai doesnt kill us all

​Well, I have it programmed to only go for the non-tumblr users, so right now, you pass! Good job!

Lol Ugh I know how I want to start it, I simply haven’t had the time…

But okay okay can I just bring something up really quick that Tumblr NEEDS to know about?

First of all, AIs don’t necessarily have the capability to walk, talk, or do anything of that sort. In fact, my coding instructors even refer to programs that are HARD PROGRAMMED to respond to certain phrases (e.g. no machine learning) as a basic AI. Obviously, that doesn’t cut it for me, and I’m trying to program one to use the user’s response to exand its database.

What I’m trying to get at is that AIs aren’t scary. In fact, there already are AIs… for example, some AIs have being developed to beat humans at online chess. Others are in charge of handling search data.

However, these are very basic AIs with little use of machine learning. Things get really interesting really fast once you start learning more.
There is an AI, created by Non-specialists that has the ability to diagnose patients with different diseases even more successfully than trained specialists. 

Now, image what we could do if we got the help of neuroscientists on an AI. The human brain, though complex, is becoming very well understood as time goes on.  An AI that is entirely based off of one person’s brain could have amazing results. It could allow people to study mental illnesses, for example, without ever having to do an experiment on a human or animal. What if we could find specific treatments for each individual?

The applications are limitless. The above example is just something that came from my own crazy brain, but can you imagine what we could do if everyone learned to embrace the idea of artificial intelligence instead of pushing it away?

They can be amazingly simple or amazingly complex- but the important part is to understand that they are just a computer program… then the facade of intelligence falls away, and we are left with a fantastic invention that simply uses it’s brilliant programming to constantly add to its database of ideas- no taking over the human race needed. 

Edit: to see the information about an AI that can diagnose patients, here’s the link http://goo.gl/IutftP