I may or may not have spent the past day trying to map out the Bunker.

This may have involved watching every scene in the bunker since season 8 up till current. Yes, within the last 24 hours.

I may have come to the conclusion that this is impossible.

Sam’s bedroom keeps moving where it is in the bunker. Doors appear and disappear. Doors are placed in walls where they can’t logically go anywhere. Directions are given to rooms that don’t exist. (There aren’t four doors on the left down that hall Sam I counted there just aren’t.) One room may be four separate and distinct locations. There doesn’t seem to be anything on the top of the map, yet I know of three rooms that have to be there. There’s at least one basement and one upper floor. I can’t find the stairs.

Don’t ever try to make sense of the Bunker. Save yourselves.

Emergency Commissions for Medicine

I’m not able to buy medicine I need now because insurance isn’t covering it. This is ridiculous. If anyone is willing to commission from me I’d really appreciate it. 

The art piece above is a study. I’m willing to do any type of drawings: sketches, line art, color, line-less, studies of a photo of you. We can talk about pricing but right now all I need is 40 US dollars to cover my meds for the month. I can also do graphic design work (msg me for examples)

5/40 Currently - I’m fine with really cheap commissions. Shoot me a message and we can talk about this. Please feel free to reblog this as well. 

idk i just feel like there’s something rlly cool abt podcast fandoms in terms of fanart, like one of the benchmarks of a well known podcast is a certain similarity between character designs despite it not being the same, exactly, like you just see fanart from an artist you’ve never seen before and you’ll be like hey is that cecil and you read the tags and what do you know it is the gay radio host

like there are barely any character descriptions but somehow a certain design just latches on and that’s really really cool


Hey guys! I just recently broke my phone + I have bills to pay and I don’t have enough to pay for all of it! So if you wanna help out your favorite lesbian artist and have a couple bucks to spare, please consider commissioning me! I am a traditional artist that uses copic markers and brush pens!! I can also use watercolor for those who want it!

I use google wallet, so please just send me your email and I’ll request the money from there- if you have any questions about payment, feel free to message me! 


  • -incest
  • -pedophilia

I will draw your fursona and nsfw art! 

If you want the physical copy, there will be an extra $2 for shipping ♡

please help me out!! any and all commissions are appreciated!! please email me at taliawayne2@gmail.com

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Breath of the Wild has made me think a lot about emergent game design - particularly how several of it's mechanics such as weapon degradation and stamina, while iffy ideas on paper, kind of facilitate a sort of variance in challenge that would be necessary for players to be able to go and do whatever they want in an organic open world and feel rewarded. Do developers often think about having to add even the most minor elements that can be seen as "negative" to bring about a better experience?

Sure. We do it all the time. In fact, in a lot of games, drawbacks and negative elements are an excellent way to add texture to a play experience because they force the player to make decisions. In Breath of the Wild, there’s a whole world of ingredients, recipes, and items out there for players to find and use. However, encouraging players to use these items is the tricky part. 

What we usually want is for players to weigh options where they don’t always have a clear-cut solution. Breath of the Wild’s item degradation system does this - you can either use the item now for a temporary advantage, or hoard it for later. And, because players regularly get pretty awesome items, it behooves them to try them out and use them… at least a little. The hard part is encouraging players to do this without making it feel bad. They do this by making inventory space limited, thus encouraging you to use up your items in order to keep collecting and crafting new stuff. When it comes to games, I (like many) fall under the item hoarder side of things. I always want to keep the useful items I find in reserve “just in case”, and typically end up with an inventory full of potions, elixirs, revives, one-time stat boosts, and other consumable items at the end of the game because I just might find something better to use it on later. If I don’t use it now, I retain the possibility of using it in the future “when I really need it”.

This is a known psychological effect called “loss aversion”. The human brain is genetically wired towards loss aversion - humans hate to lose stuff they had more than they getting more stuff. Psychological experiments have shown this effect - people would much rather reduce their chance at loss than take a gamble that has a much higher chance of benefit.  There’s more than one element at work here - first, you’ve got all these things out there to pick up and try, and second, you can’t hoard them permanently so the subconscious loss-aversion parts of the human brain kicks in and says “Well, if you can’t save it, you’d better use it up so you don’t waste it.”

Because your animal subconscious says “I’d better use this because it’s the least interesting thing I have right now that I might need later”, you use it. You experiment it. And then you start having some fun with the experimentation, and you start thinking about other ways you can use your stuff. After all, if the metal sword can be used to conduct electricity in addition to stabbing things, maybe you can solve this puzzle in a different way…

That’s where a lot of the fun in BotW comes from. You find a lot of different toys to play with and some psychological encouragement to use it up to make room for more, and suddenly you have to make a bunch of interesting decisions on whether it’s worth using the last few charges of your thing to get to that island in the middle of the lake over there. Making decisions is interesting for a player only if they have to make a judgement on the results. In the case of Breath of the Wild, it comes to a question of “This item is really cool, but maybe I can get something else over there that’s even cooler”. By removing the option of getting both this item and that one from the player, it turns a trivial solution into a lot of interesting ones.

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I don't know much about Sunday times, what kind of fashion spread should we look forward to?

I actually don’t know! I think a lot depends on Lambert and McCartney, and judging by the cover it could be edgier than what The Sunday Times Style normally goes for.

And can I just say, kudos to Lambert for putting Charles Jeffrey, who hasn’t had an independent show yet (he’s shown three times as the part of the MAN collections which is an incubator for emerging British designers under Fashion East) and placed him on the cover of such a wide-reaching issue. It’s so great to see both Harry and his whole team support and help young designers who are incredible at what they do.


If you are interested, please email me @lazybasilkun on gmail !!

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surviving online school

- self motivation. this is an essential skill and crucial to your success, and online school is always impossible without it. develop it, develop a passion for your environment. fake it til you make it.

- talk to your teachers. develop positive relationships with them, mention how cute their dog is in tutoring sessions (9/10 it makes them rlly happy), text and call them as you need it. they’re there for you.

- stay on schedule. at the beginning of the day, figure out what order you want to do lessons in. do your work!! stay off of tumblr and put on some music or a podcast in the background. getting behind only causes stress and emotional breakdowns. have a goal of never having more than 10 lessons overdue at a time (unless it’s an emergency ofc)

- have designated breaks. please. it is so easy, especially further into your semester, to get so absorbed in work you forget to eat, drink, and relax. listen to your body’s cues and take breaks when it’s needed. my therapist recommended taking a few minutes of break between lessons and spend it watching funny videos, doing a couple chores, etc - anything that’s a break from school and will help minimize my anxiety.

- make friends! pm people. trust me, you’ll need someone to vent to about That One Class. you’re likely to find someone likeminded.

- keep taking notes. and i don’t mean Cornell (unless it’s required). take notes how it is best for your memory, as long as they aren’t graded. work around your own mind.

- don’t let any questions go unanswered. if you have a problem understanding something, that’s fine. talk to a teacher about it, or a student, if it’s not within the grounds of cheating.

it’s ok. you’ve got this

i’m a veteran of online school, so if you need help navigating that life, send me an ask or message!