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 Huge emergency.

Won’t lie, my family’s in a huge financial dump right now and I need any sort of money I can get my hands on. There’s a huge chance we won’t get any benefit money from the council for the next few weeks; my mother is already overworking herself and I dug up what I had stashed away but it’s not enough. They don’t let her work more than 3 days a week (on record) for shit money otherwise they’ll cut off the benefits she has left. 

We have to pay for the bills, if we do we won’t have money for food. The fridge is more empty than usual and I’m refusing to eat so that my two younger brothers will have something. My older bastard of a brother who leeches off of us and refuses to move out is coming back on the 17th, things will get much worse then.

I’m trying to get a job on the side while this is happening but for now I’m literally willing to draw pretty much anything to just get enough money to get through the next few weeks. 

I’ll be grateful for any sort of commission or money or anything. Anything is good. Thank you in advance

I’m putting extra commission info under cut - 

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So, I recently had some falling out with a friend, leaving me very much in need of some extra money to help me cover some convention costs. So I’m trying to do commissions again.

 I’m selling chibis like these for 5 dollars each. If interested, you can contact me here or email me at Gaymarriedinspace@yahoo.com

In the time between now and last I was posting art, my boyfriend and I got slammed with over $500 in unexpected vet bills and we’re coming up short on some other important things like food and gas as a result. 

So from now until the end of August I’m taking in emergency commissions at a hugely discounted rate to see if I can put a dent in that amount.

Payment in USD via Paypal.
>Tips are accepted and, in fact, encouraged.
>Will draw: Humanoid OCs, Fanart, ____sonas, Pokemon, etc.
>Won’t draw: Explicit or hateful content of any sort (this is a sfw blog), extensive armor/mecha, extra buff characters, or animals (it’ll look bad, i promise).
>Prices are subject to increase based on complexity of the character and/or addition of backgrounds. This will always be negotiated before payment.
>I reserve the right to refuse any commission.
>Must provide visual reference in addition to any written descriptions (even if you just download a person-shaped base and mark it up to show placement of scars, tattoos, etc.)

You can contact me via message here on tumblr, or more reliably via email at LNdoesCommissions@gmail.com if you have any questions or just want to jump straight into ordering something. 

Everything is negotiable, so if you see something on my blog you like the look of and isn’t reflected here, point it out to me and I’ll probably be able to give you a custom quote! Signal Boosts are much appreciated as well!
Thanks guys :>


being unable to link anything in my bio…sadly… I’ll just say it here and now! As of a few weeks ago, Emergency Requests have become a thing!

Emergency Asks are basically an opportunity for you to request something even though Requests are closed!

These requests though, they must be emergencies! They’re basically like comfort requests!

As an example — say you’re feeling scared due to a nightmare, or an event that happened earlier in the day! maybe you’re feeling upset because of something (passing of a family member/friend, loss of a friendship/relationship, bullying, etc) and anything in which you must be provided comfort!

Those requests will be done as soon as possible!

[ if you know for a fact that you may need this in the future, message me and let me know! I can send it to you so that whenever you need an Emergency Request, you can go to your messages and have quick access to my account!! ]

• as well as above, please remember that my rules will still apply (no nsfw)!! if you want it to be private and only for you, message me or send in the ask off Anon!


🎶I looked around for a week or so, like I was looking for a reason to get up and go.

And I haven’t found nothing but a heart so true. Yes I don’t have a thing if I don’t have you🎶

Season 3 Episode 4:  Knobs!

Well that’s what this Ep was about wasn’t it?  And I’m not just talking about the electric Rodeo Riding Ronaldo replacement.  It was about that team of knobs being defeated by the crack phrack team - n’est-ce pas?

This show continues to raise serious issues in relation to women’s position in society at that time (and in some places in the world things have changed little).  But these have been well-blogged already - the pervasive subjugation of women, the commodification of their roles and even their bodies, including those women who had wealth and status. The themes are controversial -  the diagnosis of hysteria and it’s related “treatments”, including hysterectomies, even circumcision; hypnosis and its ability to have mellifluous influence; views on masturbation, and incest. Phryne Fisher is a rare breed who rails against entrenched societal views and practices.

Then there’s the Phrack thing -  the slow burning relationship between our dynamic duo.  It was great television to see that a united, totally in sync couple, can still produce good drama - you do not have to have tension and conflict between Jack and Phryne to have a riveting show.  On the contrary! (Season 4 writers pls note.)

Team knob

I think a bit of a theme is emerging here - last week and now this week  - doctors with things other than their patients’ needs on their minds! Hippocrates would be turning in his grave. And these knobs of doctors are giving Dr Mac more of a role which is a VERY GOOD THING.

Knob no. 1 - Dr Hayden Samuels.  And Philip from Play School is looking very scary (and rather portly) as he channels Freud (or is it King George?) with that fake beard and moustache?

He has a very devoted following of rich women from his Collins Street practice who he is saving from the hysterectomy scalpel by giving them hypnotic therapies which surprisingly result in generous donations and endowments.

There is a suggestion too that he reaped financial rewards from “assisting” Arthur with music therapy.

Then there’s knob number 2:  Dr Perkins, who invented the Percussor (is this a play on Perkins?) to relieve women of their hysteria and thinks it’s OK to dip into the bank account of his boss, hide evidence of a murder and just generally ponce about being a supercilious nerd.  All to the background of  some - er -diagrams of their work.

Enter knob no. 3 Eric Edwards.  He’s not a doctor but a solicitor who actually was the one who dunnit to hide the sordid secret he shares with his sister.  He cautions Samuels about what he should and shouldn’t say and attempts to pervert the course of justice during interrogations at City South.

But that’s not all.  Another doctor, another knob. Dr Littleton thinks he can treat his daughter like a possession while undermining those who want to investigate alternative medical therapies.

Aunt P gets all our sympathy this Ep.  She is suffering from the loss of her son but is in complete denial.  This has left her vulnerable to Dr Samuels charms  -his abuse of her hospitality and his treatments. 

I do find it hard to believe that she’d be potting plants in her pink silk and lace without gloves - she must be distracted!  But lovely image of the fernery at Rippon Lea.

Interesting devices

At the morgue - not sure I’ve watched too many shows where I’ve looked forward to the scenes in the morgue…

Jack reveals that he’s raided a Chinese brothel in his cadet years of policing and found some, mostly unfathomable, “interesting devices” to which Mac retorts:

Mac: I have a friend who can enlighten you.

Jack: The whole establishment made a lasting impression.

Nev, another Knob

And when the new Constable Neville Martin (definitely a contender for team knob) seeks clarification of the object of discussion, Jack, echoing a previous exchange speaks to him with his eyes fixed on Phryne:

Martin:  So what exactly are we looking for sir?

Jack: We’ll discuss that later constable.

Dot and Nev don’t hit it off at all, but Nev does provide us with a little comic relief - being ignored, over-ruled and found wanting throughout the Ep. He is the epitome of earnest endeavour at the beginning, and is unsettled by Miss Fisher being  “invaluable” to his superior.  He is literally floored by her arrival;

Jack: Miss Fisher. At last.

A telling moment, that continues throughout the Ep.  Jack and Phryne, a partnership.  He needs her and wants her to be with him.  Long gone are the days of her being an impediment, a nuisance.  There is no one-upmanship or conflict.  A dynamic duo.

As she sums up the evidence in a moment’s look about the room:

Jack:  Shall I leave now?

(and is the image of P looking straight at his er- button, not a reversal of that image from so long ago?)

Constable Martin’s refusal to accept any help from Dot, produces not only another memorable line from Mac but foreshadows a spoiler alert for one of the next eps.  Is Martin determined to undermine the relationship between Jack and Phryne, between DI Robinson and Phryne Fisher PI?

Martin: … The Inspector might think Miss Fisher is invaluable to his investigation but I’ve never needed a woman to do my job so why should i start now?

Mac:  It’s men like that that make the rest of them look reasonable.

(Yep, definitely team knob for Neville Martin. Although there’s a hint of rehabilitation at the end and in the spoiler for next week’s ep!)

Mechanical knob

The discovery of the Percussor produces some wonderful scenes  - an education for Dot and some more playful Phryne.

Phryne reminds Dot of the time that she came to Phryne’s “rescue” from Rinaldo the Rodeo Rider and explains that the Percussor is able to do something “awfully nice” but “without the need for a rodeo rider”.

This is not only part of Dot’s getting of wisdom but an interesting comment on Phryne’s view of her many partners.  They provide her with pleasure, they are convenient, nothing more.  (There’s hope for Jack yet - she needs him, unlike the string of "rodeo riders”.)

 She clearly enjoys playing with the knob too…

And is Jack feeling just a teensy bit um, self-conscious?

The losers: team knob loses its libido

One by one team knob comes undone.  Dr Samuels proves to be a gold digger but nothing more sinister than that.  He packs his bags and heads off to Switzerland (as you do) with Jemima Littleton, leaving Dr Littleton permanently estranged from the daughter he couldn’t posses.

Dr Perkins cannot set himself up with the Percussor patent (and I have it on good authority that he went on to make a lot of money in the glue industry. You young things brought up on UHU sticks wouldn’t remember the petits purple pots of Perkins paste…)

The  murder of Harriet Edwards by her older brother Eric Edwards when their incestuous relationship risks exposure, is presaged by the love birds’ demise.

Eric Edwards refusal to accept his guilt in the incestuous relationship is disturbing, then further his justifying her murder is chilling.

Jack: It was wrong.

Edwards:  But not for us.  If she didn’t want to be with me, I had no choice.

The winners: Crack team Phrack

We don’t only have Jack and Phryne working as a team, and watching them together was pure bliss:

But Bert comes into his own, assisted by Cec and Dot.  Perhaps those complaints about the walk on roles last week had the desired effect with a significant improvement in this Ep! There is a telling comment from Bert and Cec about Dr Samuels charging Aunt P a fortune for music therapy for Arthur, where they provided the same for him in a “sing-along”.

Bert tells Aunt P what no-one else can, that it’s wrong for her to dismiss the departed.  Her tells her that he’s seen her wandering the house at night in flowing robes wanting to connect with Arthur, in an image reminiscent of Tennyson’s Lady of Shalott

She knows not what the curse may be;

Therefore she weaveth steadily,

Therefore no other care hath she,       

The Lady of Shalott. 

Bert too supplies the evidence for Eric Edward’s guilt.  (Mind you you’d think Edward would have seen through this set up, but perhaps he is so far into denial that he’s oblivious).

Bert in that final, heart-wrenching scene provides Aunt P with her cure, the cure that no-one else has been able to provide, not family, not doctor, not tonic.  It’s his music therapy that forces her to remember Arthur and speak of him.  It is telling too that while Phryne accompanies Cec with Dr Samuels (how did she know Dr samuels had dulcet tones? Must have been that Play School link again!) it is Bert and Dot who physically comfort her - two people for whom Aunt P had little time in the past, she rather looked down upon, ever-conscious of her social superiority. This was several boxes of tissues’ worth and I’m tearing up as I type.  It was simply stunning filmically - image, colour, sound.  Magical and moving.

Finally Phrack?

As they speak of the need to release what’s bottled up, to be coached out of trauma… and as phrynesboudoir pointed out both a parallel and contrast to the scene at the end of a la mode:

Phryne: … Do I have to put you on the couch and psychoanalyse you?

Jack: Sounds inviting. Perhaps another time, in a more (pauses) intimate setting.

Phryne: I’ll hold you to that.

More tissues anyone?

I Showed Her (How to Manipulate Me!)

Whenever parents have more than one child, they almost always go on and on about just how DIFFERENT each of them is. For most of the past twenty months, my wife and I weren’t sure. Both kids have a lot in common, and neither one had yet to show a trait that was wildly divergent from the other.

In the past couple of weeks however, one thing has emerged that might change our assessment: while our five-year-old son shows the appropriate amount of emotion and empathy of a child his age…our twenty-month-old daughter is beginning to show the cold, emotionless tactical nature of a ruthless dictator.

The other day, Sally was having a snack, and she was VERY UPSET about it. You might be asking why. Was I forcing her to eat something horrible? Had I chained her to her chair? No. She was eating exactly what she had asked for (goldfish crackers), and was on my map while doing so. She was mad because I wasn’t letting her wander around spilling them everywhere in the process.

Her protests began as squirming, escalated to screaming, and reached a peak by throwing them on the floor. This is a particular annoyance to me. So I told her that if she did that one more time, she would not be allowed to sit on my lap anymore. She looked me RIGHT in the eye…and dumped all of the remaining crackers on the table onto the floor. Showing her I meant business, I unceremoniously plopped her down soon after. This was the exchange (with my observing son) that followed:

LEO: Why did you just put her down, Daddy?

ME: Because I told her that if she dropped any more crackers, she couldn’t stay on my lap. 

LEO: Why was she doing that?

ME: Because she wanted to walk around with her crackers, and I didn’t want her to do that, so she got mad.

LEO: But what if she’s still hungry?

ME (Righteous): If she wants to eat crackers, she can eat the ones she dropped on the…wait a minute. (To Sally) Is this what you wanted the whole time?

SALLY: (Laughing, eating crackers from the floor, while walking away)

ME: I…I think I’ve just been played.

I’m no government official, and I have no influence over foreign nations…but if any country ever stamps her passport and lets her enter their borders…they only have themselves to blame for what happens as a result…


Hello Everyone :) I went little M.I.A. for the last couple of weeks (hospital emergency) but one good thing came out of it though… because when you’re… ymmm… “loopy” from the pain meds - you don’t get bored :P and than you stat looking for something to kill the time :) Soooo…. than you start to draw… and draw… and draw… and draw… ;)
This sketch with Jennifer Morrison is a mix of charcoal and pencil & it’s in A4 format. Hope You like it! :)