emerging giants

when pacific rim came out, i thought the concept of giant monsters emerging from the sea in the late 2010s sounded like a horrific catastrophe, but now that we are well into them, it seems completely par for the course and i will be expecting the kaiju any day now

Much Ado Aboot Nothing

(After trekking through a dungeon we were teleported into, we come across a mural depicting the gods. At the very end of this mural, there is an ominous carving of a giant hand emerging from the ground. Upon pushing the hand, a secret passage opens - we make our way down and find an octagonal panel embedded in the stonework.)
Rogue (OOC): …is a giant hand going to come out of there? Like, is it the Thing, and he’s bent on world destruction?


(All of us are discussing whether or not to pull a lever that opens the panels in the ground - we have decided not to for the most part. Cute side note: our bard received a black and white piglet as a pet, and carries him around in a sling wrapped around his chest. The piglet has sort of become our group mascot.)

Bard (OOC): Well…I feel like my character would just be under the assumption “hey, everything will turn out okay!” So he pulls the lever.
DM: Okay, roll for it.
Bard (OOC): That’s not fair, she’s been rolling good tonight, I’m going to be crushed!
Rogue (OOC): Well hold on I might fail miserably, you never know.
Rogue (OOC): …20.
DM: Okay. You move towards the lever and grip it, but a hard grip pulls you back and pushes you to the ground-
Rogue (OOC): YES
DM: -but you hear a “clink”-
Rogue (OOC): NO
DM: -and the panels open.
DM: Nothing happens. Silence.
Rogue: You were born under some lucky stars, orc!
Bard: You wanted to pull the lever, so I pulled the lever!
RogueNone of us wanted to pull the lever!
Monk: …I wanted to pull the lever.
Paladin*yelling from across the large room* DON’T PULL THE LEVER.
Bard: You’re scaring the piglet!
Everyone: *gasps*
Rogue (OOC): Too much?
Bard (OOC): Who are you?!


Ranger: I would like to look down in the pit the panels were covering.
DM: Make a perception check.
Ranger: 18.
DM: You ease your way up to the edge, and peer down into the darkness and you see…a boot.
Ranger: …a boot?
DM: A boot.
Bard: Say “a boot” again.
Everyone: A boot.


(After spending nearly 30 minutes trying to figure out what this boot is, aside from it being made from stone, the party leaves the room and we end the session.)

DM: So, I noticed y’all wouldn’t touch the boot. Why not?
Rogue: Because the last time I touched something, it transported us to this hellhole!
DM: Wow, I never intended y’all to be afraid of touching things. Looting will be difficult. 

(We still cringe when we think of the boot. Our DM just grins.)


Before the beginning of times in the Norse cosmos, there were but two worlds and a yawning void in between. The world of ice, Niflheim, stretching to the North and the world of flame, Muspelheim, in the South which was guarded by the fire giant Surt with his flaming sword. These worlds were parted by a giant void called Ginnungagap. Twelve rivers that came from a cauldron called Hvergelmir were pouring down this slope into blackness. One day Surt was wielding his flaming sword and sparks of fire reached to Niflheim. The freezing cold and the sparks of his sword collided and exploded. Out of it came the primeval frost giant Ymir and with him a giant cow named Audhumla (the nourisher). Ymir was fed from her milk and out of his sweat emerged other giants – one of them Thrudgelmir. Audhumla fed herself by licking the salty ice of Niflheim. After some time, the shape of a man appeared through the ice where she licked. This man was the first one of the gods, Buri (the producer). He is the father of Bor. Bor took the giantess Bestla for his wife and fathered the first of the Æsir: Odin, Vili and Ve.

The ice giant Thrudgelmir, who has always been hateful towards the gods, evil in nature, fought a lengthy war with the three brothers. When they saw that none would win this war they sneaked up to the primeval Ymir and killed him in his sleep. His blood drowned all his kin but one couple of giants who then fled to Jotunheim, which can be translated to the home of the giants.

From Ymir’s body the gods then shaped the world of men – Midgard. His blood became the rivers and seas, his flesh the lands and soil, his bones were made the mountains and his skull the sky.

There are countless of versions to be found of the creation of the world of men in the Norse cosmos. For a long time, the Vikings did not have a literary tradition; the mythology has been carried on in their culture as songs and poems from generation to generation. Changes of form and content are therefore inevitable. The traditions of the old Norse myths have been written down much later even after Christianisation.

Blizzard Emergency Giant Assistance

Are you a tiny or a human?  Has a recent blizzard left you snowed in?  Has high winds and heavy snowfall knocked the power out, leaving you cold and with limited supplies?

Don’t fret!  Look no further for aid than your local, winter-wise giants!  We at Winter Giants Corp. understand the devastating effect that winter storms can have, and are readily prepared to lend a hand, paw, or tail to you little’uns during this wintry mess. Give us a call at ###-#### and a local giant will come around in a matter of minutes to help you through this winter disaster.

Our services are free of charge for every emergency and non-emergency situation!  Enlist the aid of our many giant volunteers:

  • Certified EMT Giants are prepared to transport you the hospital in lieu of an ambulance.  
  • Arctic Wolftaurs will have your driveway, walkways, car, or house dug out of any packed ice in a matter of minutes.
  • Snow Leopard Pantaurs are standing by to deliver emergency food, water, and medical packs should you lose power.
  • Ice Nagas will be patrolling streets and freeways, looking to provide roadside assistance for anyone silly enough to think it wise to drive during a blizzard.
  • Snow Owl Harpies are our eyes in the sky, looking to rescue those stranded in the cold wilderness.
  • Demi-Dragons are ready to hand out everlasting fire stones for those left out in the cold.
  • All of our giants are trained in hug therapy. Comforting hugs will be given to distressed tinies and humans upon request.

Remember this number, ###-####!  No job is too big, no client is too small!
Let us give you a big ol’ hand during this winter storm!  

The Revelation

A/N: I changed the crown a bit. I hc that the crown reflects the wearer. Pariah’s was black with green flames because of his black heart and green fire(?) When Danny wears it, it changes accordingly.


The battle had gone long enough. Both sides were stretched thin, but it’s fairly obvious that the enemy is winning. No matter how much the heroes fought, the ghostly skeleton army would just reform, and the only way to stop them is to capture them and let’s say, there’s not enough thermoses for that.

“PHANTOM!!! ” A loud, booming voice echoes through the skies like thunder, giving the heroes shivers up their spines. What is it now?

A giant figure emerges from thin air. He has a very muscular body, wearing a traditional battle armour with a horned helmet. His eyes a blazing red with a scar over the left eye. “Pariah Dark…. ” Dr Fate’s worried voice startled the heroes around him. Who is this enemy that could make THE Lord of Order worried?

Pariah Dark, however, didn’t take notice of them. He was there for a reason and one reason only; to take back what was once his.

“Phantom! I know you are out there. Come face me, child! ” The heroes are silent. If this guy is targeting Danny, then this is no longer their battle, but they are not backing down either. Danny is one of them, and not letting anyone left behind.

Meanwhile, Danny was with the Founders. Their attention was drawn to Pariah when he showed up, and now they’re expecting some explanation from the halfa. Danny bit his lip. There’s not much time to explain, if they wait a moment longer, who knows what the former ghost tyrant would do. He turned to the Leaguer that has the most understanding in this situation; Aquaman.

“Aquaman, you know everything about a traditional challenge for the throne, right? ”

Aquaman’s eyebrows shot up. “Yes, why do you ask? ”

“Then make sure that no one interrupts this battle. I will explain everything later, I promise,” with that, Danny took to the skies.

He stopped in front of his enemy, ready for anything. Pariah Dark seemed satisfied that he showed up.

“How brave of you to face me again, child. Are you ready to give me back what you’ve taken from me before? ” he asked with a malicious smile.

“No, not without a fight, ” he said defiantly.

“And I accept your challenge. ” Bluish white flame engulfed his entire body before dissipating , revealing Phantom in an entirely different outfit.

Collectively, the heroes gasp as they watch the scene in front of them. To hear the claims of the evil ghost is one thing, to actually witness the ghost boy transform is another thing.

Danny was wearing a shiny black armour, with clawed gauntlets and steel boots. A black cape completes the ensemble. The thing that caught everyone’s attention the most, however, is the floating silver crown engulfed in blue flames on top of his head. All in all, he looked regal.

The two combatants observed each other one more time before they clashed.

‘This will be a lot to explain to them after this,’ Danny thought.

  • -Sasusaku is visiting Naruhina-
  • Sakura: Hey Naruto! Where's Hinata?
  • Naruto: She's in the living room knitting. Why?
  • Sakura: *holds up bag* I brought my knitting tools. She promised to give me tips!
  • Sasuke: Tch. She's been obsessing over it for the last week.
  • Sakura: oh please you're just jealous you can't knit to save your life.
  • Naruto: haha that's true!
  • Sakura: Naruto you're no better. *leaves to find Hinata*
  • -Naruto and Sasuke eye each other-
  • Both at the same time: I could do it better than you.
  • Both: ...
  • Both: we'll see about that.
  • -one hour later-
  • Sakura: Sasuke-Kun I'm ready to leave- OH KAMI WHAT HAVE YOU BOYS DONE?!
  • Hinata: Oh, Naruto-Kun...
  • -both emerge from a giant cluster of threads-
  • Naruto: I may need some help here.
  • Sasuke: Why did I think this was a good idea with one hand?
  • Bolt's voice from somewhere in the bundle: Help... Me...

“You know why they put oxygen masks on planes? Oxygen gets you high. In a catastrophic emergency, you’re taking giant panicked breaths. Suddenly you become euphoric, docile. You accept your fate. It’s all right here. Emergency water landing - 600 miles an hour. Blank faces, calm as Hindu cows.”

Fight Club

Friendly Neighbor- Part 5

Dean Winchester has been your neighbor for the last few years. He’s obnoxious and full of himself, and the two of you have done nothing but compete since he moved in.

You hate it.

Until his girlfriend Lisa moves in, and the competition stops.

So why do you miss it? And when you notice Lisa moving out, and don’t see Dean for a couple of weeks after that, why are you so concerned?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Summary of Part 5: You and Dean try the whole “just friends” thing.

Word Count: 1850

A/N: So many more parts, next part out on Friday!

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

You watched, half-amused and half-annoyed, as an animatronic Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, emerged out of a giant pumpkin in the middle of Dean’s lawn as the music blared through the early evening darkness. The rest of his yard was decorated like an elaborate graveyard, complete with cobwebs and fog. Some of the graves had zombies emerging from them in various stages of decay, his porch was covered in intricately carved jack-o’-lanterns perching on bales of hay, and the house itself was lined in spooky orange lights.

Sometimes, you really hated Dean Winchester.

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Important battle scene. Athena, the city goddess of Pergamon, breaks the Giant Alkyoneus’ contact to the earth, from which the mother of the Giants, Gaia, emerges. According to legend, Alkyoneus was immortal only as long as he touched the ground, where the power of his mother could flow through him. The eastern frieze concludes with Ares, the god of war, who goes into battle with a chariot and pair of horses. His horses rear up in front of a winged Giant.

Richest Man in the World

I shrieked in terror as a giant being emerged from the smoke. It approached me and announced, “I’m the genie of this lamp. Since you’ve freed me, I shall grant you one wish. Ask and you shall receive. But I must warn you, think carefully before you ask..”

The initial terror suddenly gave way to elation and sheer joy. “HOLY SHIT THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING”, I thought to myself.

Without hesitating I said to him, “Make me the richest man in the world”. I was desperate for money. I had lived all my life in poverty. I couldn’t even remember the last time I had a decent meal, or had slept in a comfortable bed. But this was my chance to end all that, and I wasn’t gonna let it go..

“Your wish is granted. Tomorrow when you wake up, you’ll be the richest man in the world”. Poof! He disappeared..

That night I slept peacefully. I had numerous pleasant dreams. I was certain that when I woke up the next morning my hut would have transformed into a palace.

But to my utter dismay, it was not the case. I woke to find myself in the same old, dilapitated room that had been my home for the past 3 years. I broke down into tears. It was all just a cruel joke. Sigh..

Finally I gathered myself and decided to go to work. But as I stepped outside, I was shocked beyond belief. There were bodies lying everywhere on the street. Everybody in the neighbourhood was dead..

As I explored further, I noticed that except a few homeless people, everyone was dead. And then..the realization came over me..

“I am the richest man in the world..”


Oneshot: Poe insists on accompanying you on your first mission as Commander and you finally act on your feelings for each other

Originally posted by poefinn

“Y/N, stay behind me,” Poe said as he moved in front of you.

“Poe, I’m the Commander of this mission, I think I can handle myself,” You scoffed, “Actually, I’m not even sure why you came…”

“It’s your first time heading a mission, Y/N, there’s no way I was going to miss it,” He smiled, “Now stay behind me,” He said again.

You put your hand on his chest to stop him from moving forward, “Not so fast, Dameron. This is my mission, so you can follow me,” You smirked.

“Commander, we need to go!” A Resistance member called from behind you.

Your eyes widened as you saw a giant creature emerge from the distance, advancing towards you at a rapid rate.

“Come with me,” You felt someone grip your hand and you dragged forwards, heading towards an abandoned ship.

“Get off!” You protested.

“Not a chance, sweetheart,” He called as you continued to run forwards.

You turned your head quickly to look behind you, “Poe we lost the group!” You groaned, “We need to stop.”

Poe slowed down to and you immediately pulled your hand away from him, “Now what do we do?”

“I don’t know commander,” Poe winked, “What do we do?”

You hit him playfully and he laughed.

You heard a screeching noise from the distance.

This time, you grabbed Poe’s hand. Your eyes darted around quickly and you noticed a small opening hidden amongst a pile of rocks, “Over there,” You pointed and led him towards it.

Poe jumped into the hideaway first and held out his hand to you. You rolled your eyes before taking it.

You slipped on a rock as slid inside, falling into Poe, who put his arms around you instinctively.

“Sorry,” You looked up at him sheepishly.

He grinned, “One minute you’re yelling at me to let go of your hand and now you just can’t keep your hands off me.”

Your face started to heat up, “Shut up Poe,” You mumbled as you tried to move away from him. You sighed when you realised the space was barely big enough for you to stretch your arms out.

Poe chuckled, “Me made a pretty good team out there, Y/N.”

You laughed, “Besides losing the the rest of the crew, I think we did just fine,” You lowered your head, “The first time leading a mission and I ruined it.”

“Well for what it’s worth, I think you’re the most beautiful  Commander this Galaxy has ever seen,” Poe said, his voice barely above a whisper as he gently touched his hand to your cheek.

You looked up at him, taken aback, “Y-you think I’m beautiful?”

Poe grinned, “Of course I do.” You smiled back at him as he began to inch his face closer to yours, “You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this, Y/N,” He said quietly before pressing his lips to yours.

You moved your hands to the back of his neck as he slid his arms around your waist.

When you parted, Poe leaned in to rest his forehead against yours, “I think we need to stay hiding for a bit longer… Just to be safe,” He winked.

You let out a laugh, “That’s the best idea you’ve had all day.”