The Fantastic Emerging and Disappearing Sculpture of Matteo Pugliese 

These are the works of Milan born Matteo Pugliese. The self-taught sculptor has been experimenting and working in his chosen craft since his teens. The style he’s landed upon today is one that fuses his love for modern day inventions like animation and science-fiction films with his culture rooted in the past.
His artworks literally stand out from the wall, casting shadows which highlight their captive/escaping nature while influencing the surface itself. While Pugliese normally displays his works on white walls, many of his patrons choose to place the pieces on walls with texture, color, or sometimes on mirror. To see more of his work, including his series of bizarrely large warriors, head to matteopugliese.com.  Thanks to design-dautore.com


What are the major themes you pursue in your work?
My works focus on different elements of the concept of space. In terms of science-fiction literature, I try to instill an alternative reality, a “parallel universe” in which the components replace themselves harmoniously as they do in our universe. My works are my own science fiction. My compositions try to reveal the invisible rules and attachments of living creatures and non-living existences in time and space. Every element and object exists in space within these rules. I investigate these rules and apply them to my work’s surface in order to create large-scale spaces full of tiny forms inspired by the artwork of Anselm Kiefer. I explore the contrasts between nature and city, machine and human, organic and inorganic, and fulfillment and emptiness. According to art historian Heinrich Wolfflin, every movement evolves into its own Baroque some day. I feel like I am living the Baroque era of the 21st century’s abstract tradition. I am also influenced by the silence and dignity of early Renaissance and Byzantine painting.

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