emergent zine library


Emergent Zine Library project, as coordinated by the KC Zine Collective, hosted a Zine Salon and Gift Exchange at the Walnut Place Laundromat. Approximately 10 people showed up to trade and give away free copies of their zines.

Readings were shared from the following zines: 

Sprouted Ink Zine
The Year of the Fire
Mother Earth News
Comet Bus
Junk Yard Bhudda

Additional zines that made a presence: 

  • Swoon Zine
  • Dreams Solitude Memories (from the maker of Stinkeye)
  • 1990s super KC Zine Pack (see below)

We had a special visit from Pat Vamos who delivered a set of 90s zines for us to add to Emergent Zine Library. Many of them were created in Kansas City and the collection included Pat’s own zines. Stay tuned for more information about this unique collection bestowed upon us!