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what’s the use of feeling…?

Someone please send this poor kid to therapy 

(based on this post by @captainjzh)

❕❗Emergency Perler Commissions❗❕

So I’ve gotten my work schedule for the next couple weeks and my hours have been cut significantly for no apparent reason. Because of this, I need to open emergency commissions to go towards bills and groceries.

Anything would help greatly, but I’ll provide some examples on prices. Not limited to provided pictures. Everything is before shipping.

If you’re not sure if I can make something, don’t be afraid to ask via direct message.

1-1.5" pins: $5

Logos unmounted: $20-25

Pokestands (can choose which Pokemon and which Pokeball): $10

Varies on size, message me for an estimate

-Payment through paypal and must be paid before the piece will be completed

-Unmounted/unframed items will cost $3-$8 (up to 18") within the upper 48 U.S. states. Will ship internationally but will need a postal code beforehand to estimate shipping

-Everything will come with tracking and will be shipped within 1-3 days of payment depending on size

❎I will not do any NSFW or Hate speech pieces❎

Emergency Commissions!

Hi, my name is Daniela and Ive recently dropped my phone and the LCD inside is broken. Repairing it would start at $100 and go up from there,,

My parents have already spent a lot of money on buying my sister and me new school supplies, uniforms and general new clothes. I don’t want to burden them anymore; they’ve already wasted so much money on my useless ass.

I really need my phone fixed soon or have money to buy a used one at least. School is starting soon and I’ll be driving. I have anxiety and depression (diagnosed by doctors and currently seeing a therapist). Not having a useable phone within my reach really makes me panic and cry because I’m always afraid I won’t be able to reach someone quickly incase of anything. Also a phone is necessary to have if you go to school. I use it to text my teachers (a faster way of reaching them then emails that they only check once a day) when Im having a problem with homework or a question. I also use it to text my classmates when theres a group project or general questions. So in my life its very important I have a working phone.

There are my commission prices: (COMMISSIONS WILL BE DONE THROUGH PAYPAL ONLY!)

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I hope you all can help me and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Hey there, guys. Since I´m in a huge debt, I´m in the need to open commissions.

I hope you can help, if not commissioning, spreading the word. I would really appreciate it.

Also, if you can´t commission my, but would like to support my work, my Ko-fi username is: musician15painter. It´s Paypal friendly and it serves as some kind of tip jar!! 

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Recent Claims Invalid: Emergent Gravity Might Deliver A Universe Without Dark Matter

“The real challenge for emergent gravity, I think, is not galactic rotation curves. That is the one domain where we already know that modified gravity – at last some variants thereof – work well. The real challenge is to also explain structure formation in the early universe, or any gravitational phenomena on larger (tens of millions of light years or more) scales.”

When it comes to galaxies, clusters of galaxies or the largest-scales on the Universe, dark matter is absolutely required. There’s no way to explain colliding galaxy clusters, correlations between different galaxies, the filamentary structure of the Universe or the fluctuations in the Cosmic Microwave Background without it. But it isn’t just dark matter that hopes to solve these problems, and there’s a new contender in town: emergent gravity. 20 years ago, Ted Jacobson proposed, after noting similarities between gravitation and thermodynamics, that gravity might be an emergent phenomenon. Erik Verlinde has run with it, producing a formalism to get dark matter and dark energy-like effects out of a Universe where a new kind of entropy exists. Recently, it’s made predictions for galactic rotation curves, and with marginal successes, may be poised to test those larger scales.

But can emergent gravity really challenge dark matter for explaining the full suite of astronomical phenomena in the Universe? Sabine Hossenfelder has the story!

I read many theories about Pink Diamond and some were really crazy, I like the White and/or Yellow Diamond shattered Pink theory while the Blue shattered Pink (?!) one is just too wild for my tastes 😵 also is Pink kinda good or is she… the final boss, who never died?!
Here I actually mixed of a lot of ideas so don’t expect this picture to be faithful to what it’s said/shown, I just liked the concept of Y&W fusing and shapeshifting into Rose to shatter Pink the rebel so I drew it. If this were true, Blue would absolutely change alignment…

However I know some pink Siberia-related dude who has a diamond on navel (and forehead), throws diamond dust to people, and dies in a civil war. Nature is amazing

                                 hey there ! im opening up FLAT-COLORED GEMSONA
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                                                                  THANK YOU !



Hey all! I’m in a bit of a hole here. I just lost my job and my only vehicle needs immediate repairs. I’m in a DESPERATE situation and need all the help I can get, so I’m opening commissions!

Digital commissions:

Head/bust/upper body drawings
$5 - Uncolored sketch
$7- Lined drawing
$10 - Lined and colored drawing
$15 - Lined, colored, and fully shaded drawing

Full-body drawings
$10 - Uncolored sketch
$15 - Lined drawing
$20 - Lined and colored drawing
$25- Lined, colored, and fully shaded drawing

Traditional commissions: (will be scanned and look better than in the pictures shown)

Head/bust/upper body drawings
$5 - Uncolored sketch
$7 - Lined drawing
$10 - Lined and colored drawing
$15 - Lined, colored, and fully shaded drawing

Full-body drawings
$7 - Uncolored sketch
$10 - Lined drawing
$15 - Lined and colored drawing
$17 - Lined, colored, and shaded drawing

$2 per extra character
$2 - Basic background
$5 - Detailed background

I will also draw icons for $5!

Please message me here or email me at mdecker1997@hotmail.com if you’re interested or want more info! If you can’t commission please spread the word!

Here’s one of the best essays I’ve read concerning the Azoëtia which I found online couple of years ago. For those who haven’t read it, enjoy

THE AZOETIA, Thoughts on the Grimoire, by Andrew Logan Montgomery.


The Modern Necronomicon

If you are a serious occultist, you’ve probably heard of the Azoetia already. For the more casual reader, let me give you some background. In May, 1992, British “cunning man” Andrew Chumbley self-published a new occult work in limited edition. By 2002, Azoetia: A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft, was ready for re-release in another, slightly more deluxe edition (the Sethos edition, named for the book’s “guardian daemon”). It was already by that time a sensation. In today’s esoteric market, everyone seems to want to imitate the late Anton LaVey, whose 1969 Satanic Bible was a mass market grimoire written for the Everyman.  Aleister Crowley had attempted such a thing decades earlier, but his work proved too dense for the non-specialist. The Satanic Bible, by contrast, was a little paperback anyone could purchase, read, and then completely apprehend all the “secrets” of magic with. When LaVey published this book, it was a landmark. Since then, however, everyone under the sun has tried to do the same thing, flooding the world with mass market self-help mumbo jumbo. Most of these modern New Age books are to the medieval grimoires, or Crowley’s Equinox, what the Big Mac is to filet mignon; cheap, filling, but utterly lacking in substance.

Chumbley decided to go against the current. It is the oldest magical formula in the book: do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Thus, the Azoetia was neither mass market nor for the Everyman. Chumbley’s esoteric group, the Cultus Sabbati, released the volume in a very limited number through a publisher (“Xoanon,”) specifically created for the purpose. The book was exceedingly rare, and possession of it suddenly put you in an elite club.

By 2004, it seemed as if everyone in the occult community had heard of the book, but few had every actually seen it. Like Lovecraft’s Necronomicon, it seemed quasi-legendary, an urban legend for modern Magicians. And then, the unthinkable happened. On his 37th birthday, Andrew Chumbley died of a sudden, severe asthma attack.

Another thing Magicians share in common with Artists is that death makes their work even more valuable. In Chumbley’s case, this was triply so. Not only had he died young, suddenly, and unexpectedly, the very date of his death had eerie occult significance. There is something weird—in the classic sense of the word—about dying on your birthday, particularly given Chumbley’s profession. Add to this the fact that the number 37 has tremendous qabbalistic significance; 37 is the number of the “Perfected Man,” the three divine Sephiroth of the Tree of Life balanced above the 7 manifest Sephiroth below the Abyss. In addition, 37 is the seed of all triple numbers. 37 x 3 = 111, 37 x 6 = 222, 37 x 9 = 333, and 37 x 18 = 666. These coincidences all coalesced, turning tragedy into a kind of frenzy. On the internet, people started to compare Chumbley to Lovecraft’s Abdul Alhazred, who penned the infamous Necronomicon before himself dying a mysterious death. The Azoetia was lifted from legend to myth. The result was a kind or viral marketing campaign. Copies of the Azoetia couldn’t be obtained for love or money.

Well…not exactly. People were willing to part with their precious Azoetias for absurd amounts of money…usually in the range of $1500 to $2500 US. Worse still, one was expected to shell out the cash sight unseen. If you went on Amazon to read “reviews” of the book, for example, no one seemed willing to talk about what it actually said. All you got was a bunch of scary hoodoo about the book being a “True Grimoire,” “not for the weak-hearted,” “a text only for the most serious student,” etc, etc. As I started to research the book, it became clear to me that most owners weren’t willing to divulge its contents mainly because it’s very mystery ensured its value.  I began to wonder if anyone actually used it.

More fuel was added to the fire by the Cultus Sabbati themselves. In an age where every “secret,” “occult” order has a website and runs around constantly blabbing about it’s teachings and trying to recruit new members, the Cultus was truly closed. Few knew what they stood for, what they did, or how to get in. Possession of the Azoetia seemed to be the only glimpse inside a secret order that really was secret.

I had gotten my hands on Qutub, Chumbley’s second work, some time before and found it astounding.  This made me only more determined to read the Azoetia.  Reasoning there is no point calling yourself a magician if you can’t even conjure up a book, I sent out a sigil for it, Austin Spare style, and went about my business.  About three months later a friend put me in touch with a young woman who had found religion and wanted to get rid of her “devil books” as quickly as possible.  It turned out she had an Azoetia, and I picked it up for little over it’s original price.  That was back in 2007.  I’ve had to re-read and digest this extraordinary book for five years before feeling like I could start to discuss it.

But not all in one post.  So here is the first of an eventual series of essays on the work.   

A Book By Its Cover

The Sethos edition is indeed a handsome book. Hardbound with the very highest quality binding, the spine is stamped with the title, the publisher’s imprint, and a sigil that resembled the god Set crossed with a Spare-type sigil. This would be the mark of Sethos, no doubt. The cover bears a mandala-like magic circle, an eight-spoked wheel bearing 22 mystical letters, around the circumference of which are words of power in the same characters.

The title is itself provocative. “Azoth” was the Universal Solvent or Medicine of alchemy, the “quintessence” from which everything else was made. Lovecraft might have been inspired by this term when he created “Azathoth,” the mindless, nuclear chaos from which the universe emerged. In any case, Azoth plays a key role in the book, as we shall later see. “Goetia” (perhaps the source of the second half of the title) is the fabled medieval Lesser Key of Solomon, the grimoire of grimoires concerned with the evocation of fallen angels.The title Azoetia is suggestive of both the original essence of creation and the calling up of spirits. One might wish to translate it as “the calling of daemons from primal quintessence,” which given the contents of the book is not so radical an interpretation.


The first thing readers will wish to know is to what tradition does the Azoetia belong. Is it Wiccan? Satanic? Hermetic? Thelemic? Voodoo? Sufi? Chaotic? The answer, it seems, is “all of the above.”

“…it has been my endeavor,” the author writes in his introduction to the first edition, “to define those Principles underlying the many different paths of Magick and to unify them within the single body of a working grimoire…” It would seem, therefore, that the author is working from a Perennialist viewpoint, the assumption that there exists a universal truth or set of truths in all schools of magic and philosophy. He confirms this a few paragraphs later;“…all currents of Magick flow from a single fountain, and I, in drawing this Grimoire from my dreams, have hopefully filled a cup from a pure source…” For Chumbley, the dogmatic differences of occult traditions are veils, masks concealing a single, hidden source. The Azoetia is an attempt to tap directly into that source.

The skeptic might say that Chumbley is not so much as tapping into the primordial source of occult traditions as synthesizing a new one from diverse schools of thought. Either viewpoint is valid with regards to this text. The final point is that virtually any Magician, working from any tradition, could find in the pages ofAzoetia some portion of teachings or practices mirroring his or her own.

For example, despite consciously distancing himself from the modern schools of Wicca, Chumbley’s “Sabbatic Craft” shares a great deal in common with them (at least on the surface). This text is very much concerned with a God and a Goddess (the former embodying Death and the latter coming in triple forms). The working tools mirror those of Gardenarian or Alexandrian Wicca; the wand, a black handled Arthame (Athame), a white handled working knife, a Pentacle, a Cup, a Cord, a Circle, an Altar, etc. The opening ritual closely resembles Wiccan Circle Casting, and there is even a wheel of the year. However, elements from other traditions are clearly woven in here. A magical quill is included, which recalls the Peacock Angel Melek Taus (a key figure in Qutub). The altar is a double cube (more Hermetic than Wiccan). The temple includes a central pole, or “fetish-tree” which is nearly identical in function to those in voodoo honfours.

But all of this, the author asserts, is just set dressing, with little bearing on the truth of the text. A constant theme throughout the Azoetia is the reminder that all the tools, rituals, incantations, and even the text itself are just outward expressions of inner truths. Without getting too far ahead of myself, the last page of the Azoetia reads; HERE ENDETH THE GRIMOIRE AZOETIA…MISTAKE NOT THIS BOOK FOR THE WORDS UPON ITS PAGES. Chumbley earnestly wants us to understand that the grimoire, and all the tools, are physical representations of something else, something without form. For him, Magick is tool of working backwards from the trappings towards that inner source.

Again, back to the introduction; “…the Quintessence of Magick is not to be found by the combination of externals, but solely by the direct realisation of innate source. It is not to be discovered by system with system, belief with belief, or practice with practice; it is not found by uniting the “elements” in their temporally manifest forms. For beyond the Outer, beyond the dualistic and substantive manifestations of element with element, the Quintessence is already attained…when this Mystery is understood, the secret of the Azoth is revealed in truth…”

Like the Chaos Magicians, or to an extent Anton LaVey, Chumbley is telling us that the dogmatic elements of Magick are all mechanisms to tap into its noumenal source. Writing from this standpoint allows Chumbley to imbue his grimoire with a quality which transcends divisions of tradition. A Hermetic is going to read the Azoetia and say “Chumbley was really one of us.” But the Wiccan, the Satanist, and the Thelemite might all come to the same conclusion. Whether you feel that this is evidence of Chumbley’s “Quintessence,” or just a skilled job at integrating diverse forms and practices, is up to you.


The second edition of the Azoetia bears the name of the entity watching over it, and opens with a dedication to him. Chumbley explains “Sethos” as…“the Daimon of the Grimoire Azoetia; a noetic emanation of the Magical Quintessence; a mediator between Abel, Cain, and Seth, that is, between the Sacrificed Man of Clay (the Uninitiate Self), the Transformative Man of Fire (the Initiating and Becoming Self), and the Self-Transformed Man of Light (the Initiatic Self-existent One)…” p. 361

Chumbley is drawing on a bit of Gnosticism here. For the Gnostics, ideological rivals of the early Christian Church, the Hebrew God described in the Old Testament wasn’t the Good Guy at all, but rather the Villain. He and his angels were merely lesser emanations of the True Deity. The Gnostics called the false god Ialdabaoth, and explained that he had fashioned the world of matter as a prison to hold captive human souls (which were, in fact, tiny sparks of the True God). Ineffable, invisible, and intangible, the True Deity was far removed from the material world. He did not act directly, but only sent forth emanations. For some Gnostics, Jesus was just such an emanation, sent by the True God to liberate people from the captivity of false one.

While this may seem odd to the modern reader, it does explain a great deal of the Bible’s inconsistencies. Any objective reading of the text leads the reader to wonder how the jealous, vindictive, and murderous God of the Old Testament could possibly be the beneficent and compassionate one spoken of by Jesus. In addition, it explains the problem of suffering and evil a lot more efficiently than the more standard “blame-it-on-Lucifer” line. Regardless, this is what various Gnostic groups believed and taught down through the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd centuries, until the Christian Church got organized and started putting them out of business.

Now, if you reread the Bible with Gnosticism in mind, several things change. For example, in Eden, Ialbadaoth and his angelic cronies suddenly appear to be keeping Adam and Eve naked and stupid, like apes. Then along comes the serpent, who actually helps the couple by persuading them to rebel. He talks them into eating the fruit of knowledge and becoming self-aware. They stop being animals and start being human. For this reason, there was an entire Gnostic sect known as the Ophites (snake-worshippers).

But there was another Gnostic sect known as the Cainites.  To understand why, we must consider the next biblical drama; Cain and Abel. Cain, the eldest son of Adam and Eve, is the first farmer and blacksmith. Abel is a herdsman. God (ie Ialbadoath) commands the two to make a sacrifice to Him. Cain sacrifices the finest fruits of the harvest. Abel slaughters an animal. As a result, God favors Abel’s sacrifice and scorns Cain’s. Message? This God wants blood. As a result, Cain murders his brother and as a result undergoes a mysterious transformation.  Though sent into exile, he is somehow “marked” with a sign of God’s protection.  If anyone tries to punish or murder Cain for his crime, they themselves will be punished by God.  This is completely bizarre, given Yahweh’s “eye for an eye” mentality.  Even more odd, in the wake of losing two sons, Eve conceives a new son, Seth.

Seth is a very curious figure in both Gnosticism and mystical Judaism. Many sects regarded Seth as an emanation of the True God.  The line of Seth was called the “sons of God,” and believed to be holy.  Adam is said to have given them the secrets of the Kabbalah, and many Gnostics belived that Seth—not Jesus—was the savior who would return at the end of time.  

For Gnostics, Seth’s incarnation was made possible by Cain’s sacrifice.  Abel was the first human being to die, and by killing him Cain had opened a path into the otherworld, a path along which the True God could send part of Itself into Ialbadaoth’s creation. Perhaps Yahweh couldn’t punish Cain because he somehow enjoyed the protection of the higher, true God.  

With all this in mind, we are ready to tackle the dedication opening the Sethos edition of the Azoetia;

O Sethos! Rise up and remember!

Recall the Promise once stain’d in red upon the primal dust of the earth!

By baying dog and moon-beam, by lantern, stave, and upright stone,

Come fathom the starlit heights of Heaven in the Old Dew-pool of Cain.

Come ring the blood round with the Serpent, Come turn the skin of time,

Come pace about the corpse of Abel, here break the Fate of Mortal Man!

Here cast forth the Visions from Yesterday, from Tomorrow, unto Today.

Here open the way for the Crooked Path, for the Pathway forever to be!

O Sethos! Rise up and remember,

‘Til thy Namesake, the Man of Light, is born!

The Crooked Path is the one opened by the sacrifice of Abel, and it leads directly to the Azoth. And Cain—the first Magician—is held as the psychopomp, the opener of the way.

Now on one level, Abel is the Uninitiated Self, the normal, everyday mortal held captive by the system, subject to all the laws of nature and time. Cain is the Initiate who rebels against this, sacrificing his old life up in an effort to tear free from the bounds of time and space. And Seth is the Divine Self, the perfected being born from Cain’s sacrifice, the magician who completes his quest. We are seeing the old alchemical formula, solve et coagula, again.

In purely psychological terms, this myth reflects the fact that our lives and identities are hollow constructs, forced upon us by heredity, society, and experience. It urges us to murder these identities and to replace them with entirely self-created ones, to transform ourselves into who we want to be rather than who we’ve been told to be.

But on another level, Abel represents what Chumbley calls Zoa—the life force present in all human beings, analogous to the alchemical mercury. Cain is his darker twin, Azoa, the force of death equally present within us, analogous to salt. And Seth/os would be Azothos, the magical force that unites and transcends both, the divine fire analogous to sulfur. The work of the magician is to liberate himself from both the forces of life (with its pains, cravings, and instability) and death (with its limitation and finality). He must murder Abel and exile Cain, so that Seth (transcendence) might be born.

Aleister Crowley touched on all of this in his Book of Thoth, particularly with regards to the Trumps “Lovers” and “Art.” Another excellent source for further reading would be the writings of Julius Evola (the best being The Hermetic Tradtion).


Hurricane Irma really took a toll on my work schedule. As of right now, im struggling to pull together $800 to pay rent on the first of october, so im opening emergency commissions.
I’m able to do both traditional and digital art since I have power again.

(no refunds once i start your commission)

(they’ll be colored with markers and/or colored pencils)
icon: $10 average
lineart: $10 bust, $15 full
colored: $15 bust, $20 full

(done on FireAlpaca)
icon: $10 average
lineart: $8 bust, $13 full
colored: $13 bust, $18 full

backgrounds: ($10 digital, $20 traditional)
extra characters: ($5 per character)
18+: ($15, must be 18+ for this)

I can/will draw many things, just DM or contact me to ask if you’re interested.
instagram: can.you.perinot
tumblr: universalgemstones
email: 1999leann@gmail
ko-fi: ko-fi.com/leannmarie

So, as I stated on my original commission sheet, I’m in a bit of a hard place. I’m saving so my partner can get a visa to come and live with me, so we can both get out of less than ideal situations. However, today I hit a major snag, as I had to use the small amount of savings I have to pay for nearly $1000 in medical bills, utilities and rent. If possible I want to try and replenish my savings, so I am opening up emergency commissions. I don’t imagine turnaround would be longer than a week -  I do work fast, however I will let you know if I come across any issues seeing as I’m currently in the middle of my semester. I don’t want to over burden myself, so I’m going to limit myself to 10 slots, first come first serve. The two flavours of commission I’ll be offering are full coloured Headshots and Half-Bodies, for $10 and $20 each respectively.
I won’t put a link for a donation for anything because I don’t want to take anything without giving something back, however I would ask that if possible, the headshots could be paid for in advance. The half-bodies however, can be paid for at the sketch/lining phase.

I’m quite happy to do whatever for these – NSFW, Anthro, Fan Art, Gore and pretty much whatever is accepted, though I may decline if things get too extreme.

Thank you for your time; if you could please reblog that’d be great but no worries if not. Please feel free to message if you have any questions.

p.s: if ur wondering about the handsom man, he’s ok.

Emergency Commissions

Okay, so a lot has been going on the past few days. (Well, it’s really been going on since November, and kind of my whole life. But the past few days has been the wildest so far.) Long story short, the situation at home had me at the end of my rope and I made a decision to go stay with friends for a while. Issue is, I’m now halfway across the country (went from Pennsylvania to Texas) with no job and no idea how long I’m going to be staying here, and therefore no money coming in, and the cost of airfare didn’t help anything. So, I’m opening up commissions in the hopes that I can at least accumulate some money while I’m here in order to help out and just keep myself afloat. 

I’m going to be opening up (or, rather, advertising my already-open) Writing and Editing commissions, as well as doing Pay-What-You-Want Sketch commissions

Writing and editing are where I feel the most skilled. 

Full writing/editing commission info can be found here! 

Examples of writing can be found here! 

I’m always willing to write things up for people! I’m going to try to do any fandom for the time being, but of course fandoms that I’m familiar with would be even better! Mass Effect, Pokemon, Steven Universe, Guardians of Ga’Hoole, and many more! If you see a fandom on my blog, it’s probably fair game! 

As for editing, I can look over schoolwork, fanfics, original fiction, blog posts, whatever you want! I mainly do copyediting (grammar/punctuation mistakes, etc.) but I can edit for content as well. Just say the word. 

Traditional art is another option. 

Examples of my art can be found here!

I’m less confident about my visual art, but I’m way more comfortable with my traditional art than digital. I mostly do sketches, though I can be convinced to color things, too. I’m offering PWYW on visual art commissions, so for as little as $1 I will sketch something of your choosing! The general rule will be that the more you donate, the more effort I put into your sketch, but if I find myself interested in a specific character or request, I may just take it upon myself to spend more time on it. I generally prefer busts, especially for humans, but can be convinced to try full-body, probably for larger donations. 

I’d also be willing to mail out traditional sketches for you, if you’re willing to cover the price of shipping. 

There’s also digital art

Examples of my digital art are here. 

Though I’m much less confidant in my digital work, I’m still willing to try if you’d like me to! The art link above has examples of my digital work mixed in. If you want digital art, the base price of a donation will be $3 rather than $1. 

If you read all this, thank you so much! Please consider donating if you can, or signal boosting. I would really appreciate it! My PayPal e-mail is tabbybrobston@gmail ! 

I also have a ko-fi, which is linked in my sidebar on each of my blogs, where it says “tip jar”. All donations are welcome and very appreciated!