emergent mobilization

Requested by Anon: Sherlock x reader. The reader is Sherlock’s girlfriend and she is allergic to latex and there is an accident when a new police officer hands her a piece of evidence causing her to have a bad reaction.

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Not the evidence you need

Standing in the kitchen of 221B Baker Street, you watch as your tea slowly brews. Occasionally you glance at your boyfriend who was sitting in his chair, Sherlock Holmes. He wore a purple shirt, black jacket and trousers. His cheekbones were chiseled and his hair fell in dark curls. Sat in the chair opposite was his best friend Dr John Watson. A shorter man who wore a checkered shirt and had hair that was a mixture of light brown and the odd strand of grey. It can be quite difficult being the girlfriend of the world famous ‘consulting detective’. Sherlock isn’t very affectionate a lot and you could not think of a time that you were really intimate together. Come to think of it becoming his girlfriend was something that sort of just happened. You had now been together for two months and despite the peculiarities, you enjoyed every second of it. 

Taking out the teabag and adding a splash of milk, you dust off you black skirt and blue top. Hearing the faint buzz of Sherlock’s mobile phone, you watch him stand up almost automatically and put on his long dark coat. “Murder” he exclaims with a smile on his face. “John, (Y/N), I need your help.“Following Sherlock’s lead all three of you walk down the stairs and out of 221B to hail a cab. On the way you hand your cup of tea to Mrs Hudson. “It’s fresh, enjoy it for me.” you say to her smiling as she accepts the cup. 

Sherlock’s job always intrigued you so when he started to ask you to accompany him, you jumped at the chance. Even Sherlock noticed that the idiots on the force stopped calling him ‘freak’ when he starting flaunting his girlfriend. It took them a while but they have finally stopped offering you gloves when you arrived at a crimescene. You are allergic to latex and it was always best to be safe. They now started to have new forensic and police members at the crime scenes that Sherlock attends to as special training. Greg the inspector at Scotland Yard thought that the newbies should learn from one of the best and well Sherlock loves to show off. 

Stepping out of the cab the three of you approached the house and you could see the signs of a forced entry. Following Sherlock you look around the scene. A lifeless body of woman lay on the floor. A struggle had taken place by the looks of it as shattered glass lay scattered around the body.  There were familiar faces at this scene Greg showing Sherlock something of interest he had found, Anderson hiding in the corner. 

“Hi” said a face that you had not seen before as he slowly approached you. He was a new police officer, around the same age of you, tall and fair haired, he looked a bit nervous. You smiled and raised your hand in acknowledgement. “I’m Jack. So you are a friend of THE Sherlock Holmes.” he asked.You giggled to yourself. “I guess you could say that. I’m (Y/N).”  you chuckled. “How long have you been on the force?“ "My second week but my first murder.” he replied smiling at you and his eyes sparkling. He suddenly nervously looked at the floor. “I… was wondering if maybe sometimes… we could…”

“Jack I need you to have a look at this.” Greg called. You also noticed Sherlock glaring at Jack with a look that said don’t ever do that again. "It looks like that guy has really taken a shine to you and it made a certain someone very jealous.“ John laughed as he walked to stand next to you. "Oh Sherlock, always the idiot. The poor guy was only introducing himself.” you say as you stare at your boyfriend. 

You always found it fascinating and mesmerising watching him work. He was like a coiled spring as he studied the scene and examined the body. You weren’t sure what expression you had on your face when Sherlock looked up at you but your pupils must of dilated because he had a smirk on his face.You could feel your cheeks growing warmer as you blushed, making Sherlock’s smile even wider. 

Staring over his shoulder, you glanced at John’s notes. Despite Sherlock never admitting it, John was a lot smarter than he claimed to be. Judging by what was written and the deductions that Sherlock was making aloud, this case will be solved quickly. Though the boys occasionally valued your input, you did sometimes feel that most of the time you stood around agreeing with what they were saying. 

“Hey (Y/N), take a look at this.” said Jack, he must have sensed your boredom. You stretched your arm out, with your hand open. “We think it may be significant. Originally I thought it could have been a domestic dispute but I think that a baby could be the key to this case.” he said placing the item in your hand. “There are several of these around the room but the one taken for testing could have something hidden inside of it." 

Your fingers stroked the object as your hand opened. Jack had given you a pacifier. You took a closer look at the object in your hand. "There are some strange scratches on the handle.” you deduce as you examine the pacifier. “Odd for these materials. The strong plastic and the… latex.” Your eyes widened as it fell from your hands. Almost instantly your throat began to tighten. “(Y/N) what’s wrong?” Jack said with a look of panic on his face. “Sir?” he called as he turned his head round to look at Greg. 

Clutching to the wall your body falls, making you sit on the floor. Heavily gasping for air, desperate for oxygen as you could barely breath. “(Y/N)!” Sherlock yells with worry as he rushes over to you. “Move!” he shouts at Jack as he pushes him out of the way. You wanted to tell him that it wasn’t Jack’s fault it was an accident. But you could not speak. John hurriedly called the emergency services on his mobile, he knew how serious this was. 

“Where is it?” Sherlock murmured as he rummaged through your handbag whilst kneeling over you. A tear starts to roll down your cheek as continued to gasp for air, you were starting to feel tired. Finally Sherlock had found the epipen he was looking for. He looked down at your skirt and then back up to your face. “Everyone look away!” he shouted. Even in that moment of emergency it seemed that your dignity still came first. As if working by clockwork, everybody turned away from you and stared at the wall. They knew better than to defy Sherlock, especially on such a serious matter. As gently as he could under the circumstances, he hitched up your skirt. “(Y/N), keep your eyes on me. Just look at me.” he said tenderly, he knew that you hated needles and wanted you to focus on something else. 

With urgency he jabbed the epipen into your thigh, making you flinch and grab onto the sleeve of his coat. After ten long seconds had passed he removed it and rubbed your thigh where the needle had been and then pulled your skirt back down. Holding one of your hands in his, he gently stroke your face with the other, wiping the tears from your cheek. Slowly your breathing became steadier, though your body began to shake with the shock of it all. The adrenaline was working its magic. You mouthed the words ‘thank you’ to him, making him smile. “John, she’s Ok now isn’t she?” he said. 

Kneeling down next to him, John began to examine you. Glancing at the discarded pacifier, Sherlock’s smile faded. “Where is the idiot who gave you that?” he growled whilst he began to stand up. Quickly your hands began to claw at Sherlock’s coat, pulling him back down towards you. “Sherlock. Be. Nice.” you said whilst breathing loudly, as you looked into each others eyes. Sherlock still looked worried, even though he was trying not to let it show.  

“She’s reacting well to the adrenaline but we should wait for the ambulance to get here so they can check her. As long as she does not move, she’ll be fine.” said John with a reassuring smile. 

“Guys, I’m fine.” you say confidently whilst standing up. The sudden movement made the room spin and your legs buckle. Sherlock held you supportingly as he gently pulled you back onto the floor. 

“Idiot.” Sherlock said sarcastically making you giggle. The sound of your laughter made him smile. He leant over you and tenderly placed a kiss on your forehead and then another on your hand. 

Relief washed over him as the sound of ambulance sirens began to drone in the distance. 

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04 x 15 Preview - The Apothecary

Instead of doing an episode analysis of 04 x 14 this week (only one Red and Liz scene, Aram focused), I wanted to look more at next week’s episode 04 x 15 and discuss what is going on and what may happen. We don’t know the true order of the scenes so I am just using the order in the promo. They may be out of sequence when we see the show.

First in the scene below Dembe pours whiskey (or whatever) into the glass and Red drinks it. Oh oh…

Do any of you believe Dembe had intentions to poison Red? Or was he unknowing?

Next Red goes to the post office. He clearly needs help

From the promo pictures we see he is so weak he needs to sit on the stairs

And from the promo pictures we know Red met with his attorney Marvin Gerard:

I’m sure he is getting his affairs in order and you know a huge part of it is making sure Liz and Agnes are cared for the rest of their lives even after his death. They are all he cares about.  He has protocols in place for them.

Next is one of my favorite scenes. Liz breaking the law by smashing in the pharmacy window with a chair to help Red. Loyalty. Love. Caring. This is the Lizzy I adore. You go GIRL!!!

And did you notice how Red flinches when the chair hits the window? He must be in really bad shape to flinch. He normally never does.

Below Red is getting worse. And later he finally collapses - I think on the floor of the pharmacy. A fan who saw some of this footage being shot said it looked like Red was having a heart attack.

Finally we see Red in the mobile emergency unit inside a boxing gym. Red is really failing here - he can barely breathe:

And below he wants to stay alive as long as he can as I’m sure he wants to see Liz one last time. Maybe he is even thinking of finally telling her about her past - who her father really was, Red’s connection to her (and what happened during the fire), why she is so important, and what he did that he is was so scared to tell her for fear of losing her. There is just so much…..

And finally we see Liz looking panicked and really worried (and we see Red on the hospital bed in the background). 

She can really lose him this time. And maybe she is finally gaining clarity into what Red really means to her. What they mean to each other. And it may be too late….

What do you think will happen?

Episode 04x15 Analysis - Red and Liz

For this analysis I just want to focus on a couple of scenes that involve Red and/or Liz, because they are where my heart lies.

First I want to talk about Liz a little. I realize many of you didn’t like her this episode but personally I didn’t think she was bad at all. So I am going to focus on the positive and hope you can understand my viewpoint. There are plenty of other posts that already discussed what they didn’t like about Liz.

Now remember Red and Liz’s relationship has not been the same since 03x10. There are a lot of reasons for that which I do not want to go into here, but bottom line her thinking fantasy Tom is what she wants and the ramifications of her being with him caused her to screw up her relationships with not only Red, but with her friends in the Task Force.

Then once she betrayed Red they really drifted apart emotionally and aren’t back yet. I think it will take a while for them to repair their relationship. So no, Liz right now is not the Liz we saw in 3A, nor is Red the guy we saw in 3A. There has been a lot of water under the bridge because of what she did. HOWEVER, they are slowly getting closer again. But the reality is, this is where their relationship is currently - getting better but not yet where it was and needs to be.

On to this episode, Red calls her once he finds out he has been poisoned as he needs her and the Task Force’s help in finding the antidote to save him. Now as much as she cares for Red, and she does. she needs to keep her sh*t together and do her job to work with the task force and find that antidote. Now is not the time to get emotional which could cause her to fail in her task of saving Red. But knowing this, there were still little moments for her, even during this stage.

First Red and Liz walk into the post office and Red makes a comment to Ressler about his prayers being answered and Ressler asks what is going on. And Liz looks worried as she looks at Ressler.

She then asks Aram to get Red a chair and Red refuses. Red starts to tell the team that he was poisoned. Then he starts coughing and Liz does reach out to him and tries to be supportive.

And lastly when Red leaves to find Dembe, Liz is concerned about him taking off.

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modern day au where the marauders are trying to move a couch up the flat stairwell and they are stuck

  • james and remus are trapped on the landing and are definitely going to die 
  • peter’s about to go buy a hacksaw to cut them free 
  • sirius is on mobile with emergency and they are telling him that friends being attacked by a couch does not constitute an emergency and would he like the police to come and investigate?
  • james reminds him that they are all high and peter knocks the mobile out of his hand
  • it goes over the banister and they hear it shatter on the bottom floor because sirius black is to cool to use a protective case on his mobile
  • the shatter is followed by a loud ‘fucking excuse you’ and stomping on the stairs
  • the cute little redhead prongs is bloody smitten over stomps up the stairs, groceries in hand, telling them that the phone almost knocked her in the face
  • her face drops because the idiotic boys who have wreaked havoc on her floor for the last four days have blocked her stairwell
  • she hands her groceries off and crawls into the little sliver between the couch and wall 
  • she tells the the pretty one to slide the butter to her and slathers the back of the couch 
  • she figures out the precise angle and leverage needed to free them 
  • inch by inch they budge it free, but it takes like seventeen minutes
  • she lectures them soundly the entire time because psychics, boys, and this is not a difficult concept, and you are definitely going to buy me replacement ice cream
  • james emerges and says ‘of course we will’ 
  • and she turns and her face drops again because son of a bitch he’s so attractive??? 
  • and the other three are all ‘we will just take this inside now’ and they each slap her back as a thank you because who wants to see those two eye fucking each other like that? its indecent
  • james helps her carry her groceries up because her hands are covered in butter
  • their mates find them snogging in her flat half an hour later
  • next day he takes her to ice cream as a thank you for saving his life 

anonymous asked:

A conversation between INTJ, ISTJ and ENTJ?

ISTJ wants to show ENTJ and INTJ a cool video on his phone.

ISTJ: Being the huge security geek that I am, all my electronic devices are encoded. That’s why it takes so long for my mobile to start.

*more mins pass by*

INTJ: I hope you never find yourself in an emergency situation with your mobile off.

ENTJ: Couldn’t agree more.

ISTJ: It would still let me make emergency calls.


ISTJ: Everything was planned.

Photo by Phil Moore

A child sits outside an MSF mobile clinic in Katovu, Masisi territory, in the east of Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).  Once a week MSF runs a mobile medical clinic to this isolated community made up of people who were  displaced by conflict in the region. See DRC in 100 images here: https://msf.exposure.co/congo-in-100-images

Dembe? I mean Really?

The Blacklist likes to work with parallels. We often see scenes that were a close match to something we saw in a prior episode. This helps give us little clues of what may happen. And we had one with the Dembe scene at the end of 04 x 15.

Above at the end of Episode 04x15 we see Dembe, Red’s supposed betrayer pulling up his hood and disappearing for a while.

So what did this scene remind me of? Didn’t Red do this once? Why yes, he did:

The above scene of Red pulling up his hood is at the end of the Anslo Garrick episode where Red was betrayed and almost killed. He disappeared for a while and went after the people who betrayed him.

Could it be that Dembe is doing the same thing? Going after the person who betrayed Red? Good chance. I just found it interesting that The Blacklist created this parallel. Easter egg?

There is just no way Dembe would kill Red - his brother, the man who saved him when he was chained to the stovepipe. The man who raised him like a son and saw to his education. And the man who while he was dying, made it his priority to save Dembe rather save himself. And Dembe himself driving Red to the Mobile Emergency Unit and staying until he was stable after he supposedly tried to kill him.

No, Dembe would not kill Red. He may have gotten caught up in a conspiracy, but NOPE, Dembe would not do that. EVER.

Photo by Corinne Baker

Here a MSF team in Kathmandu prepare medical supplies to be used in a mobile clinic for emergency aid.  
In Nepal MSF’s mobile clinics are essential for reaching isolated areas hit by the earthquake’s destruction. Find out more on what MSF is doing in Nepal here: http://bit.ly/1bamHe5 

Emergency Therapy Mobile (open RP)

The garage door was open, TA was working on his van, blaring rock music and drinking booze. he had a red phone next to him assumingly to answer emergency phone calls. oh no … he had another one of his ideas again.


Increased social security and improvement of Armed responsiveness was the goal when HMKG, HV, police, fire -and rescue agency and other emergency agencies mobilized during exercise Oslofjord.

Hans Majestet Kongens Garde (HMKG) received in 2012 Capital Assignment, which means that a force of armed guards is on standby at all times, ready to scramble and assisting police with protective missions within bistands in struksens frames. 

emergency-rick  asked:


Send me ⚠ to find my muse at the end of a trail of blood.

Diane had herself an accident on the job. A machine came damn well close to ripping her arm muscles. Thankfully, they were mostly intact. Just badly torn, with a fracture for good measure.

No matter how much pressure she put on the injury, blood still kept coming out. She had to get to a hospital, and fast.

She managed to fly herself to a good hospital, at the expense of losing more blood. When she walked through the main door, as expected, people were audibly terrified of her injury. Some even rushing to find her a doctor. Nice to see there was some good in the multiverse.

Marco, Polo

Second installment of the Dean imagine “Gone Without A Trace,” (you’ll be able to find that imagine linked on the title as well as on the “The Story Continues…” page) the extended plot line brought to you by a lovely anon. “If you do decided to make a sequel for "Gone without a Trace”, a possible plot could be that after a few months after the reader leaves, when she has a visible bump, demons kidnap her to use her as bait to lure the Winchesters and when they go to rescue her, Dean finds out about the pregnancy and after he and Sam defeat the demons, the reader and Dean reunite, all fluffy XD“ I’m still unsure of whether or not to tear your beating hearts from your chests with this one, minions. Don’t expect a warning if this gets sad.

Living a proper, normal life hadn’t been as easy as you had assumed when you trudged along the ribbon of drying grass on the edge of the highway, abandoning your former way of living for a cherry-pie existence, the best solution you could fathom to ensure your child’s safety. For starters, you ended right back in a motel room, dusty comforters and grime-slick faux porcelain bathing basins greeting you like an unsightly blemish on your face after a night of praying the mark would disappear before morning. Your credit scams barely covered the expense of your living conditions, but your sticky fingers managed to fill your increasing appetite just fine. Not exactly an honest mode of survival, but it was for the best. You couldn’t endanger your baby. You could throw your neck beneath the guillotine as easily as breathing, but your child… your child was a different story entirely. Blame it on the hormones or blame it on the hero complex, you weren’t about to plop your flesh and blood atop the torture table for who knows what to carve up, even if the price of it’s safety was your happiness. Visions of Dean pulling at his hair as he searched for you, tossing pillows and scanning the windows for sulfur haunted your every nightmare, his emerald eyes brimming with tears as his mind ran rampant, imagining your fate, holding himself accountable, without doubt. After about two months, your sleep became dreamless. One more month after that, you hardly remembered sleeping. Perhaps you didn’t. You couldn’t say. the only reminder of time passing was the gradual swelling of your stomach, an almost unnoticeable food baby of sorts, bulging out to strain against the fabric of your tee shirts, a dead giveaway of your oh-so fragile condition.

Your weary way was not paved in ammunition; in fact, you were in the process of re-sensitizing yourself to the familiarity of holding a firearm of sheathing a dagger in your jacket while on a grocery run (where everything was free if you could pocket it fast enough), leaving your means of protection in your duffel, though it fought against your every instinct like a caged bear fights against the chains securing it’s massive paws to the steel bars. It was due to this new habit that your kidnapping was so successful. A knock on the head, most likely a bottle of some kind, as the lacerations were made painfully obvious upon your waking, was all it took to make you mobile. You emerged from your surprise slumber to the dim lighting of a bare bulb on it’s last legs, the glass container of illumination spluttering every few minutes, as if catching it’s fleeting breath, denying Death the right to reap a perishing soul. Beneath your sprawled legs was the unforgiving surface of porous concrete, the hardened foundation of a warehouse, a factory, someplace no one would look for a drifting, faceless, friendless pregnant woman, your denim scratching against the floor as you shifted in your seat. Chains jingled behind you, alerting you of their presence, your wrists shackled behind your back, cool metal wearing against your already numbed skin, your bindings creating ironically merry music as you twisted your hands, pulling your skin against the thick bands locking your arms from use, unable to slip from the cuffs. The acrid stench of sulfur tangled with the dust motes above you brought about the knee-jerk identification of your captors, though they remained unseen, the ringing in your ears fading in time to hear their frantic whispering from beyond o rotting wooden door, planks appearing spongy, patches of mold growing in obsidian clusters along the weakened wood. You continued your thrashing, attempting to yank your hand from the metal bracelets, your neck straining as you tugged. Suddenly, the door flung open, the terrified face of your impromptu guardian contorted with the extent of her fear, eyes pooling like ebony glass behind a thick fringe of lashes, her brow furrowing in anger as she locked her gaze on your sorry strive for freedom. She bolted towards you, her steps quickening before stumbling to a halt, her skull flashing a fiery crimson before her eyes glazed over, her body striking the floor. As she fell, she cleared your view of the doorway, where the familiar features of a familiar hunter stood behind the smoking end of his gun, his emerald eyes widening as he took in your form, crumpled upon the floor. His brother flocked to his side, hauling his own demon in tow, his hands gripping a bicep and an angel blade, the point pressed to the vessel’s spine. His eyes flashed to his brother, who had lowered his arm, frozen in shock, the demon laughing joyously.

"Y/n?” Dean whispered, his lips moving around your name, flinching as if the very word stung him, driving thorns into his heart as he spoke. His eyes never left your face, though his hand drifted to his chin, fingers running through the stubble along his jawline, the demon’s words hardly denting his overwhelmed lack of composure.

“We thought a little family reunion was overdue,” she hissed, voice lilting like a bell as she spat the words, Sam’s grip tightening around her arm. Dean’s Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat as he swallowed, his arm falling limp to his side, brow knotting as he scanned your body for signs of injury or physical harm, pointedly ignoring your stomach.

“Sammy,” He rasped, voice hoarse from emotion. His eyes returned to your face, dissecting your calm facade (though, internally, your organs were executing a rather complex synchronized swimming routine) as he sidestepped away from his brother. Sam’s blade disappeared within the vessel’s back, bones illuminating within her willowy figure before she joined her companion on the ground. He took the liberty of excusing himself from the room, exiting to search the rest of the building, his hazel eyes soft on his brother’s before he ducked around the corner. Dean remained locked in time, his chest rising and falling the only indication of life, his eyes molten on yours. You avoided his stare, writhing about in your chains, the hunter finally snapping out of his trance, rigid limbs working once more as he rushed to your side, kneeling as he began to pick the lock on your constraints. The proximity was… damn near intoxicating, his touch so gentle, delicate even, as he removed the frigid bands from your wrists, his calloused hand dropping from yours when you flinched away, his breathing shallow, almost calculated, in your ear. After a moment of immobility, he moved to lift you from the ground, his hands gripping beneath your arms as he raised you to a standing position, his eyes dropping to the tightened cloth covering your distended belly, his breathing slowing further. You fully intended to inch away from him, but he held you to his chest, your shoulder separating you, his a breath away from yours. “Y/n…” he began, exhaling your name, his features twisted in pain. “I, uh…” he shook his head slightly, swallowing once more before returning his gaze to you. “I found the test. In the trash. Why didn’t you… you could have told me instead of walking out like that. I tore that place apart, thinking you were killed or taken or, I don’t know, ten things worse than that. You didn’t even tell me where you were going. I don’t know why you left, but I’m not… mad at you, for this.” His eyes drilled into yours, displaying his emotion like warpaint, his sincerity tangible in the air. His heat radiated outward, engulfing you, dragging you into him like sunfish to a flashy lure. You turned to face him, your body pressed against his at every angle, your child between you, your hands ghosting to his chest as you nuzzled your cheek into his shoulder, his arms wrapping around your waist, relief filling his lungs as he sealed you to his body, lips planting kisses all along the top of your head, his nose inhaling the scent of you.

“Dean, I don’t know if we can…” you began, his gentle whispers hushing your words, his gravelly voice assuring you that you would be fine, his palms rubbing patterns into your back as he rocked the two of you, well, the three of you, in his arms. In that moment, he had you convinced of your safety. Nothing would harm you, or your child, with a father like Dean standing guard.

Yahoo News Digest: Get In The Know In No Time

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