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Sing It To Me

Intro: So this was requested by the lovely @eenterprise!  Thank you so much!  This was so fun to write!

-I was wondering if you could do a piece about BonesxReader where the reader gets a weird disease where they keep singing everything they are saying and everyone thinks it’s really funny but Bones keeps trying to act annoyed but really he thinks it super cute. 

Pairing: Bones x reader (but like not reallyish)

Word Count: 1884

Triggers: None, lots of hiccupping and fluff, bad music puns at the end

Summary: See request above, that’s exactly what it is.  Just fluff!


The hiccuping had started around dinnertime, which you assumed was normal, until you went to bed, still hiccuping.  It kept you up all night and seemed to get worse as the early hours of the morning dawned.  

You tossed and turned until finally you had enough.  Pulling on regular clothes you strode purposefully down the hall, arms swinging, probably looking like a crazy person as every other step you took you let out a high-pitched hiccup.  

Reaching the medbay you stomped in, the floor quiet except for a few nurses milling around. 

“Do you - hicc! - know where Dr. - hicc! - McCoy is?” You asked to one of the nurses who approached you.  

“In his office, I believe.” She responded, giving you a weird look.  

“Thank - hicc! - you.” You rolled your eyes at yourself as the hiccups interrupted everything you were saying.  

You walked over to Bones’ office door and knocked, though you were sure you didn’t need to as he could probably hear your hiccups echoing through the door. 

“Come in.” You heard faintly and swung the door open.  

You must have looked crazy, standing in the doorway, hair a mess from being up all night, shirt buttoned up wrong, hands on your hips, hiccuping.  

“Y/N?  What are you doing up so early?” Bones raised an eyebrow and looked slightly amused at your distressed appearance. 

“I - hicc! - have had the hicc - hicc! - ups since last night and they d - hicc! - on’t seem to be going away - hicc!” You explained quickly, trying to get words in in between hiccups but failing miserably. 

“So you decided that 4:30 in the morning was the right time to come in?” Bones grumbled but got up from his desk and strode over to you. 

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TSK: More like "CODE FLU" amirite?

Most patients are very understanding about waiting longer at the Urgent Care, if another patient with an emergent situation suddenly shows up.


Then there’s the charming lady who got all snippy with me because I had to rush out of her room (in the middle of her visit for “cough and sore throat”) in response to a “Code Blue”. When I returned 15 minutes later:

Ms. Krabby (arms crossed, scowling): “WELL THAT TOOK LONG ENOUGH.”

Cranquis (apologetic): “Sorry about that, but you know how it is when an emergency arises.”

Ms. Krabby (not impressed): “Hmmph. Guess I should’ve opened the door and yelled ‘CODE BLUE in THIS room!’


Top Pathogens To Watch Out For and What They Do
World Health Organization brought together experts to identify emerging diseases with potential to generate a public health emergency.
By Melvin Sanicas

The group of experts represented a range of disciplines, including virology, microbiology, immunology, public health, clinical medicine, mathematical andcomputational modelling, product development, and respiratory and severe emerging infections. The list will be reviewed annually or when new diseases emerge. Do you know which ones made it to the list?

Imagine your infant son with Loki has come down with a very bad case of the flu that is compounded by a bad ear infection.

You’re on Midgard, because that’s where you want your son raised, and you and Loki have been up taking care of him for days, and despite a trip to the doctor and antibiotics he seems to be getting worse.

Loki has been fantastic throughout, really taking care of the both of you at the same time, staying up in the big comfortable rocking chair in the nursery with the baby, who is dressed just in his diaper, holding him tucked against his naked, blue chest to help cool his fever and singing in a soft, low tone the lullabies that Frigga used to sing to him. 

He keeps a close eye on you, too, making sure you eat and sleep, although, because he needs much less sleep, it often ends up that he sits up in your bed, holding the baby and you fall into an exhausted sleep curled up next to him, your hand on the both of them.

At one point, though, you awaken and realize that the baby is having respiratory problems, and you wake Loki, too, saying you need to get the baby to the hospital immediately.  He cannot bear the look of abject fear on your face, and the idea of losing his son is one he will never accept.

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String-like Ebola virus peeling off an infected cell

After multiplying inside a host cell, the stringlike Ebola virus is emerging to infect more cells. Ebola is a rare, often fatal disease that occurs primarily in tropical regions of sub-Saharan Africa. The virus is believed to spread to humans through contact with wild animals, especially fruit bats. It can be transmitted between one person and another through bodily fluids.

Image courtesy of Heinz Feldmann, Peter Jahrling, Elizabeth Fischer and Anita Mora, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health. Part of the exhibit Life:Magnified by ASCB and NIGMS.


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REMEMBERING Sister Samantha Lierley         1991-2014

Vancouver Washington Mission

“My sister killed on her mission by the Mission President’s Wife in Portland.”

I have been debating on whether to post this or not. It’s obviously a sensitive issue. I decided that I want to do whatever I can to warn other families that these conditions exist out in the mission field.

My sister was enjoying her mission in Portland last summer. After receiving some needed dental surgery she was sent back to work being a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The dentist warned her to contact a doctor if she felt unwell because infection was an unlikely but real risk.

When my hard working sister began to have pain in her mouth she sought permission to see a doctor through the mission president’s wife. This is world-wide protocol for missionaries. You aren’t supposed to seek medical help without permission from your mission president. My sister’s request was denied. She was told to take some aspirin and continue the work. My sister asked to see a doctor three times over the curse of 2 weeks. Each time her request [was] denied.

My sister reached out to us, her family, through her weekly emails asking us what we thought she should do because she was in pain. Many of us told her to please go to the doctor right away. But, our Mom encouraged her to be obedient to the mission president’s rules.

Anyone who is familiar with the mission field rules knows that obedience without question is drilled into young missionaries minds. My sister chose to do what the mission president’s wife instructed. Maybe she believed that the mission president and wife were led by spiritual inspiration. Maybe my sister thought she would be going against God by going to the doctor. Maybe my sister was just scared.

Finally, the pain got so bad to handle that my sisters mission companion took her to the emergency room. Infection had taken hold of my sisters body. She was septic and admitted into the hospital for 2 days being treated with antibiotics through an IV. We didn’t know if she would survive that first night. She seemed to be doing much better after medical intervention and her doctors released her from the hospital.

But the infection had held on too strong. Within 48 hours of being released from the hospital, my sister passed away in her missionary apartment bed while she was asleep. She died from infection because her mission president and his wife wouldn’t allow her to see a doctor when she was in pain.

My brothers went to Portland and confronted the mission president and his wife. They were extremely defensive and they yelled at my brothers to leave them alone. Some of us in the family want to press charges. It is difficult to go against the church. They can pay for very skilled lawyers. Our mom doesn’t want to pursue any action against the mission president because she believes that maybe it was God’s will. I don’t agree.

-Her sister


Robert Wadlow, “The Giant of Illinois.” 

Having reached a height of 8 ft 11 in, Wadlow is the tallest confirmed person to have ever lived. Born in Alton, Illinois in 1918, he suffered from hypertrophy of the pituitary gland, causing him to produce massive amounts of human growth hormone.

This condition led to Wadlow’s height constantly increasing throughout his life. By the time he was eight, he was already 6 ft 2 in and weighed 169 lbs (77 kg). The Illinois resident was so large that a special desk had to be built for him in school. Doctors at the time had no treatment for this kind of hormonal imbalance.

Wadlow suffered from a number of ailments due to his unusual condition. He had trouble moving around his college campus because of his brittle bones and needed to wear leg braces towards the end of his life. He also had minimal sensation in his feet.

In the end, during a professional appearance Wadlow made in Manistee, Michigan, a faulty leg brace gave him a blister that went on to become infected. Emergency surgery and blood transfusions failed to save him, and he passed away in his sleep on July 15, 1940. He was only 22 years old. Over 30,000 people attended Wadlow’s funeral and twelve pallbearers were needed to carry his massive body.

Herpes zoster ophthalmalacus

[Yes, “herpes of the eye” is a real thing. It’s actually multiple things.]

Herpes zoster, the virus that causes chicken pox and shingles, can infect the fifth cranial nerve, causing ocular manifestations (corneal inflammation and intense pain) and facial shingles. It’s considered an ophthalmic emergency, as permanent damage can be caused to the ocular nerve and eyeball.

Herpes simplex, the virus that causes oral and genital herpes, can also infect the eye, causing herpes keratitis, which is also an ophthalmic emergency. Both eye infections can cause scarring along the visual axis, and permanent vision impairment, and generally have to be treated with antiviral pills and eyedrops.

Atlas of the External Diseases of the Eye. Dr. O. Haab, 1899.

Emergency Contact

Courfeyrac’s first thought upon consciousness was that of confusion. 

Why am I lying in a field? 

His other senses came back to him slowly, as did the pain. 

Oh crap. ‘Ferre is going to kill me - haha he had his chance to do that. 

Courfeyrac opened his eyes, only to close them immediately. 

Owwww. Wasn’t it raining? How long has it been since I blacked out? Stars, why am I so useless? 

He decided to brave the light again, if only to make up for his sins. When he opened his eyes he was surprised to find Joly and Bahorel.  

Where is Combeferre? Did he tell them? Oh stars. 

And then the pain increased - the nerves in his wrist screaming in protest as he tried, and failed, to sit up. 

Two more die in Saudi Arabia from MERS coronavirus

(Reuters) - Two more people have died of the SARS-like coronavirus MERS, Saudi Arabia’s Health Ministry said, bringing to 38 the number of deaths from the disease inside the country shortly before Islam’s Ramadan fast when many pilgrims visit.

A two-year-old child died in Jeddah and a 53-year-old man died in Eastern Province, where the outbreak has been concentrated, the ministry said late on Saturday in a statement on its website. Four people have died outside the kingdom.

External image

The ministry said another three people had been confirmed as being infected with Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), bringing the total number of confirmed cases inside the kingdom to 65 since it was identified a year ago.

(From Reuters)


Tertiary syphilis would arise between three to 15 years after infection, and emerged as “gummatous” (forming gummas, soft tumor-like nodules, like what caused this lady’s ulcer) about 15% of the time. If the inflammatory nodules didn’t form on an important organ or blood vessel (as they could, and did, form anywhere in the body), gummatous syphilis wasn’t in and of itself fatal. Death from infected ulcers was not uncommon, however.

Olicity fic bang: something inside this heart has died (you’re in ruins), 13/15

(art by @screamlikeacanary)

Word count: 6,388
Rating: Teen

Summary: It’s finally time for Felicity and Oliver to say goodbye. But he’s not leaving without one last bash and one last surprise.

Author’s note: It’s my birthday! And to celebrate, I’m posting my favorite chapter of the whole story. Hope you enjoy. :)

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Chapter 13

It was Oliver’s last day. He was shipping out that evening, right at 11 p.m.

I was trying desperately not to think about it.

Luckily the hospital was helping with that. Tommy and Thea both informed me that under no circumstances was I allowed to skip out on Oliver’s going away festivities, but they didn’t start until six p.m. That gave me a whole twelve hours to bury myself in work, checking up on patients, stitching up emergencies and removing infected body parts.

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