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my emergency witch kit. inside are an altar candle, an old church candle, my trusty chalk, and clippings from plants grown and cared for in my house. i use an old altoid box to hold everything in case someone goes rifling through my purse- convenient and discreet! also featured: malachi, my malachite elephant! he was a gift from my roommate, and i take him with me to work every day to help me keep calm and maintain a cheerful outlook. he works wonders and i love him <3 

He Hears You Sing For The First Time

4/4 Preference with gifs.

Reader x boy

About 500 words


“Hello?” I called as I walked into the rather large house I shared with 7 other people in LA. Not believing I was home alone, I called out again. “Guys? Is anyone home?”

Just then, I heard footsteps pounding down the stairs and into the kitchen where I had just entered. I turned around to see Ashton hurriedly collecting his things.

“Hey, Y/N. See ya later!” He said as he started to pass me.

“Wait, Ash! Where is everyone?” I asked.

“Well the guys just called emergency band practice at the studio. Crystal had some photoshoot to go to this morning. Arzaylea and (Y/F/N) went shopping. They’d probably come pick you up or you could go meet them where ever they are,” He suggested as he started to exit the house. As he said that, another idea creeped into my brain.

“You’re blocking me in,” He informed me, sticking his head back in the door. Not feeling like moving my car, I threw him my keys. He thanked me and hurried out the door. I watched as my car drove past the front door and off of our street. Smiling, I took my over-the-shoulder bag off and hung it on one of the hooks. Then, I made my way down the hallway to the room I shared with Calum. I slipped my shoes off before strolling into the bathroom to turn on the shower. It was quiet and the sound of the water hitting the ground echoed. Satisfied, I pulled my shirt over my head and continued to undress. Finally, I put my playlist on shuffle and stepped into the shower. I let the warm water rinse away the stress and tension in my body.

As If You Don’t Know started playing, I couldn’t help but harmonize with it. Thankfully, the acoustics in the shower and volume of the music prevented me from hearing anything else, including my voice. Although, when I turned off the water, I continued to sing it as it was one of my favorite songs. I wrapped myself in a towel before stepping out of the shower. When I looked up, I was surprising to see Calum standing there with a smirk.

“Calum! What the hell!” I whined, holding the towel to my body tightly.

“I didn’t know you could sing,” He replied smugly, ignoring my comment. At this, my cheeks started to burn and I tried to push past him.

“You heard that?” I asked, embarrassed.

“Yeah. Why didn’t you tell me you can sing?” He asked, following me back into our room.

“Because I can’t,” I replied, putting on one of his shirts and some underwear. I could practically feel him roll his eyes. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“You have an amazing voice,” He whispered in my ear.


I checked my appearance in the front camera on my phone before stepping on of the Uber. I wasn’t really a party scene type of person but Ashton had convinced me to go. Once I met up with the guys and we had a few drinks, it actually started to be a fun party. Everyone was pretty tipsy when we sat down to play truth or dare.

“(Y/N),” My best friend slurred from across the circle, “Truth Or Dare?”

“Dare,” I replied, feeling risky.

“I dare you to sing,” She giggled. I shot her a glare which only made her laugh harder. I watched as Ashton realized he had never heard me sing before.

“Ooh! Sing Out Of My Limit!” A drunken Luke commanded. Lovingly, I rolled my eyes and sighed as I prepared to sing. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see everyone’s reactions. I sang a little bit of the song before erupting into giggles.

“(Y/N)! That was really good!” Michael insisted. I shook my head but smiled at him.

“No, babe. He’s right,” Ashton insisted sincerely. I smiled and thanked him before placing my lips on his.


Michael and I had been flirting for a few weeks after my cousin, Luke, introduced us. I was on my way over to their house when Luke texted me.

Luke: If you aren’t here in 5 minutes, I’m showing Michael on of our old covers

I smirked as I turned onto their street seconds later. I ended up walking in the house 2 minutes after I received the text only to find all four boys on the couch. The cover of Can’t Help Falling In Love that Luke and I recorded when we were about 14 echoed throughout the house.

“Luke!” I scolded, making them all turn around to look at me. Luke laughed as he sat up to talk to me.

“Sorry. I didn’t think you’d get here,” He explained. I rolled my eyes as I sat down on the couch with them.

“We sound awful,” I cringed as we continued watching the video.

“It’s not that bad,” Michael replied.

“No. It’s bad. We’re both a lot better now. Right, (Y/N)?” Luke said. I glared at him as curiosity rose within the other boys. Ashton reached over and paused the video.

“Let’s hear it,” He ordered. Luke reached over towards the laptop and searched for something. By the time I realized what he was looking for, he had already found it.

“Luke,” I groaned as my cousin put the computer back on the table and pressed play. He had caught me singing a few days before and recorded it. Not wanting to listen to it, I excused myself to get a snack from the kitchen.

“Why didn’t you tell me you could sing?” Michael asked, entering the kitchen a minute later. I shrugged and continued eating.

“You know you’re pretty good,” He said. Instead of speaking, I gave him a dumbfounded look.

“I think it’s hot that you can sing,” He continued.

“Really?” I asked playfully.

“Really,” He confirmed, biting his lip.

“Ok, ok. I just want food but now I’ve lost my appetite,” Luke said as he turned on his heels to exit the kitchen. We both laughed and followed him back to the other boys.


We were playfully singing and dancing in the car as Luke drove home from the grocery store. I was more yelling than singing as I dramatically flipped my hair and tossed myself around. In the middle of a song, Luke turned the volume down.

“Hey!” I whined.

“I’ve never heard you truly sing,” He said. I simply shrugged and turned to look out the window.

“Come on, (Y/N). You hear me sing all the time,” He begged.

“That’s because it’s your job and you’re good at it,” I argued.

“I’ll sing with you then,” He compromised. Knowing I wasn’t going to win the argument, I sighed.

“Fine,” I grumbled making a smile spread across Luke’s face. He started singing the chorus of Teenage Dream and I harmonized it. He stopped abruptly in the middle of a word.

“The fuck you mean you can’t sing, (Y/N)? You’re over here trying to show me up,” He said. I giggled and slipped my tiny hand into Luke’s free one.

“You’re such a liar,”

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For The Last Time: Rock Is Not Dead, You're Just Not Paying Attention
There have never been more great rock bands. You just have to be willing to go beyond the mainstream.

Here are the facts as I see them: There have never been as many rock bands in as many different subgenres making as many good to great records as there are at this very moment. Check out the live music listings in your town, and you’ll see that the majority of the acts playing local bars, clubs, halls, and theaters play music that is at least tangentially related to rock. 

Should you decide to attend one of those shows, you’ll find that today’s best emerging bands often feature women and people of color, as well as lesbian, gay, and transgender musicians. Best of all, these bands are young — some of them are just a few years out of high school, and they epitomize the younger generation’s values. Rock shows, once associated with macho danger, have increasingly become designated as safe spaces for all kinds of people to gather, where beefy guys who just want to mosh are no longer tolerated if they can’t make room for women.

the importance of being idle, 11/12

A/N:  another delayed update, but this time not as long as the last which I’m pleased with! we’re very near the end now folks, just remember to clap your hands and believe and it’ll all work out in the end. ;) as always, thank you so much to all the comments and kudos I’ve received so far, it means the absolute world! so, enjoy!

Rating: M

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the importance of being idle
get-out-of-my-apartment-(no-really-get-out)-you’re-hot-but-I-got-shit-to-do rock ‘n roll AU. Captain Swan.

“Well that’s what they get for having a goddamn brawl in the middle of your house.”

Truthfully, Emma didn’t even see who threw the first punch, the entire altercation was a blur. All she knew was one moment Malcolm had been gloating about something, spewing some crass comment about her or Tina and the next moment he was flying backwards, crashing into some antique coffee table and sending it in pieces to the floor. Killian and Tina had both been standing over him, and in all honesty she was sure it could’ve been either of them — or perhaps in an unprecedented show of synchronicity from the oft-bickering pair, they’d hit him in unison.

The following ten minutes were manic; Blackbeard and Isaac had jumped forward to defend their fallen bandmate and even Robin had been pulled into the fray. Emma had tried to step in and stop things from escalating too badly, but she’d received a swift elbow straight to her nose which sent her reeling backwards. It was hardly clean fighting, it was clumsy and involved a lot of grabbing and fumbling, and by the time Jefferson and August came sprinting from the other room there was only Killian and Blackbeard left rolling around on the ground to be separated.

That was over an hour ago. Since then, the injured parties had been marched into a private room full of executives who’d been attending the party, only Jefferson exempted for reasons that appeared unclear to Emma, and the rest of the guests had been sent home.

“It’s seen worse,” the bassist said, mumbling more into the trash bag he’d brought from the kitchen than to her, “the house, I mean.”

“Still,” she said, before pinching the bridge of her nose and testing to see if it was throbbing any less. “I’m sorry.”

“You didn’t start it.”

“No, but I wasn’t much help finishing it.” She bent down to pick a couple of pieces of splintered wood. “This wasn’t worth anything, was it?”

Jefferson shrugged, offering a rueful smile. “Nothing I can’t come up with myself.”

Guilt and unease both roiled in Emma’s gut, warring for which could make her feel worse; nothing about that private meeting felt particularly promising, and the Jolly Rogers’ place on the tour was already a fluke. Starting, or even just participating, in a fight in Jefferson’s house was hardly the gracious thanks they should be giving their hosts, smarmy as they were. In a tour full of unpleasant surprises, this appeared to be just the latest in a long line.

An unpleasant surprise of his own, Neal had slinked off somewhere else the moment any sort of formal executive had entered the scene, likely slightly fearful one of them might recognise him or call his father, or worse. That didn’t stop the spike of irritation Emma felt towards him — it was his fault Blackbeard’s Revenge had known about Killian and Milah, undoubtedly something he’d let slip in an attempt to curry some favour with the band. Or perhaps he’d just wanted somebody to vent to about the apparent frustrations he’d been harbouring over the situation. Whichever it was, she was pissed and she at least felt like she had a right to be.

Emma carried her own garbage bag around the room, picking up discarded bottles and cans and dropping them in without ceremony. It was only as she was clearing the surface of a dresser that she came across a few scattered photo frames, apparently of the same girl at various ages. There was one of her perched on shoulders that were clearly Jefferson’s, his face lit up in a wide smile.

She turned her head to look at the other man beginning to sweep some glass. “She yours?”

Jefferson looked up, eyes seeking what she was pointing to before nodding mutely.

“My daughter, Grace.” He answered her question before she could even give voice to it. “She stays with her grandparents while I,” he waved a hand around absently, “tour.”

Emma hummed quietly to herself. “Don’t you miss her?”

The corner of his mouth quirked upwards sadly. “Endlessly.”

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YES, Whenever I Start A K-Drama, I Can’t Stop Watching It!


1985. Warning Of Danger

is the second album by band Omen.

USPM was such a short and area-specific movement that very few bands emerged with more than one classic album; or even more than one decent album. Originally overshadowed by the NWOBHM, thrash would take over in popularity before USPM really had a chance to get off the ground. Only a couple of bands would gain even remote commercial success (Queensryche, Fates Warning, Jag Panzer), and only a handful of others would go on to achieve any significant level of recognition. Omen were one of those bands, and with good reason - Battle Cry is one of the pinnacles of USPM, and the following two albums were nearly as good. Only a few other bands were able to produce three or more quality albums - Helstar, Manilla Road, Shok Paris, Virgin Steele, and Liege Lord are pretty much the extent of that list.

With Warning of Danger is endlessly replayable and hooky as fuck, and if you have a shred of metal in you, it’s a given that you’ll love this, the album is the same quality as their debut Battle Cry.

“…shake the earth without a tear, all are running lost with fear…”

Queercore: A Brief History

Throughout the early 80’s, queer themed punk songs weren’t found often, the few that were released mostly came out of the U.S. hardcore scene and the U.K. anarcho – punk scene. What kicked off the queercore genre was a single zine, “J.D.’s”  published out of Toronto by G.B. Jones, musician currently playing with Opera Arcana and Bruce Labruce, filmmaker most recently creating Pierrot Lunaire. J.D.’s #1, originally meaning “Juvenile Delinquents” Issue 1 featured pinups of punk band members, a story of two dudes as each others wedding dates titled “J.D. at the wedding”, an assortment of raunchy drawings and photographs, some with anarchist themes, and a comic of two boys falling in love, and notably a top ten list of “homocore” songs. J.D.’s had 8 issues, a cassette mix, and several movie nights from 1985-1991 before it’s end, How influential this zine was cannot be exaggerated, it inspired several other zines of the same themes to be launched, some of which later turning to queercore specific record labels for the genre that J.D.’s had also kicked off. 

The genre had the distinct characteristics of resistance to the self imposed submission and segregation that the queer community faces. Over time Queercore became associated with paganism, anarchism, and riot grrl. During the 90’s a “second wave” of queercore bands emerged, including Tribe 8, Pansy Division, and Anti Scrunti Faction. Also occurring in the 90’s was Spew, the first queercore zine meeting, held in Chicago, the organizer, Steve Lafrench was stabbed outside of the event but had a speedy recovery and the event was largely considered a success. Leading to Spew 2, held in ’92 hosted in LA, and Spew 3, occurring in Toronto, ’93. “Homocore Night” was hosted in Chicago by Mark Freitas and Joanna Brown to serve as a monthly venue for queercore bands to perform. This was the first of many places to create monthly shows and clubs for the scene. 

Throughout the 2000’s the scene noticeably stales up a small amount, with the scene now centralized in LA’s Silver Lake neighborhood. However, interestingly, a book is published in 2005 called “Homocore: The Loud and Raucous”. The scene picks up again significantly in the 2010’s, as the internet is more widely accessible and making music incredibly easy to publish. Creating what is arguably the “fourth wave” of queercore with an extreme D.I.Y. feel and more bands experimenting with genres other than hardcore. 

All We Know Is Falling is more emotional now to listen too:

It takes some time to let you go and it shows

Tell me where our time went and if it was time well spent

I think we have an emergency

And if it ends today well I’ll still say that you shine brighter than anyone

I’ll write you just to let you know that I’m alright

Maybe if my heart stops beating it won’t hurt this much

I don’t want you to help me through this I don’t want to start over again

Tell me why I feel so alone ‘cause I need to know to whom do I owe

We could sing our own but what would it be without you?

So Kanan wakes up in the bacta tank, sees that stormtroopers have got his crewmates surrounded and are preparing to execute them, and what does he do?

Force-wave to shatter the tank, check. Call lightsaber to hand, check.

Take a moment to tie the hair back, check.

Okay, looks like we’re good to go, time for lightsaber acrobatics and slaughter.

anonymous asked:

Any advice for someone entering their first competition

Have fun! Don’t let yourself get swept up in the nerves and remember to enjoy yourself. Comps are really fun, you get to perform and you get to meet great people so practice, be confident in yourself, make friends and try your best!!

As for practical advice, have a make up bag packed with everything you might need, make sure you cross your bobby pins and have the ridges facing your scalp (or you can stitch your hair instead but that’s a lot harder), make sure you have lots of hair spray, bring extra skate laces, bring plenty of water, have something light and healthy to eat (something small at least 45 minutes before you compete and only small sips of water because its hard to go to the bathroom in the costumes).

The best advice I have is to pack an ‘oh shit kit’ basically an emergency pack with all the solutions to potential emergencies, boot tape, band aids, dry stain removes, a small sewing kit for repairs, emergency make up, copies of all your details and important documents related to the comp, and anything else you can think of.

And to top it all off don’t forget your best accessory is your beautiful smile!!

Good luck!! 

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Can I please have a Brad imagine where I'mbeing bullied at school because everyone thinks that I'm lying about dating Brad, but then the boys surprise me during class or something? Thanks gorgeous! Your blog is my life :) <3 xxx

Aw thank you xxx

Brad imagine, people at school don’t think you’re dating him; 

“Nice sweater! Did your boyfriend give it to you??” A girl sneers. You frown and pull the sleeves of Brad;s sweater down. “Yes….” You mumble. The girl and her friends all laugh. “Oh. I’m sure… Because a girl like you could date a guy like him” She says sarcastically. “I’m not lying” You protest. This has been going on for a few weeks. Ever since you posted a picture on your instagram of you and Brad together. Everyone just thinks you’re faking it to get attention. You sigh and walk around the bullies then make your way to the gymnasium for the assembly that’s starting soon. You sit down on the bleachers away from the bullies. Once everyone is settled, the principal goes to the microphone. “We have some special guests joining us today… Please help me welcome The Vamps!” Your principal chants. Your heart stops as you watch your boyfriend and his band emerge. Most of the people cheer, but the bullies all snicker in your direction. Brad walks up to the mic and smiles. "Hello everyone. How are you all doing today?” He asks. The audience cheers in response. He smiles and glances at the boys while they set up their equipment. “We’re going to play a song for you guys before the assembly continues… This is called High Hopes. And it’s dedicated to my beautiful girlfriend Y/N. Love you baby” He winks at you after say that. You feel every set of eyes landing on you, making your cheeks heat up. As the song starts, you can see the jaws of all the bullies drop at what they just witnessed. You send them a mocking smirk then listen to your boyfriend preform. Once the song is finished, Brad invites you up with him. You shyly make your way to him. He grins as he wraps an arm around your waist and kisses your temple. “We’ll preform one more song at the end of the assembly, but until then.. Please give your attention back to your principal” James says, stepping back. The boys all shuffle back into the gym teacher’s office to allow the assembly to continue. Brad, of course, pulls you with him. Once the door to the office is shut, you hug him tightly. “I didn’t know you would be here” You mumble. He chuckles and wraps his arms around you. “We wanted it to be a surprise… Besides. We heard about the girls picking on you, so we thought we’d stop by and show them that I am your boyfriend” He replies, kissing your head. You smile and rest your head onto his chest. “Thank you… I love you” You whisper. He smiles wider. “I love you too" 

~I should be doing homework… Haha I’ll do it later- maybe..

Your Fave is Problematic: Bono
  • is smol
  • but nobody really knows how tall he is????
  • could be a leprechaun 
  • makes awful dad jokes
  • “what does a fish use to get high?” “seaweed” <– actual joke he told at my concert
  • (but is also probably the best dad in the whole world)
  • CANNOT DRIVE??? May have killed someone with his car before
  • Custom made the ugliest looking car during Zootv although no one lets him drive.
  • Has had every hair style ever imagined
  • Made the mullet a “thing”, v problematic
  • Once fully undressed in a restaurant to make his interviewer feel more comfortable (dinner and a show oh boy)
  • Has been with the love of his life since high school, who does that???I am pretty sure that is only in movies
  • glaucoma = rad af glasses, suck it up haters
  • likes to bite things and/or people
  • The drunk Lemon interview
  • “Oh suuuure, everyone wants to be Alison Doody NOOOW!”
  • MAJOR FLIRT. Women interviewers have no chance.
  • Is full of himself and totally humble at the exact same time. Conflicting much hmmm??
  • Convinced the band to emerge from a giant Lemon on stage for Popmart (u know it was him)
  • Was a child chess prodigy.
  • Obsessed with the Beatles, like calm down son
  • Fought a street gang with a trash can lid when he was a wee boy
  • Writes songs that make your heart wanna explode
  • Is a part-time pizza delivery man
  • Gives really good massages (i need more info on this, first hand knowledge)
  • THE CROOKED SMILE!!!!!!!!!
  • The goddamn stage personas
  • As Edge says “He is a bunch of great guys”
  • Voted “Sexiest Male Singer” in 1989 and 1991 and managed to look like two different people in both of those years.
  • Wears all black outfits to the beach. ALSO, the straw hat.
  • Clumsy AF
  • Is banned from riding bikes in the city of New York
  • Drinks wine a lot 
  • Is allergic to wine 

In conclusion, he is the least problematic fave ever and the world doesn’t deserve him because he is too genuine and sweet and funny and the light of my life. THE END.

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everytime i c a vk is dying post or bring back vk i cringe. Stop with this nonsense, vk was a 80s/90s music boom, it's popularity went down after the 90s. Big bands like XJpn, buck-tick and malice mizer led the scene on until the end of the boom, then we saw the emergence of bands like diru. The music doesn't get as much media as it use to, it does not mean it's dead. Yes, bands all the sound same etc but the vkei look/stylis still there. It's still alive and kicking, no need to "bring it back"

Let’s all take sum Xanax and chill am I right

So i drew this today and i’m thinking of this as a part of a potential, little au comic but i really don’t know if i’m gonna do it or not, ugh. The au would be a band!AU in which Levi is the frontman of the No Rest For The Fighters (an emergent alternative rock band composed by Hanji, Oluo and Gunther) aaand our little Eren is obsessed with music and has been following the band from the beginning (i wonder why) when nobody knew them and so on…BUT i’m so insecure about this and i don’t know what to do ): 

Anywaaay, guys, this is the genre of music that the band plays, i imagine Levi’s voice as Brendon Urie’s from Panic! At The Disco

Part 1 here

Big Mistakes

Summary:  You are EXO’s stylist and all the boys are constantly striving for your affection but they don’t know you’re actually dating Xiumin
Type: Funny, Fluff
Members: EXO, Xiumin x Reader
Length: 1,038 words

- Admin Mocha

Originally posted by secrethideoutme


  You knew that screech from anyone, and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes ever so slightly as a few laughs fell past your lips and you spun around to find a desperate Tao with tears forming on the rims of his once sharp eyes. His hands were almost shaking as he explained through hurried breaths that Sehun and Kai had dumped water on his head and now his make-up was ruined just minutes before showtime, and you couldn’t help but tsk softly as you retrieved a stick of eyeliner and begin to repair whatever damange had been done. You were slightly worried just because the youngest was being so dramatic, however when the other two members of the boy band emerged snickering, you shook your head and gently scolded them.

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what's in my school bag?¿

hey guys! today i’m just gonna share with you what’s in my school bag and some other school bag related tips!

what’s in my school bag?

the basic school necessities

  • my binder file

personally i find it easier to just carry one binder file with replaceable clear pockets with one pocket for each subject. it’s really convenient to take out any pocket if you do not have that subject the next day to lighted your load.
pros: a lighter school bag!!
cons: forget to bring a subject pocket and you’re dead

  • a notebook

i prefer to carry 1 notebook around in school and trash all my notes inside it. i start each lesson on a fresh side of the paper and use markers to write out the subject at the top of each page.
pros: there’s no need to carry multiple notebooks, thus giving you a lighter school bag
cons: it’s kinda difficult to find all your notes from the different subjects :(

*alternately you can use foolscap to write your notes and then file them away after each day! i didn’t realise this method until much later ugh*

  • textbooks (duh)

i’m not sure about other countries but here in singapore, students don’t change classrooms, but the teachers do the walking. we do have lockers but they’re not assigned to us, we actually have to rent them (and they’re pretty darn expensive). i usually leave my textbooks under my desk when i don’t need them so that i don’t need to bring so many books the next day. one advise would be to plan which subjects you want to study later in the day so that you don’t leave any textbook that you wanted to study under the table!!

  • water bottle

keeping you awake and more alert, your water bottle will be your new best friend the next day after late study nights. also refreshes your breath.

  • a box of sweets

in my school, we aren’t allowed to eat in class unless it’s medication, but i sneak a sweet or two in class to keep myself awake or to hold off my grumbling stomach for a while until recess or lunch. however, if you’re really lucky your teachers are chill with eating sweets in class to keep awake hehe

  • pencil case

confession time! i have four pencil cases in my bag. not kidding. one for my normal school stationery, the staples in every students pencil bag. then i have another one for my coloured pens and markers and highlighters, one for my post-its and other tags and another one as an emergency pencil case if i forget to bring my main pencil case (being the worry-wart i am). but organisation of pencil cases is really important as well! if you often buy new stationery and always end up putting them all into your pencil case like me, it’s good to filter out the pens you always use and the pens that aren’t that often used to lighten your pencil case!

the essentials

  • portable charger and/or your charger head, and your cable(s)

this is so important, especially if you need a laptop for school. no one likes a phone or laptop that dies half-way in school. that sucks.

  • lip balm

if you have dry lips like me, a lip balm is a must! so irritating to have cracked and dry lips during colder days.

  • an emergency kit

not asking you to bring a whole first-aid box, but just the essentials for a woman-emergency, band-aids, maybe even medicated oil in case of a stress headache. it’s always good to be prepared.

some tips!

  1. always pack your bag the night before or ensure that you have enough time to pack your bag! it’s not gonna work out if you do not have time to properly pack your bag. i often find myself forgetting my binder or a worksheet or my pencil case when i’m running late and didn’t pack the night before hehe.
  2. always clean out your bag for scraps of paper or unnecessary things! i cannpt emphasise how important this is!! make sure you only pack what you need and make sure your bag is free from any pieces of paper crushed to the base of your bag! i don’t know why but this always makes me feel so lazy to pack and organise my things when this happens.
  3. get a bag that you really like as well and decorate it however you like! i don’t know about you but somehow having a bag that you really like kind of makes you motivated or excited for school during a new school term or year. and feel free to hang keychains or pin badges on it! it gives you bag a more personalised look and feel :)

AAAAAND that concludes my post on what’s in my school bag! i hope you guys have a better idea of what to prepare in your bag!

i swear this post  is so long overdue but stay tuned for the next post!!