Ever since i had the epidural & they hit my nerve when i had my daughter i have had horrible back pain but last night was officially the second to worst of my back pain. Im shaking, having cold sweats & im throwing up because of how bad my back is hurting me. My aunt decided to take me to the E.R. & now they’re taking blood tests, urine tests and x rays to see if i have infections, calcium issues or anything of the sort. Still keepin’ it wicked & twiztid, even all morphined up. #juggalette #Juggalo #hospital #emergencyroom #backpain #bodymodifications #bodymods #piercings #Tattoos #plugs

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Hi I’m taquito I’m a 23 year old handsome SINGLE smart SINGLE and very funSINGLEny .

and yesterday I went to hospital for my hand.

I got bitten by a cat and it got significantly infected also

My Index finger wouldn’t move and that side of my hand was getting truly infected.

They decide to give me an IV drip of antibiotics.

My mom took this one

Here is a closer look

Goes down smooth.

While I was there I saw a doctor who looked like a bald Tom Selleck

They also gave me a shot of pain meds and sent me home with a prescription for antibiotics.

Best thing that happen was all the lovely tweets I received from my friends whom I love too much.



PS: Yo if you get bitten by an animal wash your hands with soap and water, clean it with rubbing alcohol or peroxide then go to hospital cause you never know what could happen .

ER- Tv Show with Ming na Wen

I have been watching episodes of ER recently, but I wanted to know if anyone knows which episode ‘Deb Chen/Jing Mei’ gets knocked over by either Frank or Jerry- the ones that work in like the office thing (they are a bit chubby).

And when I mean by getting knocked over like she tangled in the phone cords and hits her knee on the table. If anyone knows what episode that is, it would mean the world to me cause I have been trying so hard to find it and it’s driving me insane! Thank you x