Hey guys, my name is Beatriz and I’m a 17 year old girl living in Scotland with my family. As you can tell by my name, i’m not from here.
I’m portuguese, I was born and lived there until the age of 13 which by then, my family had to move. My dad is a dentist and when Portugal started having economic problems, so did we. His salary was decreased by half and we started struggling a lot with bills. Right now, we have about £150K left to pay for our house in Portugal, which we are trying to sell at the moment but we’re not the only ones struggling money wise.

When we came to Scotland we moved into a 1 bedroom flat, currently I sleep with my brothers in the bedroom and my parents sleep in a bed couch in the living room, although these aren’t the best conditions for 5 people to live in we put up with it because it was the best we could do without starting to struggle money wise again. 

My family and I are now down to one month left until we have to leave our house and so far, although all of us have worked as hard as we could, we do not have enough money to move just yet. Please please please guys I beg you, if you can PLEASE donate to us through this page: http://www.gofundme.com/nyncdo or to my paypal malbhc@yahoo.com even a simple £5 can make a huge difference. Thank you.




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Evgenia Arbugaeva, Tiksi, the Far North

Astronaut on Neptune, or Tanya wears snow mask. January 2011.

The Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund made an exclusive announcement to LightBox disclosing the winners of its 2012 grants. The fund, which began in 2009, awards the annual prize to photographers from around the world who use their cameras to shed light on underserved issues and communities. See the work of Evgenia Arbugaeva and other winners here.

Help my friend buy a bed for her son

The precious little boy in this picture is Atlas. Recently Atlas was diagnosed with Autism and Pica. The specialist he saw told his Mommy and Daddy that his Pica was the worst case that they have seen. Pica is a disorder that makes people eat things they shouldn’t. Atlas loves to eat wood. He has been literally eating his crib. His mother tries to wrap fabric and things around it so he can’t eat his bed and hurt himself, but he still seems to find away. The doctor told them that he is a danger to himself . We have found some special beds for kids like Atlas to keep them safe, but they are very expensive.  A website called Noah’s world has the type of bed that he needs and the cost is around $ 7,000. I am asking if you can find it in your hearts to help us get Atlas a safe bed to sleep in we would really be greatful. Thank you and may God Bless you.

I don’t know a lot about this stuff, but Atlas’s parents are friends of mine, and he is the sweetest little boy I’ve met in a very long time.

If you have the funds available, please please please donate to help them buy him a bed. They cannot afford to do so out of pocket, and I know they will be forever grateful to anyone and everyone who helps them get there!

If you can’t donate, please at least signal boost. Taking care of Atlas is so very important to them!


Ok, with the post I’ve been reblogging of my friend Oliver, one of my friends have contacted me and told me that his parents, who are extremely transphobic, have taken away his laptop and his phone in an attempt to shut him out from his friends. They have forbidden anyone to talk to him at all. They are also threatening him with Conversion Camp. Please, if anyone has any advice on how to handle the situation, let me know immediately. Not to be an ass and compare but Oliver’s situation is becoming extremely identical to that of Leelah Alcorn and so many others.





Victor Ho (@jeongguksbf @studyblook) is currently in danger of being thrown out of his home, beaten, and/or further abused because his mother discovered the fact that he is transgender by seeing his preferred name on his university’s Dean’s list.

His mother is historically abusive, both physically and mentally, and it is not safe for him to stay at this home any longer. Unfortunately, this means that if he leaves, they will likely cut him off from funding that goes into his college fund, which is crucial to his education. More than anything else, he doesn’t want to drop out of college because he finally had the courage to get out of his parents’ house who have been holding that money against him in an attempt to make him stay and continue to be their slave. His mother has forced him into a profession he didn’t want, forced him to isolate himself because she didn’t approve of his friends, and has never supported him emotionally past keeping him alive enough to take care of her. She is extremely abusive and his father does nothing to stop this, while his two younger siblings seem to care little to nothing for him and only serve to make matters worse.

We need enough money, before anything else, to get Victor out of his parents’ house and somewhere safe. We’re not sure how much this would be, but we estimated a few thousand dollars to cover a month or two of rent, travel expenses, food, etc until we can figure something better out. We just want him out of that house as soon as possible, and that’s all that matters.

If you’d like to donate to Victor directly through paypal, his account is vannerho@gmail.com. Please keep in mind that his dead name is on this account. Do not use or refer to him as this name. Thank you!



Meet Buddy a three month old golden retreiver/labador mix. Buddy was found under a coworker’s car port on March 1st. My coworker, Kris, and her husband Shane posted on the Lost Pets of Ascension Parish Facebook page (link below) hoping to find Buddy’s onwer. What they found instead was a sad tale (pardon the pun).

I have started a fundraiser to get this sweet but timid puppy to the vet asap. I explain everything on the gofundme page and I promise you this isn’t a scam. 



Hey, followers.

I’m sure most of you follow me for the RT/AH fan art, but if you haven’t already heard, Monty Oum, the talented animator, artist, dancer at Rooster Teeth, has been hospitalized and is in critical condition, as released by Burnie on the RT website. http://roosterteeth.com/news/entry.php?id=5427280

There is also a GoFundMe for him and his wife, Sheena, to cover his medical costs. Within hours, the RT community surpassed the $50K goal, and is still going now.  http://www.gofundme.com/MontyandSheena

I, being an artist and a science student, thus obviously poor, I’m already many thousands of dollars already in debt to the government due to my loans, and am unable to donate.

But! I can use my skills to raise awareness.

Please. I know you thought my GTA rapsheets were cool, but nothing would make me happier if you could help Monty and his friends out. 

And even if you can’t donate, that’s okay. Please wish the best for him and spread the call for help.

Don’t do it for me. Do it for Monty. For if there were no him, there’d be no RWBY, RVB mocap animation, or that hugeass high score at that ‘Pump It Up’ machine down at the arcade. For if there were no him, some of us would never have become who we are as fans, followers, artists, dancers, and animators.

[image description: Anglo-Saxon runes saying “Helpaþ þes gehindrod leornere”, or “help this disabled student” in Modern English.]

Fund link here

I am a 21-year-old disabled transgender student formally diagnosed with autism and ADHD, and I have a prescription for both ADHD and anxiety medication. I have anxiety, suicidal ideation and also PTSD as a result of living with an emotionally abusive mother. My academic situation is really tight due to my disabilities and I cannot take another medical leave from university. I am extremely dependent on my mother for support and I have absolutely no money of my own aside for some spare change. My mother has seriously threatened to withdraw support multiple times and there is a serious risk I could become homeless if that happens. I don’t have a car and I can’t find work in this town.

I’m collecting emergency funds so that if something really bad happens to me and I’m on my own, I can have some money to work with for a short time until I can get myself back on my feet. I will not touch this fund unless that happens.

Everyone who makes a donation of any amount (even a cent!!) will receive their URL written in runic (please tell me in my askbox that you donated so I can do this for you). Thank you for helping me.

If you make a donation of 5 dollars or more I will write you a magical inscription in the anglo-saxon fuþorc in the old english language.

If you make a donation of 25 dollars or more I will draw you a portrait and digitally color it.

Examples of my artwork at this link.


Click here to support Help Us Get Back on Our Feet! Emergency Fund! HELP!!

Hello my name is Philip.  I have started this campaign in an effort to keep my family safe, off the streets, and to prevent ourselves from losing everything.  This is an effort to bring some relief to my mother and alleviate the situation which my mother and I are currently suffering.

As of June of 2014, my mother had lost her job after suffering stress-related chest pains and severe depression.  After attending rehabilitation and therapy to deal with her depression, she was able to bounce back and began to look for work again.  She has been on job searches ever since with no luck.  Fortunately, she was able to collect unemployment income for a few months but the income was insufficient to pay the rent and ended in December, 2014.  However, as of September 30th, 2014, our rental lease was up and my mother was unable to renew it so she, I, and a few friends packed up all of our belongings and put them into storage.  Unfortunately, one storage unit was not enough and two units were required to store all our belongings costing us approximately $400/month in storage fees.

We’ve been staying at hotels, motels, as well as with friends and family in effort to keep stay off the streets for a little over six months, now.  We left New Jersey and stayed in Florida for five months with my aunt while searching for full-time employment down there but again nothing was achieved.  The only work she was able to find was part-time work at a Target store.  She never gave up, though, she has always continued to look for work.  She finally received several calls for interviews in New Jersey in April.  Once again, we packed our car and returned home for the interviews.  We returned believing we would finally find relief.  She attended all of the interviews and has yet to hear anything back.  That was weeks ago.  She had also coordinated a job transfer from Florida to New Jersey in the hopes of continuing her part-time employment with Target but somehow that fell through as well.  While she should have been a transfer, she was interviewed as a new employee instead and was never hired by the New Jersey store.  We still don’t know what happened there, but we do know we have no income now.

My mother has followed up on her interviews but the employers have not returned any of the calls.  There are no job offers in the works and we are still destitute and in a dire situation.  We continue to go to the library every day so that she can have internet service to apply for jobs online.  She is not a quitter!  
We have been staying at my Grandmother’s building which is a senior citizen community in Philadelphia and the management there has allowed us to stay for four weeks.  As of May 18th, our stay there will end and my mother and I will be completely homeless with no place to stay, other than our car.  We have no money for food, shelter or to pay our bills for the phone, storage and car.  She is also behind on several bills and they continue to pile up.

My mother and I have been trying to make this work.  We’ve never asked for help during this ordeal as we felt as if we could achieve this on our own.  We’ve been turned away from numerous social service agencies for one reason or another, due to circumstances such as being unqualified or having no physical residential address.  

All of our resources have been exhausted.  We simply do not know what else to do.  Therefore, I suggested the idea of starting a GoFundMe campaign in an effort to raise some money so that we can at least have enough for the basic necessities of life such as food, shelter, etc., and to help pay off the remaining bills which have weighed us down.

My mother is a proud and very strong woman.  She has worked over 40 years.  She has never had to depend on anyone and does not like to ask for help if she feels she can do it on her own; but this is too, too much and too, too big.  Now, she needs the help, and I want to help her.

We just need enough for us to survive so we can continue to find employment and so we can rebuild what we have lost.

If you can send in any donations, even if it’s just a dollar, five dollars, ten dollars – whatever the amount, we would be most grateful.  Thank you and God Bless.

You can find the donation fund at:




Emergency Commissions

Hey guys…

I feel awful for posting this, given the circumstances I really have no choice… Along with a pretty scary diagnosis I got recently and being unable to find a job for the past three months… I just found out that I’m $1,347 in debt…

I haven’t used the card in months since I used to recieve my paychecks through a different debit card, so I hadn’t bothered to check it. I thought I had at least 25 dollars sitting in it. But apparently this wasn’t the case… I was overdrafted 1.34 and the bank began to apply 35 dollar overdraft fees for a long time… without letting me know…

So I’m jobless and terrified, unable to go back to school or find a workplace that’ll accommodate someone like me…

I feel like more and more of a burden each day, and I have to do something to clear this debt and pull my own weight. I’m asking that you please consider commissioning me, or if not, please pass this along to someone who might be interested. I don’t want to just ask for money without doing any work in exchange, so please, PLEASE consider at least passing this along.

You can click this to go to my commission page: (X)

I appreciate every single one of you for taking the time to read this, and please don’t feel bad if you’re not able to commission or reblog.

Thank you for your time.

Please Help My Sick Ferret

Hey guys. I am normally like super against asking for money, and I am only doing this out of worry for my animal. My ferret has been very sick for almost 3 days now, and when we took her to the animal hospital, they told us just running the tests is going to be very pricey (roughly $650) that doesn’t even begin to count the treatment after the tests. My boyfriend and I are both in college. We can normally afford it (barely), but it has been a very rough month and we are not getting anymore money in the bank for a few more weeks. She deserves to get the treatment she needs. If you could share this or even donate a dollar or two that would be extremely helpful and appreciated. When I get money again I will try to give a little something back to anyone who helped. Thank you all so so much. 


Help Alex fight homelessness!

Hey guys, my name is Alex. I’m a transman living in California and recently I’ve fallen on hard times. My roommate and their husband are navy, and are the primary source of income for the house. With them being restationed, I’ll be without a home.

Hey guys!  Interrupting your regularly scheduled dash infusion of fandom and snark, but I’ve got a cause sort of close to home to bring to your attention.  This is my roomie.  I am the roomie with Navy husband mentioned in link quote.  And because of some general fuckery involving ancient relatives and military bullshit, we’re having to ditch the bab on the literal LITERAL other side of the country from the one we scooped him up from.  We figured we might eventually have to split up, but we sort of expected in like… 2017.  Not less than a year after we dug him free of the shithole he was living in before.

He’s a super sweet guy who has worked really hard to get where he is despite the curveballs his brain and body throw him.  He just got his script for T, he’s working his ass off to get a job out here and get his legal stuff all sorted, he just needs a hand to keep things going until he can get settled.  And if you’re iffy on just donating, this is a man who will work for his pay.  Go commission him for writing.  He doesn’t just do fanfic, I’ve also seen him write articles on tech and movie reviews, as well as editing work.

If you can’t donate or commission, please please please signal boost.  I’ve seen Tumblr do some really amazing things for people, and this is a guy who could use some amazing right about now.


Sansa needs your help!!


Today Sansa ran for cover in a narrow nook between the cabinets and the wall. There was a noise that sounded like a pop and then she started to cry.

We broke some stuff getting her out of there, but we realized that she refuses to put any weight down on her right foreleg. I’m sure it’s dislocated.

No emergency vet in my city allows for payment options and I have less than $100 in my account right now… in fact I have less than that, not even enough for the consultation fee.

The number is the estimate given by a vet tech over the phone (x-rays, boarding, painkillers, vaccines, anesthesia, surgery [for patellar luxation]). Any money I don’t spend will be given back in equal amounts to my donors.

Please consider giving, or at the very least signal boosting. I don’t have much time before I’m going to be forced to surrender her, a day, maybe two.

Please consider.


Hello lovely folks! My lovely girlfriend and I are in kind of a bad spot and we need to save up so we can move out! So I’m offering these cute custom charms along with my regular commissions! Anything you ask for will be hand drawn by me and printed, cut, and sealed into a tough little charm with a lanyard (and dust plug, if you need one) for your phone!

Some cute ideas for stuff to put on a charm are:

  • A cutie-fied image of your pet
  • Your favorite character
  • Your name or a phrase
  • A mini version of you or your friends
  • A tiny object or logo
  • The possibilities are endless!

The best part? They’re only $5! They make really cute personalized gifts and add an adorable touch of “charm” to anything you put them on!

Please send me an ask here or send an email titled “Charm Commission” at oakydeer@gmail.com if you’re interested or would like to do something fancier with your charm! Maybe make it into a necklace, earrings, pin, or charm bracelet! We can figure out something awesome and inexpensive! 

I’ll only be taking 30 orders for now so let me know as soon as possible! And if you missed your chance, I’ll notify you so you can check back after the first batch has been printed and mailed. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments as well, please let me know!

Thank you for your support, and we hope to hear from you guys!

so one of my family members told my abusive, transphobic mother about what I’m doing (dropping out of college and staying in Austin to get the fuck away from her)!!!!!!!

which means she’s probably gonna fuck with my bank account soon and take away what little money i have to pay for groceries and a plane ticket to my next apartment since I wont tell her where I am, as some sort of twisted collateral.

I’m trying to set up a new account that she can’t access, in the meantime my emergency fund is even more of an emergency so please donate here:


any donation of $10 earns you a drawing from spades-chilling-teal or myself, if you want one!


Help Maddy Survive this Month!
My name is Madilyn Jenkins, though many of my friends know me better as Maddy. I am a trans woman living southwest of Dallas, Texas. I recently began a short term disability leave from my place of work due to severe anxiety and depression causing me to no longer be able to function properly. I...

Hey, I still really hate bothering people about this. But I am still very much in dire need of funds. I am currently on a disability leave from my work, but I do not have the money to see doctors about my severe anxiety and depression. Friends have managed to stop be from going too far a couple times but I need professional help and medication before something happens. I don’t ever want to guilt anyone. I only mean to express how serious this is for me. From doctors to insurance to everything. I’m not spending a dime that I don’t absolutely have to, but I truly need help or I won’t make it another month.

I appreciate any donation, even if it is just a dollar. If you’re unable to spare anything now, I understand. We all have problems to deal with. I would appreciate if you might at least share this post to others. Thank you. And I am again very sorry for bothering you about this.