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The Complex Geometry of Islamic Design

In Islamic culture, geometry is everywhere. You can find it in mosques, madrasas, palaces and private homes. This tradition began in the 8th century CE during the early history of Islam, when craftsman took preexisting motifs from Roman and Persian cultures and developed them into new forms of visual expression. 

This period of history was a golden age of Islamic culture, during which many achievements of previous civilizations were preserved and further developed, resulting in fundamental advancements in scientific study and mathematics. Accompanying this was an increasingly sophisticated use of abstraction and complex geometry in Islamic art, from intricate floral motifs adorning carpets and textiles, to patterns of tile work that seemed to repeat infinitely, inspiring wonder and contemplation of eternal order.

 Despite the remarkable complexity of these designs, they can be created with just a compass to draw circles and a ruler to make lines within them, and from these simple tools emerges a kaleidoscope multiplicity of patterns. So how does that work? Well, everything starts with a circle. The first major decision is how will you divide it up? Most patterns split the circle into four, five or six equal sections. And each division gives rise to distinctive patterns. 

There’s an easy way to determine whether any pattern is based on fourfold, fivefold, or sixfold symmetry. Most contain stars surrounded by petal shapes. Counting the number of rays on a starburst, or the number of petals around it, tells us what category the pattern falls into. A star with six rays, or surrounded by six petals, belongs in the sixfold category. One with eight petals is part of the fourfold category, and so on. 

There’s another secret ingredient in these designs: an underlying grid. Invisible, but essential to every pattern, the grid helps determine the scale of the composition before work begins, keeps the pattern accurate, and facilitates the invention of incredible new patterns. Let’s look at an example of how these elements come together. 

We’ll start with a circle within a square, and divide it into eight equal parts. We can then draw a pair of criss-crossing lines and overlay them with another two. These lines are called construction lines, and by choosing a set of their segments, we’ll form the basis of our repeating pattern. 

Many different designs are possible from the same construction lines just by picking different segments. And the full pattern finally emerges when we create a grid with many repetitions of this one tile in a process called tessellation.

By choosing a different set of construction lines, we might have created this any of the above patterns. The possibilities are virtually endless.  

We can follow the same steps to create sixfold patterns by drawing construction lines over a circle divided into six parts, and then tessellating it, we can make something like the above.

Here’s another sixfold pattern that has appeared across the centuries and all over the Islamic world, including Marrakesh, Agra, Konya and the Alhambra. 

Fourfold patterns fit in a square grid, and sixfold patterns in a hexagonal grid. 

Fivefold patterns, however, are more challenging to tessellate because pentagons don’t neatly fill a surface, so instead of just creating a pattern in a pentagon, other shapes have to be added to make something that is repeatable, resulting in patterns that may seem confoundingly complex, but are still relatively simple to create. 

This more than 1,000-year-old tradition has wielded basic geometry to produce works that are intricate, decorative and pleasing to the eye. And these craftsman prove just how much is possible with some artistic intuition, creativity, dedication along with a great compass and ruler.


Life as an emergency medicine intern can be pretty hectic, but having the right tools in your armamentarium can make things that much easier. 

Here are some of the things I carry around on a day to day basis in the emergency department plus a few extras:


Personally I carry the Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope. It has served me well for about 4 years now. I think it has one of the best acoustic qualities for those not going into Cardiology. Plus it comes in black!

Stethoscope Hip Clip

White coats get dirty in he emergency department, I stick to just my scrubs mostly. I give my neck a break from hanging my stethoscope around it and clip it to my scrubs pants. Your future orthopedic surgeon thanks you.

Tarascon Adult Emergency Medicine Pocketbook

This book has saved my butt multiple times, especially as a 4th year medical student on Sub-Internship rotations. Faster than opening up your phone and waiting for your WikiEM app to update. Just flip to the back,f ind what your are looking for and BAM! It is especially useful on international rotations when you don’t have internet or data service to spare.

LED Penlight

I think pens with LED lights are less harsh on the patients’ eyes. These pens are still very bright so don’t directly shine them into the patients’ eyes just near them, unless you’re a jerk doctor.

Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy

A great deal of emergency department patients are discharged or admitted on antibiotic therapy. This helps you decide which drug for which bug without having to guess or remember back to your microbiology block. What if it is male with a UTI not a female? Or a kid with pneumonia? What common bugs need what drugs? This book helps a lot. Warning: paper cuts.

Trauma Scissors 

Most trauma patients need their clothes removed. Those who are bleeding out and time is on the essence, whip out these babies and cut through almost anything. Be careful before they cut your dreams.

Oh Karma… I legit worry about you sometimes. It’s kind of weird to carry around nose clips and ghost peppers with you. Then it begs the question of… Does he carry this around all the time… 

I really don’t want to know

But, I hope you would enjoy what is lurking inside Karma’s Emergency Tool Bag (again, only found in the manga book version)

Serial killer voices
Serial killer voices

Some more audio clips of serial killers. Part 1

Ordered by date of apprehension: Rodney Alcala (joking on The Dating Game in 1978), Dennis Nilsen (about dismembering corpses to avoid the bad smell that would emerge in summer), Ottis Toole (about his love for fire, power and destruction + his creepy laugh), Henry Lee Lucas (about his methods of killing), Paul Bernardo (rapping), Karla Homolka (about giving in to Paul’s wish to kill), Gary Ridgway (about one victim, who he picked up and murdered while his son was in the car).

charmingviking  asked:

For the "sword/dagger hidden inside of a walking cane" trope in media, how effective would that actually be? I feel like in some cases, clubbing the opponent with a heavy cane would be quicker and easier than hiding a bladed weapon inside of one

Swordsticks (or in this case sword canes) are real weapons. I’ve got a cheap one around here, somewhere. They’re very specialized, and for their intended use, they work. In the 18th and 19th centuries, these were used as a self defense tool and, probably, a status symbol.

Usually these are canes constructed in two parts. The main shaft is hollow, and attaches to the head via threading or some kind of locking mechanism. The head doubles as a simple hilt, with a blade extending down through the shaft. When separated, the shaft functions as a sheath, though in some cases it can be used as an improvised parrying tool.

The short answer to it’s effectiveness is, it can kill you. It’s a long, thin, sharp blade. Getting run through by one will ruin your day. They’re not a particularly useful weapon for general combat, but that was never their intended purpose.

As with most weapons, swordsticks range from simple, mostly practical designs, to highly ornate display pieces. Depending on the quality of the individual cane, it could be entirely functional, and quite lethal, or not.

The idea behind the swordstick is, as a cultured gentleman, if you were attacked, you could pull the blade and use it to defend yourself. This is roughly equivalent to a modern concealed carry pistol. It’s not a great combat weapon, but if someone’s trying to kill you, it’s better than nothing.

As an emergency self defense tool, they’re functional, and far more lethal than a simple cane. A mugger armed with a cudgel would be able to defend themselves from a cane, but a swordstick would prove much harder to deal with especially when it’s wielder is also a trained fencer. Try to remember that for the 18th and 19th century English gentlemen, fencing was still an expected past time. It’s not just that the gentleman was carrying a sword in his cane, he also, usually, knew how to use it.

For what it’s worth, I’d much rather deal with someone swinging a dogwood cane at me than a lunging with a swordstick. You can deliver a lot of force with a cane, but a swordstick will deliver lethal injuries quickly, and that’s part of it’s purpose. The point of drawing a blade is to tell a would be assailant, “you thought I’d be an easy mark, now I’m going to end you.”


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At the Edge of the Ocean (Olicity AU fic Part 1)

Hey guys, I’d been toying for weeks with the idea of doing a unique Olicity AU one-shot. I very rarely write fics with mystical elements but once this idea popped into my head, I couldn’t get it out. I also blame @agentsassydirewolf​ for letting me rant about it and adding fuel to the fire in my creative brain! Thank you, and I hate you (just kidding…kinda sorta)! ;)

Anyway, I’ve always loved mermaids. They are by far my favorite mythical creature. I recently re-watched Splash (a big, glorious mistake) and felt compelled to finally bring my Olicity mermaid AU obsession to life. This was originally going to be a one-shot but while writing yesterday, I realized there was too much to cram into a single post. I also wanted to have this posted in time for Valentine’s Day, so I’m splitting it up into two parts (I’m still working on the second one right now).  

I haven’t yet decided if this might turn into a short, mutli-chapter ficlet. But let me know if you guys want to read more, and I might add it to my list of future fics to work on. I’m not sure how the visual aspects and edits will format on AO3, so I’m posting strictly to Tumblr for now.

Thanks in advance for reading, everyone, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Originally posted by beautyisworthagif

Pairing: Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak

Rating: T

Summary: AU. Oliver almost drowns when the Queen’s Gambit sinks and is saved by a mysterious creature. When he learns that his savior is actually a beautiful mermaid named Felicity, Oliver can’t decided if he’s more shocked by her existence or the fact that he feels such a strong connection to her. Coming from two different worlds, Oliver and Felicity must decided if their love is true and what they’re willing to sacrifice to make it work.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Arrow or any of its characters. Except for the Olicity edits, the rest of the images and gifs aren’t mine.

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Emergency commission! 

Want to help me? mail me at negmnelly@gmail.com, or message me here on tumblr.

Hi, i have never done this but i’m in need of assistance. 

I need to pay my medical bill, and i haven’t received my insurance. I don’t know what to do, so i’m doing this. Please if you cant/don’t want to commission me, please re-blogg to give me a bigger chance to reach to a bigger audience.

The way I will do this is, if you are interested in commissioning me, you can write me at negmnelly@gmail.com, show me a mood-board, reference  or a drawing you want me to illustrate and I will draw a sketch, if when you are happy with the sketch I will finish it up and send you a high resolution JPEG or PNG

Payment is:

50% to make me do the sketch

50% when done, this is so that i don’t get scammed and waste time on people that have no intension in paying.

I take PayPal / Bank transference / swish 

I do more different styles, so if you are interested but not in these styles i have on the board, you can go to my page @nellynegm and see if there is something for you. 

OFC these are preliminary prices, if you want something customised for you, message me and we can figure something out <3

Making New friends

Prompt: It’s JASON TODD”S BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!! I’ve seen a lot of people doing canon relationships, but I think I’m gonna do something a bit different… Bare with me!


Originally posted by supagirl

Pairing: None

TW: It gets kinda sad… also contains OCs

Word Count: 1,057

Tags: @nervouswastelandvoid , @redhoodshood, @jxsontxdds

When Jason first started out as Robin, it had been a dream come true. The boy by no means had any rose colored glasses, and that sometimes made things easier. Other times it made things harder. Jason had snuck out of the Manor, Bruce at some gala and Alfred sick in bed, it was quite simple.

Jason leapt down from a fire escape and onto a dirty alley floor. He sighed, so far his little sneak patrol had been quiet, no bad guys whatsoever, “This is so boring,” He muttered to himself, “Where are all the bad guys,” he yelled angrily as he kicked a can across the dirty alley. It smacked into a concrete wall right next to a large garbage bin. here was a squeak and the thud of someone hitting the deck.

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anonymous asked:

What do u do if there's a super cute person in the halls and ur like. Wow. I need to draw u. But you're complete strangers? Like I can't wait to become friends with them I nEED TO DRAW NOw


I literally went to a concert thingey the other night, and I saw a REALLY CUTE/HOT girl in the audience, and I literally had to grab emergency drawing tools from my friend @gilove2dance, who happened to have some in her bag. The girl didn’t notice me drawing her (I think). 

I hope you can become friends, and they are only flattered by you drawing them!! 

anonymous asked:

Is the use of airguns in the original Sherlock Holmes novels realistic for that time period, if you wanted to write something set around that time? It's Colonal Moran's weapon of choice in a couple of the stories.

The only one I remember is The Adventure of the Empty House, but it’s been awhile. I’d say it’s not accurate, but the only real issue is a minor nitpick. My impression is that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle never actually saw one being used, and was using a third party account for how they sounded.

Pneumatic rifles date back to the late sixteenth century, and saw use as an alternative to black powder weapons into the early 20th century. Prior to the mid-19th century, they were extremely rare, but somewhere around the 1840s, they started to catch on.

Actually researching early air rifles is a bit of a pain. Because of the rarity, and because they don’t tend to survive the way black powder weapons have, and surviving documentation is vanishingly rare. As a result, I’m honestly not certain of their entire history when it comes to actual military use.

They made an excellent weapon for clandestine snipers. They’re not completely silent, but they make far less noise and lack a muzzle flash to betray the shooter’s location.

Moran’s background actually dovetails into exactly the kind of person who would have been trained, and had experience in their use. He saw action along the border between India and Afghanistan serving as a marksman.

I’m actually going to step back and explain this, Moran would have served in what’s now Pakistan (and Afghanistan), however the nation of Pakistan was founded in 1947. When the books were written that territory was still part of India. So, if you’ve been reading the stories and wondered why Sir Arthur Conan Doyle seemed to think Kabul was in India… well, it was.

The individual military actions he was involved in were historically accurate. I’m guessing this would have been more recognizable, and lent the character additional credibility when the story was published. A century later, and I need to check the internet to figure out where he served.

It’s also probably worth saying, we’re not talking about a BB gun. While I don’t know what Moran’s rifle was specifically, and Doyle never seemed to specify, it’s entirely possible he was firing a .70 bullet at somewhere around 300m/s. (It’s slightly more likely it was somewhere in the .40 to .50 range, but still, a substantial bullet that can easily kill someone. For reference, a .45 ACP round has a muzzle velocity of around 260m/s.)

Moran’s rifle was firing bullets, but dart and bolt firing air guns did (and do) exist. Dart guns are still frequently used when attempting to tranquilize an animal from range.

These days, large bore air rifles still exist, and are still rare. They have a niche market as emergency survival tools, for people who are afraid they’ll live through the end of the world. As sniper tools, the advent of modern suppressors and subsonic ammunition have rendered them mostly obsolete.

When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was writing, rifles like the one he described did exist. They were used like that. Moran has the correct background to select the air rifle as the right tool for the job at hand. They were odd and a little exotic, but it does all fit together.

They’re just going to make an audible snap, not a whirring noise.

Something that never comes up in the material is that air rifles that operate from a reservoir lose power as they’re fired. It doesn’t matter if it’s feeding from a CO2 tank, or being pumped by hand. Your first shot will be more powerful than your subsequent ones. This is because you’re relying on the pressure in the reservoir to propel your bullets. Each shot vents some of that gas, lowering the pressure, and with it the force behind your next shot. This isn’t an issue with rifles that use a spring mechanism to propel the bullet. Those will be consistent between shots, but require the user to manually charge the weapon before each shot.


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Price: $20

LifeStraw is the perfect accessory life-tool for on-the-go camping, hiking, adventure-seeking trip. It is an award-wining device since 2005 that removes at least 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites, surpassing EPA standards for water filters. Imagine having this “Brita-like” filter pen that can be used in that little stream running by your mountain trail. Additionally, it does not use any chemicals, iodine, or chlorine to do the hob, 

The perfect emergency tool to hydrate your body in normally the harshest of environments. 


The NASA Village

Today in the NASA Village… Catching the Space Bug.

Have you ever caught the space bug? Have you ever tried to get others to catch it? A passion for the celestial is a passion that can cross all demographics and borders. All you need to do is look up and you will find yourself looking outwards to the stars and beyond.

For some, the space bug originated in a favorite sci-fi show or movie. For others it may have been a Ray Bradbury story or a favorite novel. Perhaps one of the most common sources of the contagion in the NASA Village is actually… family. Sharing a love of space with your children, parents, family members you see once a year at Christmas. In the case of Allie Battocletti, it was her father who was, “a huge human spaceflight enthusiast his whole life. He started teaching me about spaceflight when I was very young, and I caught the bug!”

Allie continues to try and infect others with her passion for space.

She says that she can can explain her job to a young child with Legos and action figures. ʺSee how the astronauts are building/fixing their space house? I teach them how to do that!ʺ

Allie also coordinates my Neutral Buoyancy Lab training.

Here she is highlighting the day’s objectives to the dive team.

You get an idea of the pool deck run through from this video.

Since we don’t have high fidelity mock-ups in the water for everything, this photo shows Allie training me on a mock-up for the berthing mechanisms (the system we use to attach modules or visiting cargo vehicles to the station). I was wearing some spacesuit gloves to get an appreciation of exactly how difficult it would be to remove the shield thermal cover.

Allie mentioned in training that there was one very difficult place to access in an area on the exterior of station. In his training, astronaut Chris Cassidy made a great suggestion for how to build a tool, by combining a couple of items the tools in the toolbox. It is amazing how often we have to be innovative with our tools. Allie described, “When there is a problem to fix on the International Space Station I’m always amazed with the things we come up with to solve the problem. After having problems installing hardware for the ISS (International Space Station) power system on US EVA 18 (spacewalk), the solution we came up with involved, of all things - a toothbrush!”

Tools designed for space are designed to minimize any extra velocity.

The first cordless tools were commissioned by NASA in 1961 for the Apollo and Gemini programs. Did we invent the cordless power tool? No! But the extreme nature of space warranted the need for new innovative technology. Learn more about the specifics of how cordless tools emerged here:


NASA most certainly changed the world with this forward thinking initiative. BTW, I love power tools!

Everything in your life can be a tool if you know how to use it right. What are your crazy tool stories?

Do you want more stories? Find our NASA Villagers here!

In the colonial order, race operated as a principle of the political body. Race made it possible to classify human beings in distinct categories supposedly endowed with specific and mental properties. Bureaucracy emerged as a tool of domination, and the network linking death and commerce operated as the fundamental matrix of power.
—  Achille Mbembe, The Critique of Black Reason (57)

So crescentwrenches had an awesome idea for theater/AV techs to post their gig bags, tool boxes, etc. Here’s mine. I work in live audio (at a venue and freelance with my own small PA) and do field recording for broadcast. I’ve given everything in the pictures above a number, so look down below for a description and comment about each item!


1. Stanley tool bag: I got this for like $10 on Amazon a while back and it’s held up well. Holds what I need, durable enough, and looks professional.
2. Lutz interchangeable ratcheting screwdriver: I bought this when I interned for an IT department. I’ve used it for everything from rebuilding computers to repairing refrigerators to building props.
3. Kobalt adjustable wrench on tool tether: Every theater tech should have an adjustable wrench in their gig bag. I’ve been using this one for about four years and I love it.
4. Mechanix work gloves: For unloading trucks during load in, pushing cases, rigging, focusing lights, etc. Not very happy with these, but they do the job for now.
5. DeWalt belt tool holder: I don’t use this very often, but during big shows I can put this on my belt and hold an adjustable wrench, sharpies, flashlight, etc.
6. Various screwdrivers
7. Various pliers and a very mediocre set of wire cutters that need to be taken out of my bag
8. Scotch super glue: I stuck this in my tool bag because I found it on the floor one day and it’s saved me on about four shows since then.
9. Various adjustable wrenches to loan out to stagehands or when I need another one to hold something in place
10. 120v outlet tester: Checks for messed up ground, etc.
11. Crappy extra batteries: I usually have a few procells but I used them all up.
12. No contact voltage detector: I never use this, but it’s here if needed. I think the batteries are dead. It’s been months since I’ve touched it.
13. Crappy multimeter
14. Stanley precision screwdrivers: BEST $3 I’VE EVER SPENT
15. Ebtech cable tester: Everyone should have a cable tester in their bag. I happen to have this Ebtech. Nothing special. Works fine, but doesn’t test NL4.
16/17. Gerber multitool and holster
18. MagLite MiniMag LED and holster: Currently my favorite flashlight
19. Gerber Crucial multitool: Look it up. The black version is great.
20. Crappy flash drive
21. Crappy pocket knife
22. Really nice scissors: because nobody can ever figure out what happened to the venue’s scissors
23. Various lead and lead free solder
24. Wire strippers
25. Solder sucker
26. Mediocre Weller soldering iron
27. Tire pressure gauge: I work with a lot of carts and things
28. Pen with a bunch of different colored ink
29. Various sharpies
31. King Size Sharpie:
I don’t actually use it. It’s solely for bragging rights.
32. Metallic Sharpie: For writing on gaff and stuff. I love this thing.
33. Drum keys: Because drummers don’t know how to tune their own drums
32-36. Electrical tape in various colors: For labelling handheld mics, usually
37. Band-aids
38. Lexicon-branded lanyard:
As an emergency backup tool tether


39. Behringer UCA222 Audio Interface: This thing is technically a really mediocre interface, but it’s gotten me out of so many difficult situations since the headphone output on my MacBook has a grounding issue. Easy the best $25 I’ve ever spent.
40. (2) RCA to ¼ cables: The set that’s usually in my bag is still at work, so there’s a normal set of RCA cables holding it’s place in this picture. I use these for the UCA222 interface.
41. 1/8 to dual ¼ cable: For connecting a phone to the board
42. Adapter case (more on that below)
43. Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones
44. Mediocre Passive Behringer DI Box:
Hate on Behringer all you want, but this DI has gotten me out of dozens of difficult situations and doesn’t sound horrific, so I keep using it. (Yes, I have much better DIs for my PA, don’t worry)
45. HP Stream 7 Windows Tablet: This thing cost like $60 with a few discounts, and it’s great for looking up manuals and emails and stuff. I love Windows tablets. neotrotsky would be proud. Still running Windows 8 because 10 was giving me driver issues with the accelerometer, but it still works fine.
46. Kmashi 10,000mah battery: Because my stupid iPhone lasts two hours
47. Micro USB cable: Charges Stream 7 and my iPhone (with battery case)
48. (4) 6′ TRS to XLR Male cables: I get a lot of questions about why I carry these. I work on analog boards a lot with ¼ outputs. I usually don’t end up using all four of these, but they’ve saved me more times than I can count.

49. (6) XLR female to female turnarounds: Yes, I’ve used all six at the same time.
50. (6) XLR male to male turnarounds: Yes, I’ve also used all six of these at the same time.
51. NL4 to ¼
52/53. ¼ to XLR adapters
54. Mic stand parts and thread adapters
55. Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter
56. (2) RCA to ¼
57/59/60/62/61/63. Various AV adapters and things
58. TRS couplers
64/65. Barrel DIs
66. Whirlwind Little IMP:
 generally used to get mic level signal into guitar pedals
67/68/69/70. XLR splitter, 1/8 female to dual ¼, stereo RCA to mono ¼, other RCA adapters

Sorry this was so lengthy! Please ask if you have any questions or want details about any of these items! I love to talk gear!

dreamsheartstory  asked:

okay. I think you win for best comment on the picture of the fuzzy cow. Fabio is incredibly moojestic. krei os! (how would one say majestic cow in trigedasleng, btw?)

Nice photo, by the way! :) Unfortunately you’ve hit me with a question I don’t think I can answer. I tend to lay off naming animals until they come up in the show—the simple reason being I don’t know if they’re still around if I don’t see them in the world! I’m simply not sure if cows made it. :( And, of course, if they did, how likely is one to run into a cow in the area we’ve seen in the show (I must say, I’m not super familiar with Virginia/Maryland. They got dairy farms there?). What do you think, @the100writers? Grounders runnin’ around with cows?

As for “majestic”, this seems like a word that is likely to have been forgotten. It happens. We drop words from our vocabulary all the time (cf. Shakespeare). We also have words that hang around the periphery of our experience (e.g. fastidious), and words that fade and then come back (e.g. egregious). Part of what keeps them hanging around is literature and scholarship, though, and that’s something that’s missing, it seems.

Polis is interesting, though. Depending on how stable that area remains, society can really relaunch from there. And, in my opinion, if a stable society were to emerge, I think Trigedasleng would be lost, and everyone would go back to speaking English all the time. There’d be some vocab that was kept, but the benefits of being able to reclaim lost knowledge through literature would be too great to ignore. Trigedasleng emerged as a useful tool out of a period of great instability. Stability, along with access to stores of old knowledge, would kill it.

So yeah, all that to say I’m not sure we could do “majestic cow” in Trigedasleng. If a Grounder came across a magnificent beast like Fabio, I guess they’d probably say Feisen bis, you. Maybe meizen. Nothing that specifically covers the majestic majesty of “majestic”, though.

Now, if there were Trigedasleng singers or poets or storytellers…

But no, this is too much speculation. We need a spinoff. Something that follows Anya in the early days before the Ark crew came down. Sure, they had their tiffs with the Mountain Men and other Grounders, but for the most part, they live in relative peace: hunting, trading, swapping stories, traveling, telling one liners for the benefit of a studio audience. But no one cracks wise or lays down the law like our fearless leader Anya. I call it Lay It Anya. And if you give me a series order, I’ve got a pilot script ready to go! Here’s a preview:

TORA: Hei, bro! Em laik ai tronkova!

LAMON: Yu ste koken, you! Em laik ai tronkova! Ai don jak em op kom Ripa!

TORA: Kom Ripa? Chon ai bilaik, yu gagen gapa?

Audience laughs (that’s her catchphrase!)

LAMON: Mon, you! Ai gaf em in! Ai medo ste azen!

LAMON makes his teeth chatter; audience laughs.

TORA: Yu spichen neindropen nomfa kom—

TORA leaps at LAMON. The two struggle briefly, then—


Enter Anya.

ANYA: Chit yo prom bilaik, you?

Audience cheers.

TORA: Em don jak ai tronkova op, ba—

LAMON: Nowe, you! Em laik ain, Tora! Ai don tel yu—


TORA and LAMON freeze.

ANYA: Ai na rip dison au, you.

ANYA takes the blanket.

ANYA: Em laik ain. Mochof!

ANYA exits, carrying the blanket.

LAMON: Yu gonplei ste odon, tronkova…

LAMON sniffs. Audience applauds.


It can’t fail! Where’s that green light?

anonymous asked:

Hmmm hard pieces for Coran. Maybe he feels more comfortable fixing it himself, the lab grown ones gave him a strange phantom itch. Maybe it was made by the old Paladins and now an extra Headcanon there's a hidden compartment in it, where he keeps emergency tools.

“Can…” Shiro bit his lip, then swallowed. “Is it okay if I see?” 

It had nearly put him on the floor when Coran told him he had some of Mirje’s work on him, too. Coran. Who moved as balanced and even as if he’d been calibrated. And yet as he watched, the older man took a seat and calmly removed his boot, rolling up his uniform leg just above the knee to show…

-seemingly nothing unusual? But before Shiro could ask, Coran tapped something unseen, and the apparent normal-ness of his limb shimmered for a moment before seams and panels and tiny rivets became visible.

Shiro gaped. “How? When?”

“If you mean when I lost the limb, that was before the original Voltron team was even formed,” Coran said, sitting up and unmasking the rest of his scars. “Back when I was still the royal bodyguard, there was a poison bomb attempt on the king’s life. It was a fairly weak attempt as they go, really. But I took some shrapnel in the leg and got contaminated. The infirmary staff amputated the limb when we got back to Altea. The queen was furious.”

Shiro rested his chin in his hands, frowning a little. "Why would the queen be mad at you? Because you had to go off duty?”

Coran snorted and shook his head. “Oh, Illyere wasn’t mad at me. It was the medics who ordered the amputation that she nearly took apart. See, her majesty wasn’t a full-blooded Altean, and that had an interesting effect. Rather than being able to shapeshift like the rest of us, she had a healing talent like her offworlder relatives. Saved my neck several times, in fact,” he said, pointing to the claw-mark scars over his eye. “But Altea in those times… wasn’t the best place to be of mixed blood. Even as a queen.”

It took him a few seconds to put the pieces together, then his eyes widened. “They wouldn’t let her in to see you, when she could have fixed you before the leg got bad enough to need amputation.”

“Got it in one.” Coran folded his hands over his stomach and sighed. “I don’t recall a lot of what happened after the surgery, because I was in cryo for recovery. Their majesties never wanted to talk about it. I suspect Alfor fired the lot, or transferred them to positions away from the castle. No, they wouldn’t have been arrested for anything,” he added pointedly when Shiro opened his mouth.

Shiro flushed. “I was actually going to ask what the replacement originally was, since you didn’t know Mirje then. But… that is a good point. I’m kinda glad to know that they didn’t do anything seriously bad to the medics… even if they deserved it.”

“Ah. Sorry, then.” Coran scratched the back of his neck. “Altean prosthetics are designed via nanotech to replicate the original limb as closely as possible. They grow in laboratory conditions, then are grafted using shapeshifting back to the stub of the amputated limb.”

“That sounds amazing. No offense, but why would you go from that to hardware?”

‘The grafting never really… took for me, I suppose. Call it allergy, call it psychology, but I hated the damn thing every day I had it. Constant itching, dreams of it on fire, stiffness in the joints; it was an absolute pest. I just never wanted to broach the subject around their majesties because I knew Illyere already felt guilty about the fact that I had it. And after she… passed, there was just so much to do that eventually I was too busy to notice it anymore.”

“Until you met Mirje?”

“Until I met Mirje. She actually convinced Joitree to give prosthetics sciences a try, believe it or not. And then they started collaborating and revolutionized the field of mechanical limbs.” He tapped his leg and then flexed the toes, showing off how fine the gear control was. “I was one of their first exhibitions.”

Shiro leaned down closer, peering at the joint connections. “What’s this little thing here?” he asked, pointing to a node just above the ankle that connected to the back of the calf.

“Heh.” Coran reached down and pressed it, and Shiro stared in surprise when the ankle joint popped open, revealing a miniature set of mechanic’s tools. “Backup. Never know when you’ll need repairs in a pinch.”

Cool. Can you install me a set?” 

“We might be able to make that work.”


Some ideas for EDC or survival  E&E / SERE type tools .

From locking and non locking cutting tools depending on your carry laws through to Custom and production key chain and emergency use tools  .

Personal flashlights, strobe beacons and signaling options through to fire-steel’s and fire starters, tinder and strikers there’s just something about gadgets that I love .