emergency signal

Going to be opening for Commissions tomorrow

I got two pieces left on my queue, but I really need to open after I budget out stream pieces tonight. 

Long story short, I’m broke as hell. And it’s mostly because I’ve been working on my queue without taking new pieces, and having a really bad breakdown. 

Joann fabrics hired me on as a keyholder, but due to the manager hiring me being fired, the process has been delayed even longer, and that is stressing me out. 

I’m opening for only two types of commissions this week, described below. if you can grab a slot, or even signal boost, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. This will help me get groceries, and help me pay rent.

Type one: 
 Pinups- $25 for one character, $35 for two

I have four slots open for that, and can possibly open a fifth.

Type 2: 
Expression sheets- $35 for three expressions in color, $8 per extra expression

(I don’t have any references for this yet, however, sketches will look a look a lot like this 

I’ll open five slots for these

thank you guys again. if you’d like to grab a slot now, I can start writing up the queue and get my schedule started for this week, and I can’t say thank you enough to anyone who gets one or signal boosts.

Much love, guys <3 

Hey! Since people are still asking me I just want to let you know , I do have space for more commissions! if you’re still interested , contact me here or send me a mail to edithfranyuti@gmail.com

30$ Simple Half body + .Gif , you can add two simple stuffs on the picture , if you want and extra you can add 5$.

Some samples:

40$ Simple Half body + .Gif , you can add three complex objects on the picture , if you want and extra you can add 5$.

some samples:

If you know someone that could be interested please I would super appreciate if you tell them about this commissions! :3 thank you!


My dog ended up getting attacked this morning. Currently at the emergency vet. They’re working to stabilize him due to blood loss.

I wouldn’t ask this if I truly wasn’t desperate but I need help. Just to get him stable is $600. They need to do x-rays of his leg and chest and possibly surgery due to the arterial bleeding. They’re going to keep him over night.

In all, I’m looking at thousands in vet bills. I have $12 to my name. I’ll make a post for commissions when I get home this evening but I’m also taking donations.

my paypal is Ladykitsunia@aol.com

Any sort of help, reblogs, etc is helpful. Please.

asdkjfdh i just made a post about this but,

HI I’m Phii, an RCAD student and my intuos pro tablet is on it’s final legs! i can barely get it to work without wiggling the tablet cord closest to the port a whole bunch and putting it in weird positions and it stops working mid drawing and it’s just about fizzled out. I recently bought a new cord and i’ve tested it and it’s definitely the pad itself I’ve had this tablet for a good 4 or 5 years if i remember correctly? maybe more? but i literally don’t have any money to buy a new one (bc i use all the cash i get for food or supplies for my non digital media classes.) SO WHAT I WANNA DO IS BE -THE WORST- and ask for donations !

I’m hoping for at least $300 but going to try and shoot for $800

$300 means I can get the same tablet from amazon and hopefully live until my birthday or other to try and get a cintiq 13HD (I asked for one for christmas this passed year but my parents decided not to do christmas or presents this time around so,,, yeah;;)

OR $800 so I can get a cintiq 13HD now and hopefully never worry again ??? for several years at least

my paypal is lessthenlove@yahoo.com so if you are capable of donating even a little bit, it’ll help me out tremendously! I’m going to try and get my tablet to work for as long as i can and maybe make some $25 adoptables/designs to sell and maybe offer some $10 sketch commissions or some YCH auctions that I’ll finish when i can get a more reliable tablet ghgh;; 

sorry this is such a wordwall but im desperate, half of my classes depend on my having a portable tablet and my personal work is done 95% on my tablet as well, and hopefully i can use a friend’s tablet in the mean time but i really need my own asdfg please n thank you;; 

I’ll be trying to open up a patreon as well sometime in the future so i don’t have to ever do this again and people will have more access to my work if they enjoy it so !! look forward to that if i can avert this crisis; 

THANK YOU !!!! aaa

emergency commissions

most of you who follow me know that a pipe burst in my house and tore apart my ceiling + flooded my room. so! in addition to needing out-of-pocket donations, i’d also like to offer the service of my art for as long as i can keep taking orders!

you can find my art examples in the #sergle art tag! i might update this post later with an array of examples.

of note: if you were already gonna donate, please feel free to still do so. 

Signal boost please

I know you probably see like a million posts like this a day, but please hear me out.

Ok so I’ve been presented with two options:

1.) Give up my service dog, who is the only reason I am alive today

2.) Save up money and move out of my house.

So I’d like to open up commissions so I can attempt to achieve #2. I’m not gonna put a limit on how many slots I’ll have. I am comfortable trying ANYTHING except gore. I have drawn furries, and have a little bit of experience with mecha. I can TRY NSFW. Again, I’m comfortable attempting anything but gore.

Sketches $10

Lineart $15

Flats $20

Shaded (No bg) - $25

Shaded w/ bg $30

All prices are for 1 character, +$5 for additional characters.

I also do my special Deco circles, which I can do for $15 w/o bg, $20 with bg

I also have a redbubble and an Etsy. If you’re interested, shoot me a pm or email me at audienta.art@gmail.com (more reliable method tbh).

if you can’t afford any of the above, my paypal is at the email listed above if you’d like to make a small donation to help out.

Thank you everyone for humoring me. every bit helps.

It’s official. I’m suspended. I don’t have a job for the next 6 months, and I’m broke. I NEED HELP. Please commission me.

I was part of the company’s suspension list, along with almost all of my friends. They said they’ll ‘maybe’ reinstate me when certain things get restored, but after hearing that uncertainty I have no desire to go back. I’m devastated right now. In the last 3 months I lost my girl, my health, my money, any motivation I had and now my job. And I’m also flat broke because of the medication I’m taking for my heart and blood pressure. And I can’t let my brother pay the rent and the other bills by himself until I can find income again. I won’t make it a reason anymore that that my ex gir…..my friend Jana was the cause of all this. We already made some peace yesterday, although I can’t say we’ll be talking, even after a very long time, because we’re still not on good enough terms yet to leave behind what we both did to each other. And besides, she’s always been happier without me, so I won’t count on it. Altogether my heart is just entirely broken by all of this. In any case, this new reality of joblessness has just hit me, and now I’m faced with the threat of homelessness, starvation and the worsening of my illnesses if I don’t keep earning while I look for another job. So while I do that, I’ll be doing commissions. I mean, I’d love to. I have a lot of time to work at home now. Please contact me if you want to help. I’ll put my commissions prices below, and my limitations.

These prices are good for single character drawings.

sketch/colored sketch/lineart: $10-$15
with extra character: $5
colored: $20-25
with extra character: $10
ANIMATION: gif animation, base price is $50, payments are made by milestone

Negotiations will be through e-mail. You can PM me for that. Possible background art included. Prices for those depending on the complexity will be through the negotiations.

No NSFW art please. I’m not supposed to allow myself to draw furry art either but I’m desperate right now, but if it comes to that, please don’t make me draw odd and questionable material. And please don’t make the work all that difficult for me. I know some of you are tempted to do that, but if you can spare me the trouble, I’d really appreciate it.

If you want to know what kind of art I do, you can check my art tag here. 

I hope to hear from you folks. I don’t want to just wake up on the sidewalk one day. Please help me.

due to a really urgent financial emergency that escalated very fast this week, i’m opening for a limited time black & white portraits for half the price of what i usually have them for in this style:

                                             base price: $27
                    very complicated hairstyles/jewel.: +$6

i won’t have time for a lot of back and forths but:

  • send me an email at herssian@hotmail(.)com with some references (anything can help) + your paypal email
  • i’ll reply in less than 24hrs if i accept
  • the next one or two emails will have the progress and if you want something changed
  • and THEN, after i’m completely finished, you’ll be prompted to pay when i send you a paypal invoice

i know it’s less secure for me but i have to do this because there’ll be less back and forths as opposed to sending you every step of the process. you’re free to decline payment and not receive the full commission after i’m done if the end result isn’t what you want

any kind of sharing will help immensely me and my family

Emergency commissions!!

hi guys! so um something has come up and i need to earn like 50 dollars by next monday (03.27)

so i’m upping the prices for sketches to 15 dollars for bust commissions, 20 for waist-up commissions and 25 for full body commissions! Its just for a short time (until 03.27) but if you guys are interested please help me out ^^

you can contact me via email: nordielie@gmail.com
or here on tumblr through messenger!

here are some examples of how they could possibly look:

what i will and will not draw are the same as my usual commissions so check my original commission page if you’re wondering 

please spread this around if you can!! 

reblogs are highly appreciated 

Help me become independent of my abusive mother

Today my mother proved once again that my well-being can be completely jeopardized whenever she is in a bad mood, and I can no longer rely on her for housing and financial stability. That said, it looks like it’s going to be a pretty cold winter. I can likely find places to stay throughout December until I can return to living at school, but I do not have nearly enough money to feed myself in the meantime. So! I am opening commissions in order to help me make it through the next month or so.

Prices are flexible, what matters most right now is having any sort of income. 

I can draw oc’s from text descriptions, and I would be willing to produce a reference sheet for those characters. Send me a private message or shoot me an email at shika.otoko.arts@gmail.com with any questions.

If you can’t afford to commission me at this time, I understand, but please consider reblogging this post to spread the word. Thank you very much!

Commissions For Dental Work!

Hello All!

SO, today I finally got in to see the dentist and while the damage on the tooth that has been aching isn’t as bad as originally thought, it still is in pretty bad shape and they want to fix it as soon as possible. 

They want to do a build up and put on a new crown instead of extracting it, and while it was the cheaper option, it’s still going to cost me around $1,600 and wow that sure is a lot of money I currently don’t have. 

They told me they weren’t going to charge me until the 16th when I go in for my prep work, so I have until then to make as much money as possible. I’m not expecting to walk in with the whole $1600, but I want to go with as much money as I can as to lower how much a month I’ll have to pay. 

SO I would 100% appreciate commissions! Even just sketch commissions (which I have lowered to $5 BTW!!) 

I have two separate commission pages, my REGULAR and my CHARACTER SPRITE sheets (each have their own information!!) 

While I don’t MIND donations, I would honestly much prefer to do commissions. It’s a personal thing! You can email me at mindofjenart@gmail.com (PLEASE don’t send money to this email tho, this isn’t the one that is linked to my paypal) or PM me here with any questions or commission requests!!

Again I 110% appreciate any commissions or at least signal boost this cause I don’t really like asking for help ,but I’m in a bit of a jam and only get 10 hours a week at my job and can’t really get a second job on top of school (no one wants to hire a soon to be graduate who is moving away I found out lmao) 


im having a shit time and my room mate and i are out of money and food. we just got out a brutal relationship with the same person and are kind of dealing with all that stuff (being cheated on, sexually assaulted, abused all that kind of stuff!!! lmao!!!) and were looking for work just everything kind of sucks right now!!!

we have a place to live, and thats nice, but we have nothing else left and we just need some help right now 

if you could throw anything our way to help with food and bus fair wed appreciate it a ton
even reblogs help 

sexywiddlebb@gmail.com is my pay pal 

also im always sellin nudes lmao hmu :)

Emergency Commissions OPEN - VA + Jingles

Hey guys. RecD here.

I’m in a really difficult situation right now; I’m out of food, money, and transportation for at least the next couple of days, and we’re not sure if things are going to hold out even that long. We can’t go out and grab goods until transportation comes in, so to tide us over, we’ll need to order in some food.

However, due to said lack of money, this is also kind of impossible. If you’d like to help me and my housemates order a pizza to buy us some time, I’m more than willing to do something in return using the skills I’ve built over the years doing UNDERSONG and the Sonic Heroes Musicals; namely, voiceover and jingle-writing commissions.

If you can help me out tonight, I can get your commissions done anytime between the next few hours to the next few days, depending on how many I get and how complex it is. If you can help out, even a bit, here are my rates.

Voice acting commissions are $5 for 100 words or less. My post popular voices are Papyrus, Sans, Waluigi, Sonic and Mario, but I am fully willing to give any character or voice type a try. Here’s a demo I was working at last year to give an example of my range and ability.

Jingles are $15 for 10 seconds or less, limited to four instruments and a drumline. add $5 for lyrics/vocals. Some of my specialties include…

Chiptune, especially useful for gamer YouTube channel/LPer intros.

Swing, for a classier feel to your product/work.

Electroswing, for a slightly more modern take on the old-fashioned:

Or straight-up Rock.

And, of course, I’ve got a lot of experience with vocal songs, as UNDERSONG shows. I’ve got an entire playlist of that here.

Some rates are negotiable depending on what you’re looking for, if you want to help but can’t afford this pricing.

If you’re interested, please PM me and discuss what you’d like. I reserve the right to refuse any commission that goes against my moral standards or personal viewpoints.

Thank you for your time reading this. If you cannot afford a commission but would like to help, please consider reblogging this post.



I’m moving to study and I’ll need some cash on my hands to furnish the new place.




FULL TEAM: Special price - only $30!

ANIMATION: $+5 on the final price!

Other characters are ok too - not just pokémon.


Reach me through ask, message, or email (mariaraposabranca(at)gmail.com)


1. @domxto
2. Anonymous commissioner

Only 3 slots left!!


Hello guys, what up? haha yea so uhm you know how I´m trying to earn my own money and try not to depend on my parents, well the thing is the business is slow. I had an expo last weekend and it was great for me i get the chance to pay some school stuff, but some friends of mine recommended me to participate in an important expo that would guarantee a huge success, which is in May. Sadly it costs alot to be there. I managed to get it cheaper with some friends but I´m still low on money. So here comes the S.O.S. message:


Prices (USD):

  • Simple doodle - $ 3 dlls
  • Clean sketch - $ 5 dlls
  • Lineart - $10 dlls 
  • Full colored image  - $ 20 dlls
  • Character ddesign - $ 30 dlls
  • Icons - $ 5 dlls ( SPECIAL 2X1 )


  • No NSFW
  • Reference Recommended, but not required (It’d help me out a lot)
  • No mechas or vehicle


  • Tumblr: zonnybrown.tumblr.com
  • Facebook: Zonny Brown
  • Twitter: @Kryshoul
  • Email me at brownzonny@gmail.com me so we can work out the details! Paypal (Invoice) ONLY.

I know this is alot of a hazzle but it would really mean for me, even if you cant commission me, at least spread the word.

So far my goal is $200 dlls ( that includes the cost for the expo and my new material for art such as plastic bags, money for prints and other artistic supplies )

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!


My family and I are tight on money. We had to sell our home and buy or new home in the country side since we had no other cheaper housing options. By the time I get there on the first of Feb my fam and I will be out of our jobs and looking for new ones. But the scary part is that I’ll need to help sustain myself and my family as we float jobless. And not to mention I’ll be moving again in march for school, but I’ll be alone. So in hopes of preparing I need some extra work while I’m looking for a part time job. I’m hoping to get a minimum of 3 commissions slots filled and done this week. When I arrive at my new place I won’t have any wifi so I’ll have get as many commissions as I can get done this week. Please consider spreading the word, reblogging this or my commission post on tumblr http://moonrunner.tumblr.com/tagged/commissioninfo
Anything helps! Thank you for reading

Commission examples:

✧BUST - $10





What to Know Before Applying

*I generally accept anything (nsfw, anthro, ocs, idc). But I will refuse commissions that involve offensive, pedophilia, overly gory content, or anything I’m not comfortable drawing.

*I draw and color the same way I do in my commission samples. If you want the coloring or drawing style done another way I won’t mind; as long as you provide a clear description of what you want and a reference before payment. (Nothing too elaborate pls)

*Price of commissions are set (not wanting shading does not affect the price)

*Asking for color alterations after payment is fine, but asking for drastic changes in the line work is a no no. All issues with proportions, positioning etc should be pointed out prior to payment.

*I will ask for your permission prior to posting finished commission on tumblr/twitter

*I don’t include backgrounds as an option (for now)

*No refunds

How to Apply

1. Shoot me an email at stefanie.trivino@hotmail.com

2. Write ‘Commission’ as the subject title

3. Tell me what you want in a clear detailed description

4. Attach reference photo(s)

What Now?

- I’ll email you a response (this process can take a few days depending on how busy I am) with a summary of what you ordered, the total, and a watermarked sketch of your commission

- If you want an alteration of the sketch let me know and I’ll send back another editted sketch

-If you’re satisfied with the sketch, give me the go ahead and pay me the agreed price through paypal to stefanie.trivino@hotmail.com and I’ll get crackin

-Once I’m done I’ll email you a high resolution transparent png of your finished commission

Got any questions? Just ask! _(:3」∠)_






Hi, I'm still in need of emergency donations!

I’m over $250 in debt to my bank right now and that will leave me with less than $200 to LIVE off of for the month of April unless I go back into the negatives again which will land me in the same predicament that I’m in now.

Why I need help:

-my food is expensive because produce is expensive, natural foods are expensive, gluten free and non-gluten contaminated food is expensive, casein free food is expensive and nondairy food is expensive, soy free food is expensive… Yes, I’m allergic to a lot of stuff, and super processed food makes me sick as all hell.

-my personal hygiene things, such as soaps, shampoos, shaving things, lotions, facial cleansers/skincare, etc., all have to be hypoallergenic because my skin is a jerk and I get rashes and blistering acne otherwise which is cool af.

-over the counter medication, aka, I take a ton of vitamins and painkillers because my prescription meds can only do so much for my pain. i also might need to pay for prescriptions out of pocket depending on my insurance because i’m leaving the country for a bit.

-i absolutely have to submit my passport application by mid-April at the latest, it’s going to cost me between $135-$195 depending on when I can get away with submitting it, $135 if I don’t need to expedite it, $195 if I do. I’M FINALLY GOING TO JAPAN!

Please, please help in whatever way you can! Even reblogging helps! My paypal is sherlockianfeels@gmail.com

Thank you!