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Basically our new asshole landlord is throwing us away and I’m getting pretty fucking desperate bc I don’t really want to end up on the streets and winter is coming!
Please consider donating please please please every $ counts right now and I’m running out of time. I have roughtly few months, idk exactly but tbh he can throw us any time…. wtf is even this situation?? I still can’t get it.

Here’s my paypal:  kidznon@gmail.com

I can even make you an illustration? Since I can do this and that. Sth like commissions! Msg me if you would like that. 

Here’s my commission info.

Super cheap!

Here you can see my art.

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Photos by my brother, a volunteer firefighter in Northern California, currently assisting with the Tubbs Fire as it assaults areas of Santa Rosa in Sonoma County.

I was born in Santa Rosa and raised in Sonoma County, it’s surreal to see my home city go up in flames. Since last night, the Tubbs Fire has grown from 200 acres to 20,000 and has destroyed over 1500 structures. Many of our firefighters in San Diego have already left to fight the fires in NorCal, while fires now break out in areas of SoCal. It’s a mess, let me tell you.

If you can afford to donate to relief efforts, please do so. A simple Google Search of the Tubbs Fire will bring-up a donation option. If you can’t donate, please reblog and signal boost, the effort is much appreciated.

Exploring in Colorado

(With reference to this post here)

Required supplies:

  • Water
  • more than that.
  • I’m not kidding people die of dehydration more than anything else I’m talking 2 liters minimum.
  • snacks
  • first-aid and survival kit including after-bite, splint supplies and emergency signalling devices, and a thermal blanket.  I am absolutely not kidding people get lost a mile from the road and die of exposure.
  • Map, your phone won’t work more than a mile from city limits.
  • change of socks.
  • something iron.
  • an offering or three.  you might not need any, you might need all of them.


  • Always close any gate you open. Even if the fence around it is gone.  Both from a spiritual perspective and becuase there’s a nonzero chance the farm isn’t abandoned and the livestock is lurking in the scrub.
  • Cattle will stare at you.  As long as they’re on the other side of the fence or river or ditch it’s fine.  If there’s no barrier you need to leave.  Range cattle fight coyotes and cougar and the worst of winter and don’t give a single fuck about you.
  • That’s not lore Range Cattle will fucking kill you.
  • Never approach any horse, but especially the ones without humans.  They’re either fae or feral and the odds of them eating your hands are about the same.
  • Drink your water.
  • There are Others in Colorado, but the relationship is not nearly so adversarial out here.  They’re like your neighbors but only sometimes corporeal.  Mind your manners and obey any posted signage and you’ll be fine.
  • posted signage includes trees fallen across paths or washed-out sections of trail (trail closed), bits of dead animal on stumps or fence posts (occupied, fuck off) and the smell of urine (Mountain lion or bear turn right the fuck around)
  • Don’t eat anything you find there unless you brought a permit for it with you.  Anyone who says you can forage on public land is a liar and going to get their ass poisoned or cursed.
  • If you did bring a permit, leave an offering anyway.  The Law of Man is not the same as The Law of Mountains and you need to pay taxes in both.
  • Salute magpies, and any bird larger than them.
  • Everyone going uphill yields going to everyone going downhill, regardless of whether or not they’re human or real.
  • If you’re over 7000 feet and you seem to have picked up another member to your party, it’s just the mountain wondering what’s happening.  It’s like bird watching for them.  Be polite, pick up your trash and call the mountain whatever name it gives you.
  • Drink your fucking water.
  • If you feel like you’re being followed, especially at dusk, you absolutely turn around and tell whatever’s behind you you know they’re there.  This is becuase it’s almost certainly coyotes and they need to be told to fuck off.  If you can see what’s following you, face it and walk calmly backwards towards civilization until it goes away or you’re back in your car.  If you can’t see what it is, tell it you’re headed home now, then you can turn back around and proceed calmly back from whence you came.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, run.
  • things that run are meant to be chased and everything up here is faster than you are.
  • also you’ll fall off a fucking cliff.
  • If you get back to the car or edge of the wild space and still feel like you’re being followed, check your shoes, pockets and any baggage for extras and leave them.  If you’re STILL being followed, they’re being rude and you’re allowed to chuck a rock at them.
  • I’m not kidding about the water.
  • Don’t go into any “abandoned” buildings because 1. there’s a nonzero chance the building isn’t actually abandoned and then you have to explain to the rancher what the fuck you’re doing on their land 2. if it is abandoned it’s probably structurally unstable 3. the only things inside are rattlesnakes and tetanus.
  • Exception to above: if you hear thunder, you’re close enough to be struck. you can step inside then, but do not touch anything, especially the building it’self.
  • You are encouraged to walk out to abandoned tractors and plowshares and touch them.  Don’t move them but stop to say hi and have some water.
  • If you find human remains, don’t panic.  If they’re out there, they wanted to be found.  Write down (you won’t be able to remember later, trust me) where you found them and inform the park service/police as soon as possible.
  • Drink your water.

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please help!!!

i’m a disabled nonbinary guy who cannot work, and has no income, due to physical and mental illness. i need to raise nearly $8k for a full hysterectomy to treat cervical cancer. i’ve posted about this before but i’ve only managed to raise $300 in the span of two months. i’m not going to reduce myself to begging as i have in the past, but please, if you can, help me. my life is on the line.

please donate via the button on my page or directly to breathof.freshass@yahoo.com via paypal

if you want something for you money, consider my divination services or inquire about my other arts and crafts; i draw, make things (wands, athames, pendants, etc) out of human bone, and write fanfics. you can also message me with any questions you have about my situation.

if you see this, please reblog!!! i appreciate any help i can get. thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far!!!

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Right now in Brazil, in the state of Espírito Santo(ES), absolute chaos is taking place. Have you ever seen “The Purge”??? Its the same thing except not just for 12 hours anymore.

No one knows exactly how this came to be. There are claims that the military police from ES (which have the lowest pay out of any state) is on strike. However, that is impossible because the constitution prohibits that. So what really is going on??? Why arent the military police acting?? No one knows. Apparently  The governor is in another state undergoing surgery, and the vice-governor is doing absolutely nothing.(I dont live in ES so please feel free to add on to this post) But whats worse is that BRAZILIAN MEDIA IS NOT REPORTING ANY OF IT. ALL MAJOR TV NETWORKS AND MAINSTREAM MEDIA HAVE COMPLETELY IGNORED THIS SITUATION. 

The state is in absolute chaos: crime is happening non stop. In the last 2 days over 62 people have been murdered. Schools and establishments have all been closed. Sacking, looting, robberies are happening all over. Criminals are taking over the streets. 

What can you do to help? 

Spread this information. Reblog this post. Even if this isnt the kind of content you usually reblog, please do. See the following hashtags and retweet them, use them, bring attention to this issue. Its doesnt matter where you are, please help. Our media wont listen to our voices, unless those from outside bring it to attention. Read about this issue (ill put links of articles in english too). Please, pray for Espirito Santo and Brazil. 



# PrayforEspiritoSanto

Articles about this:




Quem tiver mais informação ou links, por favor adicione ao post!

If you have any other articles or links, please add to the post!

UPDATE: The military force has been sent in!

UPDATE: The civil police is now on strike.

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I’m a chronically ill, disabled trans person and I really need your help
I have to pay off two E.R bills and I currently don’t even have money to pay for my prescriptions.
If you could donate even a dollar I’d appreciate it so much.
I hate doing this, but I’m really desperate..

My squareup/cashme app user name is $YvesOrage and I can directly get donations that way.

Thank you so much for reading❤️
Even if you can’t donate, boosting this would help me a ton.

Please help

I have no other choice but to ask for your help again. I really don’t want to do this, but my tablet has died and I can’t offer commissions at the moment.

As some of you may know, I’ve been living with my abusive and emotionally unstable father, but now I’m staying with my mother since Christmas. My mental health has improved a little, but there are things that we can’t deal with alone.

My mother has had an accident at work last summer, and she doesn’t receive any money anymore, plus her request for financial help was rejected two weeks ago. I can’t work due to my social anxiety and depression that weren’t treated for ten years. Art is my only source of income.

My mother needs money for two reasons, and I’ve already lent her everything I could:

- she walks from one doctor to another, treating her neglected health, each visit is paid. Each of those visits and tests are a must
- meds for both me and her, mine cost $50 every two months
- she wants to divorce my abusive father who still acts like a psycho even after we moved out. And that costs. While she may end up not paying for the whole process, she has to pay A LOT to her lawyer.
- the flat we’re staying at hasn’t had its rent paid for a longer time now, and there’s a debt of around $800. Soon we might end up kicked out, since this neighborhood is very strict about that.

I’m asking for your help, please spread the word and donate if you can. I have about 3,800 followers, if only 1/3 donated $1, I wouldn’t have to worry about anything!! Even the smallest amount makes a difference!

My paypal address is zettai.red@gmail.com, and you can find my donate button here.

Please signal boost it, and thank you all for bearing with me!


People, Mexico needs our help. We’ve been hit by a mayor earthquake and many cities are completely devastaded. It’s been almost 24 hrs and we’re still trying to rescue people trapped in the buildings that collapsed. 

This site, the Topos site, are the people that are doing the rescue labor. We can donate, 10 bucks, 5 bucks, anything helps, really. 

Please. help, share and help us get back in track. 

Mexico needs us.

There has been two bomb explosions in Saint Petersburg’s (Russia’s the second biggest city) underground subway. 

Please keep people of St. Petersburg in your prayers, because this is really scary.

Here’s hotline numbers:

+7 (812) 299-99-99 — crisis hotline of State Institution of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation for St. Petersburg
+7 (495) 983-79-01 — help desk of State Institution of Emergence Situation
+7 (499) 216-99-99 — helpline of State Institution of Emergency Situations 



I’m really needing the money. My last commission post didn’t get much movement going so I’m making a new and updated one! I’m currently working 3 jobs and being a fulltime student, however I’ve been needing to cut my hours at one of my jobs so I can focus on classwork. As a result I’m going to be losing some money so please help a girl out! If you can a donation would be wonderful too! Donations and commissions will be through paypal at hasminae@gmail.com! Even if you can’t afford a commission please reblog/signal boost!


Sketches: $5

Lineart: $6

Headshot: $7

Chibi: $10

Half body/waist up: $15

Full body: $20

Couple: $25

Not listed, but if you commission something more than 2 people then it will be an extra $1 for additional characters

Divination to Save a Life

tl;dr i need an expensive, invasive surgery to keep me from dying. {(here’s the original post.)}

hey so i have to pay for surgery and recovery therapy + prescriptions and essentials (food, OTC meds, hygiene stuff) and, being mentally and physically disabled, i can’t work and have no income.

so what i’m asking is this–* PLEASE, if you have the means to, buy a divination reading from me.* and even if you can’t do that, please please please reblog this so others can see it.

i’m incredibly desperate and terrified. this is a very tough time for me. i appreciate any and all help. so, thank you.

Please help me


I really hate having to do this, But I REALLY desperately need help. As many of you may know my boyfriend lost his job, And has not been able to find one, even though hes been out applying like crazy. I live with my boyfriend and three cats, and we are in bad condition. I can’t afford to feed all of us. We have less than 20$ for this month to feed all of us, I also can’t afford rent on my own, I need to raise $300 so that I can pay rent. If anyone can please, please donate even a $1 so that we can please eat or maybe can save our apartment so we don’t become homeless that would be amazing, I’m currently most fixated on trying to get food for me and my cats, so please help me.

My paypal is: tyler_rothwell@hotmail.com

If you can’t donate, please consider signal boosting this, I need any help I can get at this point, thank you..


Waist up: 30 $
Full Body: 35 $
Additional Character + 10 $
PayPal only!

Full color, 4800x7200px (16″x24″) poster sized digital file to print.
Any fandom/character!
Oc’s and nsfw is alright too.
If you want a more detailed and colored background we can discuss prices and details.


For just general questions you can also hit me up here on tumblr.

The rights of the drawings will still belong to me so these commissions are for individual use only. They are not to be used commercially, widely distributed, or resold.
Thank you very much!!

For more of my art to get an idea what I can do check here

Hey guys! I hate to ask but my lovely girlfriend @in-time-awakemysoul has to take her cat to the vet tomorrow because he has an UTI. Now she has enough barely for the visit but for any medications, imaging and possibly surgery, she badly needs help for him.

If at all possible please donate to our PayPal at rexrossi@aol.com. All proceeds go directly to helping Rocky out with this and helping this poor cat in need!!

[Emergency] Need to Raise 500 dollars for deposit on my new place

I am being evicted from my current place and will be moving to my new park Saturday. Of each of my followers donated a dollar I would have enough. I really need everyone to reblog this and if you can, donate.



So many of you have helped us so much, and we can’t thank you enough!! The pup’s tumor has gotten much larger and we couldn’t take him to the vet during the middle of the hurricane, so we’re taking him in for surgery tomorrow. Unfortunately, we hadn’t finished budgeting for the operation because of how soon it is, so we’re covering the difference with funds set aside for rent, and this is my attempt to replenish that so we’re not late.

The operation/medicine alone is roughly $400, and the blood analysis, $100, so it’s a big chunk more than what we’ve currently saved. Sadly, it’s the bare minimum, and if we had an extra $200 to drop on testing to see if it’s benign or malignant, we would, but as of right now, we can only cover the cost of getting it removed. Luckily, they offered to send it off for testing at a later date when we are ready to pay, but fingers crossed it’s nothing serious. :(

These are regular price/regular deadline slots(aka they’ll be done at the end of the backlogged queue, which is scheduled to be finished at the end of September) so please keep that in mind before paying me! I don’t want to mislead anyone about when they’ll be getting them. :(

Anyway, I only have 9 slots open right now, so message me or email me at ASKTHESTARGAZERS@GMAIL.COM to reserve yours! Anything helps! <3

(Slot Availability Below)



3.) CLAIMED - E.







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I know you probably see like a million posts like this a day, but please hear me out.

Ok so I’ve been presented with two options:

1.) Give up my service dog, who is the only reason I am alive today

2.) Save up money and move out of my house.

So I’d like to open up commissions so I can attempt to achieve #2. I’m not gonna put a limit on how many slots I’ll have. I am comfortable trying ANYTHING except gore. I have drawn furries, and have a little bit of experience with mecha. I can TRY NSFW. Again, I’m comfortable attempting anything but gore.

Sketches $10

Lineart $15

Flats $20

Shaded (No bg) - $25

Shaded w/ bg $30

All prices are for 1 character, +$5 for additional characters.

I also do my special Deco circles, which I can do for $15 w/o bg, $20 with bg

I also have a redbubble and an Etsy. If you’re interested, shoot me a pm or email me at audienta.art@gmail.com (more reliable method tbh).

if you can’t afford any of the above, my paypal is at the email listed above if you’d like to make a small donation to help out.

Thank you everyone for humoring me. every bit helps.

my tablet just died

so… my intuos just died today, it doesnt work, it doesnt turn up and im not capable of working on anything for now 

i have some commissions on hold, i will inform my clients that it might take some time for me to get back to work 

im… really depressed about this whole thing, i love drawing, i love art, and i love what i do and what i create, but… right now i cant afford to get a new tablet, im not in the best place economically, and even breaking my back with work, i hardly make more than 20$ a week 

so… i had consider accepting donations, im… really in that place right now, it would help me a lot, i support myself with my work and the commissions i do, so it would mean the world to me if you could help me get a new tablet 

my paypal is thewintersoldier1996@gmail.com , i have it under a relatives name for personal reasons 

to anyone that is kind to donate, i will make you a full drawing for your help, of anything you like, its the least i can do to make up for your kindness (something like the example below)

i need to get $450 to get a new tablet

 this is because here in mexico this sort of products are more expensive than in the USA, and importing it is bounded to pay overpriced taxes 

thank you so much for reading, and even tho u cant help me by donating, you would be helping me a lot by reblogging this post, again i cant even start to express how important this is to me, thank you so much for your time 

sorry about the inconvinience 

Emergency Commissions!

Hi, my name is Daniela and Ive recently dropped my phone and the LCD inside is broken. Repairing it would start at $100 and go up from there,,

My parents have already spent a lot of money on buying my sister and me new school supplies, uniforms and general new clothes. I don’t want to burden them anymore; they’ve already wasted so much money on my useless ass.

I really need my phone fixed soon or have money to buy a used one at least. School is starting soon and I’ll be driving. I have anxiety and depression (diagnosed by doctors and currently seeing a therapist). Not having a useable phone within my reach really makes me panic and cry because I’m always afraid I won’t be able to reach someone quickly incase of anything. Also a phone is necessary to have if you go to school. I use it to text my teachers (a faster way of reaching them then emails that they only check once a day) when Im having a problem with homework or a question. I also use it to text my classmates when theres a group project or general questions. So in my life its very important I have a working phone.

There are my commission prices: (COMMISSIONS WILL BE DONE THROUGH PAYPAL ONLY!)

Here’s more examples of my work:

For more examples of my work check out my instagram! (Do not send me DM’s on Instagram I will sadly not be able to respond)

If you are truly interested in commissioning me or have any questions email me at peachieflame@gmail.com

If you are really do want to commission me please send me an email, I will most likely not respond to commission requests through tumblr messages or anything of the like.

I hope you all can help me and I hope you have a wonderful day!