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KDrama List Update

This is a list of korean dramas I have finished watching. I’m posting this list so I can keep track of which dramas I start/finish in 2016. 

♦ Boys Over Flowers
♦ Flowerboy Next Door
♦ You’re Beautiful (2015)
♦ Playful Kiss
♦ Baby-faced Beauty
♦ To the Beautiful You
♦ Personal Taste
♦ Coffee Prince (2015)
♦ Prosecutor Princess
♦ Witch’s Romance
♦ Cunning Single Lady (2015)
♦ Master’s Sun (2015)
♦ Heirs (2015)
♦ Birth of a Beauty (2015)
♦ Emergency Couple (2015)
♦ I Hear Your Voice (2015)
♦ Pinocchio (2015)
♦ Healer (2015)
♦ Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)
♦ I Order You (2015)
♦ Hello Monster/I Remember You (2015)
♦ Flower Boy Ramen Shop (2015)
♦ High Society (2015)
♦ Fated to Love You (2015)
♦ The Greatest Love (2015)
♦ It’s Okay That’s Love (2015)
♦ Sensory Couple (2015)
♦ Cheer Up!/Sassy Go Go (2015)
♦ She Was Pretty (2015)
♦ Noble, My Love (2015)
♦ Oh My Venus (2016)
♦ The Village: Achiara’s Secret (2016)

The year refers to the year which I finished the drama in. Some dramas don’t have dates as I don’t remember when I watched them. >.<
Either I have a bad memory or 2015 was a good drama year.


In a good drama can not miss those hugs that say it all………

Swear Jar

It’s been way too long since i’ve written fanfiction and SuperCorp just had to drag my whipped ass down that hole again

Based on a prompt i saw on tumblr a long time ago about Kara actually having a swear jar for Lena and after a night together Lena just shoves her credit card inside… If anyone knows the post please tell me so I can amrk it here! 

It’s also on AO3 :http://archiveofourown.org/works/9567863

The first sign Lena Luthor had become a constant in their lives comes on a Saturday morning.

It’s subtle, it really is, and it takes Alex longer than she likes to admit to see. She doesn’t notice at first, when she uses her key to open Kara’s apartment door and heads straight to the kitchen after her sister’s greeting.

Kara’s not even surprised, it’s Saturday, which means breakfast together. And it’s the third Saturday, which means blueberry pancakes. And by the stack of fruit currently sitting on top of the counter, she hasn’t forgotten what day it is.

(She never does, it’s food after all.

Alex should really stop hoping her sister ever would.

Because it usually leads to an expletive from her and there are only a certain amount of one dollar bills Alex carries around.)

“I heard that!” Kara exclaims, pointing a finger at her sister and giggles when Alex retrieves her wallet from her pocket to fish for a note

‘Get exchange’, she adds on her mental list right after ‘buy Maggie’s vegan ice cream’ and ‘convince Maggie to watch The L Word with me’.

(“Danvers, I adore you, but I can only go through that once.”)

It’s when she notices. She would really like to say she reacted in a better way; she would really like to say she just smirked knowingly and continued the day. But no, of course it didn’t happen that way. She gasped and chuckled, then proceeded to cough for a whole minute trying to cover it.

Because right in between the ‘Cooler Danvers’ and ‘Mags Swags’ jars rested another one. Belonging to no one other than Lena Luthor.

Lee :)

And Alex should have seen it coming, because there’s only a reasonable amount of fake interviews Kara could come up with before just admitting she just wanted to hang out with the woman. Fucking Maggie.

“I heard that too!”

She puts two dollars into her jar before adding ‘pay five bucks to Maggie’ in her mental list. She should’ve have seen it coming.

She tries not to think about the jars that had already taken place besides hers. Tech Nerd; Better Lane; Jimmy Bravo; Mon-El. She thinks about how hers it’s the only one around. She really hopes those two others stay this time.


The first time she actually sees it happening is during game night the following week.

Lena sits on the other side of the counter, directly in front of Alex, her expression nothing like the one she saw when the woman arrived. Any resemblance of a smile gone from her face and she stares back at Alex.

Winn and Maggie are already out of this hand and the Luthor waits for Alex to decide if she’ll cover it.

“I’ll cover it.”

And it’s when James and Kara come to join them, Kara handing a glass of wine for Lena, hand resting at the small of her back. Alex sees the look Maggie gives her and the raise in her eyebrows. She chooses to ignore both.

Lena downs her hand, smug smile already on her lips, and okay, Alex has to admit she’s growing fond of the woman in front of her. Especially when Kara is looking at her like that.

But when Alex copies her, she’s sure no one but herself and Kara heard the fainted “shit” coming out of her mouth and an audible gasp from her sister. Lena doesn’t budge, but lets out a sigh and leans in, stretching her arm towards her jar. She tucks in a ten dollar bill before looking back at Kara, raised eyebrow in a silent question. A frown appears in her face but she nods nevertheless.

“Saving for the rest of the night.” Lena explains before looking at Alex once more. “I’ve finally found a rival on poker.”

By the end of the night, Lena adds two extra dollars in her jar and Alex slips her own five in hers.


“How long until those two bang?” Maggie asks her later, when James and Winn had already left for good twenty minutes, after dragging Alex out of the apartment and the poker tournament her girlfriend indulged with Lena.


“Your sister and Lena.”


“Don’t tell me you didn’t see.”

“You know what; I’m not talking about it.”

“I give them two months.”


The second time it happens is three weeks later, when Maggie finally had some time off of work and it was one of those nights the DEO didn’t need Alex or Supergirl.

Maggie curls against her side, hand automatically wrapping around her shoulders and a lingering kiss against her temple.

This time, when the two arrived for movie night, a sheepish Kara opening the door to let them in, Alex reaction was smoother.

Way smoother.

But the sight one the one and only Lena Luthor sitting in her sister’s couch, flannel pajama pants (which she was rather sure it was her sister’s) and loose t-shirt, was definitely not one she was expecting to see.

(She ignores the huge grin on her girlfriend’s face and drags her to the loveseat after grabbing two bottles of beer.)

“No horror movies!” Kara shouts from the kitchen.

“No romances either!” Alex shouts back. “Do you know what we should watch?” The urge to grin is too strong and she ends up with a huge smile towards her glaring girlfriend.

“Alex, no.”

“We should watch The L Word.”

“No!” The exclamation comes from both Lena and Maggie at the same time and they share a knowing look.

Kara comes back from the kitchen, ice cream for herself and glass of wine for Lena, to find her sister laughing at the exasperation in the other two faces.

The one who recovers first is Lena, sitting up straighter and sighing before looking at Alex.

“Look, it’s a classic and basically every non-straight girl has watched it, but once was enough watching that shit.”


“I’ll put a dollar on it next time I get up, don’t worry.”

They settle down with Orphan Black, after all, and if Alex notices her sister’s hand on Lena’s thigh, she doesn’t mention. Neither does she mention the way they lean into each other after thirty minutes. Or how, by the end of the second episode, Kara’s head is dropped in Lena’s shoulder, the latter letting her hands run through the other’s hair.

She also ignores the ‘they’re definitely banging’ Maggie whispers against her ear before she gets up to get herself another beer.


Third time happens after a very distressed Kara arrived at the DEO pacing and rambling about how Lena freaking Luthor knew.

(Of course she did; Alex thinks everyone does.

Kara does a very poor job at hiding it.)

But her sister is going crazy in front of her because she thinks Alex is going to hate her for letting her secret slip like that.

Instead, Alex shrugs, it was bound to happen sooner or later, and she would kill someone before telling them she rather liked Lena.

(She was really good at poker and could handle her alcohol. That was enough.

The fact that she made Kara smile like that was nothing but a bonus.)

When Alex put a stop to her pacing, hand on her shoulder, she was met by a pout and puppy eyes. How could she be mad after that?

And when she just smiled and told Kara to pick Lena Luthor up and bring her in to sign the NDA, Kara hugged her, a tad too tightly, not that she would mention it to her excited sister, and flied off.

(They came back an hour later, Lena blurting out a different expletive every time Alex showed her another room. Every time to be met with a scold from Supergirl.)


Maybe Alex should consider giving Kara’s apartment key back.

Because on a Saturday, four weeks after the last incident, she lets herself in, bags of groceries swinging as she uses her ankle to close the door behind her.

(It’s scrambled eggs and bacon day and two years ago she learned Kara could eat at least a dozen eggs.

And grocery shopping isn’t her best skill.)

The first sign this Saturday isn’t like the others is the lack of cheerful greeting from a very excited Kara Danvers as soon as she opened the door. The opposite, to be honest, it is way too quiet for her sister to even be home. When she starts questioning that maybe there was a Supergirl emergency she hears a loud thud coming from Kara’s bedroom.

It leads her to the second sign. A black purse lying down at the counter, coat haphazardly thrown by the side. Both not her sister’s.

And Kara comes running from the hallway, blushed cheeks and disheveled hair, just pulling down an oversized shirt over. Third sign. And she wanted to scream in frustration because Maggie has been winning most of the bets so far.

“Alex! What are you doing here?”

“It’s Saturday.”

“Is it?”

She puts the grocery bag down on the counter and looks at her sister. Kara fidgets under her gaze. She should go. And leave the key behind.

But then, tentative footsteps come from the hall and when she looks over, Lena Fucking Luthor stands there, unbuttoned shirt barely reaching the middle of her thighs. When she catches the stare, the change is unbelievable. Gone is the woman who was just caught off guard and standing there was the CEO, raised chin and long confident steps until she reaches for the coat.

“Lena?” Kara asks but she just smiles and takes her credit card off the pocket.

She’s not doing it, she’s not going to, oh, she did it. No! No, this is more than I needed to know.

“Before I forget.” She puts it inside her jar and, at least, blushes a little when she sees the look Alex is giving her, before she goes back to the bedroom.

Kara looks like a mess, pretty much a broken mess gasping for air and blushing up to the tip of her ears.

Because, fifth sign, next to ‘Lee :)’ is a fourth jar. Puppy Danvers. Alex counts maybe half a dozen bills shoved inside before tearing her eyes away.

“I’ll call next time.” Kara blushes harder, and she thinks this morning broke her sister. Kara squeaks a hurries goodbye and once she’s outside, she hears the door being locked from the inside. Not very helpful now.

Finish Hank’s report; pick up clothes at the laundry; clean my eyes with bleach; give Maggie ten doll-twenty, give Maggie twenty dollars. Maggie was right, Lena Luthor was definitely a black lace kind of woman.

Buy two bottles of bleach.

LATEST: List of bipartisan reactions to Pres. Trump’s firing of FBI Director Comey:

• “Nothing less than Nixonian,” Sen. Leahy says.

• “We are in a full-fledged constitutional crisis,” Sen. Schatz says.

• “No comment,” Pres. Obama’s spokesperson says.

• “No comment,” Hillary Clinton’s spokesperson says.

• “You’re making a very big mistake,” Senate Minority Leader Schumer says he told Pres. Trump

• “Given the recent controversies surrounding the director, I believe a fresh start will serve the FBI and the nation well,” Sen. Graham says.

• Pres. Trump has authority to remove the FBI director, but “I am disappointed in the president’s decision” to fire Comey, Sen. McCain says.

• House Oversight Ranking Member Cummings calls for emergency hearings with AG Sessions, Deputy AG Rosenstein and FBI Director Comey.

• FBI Director Comey’s “removal at this particular time will raise questions,” Sen. Corker says.

• “Any suggestion” that Pres. Trump’s firing of FBI director is attempt to influence Russia investigation “is misplaced,” Sen. Collins says.

• “The American people need clarity and deserve an explanation for” FBI Director Comey’s “immediate firing,” Sen. Lankford says.

• “Unprecedented interference” in Russia invest by Pres. Trump “leaves no doubt” about need for independent investigation, Sen. Shaheen says.

• Firing of Comey “raises profound questions about whether the White House is brazenly interfering in a criminal matter,” Rep. Schiff says.

• “I am troubled by the timing and reasoning of Director Comey’s termination,” Sen. Burr says.

• “Urgently necessary to appoint a special counsel to carry forward” Russia investigation,“ Sen. Angus King says.

• "Time for Congress to get their heads out of the sand. Pres. Trump cannot pick the person to continue this critical” investigation, Sen. Warren says.

• Pres. Trump “just fired the person who was investigating his campaign, which should set off alarm bells across the country,” Sen. Booker says.

• Pres. Trump firing FBI Director Comey, who is leading the Russian invest, “is beyond the pale – even for him,” and the move has “undermined the integrity of the FBI’s investigation,” and special prosecutor is needed, Sen. Cardin says.


spicy-molotov  asked:

writing/dialogue prompt (for whatever paring/group you want): "we have an emergency, this is not a drill"

Thank you my love! I hope you don’t mind that I picked pre-wolfstar angst <3

- “We have an emergency, this is not a drill!” James barged into the dorm room, the door bouncing off of the wall with a loud bang.

- The other two marauders, Sirius and Peter, who were sat on Sirius’ bed playing chess, both jumped at the loud noise.

- “Whats up, Prongs?” Peter asked, taking the opportunity to move his queen. “Ha, checkmate!” 

- “Aw what?” Sirius whined. “Damn it, Prongs! You and your melodramatic-ness made me loose!” 

- “Never mind that tat, we have an emergency! Did you not hear me?!” James waved his arms frantically. 

- “Yes James, we heard you. As did the rest of bloody Hogwarts.” Sirius huffed. “Are you going to tell us what the emergency is or what?”

- “It’s Remus!” 

- At that, Sirius jumped off the bed, Peter right behind him, and ran over to James.

- “Remus? What about Remus? Is he okay?! Where is he?!” He demanded.

- Since ‘the prank’ three months ago, Remus hardly spent any time with the marauders choosing to instead spend his time alone in the library or tutoring numerous of students. 

- Sirius couldn’t even remember the last time that Remus even spoke to him - not that he deserved it but it still hurt.

- It hurt even more that once Remus stopped talking to him, he realised how head of heels in love with Remus he actually was. 

- “Pads … I think he’s on a date!” James grabbed ahold of Sirius’ wrist and pulled him out the door. “With Lily!”

- “WHAT?!” Sirius screamed, grabbing ahold of Peter’s wrist too and yanking him along with them.

- The three boy’s ran to the balcony that over looked the common room to see Remus sat in the arm chair by the fire with Lily Evans sat on the arm leaning heavily onto him, laughing loudly and smiling brightly at each other.

- Sirius felt his heart sink.

- “But … but that can’t be possible.” He whispered.

- “I doubt that Remus would do that to you, James,” Peter chirped in, “I know he doesn’t really talk much to us anymore, but he’s still your friend.”

- “But what if he always liked Lily, Pete, and just never said cause we were best friends? And what if now he doesn’t speak to us he thought ‘well, might as well now I have a chance’?” James worried his hands together. “She always did like him better than me.”

- “Nah, I don’t believe it for one sec…” Peter began, but was cut off when he saw Lily kiss Remus on the cheek and jump from his lap with a wave and a giggle and stalk out of the portrait hole.

- Remus blushed a little and covered his cheek with his hand.

- “Oh.” Peter cringed.

- “That’s it. I’m confronting him.” James shouted and stomped down the stairs and over to Remus. 

- Remus had returned to the book he was reading before Lily came over to gossip about what she caught Marlene and Dorcas doing in the 6th floor broom cupboard minutes before Filch rounded the corner on her rounds the night before.

- He was just getting to the part where The Man In Black was about to reveal the fact that he was Westley, Buttercup’s true love, when he felt a large shadow casting over him. 

- He looked up to see James Potter looming over him with his hand’s on his hips looking very stern.

- “Hello James.” Remus said with uncertainty.

- “Are you and Lily going out?” He rushed. 

- Remus couldn’t help that laugh that bubbled out with him.

- “What?!” He chuckled, “god, no!” 

- “What, she isn’t good enough for you?!” James furrowed his brows even more, crossing his hand’s over his chest.

- “No, that’s not what I’m saying at all, James. Merlin, what’s gotten into you?” Remus smirked.

- “Well then, what the hell was all that about? You two all curled up and laughing, and … and … and she kissed you!” 

- “James, you guys kiss me all the time,” he sighed, “well, you used to when we were friends.”

- “Remus …” 

- He closed his book and got up from his seat.

- “Remus, we are still frie-”

- “No, it’s okay. Let’s not get into this. I have to go tutor some third year anyway, but James. Lily and I aren’t dating. She’s not my type.” 

- Just as he began to walk around James and to the portrait hole, his eyes found Sirius’ who was stood near the couch as if he followed James but didn’t want to approach Remus himself.

- They both stared at each other with longing and regret.

- “And what is your type?” James asked, oblivious to the looks the two were sharing.

- Remus paused for a moment before turning back to James.

- “Someone who doesn’t care if I live or die, I guess.”

- With one last pointed look at Sirius, he pushed them off and exited the common room.

- Sirius could feel a tear drop roll down his cheek. 

I was feeling a little angsty … sorry D:

anonymous asked:

yo,.... lena getting taken by cadmus and kara just like tearing thru the place because she's so worried and lena kissing kara when they're back in the deo because she wouldn't stop babbling about how worried she was etc

you rly should blame @luthoring for what i’m abt to do

anyways! imagine this:

lena is kidnapped on what’s their standing date night.

kara talked with j'onn so he could look out after the city for this night, bc it was a special night. kara herself was too busy flying from one place to the other, organizing everything and buying the things she forgot for their date, as she was the one organizing everything.

lena’s last meeting of the day should finish at 7pm and she was supposed to be home early for their date.

except she doesn’t show up.

when it’s around 8pm and lena still hasn’t shown up, hasn’t answered any of her texts or called back, kara starts to get concerned. she tries to tell herself lena is just busy, hasn’t finished her meeting yet, and she shouldn’t get worried bc there’s nothing wrong. either way, she stills calls jess to ask if lena will take too long to finish, bc she doesn’t want the food to get cold.

jess is confused, tells her lena left the office even earlier than planned bc she wanted to surprise kara.

at this point, kara is already beyond concerned and frustrated. she tries to expand her senses, tries to locate lena, all the while sending text after text, only stopping to call her - only for all calls to go straight to voicemail.

when she isn’t able to locate lena and doesn’t manage to get in contact with her, she quickly changes into her supergirl suit and flies to the deo to see if they know what happened.

she’s halfway there when alex’s voice comes through the comlink, asking her where she is and telling her to come to the deo because they have an emergency

she can hear it in alex’s voice, in the way it’s carefully controlled, that she won’t like what’s happening and her breath catches in her throat and her heart twists painfully because the only thing she can think about is lena

she arrives at the deo, hurrying to her sister’s side and not even stopping to smile or wave at the agents she passes, as she usually does.

she knows the situation is really bad when the first thing alex does is squeeze her shoulder and say, more a warning than anything, “don’t freak out”

she doesn’t noticed how her fists clench when they tell her lena has been kidnapped by cadmus, show her the video they streamed of lena, tied to a chair, blood running down her face. she doesn’t notice the snarl on her lips or the narrowing of her eyes until alex is tightening the hand on her shoulder and calling her name in that sharp tone of hers.

winn is working himself on the ground trying to locate them and j'onn stands near by, offering support in his own way, while barking orders to the agents forming the strike/rescue team

she takes a deep breath, stills herself to the best of her abilities and waits, fighting the urge to fly in search of lena herself, knowing she won’t find anything

as soon as winn shouts “i found it! i found them!” and points the location on the map on the computer, she’s out of the deo, moving as fast as she can and ignoring the shouts of “supergirl!” and people telling her to wait

she arrives at the warehouse and makes quick work of the entrance, tearing through everything on her way, knocking out anyone trying to stop her and breaking weapons in pieces

it’s only when she comes across the room they’re holding lena in that she slows down, tries to calm herself

she realizes something is wrong when her knees weaken and give away beneath her, feels suddenly nauseous and hears a man laugh. she notices the kryptonite in his hands when h steps closer, bending down so he can be eye level with her.

“well well well, supergirl. we all thought you weren’t going to show up at this point. poor young miss luthor had to be gagged while we waited for you”

she feels hot red rage at this point, harder than she ever felt. she briefly considers that it was a bad idea to come alone, that maybe she should have waited for the others, but it’s soon gone when the man goes on to tell her this is a surprise gift from lillian. after all, what better way to get back at her daughter and get rid of the aliens at the same time than using lena as a bait then finished off both her and her precious hero at the same time?

she tries to fight despite her weakened state, but can barely move anymore with the amount of kryptonite near her.

she listens to the man’s monologue, has nothing she can do and she starts to lose hope. her eyes meet lena’s across the room and she see the fear and desperation in lena’s eyes.

it’s at this point that j'onn comes flying in, knocking the man into a wall and putting the kryptonite back in the lead box. the deo agents come closely behind, their shouts of “clear” and some of “what happened here” being heard before they even appear in her line of vision

as soon as she starts feeling a it better, she gets up and shakily makes her way to where an agente is freeing lena of her bounds

she takes over them, freeing her faster than humanly possible. as soon as lena is free, she takes her into her arms, not even mending everyone else in the room

she hugs as tight as she knows she can without hurting lena, repeating “i love you"s and “i’m glad we found you” and “rao, i was so worried” in between breaths and while listening to lena’s heartbeat, to assure herself she’s really alive

it’s when lena untangles herself from her and moves back just enough they can look face to face that she stops talking

when lena smiles that soft and beautiful smile of hers, reserved just for kara, she can feel herself truly relaxing for the first time since the start of the night

and it’s when lena says “and i’m glad you’re alright, i love you” and kisses her that she feels her at peace and at home.

Butterfly || Park Jimin

Originally posted by hohbi

Word Count: 1.9k

Genre: Angst

TRIGGER WARNING: The below content deals with mature themes such as death so if you are sensitive to the topic please do not read.

Background Information

CCHD - Critical Congenital Heart Disease

CCHD affects babies when they are born. The heart disease can cause lack of weight, obesity, lack of blood flowing through the system, and lack of oxygen to the lungs. 1 in 100 babies in the US alone are diagnosed every year, and if not treated immediately the baby has between days and months to live.

Nine months ago, if you had told Jimin that you were pregnant, he wouldn’t have believed you. He would never have thought something as amazing as this would happen to someone like him. There was no one he could have expected it to last, and for it to work out for him.

Both of you were shocked nine months ago when the doctors had told you that it had worked. The both of you had been trying for so long and it felt like an achievement passed when those words left the doctors mouth.

Now here you were, nine months later, waiting for the due date to arrive. You had a week before the baby was due, so the two of you had taken the time to start preparing for the arrival of the new member.

It started with a small pain in your stomach. You weren’t sure what it was at first. It wasn’t like the usual pregnancy cramps and it slightly worried you. It wasn’t until you went to the bathroom and saw the blood running down the inside of your thighs that you got worried.

The first thing you did was call Jimin. It took him a few seconds before his voice was flooding through the line, making you realize just how real this was.

“Y/N? What’s the matter?” You never called Jimin while he was at work, unless it was an emergency. Hearing your breathing come over the line was an instant clue that something was wrong.

“Jimin, there’s blood. There’s a lot of blood. The baby–” You couldn’t finish your sentence as the first bout of sobs broke through your lips. The pain was starting to increase and it was beginning to make your legs ache.

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I'm pregnant not stupid

I work at a lovely Inn of such high Quality and I work the 11pm- whenever the lovely morning person decides to show (suppose to be 7am but hey ya know what does it matter if you show up at 8 or 9).
Now honestly I love customer service I honestly do, interacting with people is awesome but I’ll be damned if some people don’t need duct tape over their pie holes or a “asshole alert” to ring when they show up. Really the main things are as follow:
1. If you don’t have a valid (nonexpired) DL I can’t check you in, no we can’t take passports instead.
2. Yes the pool is closed along with the workout room, yes I know you’re upset but don’t yell at me because the owner hasn’t taken the few minutes to update the website which you didn’t even know existed till you left a bad review this morning.
3. When I ask if you want a paper copy or email copy of your receipt that does not mean sit there and say “yes” while texting on your phone, FFS PUT IT DOWN FOR THE 2 MINUTES IT TAKES FOR ME TO CHECK YOU OUT.
4. We have the continental breakfast, the restaurant that is attached is not affiliated with us expect for sharing the restrooms.
5. Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I’m unable to do my job, don’t sit there and try to tell my manager that I shouldn’t be working I’m trying hard enough to be kept on schedule as is.
6. If you see me put the coffee out do not sit there and try to BS me that it’s cold already YOU JUST WATCHED ME PUT IT OUT.
7. No I won’t give you a free upgrade because of the pool being out and you didn’t pay attention when I told you as you checked in, you already signed the agreement that’s not on me because you can’t listen.
8. I’m polite because I have to be, don’t mistake that as flirtiness and make comments how “if I were your husband I’d lock you up and keep you to myself” that’s creepy, period.
9. Do not proceed to stare at me and watch me work then get offended when I ask if you need something 3 times in a row because it’s part of the job and you’re making me uncomfortable.
10. Unless you’re a regular I’m not going to know you or what “the last person” did for you because I’m not them, and quite frankly I won’t give a damn even after you tell me.
11. You’re more likely to get things sooner if you say please or actually tell me you need something, otherwise don’t think I can read your mind then complain in the morning. I tell you right away as I check you in if you need something let me know (this also means don’t get a big creeper smile and say “Can I have you?” As you walk away. I will promptly be shuddering and hiding from you every time I see you.
12. Don’t. EVER. Snap your fingers and whistle at me if I’m in the middle of something. I will not respond even once you start with “hey, yo, are you deaf?” Because I’m petty and how hard is it to say “excuse me” really?
13. Yes I will take the front desk bell away from your child who is pounding on it, no I will not apologize when they start crying because you didn’t teach them manners.
14. Great you know the owner so do i, but the price is set and it’s not my call to change it but feel free to email oh wait you said she? Yeah no wrong hotel buddy.
15. (Coworkers) Just do your job. Please don’t call me in telling me it’s a medical emergency then let me hear you laughing about it to the manager cause now if you call and it is an emergency, buckle up buckaroo cause I won’t be answering my phone.

These are just a few of them that I wanted off my chest.

Midnight Blues

Summary: While your boyfriend is away on tour you find it hard to keep the relationship going. Do you call him in an attempt to fix what is left or do you wait until his return not knowing if your relationship will have survived?

Originally posted by thediebutterfly

Pairing: Bang Yongguk x Reader
Genre/warnings: Angst, fluff, a teensy bit suggestive
Words: 1.4K
Notes: Requested by the lovely anon!

Staring at the blank screen of your phone, you can’t stop the sinking feeling rising in your stomach. It had been three months since you last saw Yongguk and every day that passed seemed to drag on longer than the one before.

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Not All Wounds Heal (Part 5/?) (Stark/Rogers x reader)

Part 4

“The doctors say he shattered L4 through S1, extreme laceration to the spinal cord.  Probably would be looking at some form of paralysis,” Tony explained to Natasha quietly as the two stood overlooking the compound lawn, “but she fixed it.  She fixed it and almost gave her own life because it’s what I wanted her to do.”

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Fetish [Pt. 4]

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Fetish Part 4

Pt. 1  Pt. 2  Pt. 3


Jaebum’s hold on you tightened as Jinyoung stood in the doorway, staring at the both of you. He was afraid to let you go, especially after getting the one thing he wanted so desperately.

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Monsta X reacts: a very hot guy asking for his number and praising his s/o

requested by anon~


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Shownu; The two of you were just enjoying the view of the Hand River when a hot guy approaches the two of you. At first Shownu was confused, thinking that you probably know the guy. When the hot guy asked for his number, Shownu would go ‘uhh’ before glancing to your side then back to the guy. And before Shownu could tell him that he couldn’t give his number that easily, the hot dude had already started praising your sense of fashion and whatnot. Shownu would be so taken aback and confused af since he doesn’t know if he’s hitting on him or on you. He’d make up excuses that the two of you had to go since there’s an emergency and leave without hearing the hot dude’s response.

Hi, can I have your number?” 

“uhh…. *looks at you*”

“You’re so beautiful with that outfit of yours, Miss. I bet you have a good sense in fashion.”


“A-ah! Oh no, we have to go now. I just received a text from our friend that our other friend was brought to the hospital. We’re so sorry, good bye. *drags you away from the hot guy*”

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Wonho; Both of you were at the club when a very hot guy approaches the two of you. When the hot guy asked for Wonho’s number, he’d be so flushed that he’d just laugh it off and avoid eye contact. He’d also reject him tho since he’s dating you and why would he give out his number to some stranger. But then, when he heard the guy praising you, he’d look at him with a blank expression and would casually send a text to one of your friends to distract the very hot guy while the two of you make your escape. And when the hot guy’s distracted, Wonho would come to a decision that the two of you should just stay at home and eat ramyeon.

Hey dude, can I have you number?”

“*bursts out laughing* Man, sorry I can’t.”

“Oh, alright. Damn girl, you look oh so fine tonight with that black dress of yours. *eyes you from head to toe*”

“*sees your friend* Oh hey, [yf/n]! We want you to meet a friend. *gently pushes the hot guy towards your friend and quietly grab you by the hand and leave the place* We should’ve just stayed home and cooked some ramyeon..”

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Minhyuk; Minhyuk would be so confused when a very hot dude approached the two of you while looking at clothes.He wouldn’t know where to look at, at the very hot guy or at the cardigan that he just picked. When he asked for his number, Minhyuk wouldn’t be able to respond since thousands of thoughts came rushing in. But when the hot guy decided to give up on asking for his number and praised you instead. Minhyuk would be in shock that he’d just stare at the guy then back at you and would just blurt out that he needs to pay for your clothes and his clothes, making the two of you excuse yourselves.

Hi, can I have your number?” 

“*blanks* *why is he asking for my number? wait how much was this cardigan*”

“I guess that’s a no then? Hahaha, anyway, I just wanted to say that your hair is pretty amazing and–”

“Babe, I need to pay for our clothes *innocent*.” 

“O-okay, please excuse us. *drags Minhyuk towards the counter*”

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Kihyun; Kihyun and you were busy choosing a hair color at the counter when a hot guy, aka. the hairstylists, approaches the two of you and straightforwardly asked for Kihyun’s number, leaving him speechless as he just starts to let out an awkward laugh. He’d also glance to your direction before telling him that he doesn’t have any phone (but then he has one… but he doesn’t know his number…. or does he?) and would bring his attention back to the set of samples in front of him. When the hot guy praises you, his ears would perk up, making him snake and arm around your waist and purposely call you by your endearment. overprotective kihyun on.

“O-oh, sorry but I don’t have a phone… *scratches the side of his head*”

“It’s alright. Oh, your eyes are really pretty. I can look at them all day long *jokingly winks at you*”

“*chuckles* Thanks, I get that alot–”

“*snakes his arms around your waist and pulls you closer to him* Baby, which color should I choose?”

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Hyungwon; You actually had Hyungwon as your model for your funshoot when a very hot guy decides to come in and say hi to the two of you. The conversation was great until the hot guy asked Hyungwon for his number, leaving Hyungwon dumbfounded. He’d stutter at first and decides to give him a number, not his number but maybe Hyorin’s or Bora’s number instead. And when he starts praising you, he’d chuckle would go along the praises but with s subtle ‘that’s my girl’ kind of thang.

Oh, by the way, can I ask for your number? *faces Hyungwon*”

“A-ah, yeah, sure. *punches Hyorin’s number in the hot guy’s phone and innocently smiles at you*”

“And man, your shots are really great!”

“Well, that’s my girl, she takes really awesome photos and sometimes, some magazines would buy her shots!”

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Jooheon; You were just casually strolling at the park with Jooheon when a random hot guy approaches the two of you. Ar first, he thought that it was some gangster that he would protectively put his arms around you but when he sees that he’s harmless, he would flash a smile but he’d still have his guards up. When the guy asked for his number, his eyes would widen like saucers and gawk at the hot dude. He’d casually reject him and would awkwardly look away. Once the hot guy’s praises left his mouth, the smile on his face would be gone and would have a little chat with him and would casually tell the dude that you guys had to go and whatnot.

Hey, can I have your number?”

“W-what? *eyes widened* Sorry but I can’t give you my phone number*”

“Oh, it’s alright. *looks at you* My, my, you really have a nice figure!”


“*chats for a while* Oh, man sorry, but we have to go since we have to check whether our kid’s alright in her tummy *lying lying lying*”

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I.M; Changkyun would find it really weird when a very hot guy asked for his number. Shouldn’t he be asking for your number? But then, Changkyun would be that type of person who’d give his friend’s number to some stranger. He’d be like ‘yeah sure’ and gives the hot guy Jooheon’s number and quietly snicker when he saw you gape at him. When the hot guy started praising you, he’d be like Hyungwon and go along with the praises but when he thinks that it’s going overboard, he’d protectively sling an arm around your shoulder and tell the guy off.

Hey, can I have your number?”

“Yeah, sure, here you go. *punches Jooheon’s digits in the hot guy’s number and notices your shocked expression, only to snicker quietly*”

“Thanks and by the way, you’re really beautiful.”

“O-oh, thanks.”

“Yeah, my angel’s really pretty that no one can beat her.”

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Oh my gosh if you have some time I need OQ + sending nudes to the wrong number, pretty please <3

It’s a relatively new concept to her, not only for the fact that her cell phone has been one of the flip variety for the last three decades but the whole selfie sending saga in the first place. Everyone knew what she looked like, why would they want picture proof?

Henry had insisted though. Her trusty old phone had finally given up the ghost and, despite her reluctance, she’d chosen to upgrade to an iPhone. ‘It does so much more than your old phone, Mom. Trust me.’ and, of course, she did. So the next day she’d bought one. The very same model that she’d gotten Henry for his seventeenth birthday the year before. It hadn’t been hard to get used to, after an hour or so spent fiddling about with it, and she’d found herself rather happy with her new choice and her hand picked selection of applications.

One of which was Snapchat.

At first, Henry was her only contact and she loved it. Loved looking in on his day to day activities; time with his friends, afternoons spent terrorising the Charmings with his other mother, sweet little moments with Violet. It was like her own little peek into his world.

Over time though, and with Henry’s influence on the town, others had downloaded the app and so her contact list had grown to include Snow - with endless videos of Neal running riot about the town - Charming - sickening picture after picture of his one true love when she was unawares - Emma - mainly snaps warning any that followed her of the various hazards around town and some of Henry - and Robin.

He was the more recent of them all.

Her own ‘story’ consisted of various dishes she’d experimented with, drawings that her dimpled seven year-old sweetheart had brought home from school - he was endlessly talented with a pot of paints, they’d found - and pictures of all three of her boys together whenever she had them all in one room.

It was nice.

Also, it afforded herself and Robin the chance to get a little more creative when it came to their affections. Namely when the good and reformed Outlaw found himself on the night shift at the station.

Most times she’d send him a little warning, a preliminary snap to ensure he was alone before she’d begin the show for him.

It was never anything particularly special - a bare shoulder, a video of her thighs slowly rubbing together as she let loose breathy moans, an awkwardly angled (but highly paying off) shot of her bare bottom that always sent him wild - but his reaction was always worth the effort. Particularly on the nights she didn’t have to be up for work the next morning. He’d wake her on his return with a tongue between her legs or after a series of touches that would have her wet before her eyes were even open.

She’d known from the beginning that theirs was a relationship made to last the ages but to actually experience it was something that always managed to take her breath away.

The thought of her husband, so hardworking and lovely, was what had her in quite the playful mood tonight. He’d had to work a few more night shifts this week and so, she was missing him.

She padded across the floor of the bedroom to stand before her full length mirror, grinning as she positioned herself. She didn’t want the build up tonight and the thought of completely surprising him was too good to resist so, with a little preparation, she brought her phone up and pressed a finger to the middle button, recording as she moved her elbows out a little and allowed her silk nightgown to slip from her body.

She watched it through a couple of times, just to ensure it did the job, before she pulled up her contacts and found Robin’s name with the little gold heart beside it - of course he was her ‘best friend’ on the app.

It didn’t take long, just the short walk back to the bed, before she received a notification telling her that he’d replayed the snap - she chuckled softly at the thought of his expression - and only one minute after that came the “Robin is typing…” banner, followed by the little blue chat button that had anticipation skittering across her bare skin.

“Oh, my love…” read his message and it was only three words but they were three words that had her grinning like a fool at her phone.

Instead of replying, however, she positioned herself back upon the bed with arms straight out before her and her camera switched to the front so that she could adjust herself. Taking a moment, she brought a hand down to thrum gently across each nipple, returning it when both stiffened into dusky peaks.

She angled her phone, taking the picture on a diagonal and swiping to add the desired filter before moving to her contact list once more. It was as she’d highlighted Robin’s name that she heard a sharp cry from down the hallway - Scarlett.

She sighed gently, glancing down to send the snap - she couldn’t leave him hanging in anticipation - before leaving her phone on her bed and moving to pull on her robe.


Emma was quite ready to pack up and call it a night. She was on call anyway, if there was any real emergency she’d hear about it. The sight of Robin looking so desperately at his phone in the other office - no doubt texting Regina - not strengthened her resolve. It was home time.

First though, the phone had to be diverted to her cell.

Picking up her own phone - she really needed to learn her number one day - she was surprised to find a notification of a received snapchat from Regina. The very fact that Regina was even on snapchat still amused her.

Still, it wasn’t a complete rarity for her to receive a funny picture of Henry or a sweet snap of Roland and Scarlett and so, rather innocently, she opened the app and clicked to open the received picture only to throw her phone across the room, wincing at the worrisome crack as it hit the ground. Robin was frowning confusedly at her through the window separating them but she could do nothing other than try and erase the image from her mind.

Robin’s focus on his phone made sense now. How many times had they been on the night shift together and this had been happening?

It didn’t bear thinking about.


She was roused by gentle kisses along the line of her jaw and neck, her husband’s palm warm as it stroked along her upper arm. God, she loved him.

“Welcome home,” she whispered sleepily to him, tilting her head back on the pillow to allow him more access to her skin and emitting a warm hum at the feeling of him behind her. “Good shift?”

“Most definitely,” he replied pointedly before he continued, “although, Emma was acting a little strangely before we left. She threw her phone across the room.”

“Why would she do something like that?” Regina frowned.

“I don’t know,” Robin chuckled softly, “but she warned me that you’d be getting the bill for the repairs.”

That had her a little more alert as she turned her head and asked, “Why the hell would it be my-” she gasped, hoping to god that she was wrong as she lifted herself from Robin’s hold and reached for her phone left forgotten on her bedside table after her last exchange with Robin.

She was quick to unlock it, ignoring her husband’s questions and opening the snapchat app, her heart pounding fiercely as she looked through her most recent exchanges and, sure enough, there was Emma’s name just under Robin’s, the little triangle just an outline of colour.

“Oh, fuck.”

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Hi, would you do an imagine where Bucky wife suffers from a lung Inflammation but he’s currently on a longer Mission. So one day he gets the call that your condition got worse and you’re already in the ICU. Bucky then gets home immediately, staying by your side and hoping for you to get better? :) I also suffer from this at the Moment and it sucks to be in a Hospital :(

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: just a lot of angst lol

A/N: Hello there love! first of all, let me say that I’m very sorry to hear that you’re in the hospital :( I really really hope you’re gonna get better soon and if I can do anything for you, you let me know ok? <33 also, I’m sorry this is so late, but I still hope this is what you wanted bb!


Natasha sat down next to Bucky and nudged him with her elbow.

“What’s up Winter Soldier? Why are you looking like someone just ate your sandwich?”

He quickly put the picture of you back inside his pocket and got up to join Fury and Steve, who were currently looking at a map of Russia.

They’ve been on this mission for two months now and he hadn’t heard from you since.

He wanted to call. God, he wanted to call you so badly.

But they’ve been on radio silence ever since they left, in case anyone was listening in.

They were on a mission to destroy this huge Hydra base. Normally he didn’t go on missions this long, mostly because he couldn’t stand being away from you this long, but this was a personal mission and he had to finish it. To finally come to terms with his past.

Once they were done with the briefing, Cap and Natasha went to the kitchen of their small apartment they all shared. It was old and rundown and he was so ready to leave this shithole and go back home.

To you.

When Bucky wanted to join the others after a second, Fury placed a hand on his shoulder, a serious expression on his face.

“There’s been a phone call. I think you want to call them back.”

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so i got a prompt from @shouvley for nurseydex that was “Nursey starts breaking things on purpose just to see if Dex can fix them” and i loved it honestly…plus it gave me an excuse to write one of my very favorite nurseydex tropes, which is nursey having not even a little bit of chill. also, it reminds me a whole lot of that story from holes where the handyman tells the schoolteacher “i can fix that” and that’s one of the most iconic love stories of our generation so??? enjoy this story about two dumb boys who like each other


The first time it happens, it’s an accident. Really.

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Ice Pops

Pairing: Seokjin/Everyone (because i’m thirsty like that)

i don’t know about you guys but
that ice pop made my boner pop

[ alternatively titled: Popsicles, because they have a different name for it everywhere I swear]

also posted on ao3, but tumblr is irresistible. come find me or continue reading under the cut!

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kirigakure saizo x mc (unnamed)

a/n: ANOTHER REQUEST I’VE NEVER GOTTEN THIS MANY BEFORE. THANK YOU SO MUCH. *SCREAMS* anyway, saizo seems to be very popular with these requests (not that i’m complaining)! this one is for @ashnashunthoo from this list, prompt 18 - underwater kiss!

Saizo learned at a young age that serving under Sanada Yukimura also meant serving under Takeda Shingen, a fact which was both entertaining and irritating. It wasn’t that he didn’t get along with Shingen—in fact he hadn’t ever had a real problem with him, surprisingly—so much as the fact that Shingen liked to increase morale in what Saizo found to be the most frivolous ways possible.

He would almost call them family outings, such was their style; Shingen would gather all his most war-torn men, and a few necessary servants to attend them, and set off on the road. He almost never told them where they were going, and it had a tendency to make Saizo itch with anxiety.

Not that he showed this, but he was sure those he kept in his company could see the stiffness in his shoulders as they walked along. It was always bad enough when Sasuke asked if something was wrong, Momofuku perched on his shoulder—worse when a certain stubborn, familiar, cross-dressing cook from Kyoto keeps sneaking glances at him and biting the inside of her (or, currently his) cheek.

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30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 6

Day 6: Wearing each other’s clothes

Summary: You wake up after a heavy night of drinking with John
Author: Maddy (@latherthantherabbit)
Words: 1400
Characters/Relationships: Sherlock x Reader, John x Reader (siblings), Mrs. Hudson (mentioned)
Warnings: Some cursing


If there was one thing you have learnt since living in 221C, it was to never drink with an ex-soldier or your brother, especially if those two overlap. You had awoken to blinding light and a pounding head, a rolling stomach to accompany the pain you felt in every cell of your body. You groaned, your throat sore and voice raspy from dehydration. You tried to pry your eyes open but even the sliver of light that came with your attempts caused shooting pain to ricochet through your head. You slowly came to remember that you hadn’t gone back down to your flat after staying up with John and Sherlock last night with a bottle of scotch, meaning you were probably in either your brother’s or his flatmates room, most likely the former, hopefully the former you thought, blushing at the idea of sleeping in Sherlock’s room. You had slowly developed a crush on the consulting detective after being introduced by John once moving in and, though you were pretty good at masking your feelings, John immediately saw your infatuation for the man, trying relentlessly to get you two together, the bastard.

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