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I may or may not have spent the past day trying to map out the Bunker.

This may have involved watching every scene in the bunker since season 8 up till current. Yes, within the last 24 hours.

I may have come to the conclusion that this is impossible.

Sam’s bedroom keeps moving where it is in the bunker. Doors appear and disappear. Doors are placed in walls where they can’t logically go anywhere. Directions are given to rooms that don’t exist. (There aren’t four doors on the left down that hall Sam I counted there just aren’t.) One room may be four separate and distinct locations. There doesn’t seem to be anything on the top of the map, yet I know of three rooms that have to be there. There’s at least one basement and one upper floor. I can’t find the stairs.

Don’t ever try to make sense of the Bunker. Save yourselves.


A timeline of terrible events broadcast on Facebook Live — and why Facebook can’t stop it

  • Facebook Live is turning into a digital diary of graphic, violent activity. The livestreaming service has a dark side: footage of rapes, torture and suicide are being broadcast on the platform with relative frequency.
  • The most recent discussion about Facebook Live and livestream regulations resurfaced after a man named Steve Stephens shot and killed a 74-year-old named Robert Godwin Sr. on Sunday in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • “This is a horrific crime and we do not allow this kind of content on Facebook,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “We work hard to keep a safe environment on Facebook and are in touch with law enforcement in emergencies when there are direct threats to physical safety.”
  • But can Facebook Live do anything to stop disturbing content? Read more (4/17/17)

For information about suicide prevention or to speak with someone confidentially, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1 (800) 273-8255 or the Crisis Text Line at 741-741. Both provide free, anonymous support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Analysis of Jikook in The SHOW behind BTS

…a.k.a throwback in late 2015 ♥

Hello, sweet Anon! :) I’m sorry I’m doing this just now. I’m not sure what exactly you meant, but I suppose it was this… gosh I’m sorry if I made an entire “analysis” for something completely else. Also I know people noticed these things long ago, but you know, I think good Jikook throwback can’t be bad. Also this is from late 2015 (I think - correct me if I’m wrong) and you know how fond I am about 2015! :D So let’s get on to it.

Jikook here, in “The SHOW” could be described as boyfriends, making up after a fight. The younger does it by circling around the older one, trying hard to make him laugh, reacting to everything he does. The older one does it by torturing poor Seokjin, using him for his weird bursts of affectionate singing and generally making Jungkook pay attention to him. Jimin just tries to look like he doesn’t give a duck, but at the same time he does everything he can just for Jungkook to come near him, so he can ignore him again, looking like cold drama queen. Jeon complies very well and as much as Jimin tries to be cool, Jungkook is more nervous, more goofy and childish than usual. Both of them remind me of me when I used to fight with my crush at high school :D

At first we see Jimin, playing with this “decorative ball” – I don’t know what other name should I give it. Jungkook’s in the back, the second Jimin starts playing with the ball he watches him and quickly figures his next steps.

In next moment he comes near, announcing that “That ball is not that heavy at all!” while smiling sheepishly. Nobody asked you tho, Jungkookie. Jimin seems like he didn’t even hear what Jungkook said. No laughing or smiling reaction, as we’re used to seeing from him. Jungkook’s attempt doesn’t work, so he puts the ball back on the table. (I feel sorry for him :<)

We catch a glimpse of Jungkook (and Jin and Hoseok) practicing Run choreo. Jungkook dances just in front of Jimin all the time – at one point he even comes less than foot away from him. But Jimin does nothing. Complete stone-cold pokerface. Again, it doesn’t have to mean something, but judging by his general attitude not only to Jungkook at other times, but to Jin on the same day (before he and Jungkook ‘made up’ :D) he was most likely pissed at Kookie.

Fast forward to Hobi, delivering water. Jungkook claims that “water from somebody else tastes the best.” These are just screen shots, but he literally turned his head towards Jimin and looked at him, as he said it. Jimin was laughing and smiling just seconds before at Hobi and Tae.

When Jungkook spoke, pokerface appeared again and he looked away. Both him and Jungkook swung their heads down, looking on the floor. JK did not say a thing after that there.

My favorite parts are coming, brace yourself, it’s hilarious. Jin struggle for his life and comfort, as Jimin uses him to make Jungkook jealous and Jungkook to make Jimin laugh. I admire this human, because if it was me, I would be cringing in the corner of room instead of handling it so well in the middle of them.

Jimin hangs out with Jin, talking about Jin’s birthday. Casual Jeon appears, trying to stick himself between the two without much success. So he stands next to Jin, when suddenly Jimin decides to be a little torturous shit to him (and poor Seokjin) and announces he’s gonna sing a song for Jin-hyung.

Jungkook just watches him. I watch Jungkook’s mouth, pressed into thin line (he’s not a fan of this whole situation, obviously.)

Jin stares at the ceiling, expression in his face calling supernatural forces for salvation. No help comes. Jungkook manages to bear whole 15 seconds of Jimin, serenading to Jin, before he interrupts him. “When’s your birthday, hyung?”

What kind of silly and completely obvious question is that? Do you mean you forgot Jin’s birthday, when most likely you all celebrated together and you live with him? It was just few days ago. Anyway he disturbs Jimin’s singing for a second, so this question was a success. Jimin touches Jin’s face, trying to gain his attention. In my opinion, he’s trying too hard. Just let it go, Jimin, Jungkook already *got* your message. Sthob it. But he doesn’t stop, no way.

Jin flinches: “Don’t touch my face!” He pushes Jimin away and explains he hates when people touch his face. Guess who’s hands touch his face the second he says it to support Jimin-hyung and make him laugh? …just guess. Yes. Jungkook’s hands are already touching Seokjin’s face, while he laughs adorably. Jimin was smiling a little before at Jin, but after Jungkook’s action + smile, he’s not smiling. Not until he touches Jin again and smiles again, this time JK left.

Jin and Jimin have this bickering argument about a gift for Jin’s birthday so Jimin decides to sing him a happy birthday song. Seokjin is obviously not very comfortable about all of this and tries to push Jimin away in his funny, non-harming way – throwing sleeves of his jacket around. Then he even pushes Jimin away weakly, while sending him away. Then he pushes him *hardly*, losing his shit. He stares at the camera seriously as he says that he’ll really do something to Jimin. Jimin can’t stop with his singing and clinging to hyung.

Koalest Koala Jimin demands Seokjin to sing him a carol. It’s payback time. Jin starts to sing and cling to Jimin too much to make him uncomfortable, too. Jimin tastes his own medicine as he struggles to get free.

Jimin now sings the carol and looks around, to his left multiple times. I’m not completely sure if he looks at Jungkook but just few moments later, just as they start with the “I LOVE YOU” song, guess who emerges from that direction? JK. Of course it’s Jungkook. He walks like a complete *boss* just in front of the lens of the camera.

Jimin very nonchalantly changes his position, now standing next to Jungkook.

Jungkook announces he made a song, too. Jin asks him what song. “I love you,” answers Kook, very creatively. Anyway they all laugh afterwards.

In the next moment poor baby Seokjin serves as a tool for Jikook, making up. Jimin looks still done with Jungkook, while he hits him with Jin’s arms/sleeves, making weird noises.

Jin complains about hard life of a hyung (I feel you, Kim Seokjin) and Jimin agrees. Jimin, you made him suffer today, you have no right to complain. Anyway Jungkook stops hitting Jimin and walks from behind Jin to see Jimin’s reaction.

Jimin probably decided that Jungkook’s efforts are too cute and it’s enough. He cames up with the message for fans. JK asks him what message and quickly looks down.

There’s like 4 seconds of silence, while Jimin (in my opinion obviously) waits for Jungkook to look him in the eyes. In the second he does that, Jimin sings “I love you.”

Just look at the bunny’s smile. Just look. My heart burst when I saw the way he smiles happily at his hyung’s singing. Finally, Jimin forgave him whatever it was he had to forgive him.

Afterwards, they’re good. Jimin is laughing and smiling again with Jungkook, dancing and fooling around.

To sum it up, they were going through some sort of fight that day, who knows what it was about? But Jimin was just being scary shady Jimin, clinging to Jin to get Jungkook’s attention and Jungkook was following them around, trying to make up with Jiminie-hyung. Thanksgod it had a happy ending.

And for the very end, I’m adding this accurate picture of inner Jimin, satisfied with himself on that day:

Hope you enjoyed, this drained me so much :D Once again: I love 2015. K, bye.


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Song: #Emergency by @vibe_squad
Directed by: @visionariomedia
Clothing: @jekkahdotcom (at Camden Market)

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“His BP is 88/50. Isn’t that incredibly low?”

The reply they’re looking for…

What I actually say…

Leo - The Baby Cub Masquerading as the Lioness

I was looking through my dash before and this picture came up. It reminded me of Leo. This is the confident, illuminating and sometimes intimidating lioness who quickly retreats to lick her wounds at even perceived criticism. In Jung’s archetypes, he applies the ‘Golden Child’ to the sign of Leo that relates to charismatic leadership. With the graces and faults of the young, the Leo personality is the dominating child masquerading as the competent adult. Leos have an innate need for attention, gratification and tend to be theatrical in nature. The heart is ruled by Leo and they experience their whole lives guided by the whims of their hearts and the inner child. Their primary needs include attention and approval, and a Leo will do what it takes to secure the appreciation of his parents, friends, and anyone else around.

Leos can be dominating, and at times possessive and controlling. They are inspired by ambition and drawn to leadership roles. Leos find others naturally look to them to lead. Their innate reflex to protect the vulnerable members of society - the violated, the oppressed, children and animals coats the need for Leo to protect their own inner child. Like children, they become psychologically starved with inadequate treasuring and particularly threatened by the prospect of abandonment. A scathed Leo can react in fits of temper, verbal violence and volatile outbursts, then lament alone, disheartened, lacerated and deeply, deeply hurt. The ego of a Leo is exceptionally easy to bruise. It is rare that they will display the natural vulnerability of their nature. When they away from affectionately stroking their baby cubs in the home, the lion emerges - self assured, directive and capable. The lion is quick to defend the cub inside. Sometimes they use methods of intimidation to scare away predators and control to ensure it isn’t left vulnerable. Leos feel a deep connection to the other vulnerable children in the world, and they are drawn to roles where they can exercise protection to the most innocent.

The inner child cannot help but be cut deeply from the critiques of the adult world, but only when they are alone will Leo let that inner child have its tears. The Leo is filled with an inner world of magic, mysticism and the radiance of the sun, their view of the world is filtered through the lenses of an internal childlike awareness and appreciation. The mask of efficiency and natural leadership is one worn with ease, though their sensitivity is often severely underestimated. Leos are truly as vulnerable as children, and criticism wounds their hearts deeply. They probably won’t say anything, because even at a young age they tend to be on the private side, but it will hurt their pride and self-worth in such a way that it could cause lasting scars. It’s important to understand that their need for attention and praise is not because of conceit.  They truly need to be validated, overtly loved, and receive their energy from others.



There’s absolutely a disparity. That’s a statistical fact. Why that is, I don’t really know. I am excited, though, that there are so many wonderful women emerging now and directing.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman directed by women filmography

Developing dir. Marya Cohn - 1994
New York, I Love You dir. Mira Nair - 2008
Illusions & Mirrors dir. Shirin Neshat - 2013
A Tale of Love and Darkness dir.  Natalie Portman - 2015
Planetarium dir. Rebecca Zlotowski - 2016
On the Basis of Sex dir. Mimi Leder - 20??
Bronco Belle dir. Anna Rose Holmer - 20??


pairing: Gaara/Sakura with some Neji/Sakura

summary: ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend.’ But just about everything is a possible enemy in a zombie apocalypse. Sakura crosses paths with a particular thief once more and has an unexpectedly pleasant night, trapped in a condemned building’s basement. 

notes: i’m like 3 hours late for @vesperlionheart and @thefreckledone fluff friday, enemy prompt, but eeeeyyyy better late than never. some fluff in a pretty grim setting hello did you know i have a zombie apocalypse au (i have a couple other drabbles set in this universe that i wanna write one day)

Konoha had been more of a tourist destination – a vacation retreat – than an actual town. With the large fortress and temple, the meticulously cared for gardens, hot spring, multitude of places to eat, and the tall, sturdy, stone wall that encircled the village, tucked away in the middle of the forest, it all seemed like something out of a folk tale.

In the end, it was the wall that saved them.

When people first started to get sick, the townsfolk didn’t think much of it and simply cared for their ill as best as they could, slowly becoming more worried as they listened to the news that an epidemic had spread across Japan.

Had spread across the world.

When communications to the outside went down and those who had fallen ill began to… react, there was mass panic throughout the country.

It was that tall wall - strong and stone and unrelenting - that kept the walking corpses out and the people of Konoha safe.

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The conception that government should be guided by majority opinion makes sense only if that opinion is independent of government. The ideal of democracy rests on the belief that the view which will direct government emerges from an independent and spontaneous process. It requires, therefore, the existence of a large sphere independent of majority control in which the opinions of the individuals are formed.
—  Friedrich Hayek (1899-1992) Austrian economist 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, KIDDOS!!! Here’s my special Thanksgiving lil fic for you, and this one is not at all angsty! Thank you to @ciceroniantrash for the fabulous prompt! I had lots of fun writing this. I was picturing the Schuyler Mansion as it is now/was then since I’ve been there like three times, and they really do have a fancy dining room. If you wanna know more about my choices for who out of the Schuyler family is present here and why just send me an ask! Enjoy, and have a great day, bbys! :D <333

hamilsquad Friendsgiving at the Schuylers’ for Thanksgiving day

“It was so kind of you to invite us, Mrs. Schuyler,” Alexander said as he, John, and Lafayette walked through the front door of the Schuyler’s mansion.

“It’s our pleasure,” Mrs. Schuyler said. “Peggy? Come take their coats.”

“Why do I have to?” Peggy mumbled as she made her way down the stairs, pulling back her hair into her signature ponytail in the process.

“Because you’re the first one ready,” Mrs. Schuyler said with a smile. She turned back to the boys. “And please, call me Catherine.” Turning back to Peggy, she added, “And don’t you dare call me Catherine.”

The three boys burst out in laughter. Peggy made faces at them as she took their coats and once again disappeared upstairs.

Just then, Philip Schuyler emerged from the direction of the kitchen wearing an apron. He looked much more frazzled than usual. “Hey, boys,” he said. “Cath, um, a moment in the kitchen?”

Catherine smirked. “Hmm, I wonder what this could be about.” Turning to the boys, she stage-whispered, “Someone said he could handle the entire Thanksgiving meal this year.” She winked before following Philip.

Just then, a small child ran down the staircase and into the long hallway where the boys stood, surrounded by old portraits of Schuyler relatives.

“Get back here, Ren!” Angelica said.

Even if Angelica hadn’t said a word, Alexander still would have known it was her because of the clack clack clack of her heels on the wooden steps. She was the only Schuyler sister who wore them.

Rensselaer ran right up to Lafayette and stared up at him. “You have hair like mine,” he said pointing to Laf’s pulled back curls.

“Oui, petit mon ami,” Laf said, stooping down to the boy’s level.

Angelica finally made it down the stairs, looking quite agitated as she approached the boys.

“You look as beautiful as ever, Ms. Schuyler,” Alexander said, offering his hand to Angelica.

That brought a slight smile to her face. “And you look dashing, Mr. Hamilton,” she said in a mock British accent.

John wrapped his arms around Alexander’s waist from behind. “Step away, Ms. Schuyler. This one’s mine.” He kissed Alex’s cheek, causing color to rise to his boyfriend’s face.

“Ew!” a girlish giggle floated down the stairs. Down the stairs came Cornelia, the second youngest Schuyler child, dressed in a princess costume. Behind her was Eliza, carrying baby Catherine.

“She refused to wear anything else,” Eliza said, nodding toward Cornelia.

Cornelia curtsied to the boys, who bowed in return. Angelica rolled her eyes at the display, but Eliza laughed.

“You’re so indulgent to her,” Eliza said.

“It’s because they don’t have to live with her 24/7,” Angelica muttered.

“Ren? Cornelia? Come help set the table?” Catherine stepped out of the dining room and shouted. “And where are P.J. and Cortlandt? They should be helping, too,” she said in reference to her two other sons. “And Peggy,” she murmured. “Where’d that girl race off to now?”

“Is John coming?” Eliza asked Angelica.

Angelica checked her watch. “He should be here in like ten minutes,” she said.

“John and Angelica sitting in a tree,” Peggy sang from somewhere unseen.

“Where the hell are you?” Angelica hissed, looking around her only to see her friends, Eliza, and younger siblings.

“K-i-s-s-i-n-g,” Peggy singsonged.

“MARGARITA SCHUYLER GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW,” Catherina shouted from the dining room.

Angelica and Eliza burst into laughter as Peggy sulked down the stairs. She turned and held up her middle finger to them right before disappearing into the dining room.

This was what Alexander loved most about visiting the Schuyler household. After growing up in such a small family, then having no family before being adopted by the Washingtons, the Schuyler household was a welcome window into what life with a large, loving family was like.

He took John’s hand and squeezed it. He hoped one day to find out firsthand just what that kind of family life was like.


After a lot more shouting, laughing, and some crying from baby Catherine and Ren, who stubbed his toe while chasing Cornelia around the house before dinner, the entire family was finally seated and the large wooden table that was completely covered in dishes of food.

Baby Catherine sat in a highchair by Catherine, who was seated at one head of the table. Philip sat at the other head, with Cornelia and Cortlandt on either side of him, since they would need the most help with their meals, being only five and seven respectively.

Philip Jeremiah, or PJ as everyone called him, had sulked down after his mother called him for third time. He was fourteen and in that phase where his thick, black bangs were so long they covered his eyes and he always had earbuds in if he could help it. He glared at everyone who dared to look at him, except for Angelica, who apparently but the fear of god in everyone, including her snarky younger brother.

John and Alex were seated next to each other, with Laf on Alex’s other side. Hercules was with his family, but had promised to drop by for dessert later. Across from them was Angelica, her boyfriend, John Church, Eliza, and Peggy, who kept glaring at Angelica’s boyfriend.

“So, boys,” Philip said, turning to Alex, Laurens, and Laf, “it’s our tradition here to go around the table and say one thing we’re thankful for this year.”

“But there’s a trick!” Cornelia exclaimed.

“I think you mean a ‘catch,’” PJ mumbled.

“He speaks!” Peggy declared through a mouthful of mashed potatoes.

“Ew,” Eliza said with a laugh, stabbing at her carrots with the prongs of her fork.

“God, you’re all so embarrassing,” Angelica said. “Sorry,” she whispered to John, stroking his arm.

“Wha awh you sowy fwo?” Peggy said as she shovelled more food into her mouth. She grinned at Angie and a few peas escaped her mouth.

“Oh my GOD,” Angelica shouted. “Dad!” She turned to Philip, who was hiding his mouth behind his napkin. Alexander could tell he was trying to hide his laughter.

“Peggy,” he said once he’d composed himself. “Remember your manners?”

“Sorry,” she said with an empty mouth and mischievous grin.

“You’re seventeen for god’s sake,” Angelica muttered as she stabbed at some stuffing.

“Okay, back to the family tradition,” Catherine said with a quick clap. “So the catch that Cornelia was trying to mention is that you can’t repeat what someone else said.”

“We’ll start down here, with the little ones,” Philip said, gesturing to Cornelia and Cortlandt.

“Me first!” Cornelia said excitedly. She cleared her throat and pushed her chair back, then climbed on top of it.

It was obvious that all of the adults at the table where trying to stifle their laughter, since Cornelia, still in her princess costume, was taking this tradition so seriously.

“I’m thankful for my mommy and my daddy and my big sister Peggy.”

“What about us?” Angelica asked, motioning between her and Eliza.

Cornelia crossed her arms and stamped on the chair. “You two left!”

“We’re just at college,” Eliza said.

“Hey, guys, shut it, I’m the fav here, clearly,” Peggy said with another one of her grins.

“My turn!” Cortlandt exclaimed. “I’m thankful for Mommy’s tummy where she keeps growing new babies. I can’t wait for a new one!”

Catherine’s face turned a deep shade of red. Philip stammered to her rescue.

“Uh, wow, Cort, that was, an, um, unique one… but Mama’s tummy is done with babies. Look at how many it made.” He gestured to his other children.

“Why is it done?” Cortlandt asked.

Now Philip was clearly growing flustered. Catherine intervened.

“Because it’s tired,” she said smoothly.

“Why is it tired?” Cortlandt asked.

“We can talk about this later,” Catherine said.

All of the older kids and their friends were laughing into their napkins.

“PJ, how about you go next,” Philip hastily suggested.

“I’m thankful for music,” PJ mumbled. He glared at everyone seated around the table. “And for headphones,” he added.

“All right,” Philip said. “Ren?”

“I’m grateful for my math workbook because it has all of the answers in the back,” the grade schooler said with a smile.

“My turn!” Peggy declared. Copying Cornelia, she stood, but only on the floor, thankfully. Her nose tilted high, she began her list of what she was thankful for. “I’m grateful for my gut instinct, which so far has never been wrong about anything. Especially when it comes to dating.”

There was the sound of silverware clattering against a plate, and Alexander glanced up to see Angelica fuming.

“I’ll go,” Eliza said quickly, jumping up between her sisters.

Alexander took a moment to appreciate Eliza, and how she selflessly threw herself between her arguing sisters. She also looked as beautiful as ever, in a powder blue sleeveless dress and white cardigan, her long black hair hanging loose around her face, some glimmer-y makeup on her eyes.

“I’m grateful for the amazing example my older sister has given me on how to be a good person who stands up for what is right,” she said, looking at Angie. She turned to Peggy. “And I’m grateful to my younger sister, for the lessons she also teaches me, on how to be both funny and serious, and how to chase after what I want in life.”

Both Peggy and Angelica quickly sobered up after Eliza spoke. She sat down with a knowing smile on her face.

Angelica stood. “I’m grateful to Eliza and Peggy,” then she took in the faces of her younger siblings, “and all of my siblings, for giving me so much love. And to John, who I also lo––”

“Seriously?” Peggy sighed.

Angelica glared at her sister before continuing. “Who I also love, and I’m grateful to my family for welcoming him with open arms, especially since this is the first time he’s celebrated Thanksgiving anywhere other than the campus dining hall, being from England.”

“And we are overjoyed to have him here,” Catherine quickly agreed. “Would you like to try out our tradition, John?”

“Absolutely,” he said, quickly hopping to his feet. “I’m so grateful to you, Mrs. Schuyler, and you,” he said, turning to Philip, “Mr. Schuyler, for opening your home to me today. And thank you,” he gestured to the rest of the family, “for being so gracious as to have me here.”

“He talks funny,” Cornelia said with a giggle.

“It’s called an accent,” PJ said, rolling his eyes.

“Ham, you wanna go?” Angelica asked, clearly wanting to get off of a certain topic.

“I’d love to,” Alexander said, standing up. “I’m grateful to be able to spend today with such a loving family. George and Martha are sad that Laf and I aren’t home for the holidays, and I miss them, but this is also such a treat. Even though it’s cold and even snowy,” he glanced out the window at the little white flakes that were starting to coat the ground and bare limbs of trees, “it’s warm and welcoming in here. I never had a large family, and seeing all of you, and the love behind even your quips,” he took a deep breath. “Well, it’s really refreshing. Thank you for having me.”

Catherine dabbed at her eyes with her tissue. “I’d like to go and say that I’m grateful you’re here, Alexander, and that all of our guests are here. I’m also grateful for this little one,” she said, resting a hand on baby Catherine’s head, “and for all of my little ones.” She looked lovingly over her children. “And of course, for the love of my life.”

“And I for you,” he said, blowing her a kiss.

“Gross!” Cortlandt exclaimed, causing the entire table to burst into a fit of laughter.

“John? Laf? You guys want a turn?”

“I’m grateful for acceptance,” John said quickly, staying seated, looking down at his nearly empty plate. “And for the people who’ve shown it to me.”

Alexander took his hand and squeezed it. If he had his way, he’d never let go.

“And me? Well, I am grateful for one thing, and one thing only,” Laf said with a cheeky grin. “I’m grateful for––”

“HERCULES MULLIGAN!” His boyfriend burst into the dining room with a grin on his face.

Everyone was laughing again, and Laf ran over to his boyfriend, kissing him before pulling him over to the table to sit next to him.

“The gang’s all here,” Alexander said.

“Just as it should be,” Angelica said with a smile.

“I want pie!” Cornelia shouted.

“We’ve got plenty of that,” Philip told her. “But not until after you finish dinner.”

And so the evening went on, and Alexander never wanted it to end.

@pikachugirl1996‘s question: How about when Noctis and Lightning meet for the very first time?

Thank you for the question and your patience. If you got any more please throw them my way, I had fun writing Lightis-related stuff! Or… I can just end up asking you for them and I’ll do those, too. I’d like to be of service to the Lightis community so expect more fics from me xD Sorry for making you wait, I had a bunch of requests and I was going back and forth and then coming up with more Lightis ideas, including Lightis children and Lightis Boy Band + Modeling AU. Maybe I’ll expand on this headcanon one day, it’s plausible. I will finish and publish your Childhood AU as well. Let me know if I should change anything or if there are typos or errors I should fix. I accept drabble or headcanon requests of all forms pertaining to Lightis and FFXV. I’ll upload this on incandescent-liberator, my new writing-only blog. As for this, this is a predestined meeting that takes place in the FFXV universe right after the events of FFLR.


“Hey, princess, get your ass in gear!” Gladiolus called out from front. A passerby unexpectedly walked straight into his chest.“Sorry, pal, royal escorts with a prince in tow.” He apologized with a sheepish grin on his face, leaving the passerby dazed.

“Excuse me, excuse—!” Prompto was trailing behind the sentinel in second place, gracefully dodging people left and right until he had to pry through a couple holding hands. “Excussseee me! Coming through! Make way!”

Grand Central Square was the hub of life, excitement, gatherings in the crown city of Lucis. No matter the time of day, the location was always filled with people coming and going. But the prince, sentinel, gunslinger had the misfortune of finding themselves caught at the Square’s busiest hours. This was the time of day activity was at the highest peak with shoppers, tourists, and commuters.

Noctis, who was rapidly falling behind the two men, regretted staying a moment longer at the last shop. Ignis had warned him that last minute shopping was foolhardy and Noctis hated to admit it, but the tactician was right. He sent a text that they were on the way, but that had been over half an hour ago. They haven’t been able to find transportation that would take them to the Caelum Mansion. Ignis had called, offering to come to pick them up, but that could lead to being stuck in traffic and if he was absent from the household, things would not look good in the Lucii representation area. It was settled that the three would be on their own and going by foot.

So the three men were running late to a meeting that required the prince’s presence. Hopefully, the king won’t know of their tardiness and Ignis would be able to stall the Kingsglaive and senate long enough until the prince arrived. Ignis was exceptional at dispensing long-winded discussions.

Noctis hated how his friends were able to carry the shopping bags with ease and he was carrying the least amount of bags.

“In this lifetime, Noct!” Gladiolus bellowed over his shoulder, pressing the younger man to speed up.

Prompto backtracked and circled around a decelerating Noctis as an orbit of its own. “Gee, Noct, a little out of shape, aren’t you?” He sympathetically patted the prince’s shoulder. “Cheer up. You’re going to feel like you can take on a marathon after this!”

Noctis didn’t want to think about running ever again after this, much less compete. He scowled and swatted Prompto’s hand away. He didn’t understand how the blonde had trekked all over Insomnia without complaining and still had the energy to make fun of him. He understood how Gladiolus had been able to because of his mandated military training, but Prompto has never worked out a day in his life. The concept of exercise for him was watching anime girls working out.

“If I have anything left in me after this, I’ll drive my foot up your ass first chance I can get.” He dryly commented.

“That’s the spirit! Feel the burn!” Prompto passionately slapped the prince’s back, nearly stealing what little oxygen remained in his lungs before running off to join Gladiolus. Noctis was agitated. “Come on, Noct! You got this!”

For the moment, it felt like Noctis pushed away the exhaustion and smoldering sensation in muscles and he was able to gain some momentum.

From the corner of his eye, a blink and you miss it moment, a flash of pink came across his field of vision. Unfortunately, his brain didn’t connect to the rest of his body to halt and he collided into something. He held a cry of surprise, a woman’s voice; items tumbling out and bodies collapsing onto the pavement.

Air at last! His brain triggered and his body voluntarily and greedily sucked it in. It also administered pain from the impact. Noctis gripped his forehead. “Ow…” He winced; the reaction a little delayed, but looked across from him a woman clad in trendy attire also clutching at her own head. The things that they carried had fallen, spilled contents, including a slender, peculiar-looking cellphone that must belong to her.

The prince scrambled to his knees and started to gather the fallen items, throwing his purchases in the shopping bags and before he could stop himself, her items from the fallen briefcase. Where did this woman come from? She just appeared and he ran into her. His eyes looked at the direction she emerged from. He eyeballed at the entrance that descended to the train station below. She must have just stepped out while talking on the phone. What rotten timing.

The woman’s hand hovered to her earpiece, pressing on a jewel on the device. “Hello?” She spoke into it, waiting for a minute, before dropping her hand. “Dammit…” Her pale aqua orbs, hinting her curiosity and concern, turned to the prince. “Are you okay?” She asked as she slowly raised herself to a crouching position.

Noctis gawked back. She stunned him by taking his line, and so could only offer a nod. She accepted his nonverbal response as confirmation and gathered her belongings. The woman didn’t appear from the area, not many people the Lucii prince had come across bore pink hair; he wondered if it was natural. She possessed a tan briefcase and Noctis immediately felt guilty for touching it without permission - it contained clothing and undergarments to which he stowed away without her noticing. Strapped to her back was an unusual leather case, probably for a musical instrument but Noctis could not place his finger of what she must play.

“My phone… Where is it?” She said aloud as her hands swept about.

Noctis noticed that the phone wasn’t in the same place that it was. “Found it.” He rose to his feet and dove into a crowd of people. Someone must have kicked the phone and it slid to another location. Scooping it up, he handed it to her.

“Thanks.” She accepted before checking the screen and letting out a sigh of relief. “Not broken. I’ll just have to call her back later.” She slid the device into her back pocket.

“Um…” Noctis raised an arm behind his head and craned his neck thoughtfully. The woman’s actions were precise, mundane and inconsequential as they were, the prince could not avert his eyes. “Where are you headed?”

“Somewhere important,” She replied as she fastened the suitcase’s buckles before rising to her feet. “Isn’t that you ran into me? You looked like you were in a hurry to get somewhere, too.”

“That’s right. Sorry for knocking you down.” He inclined his head in apology and leaned down to gather his bags. “Uh, hope you go about the rest of your day without bumping into anyone else.”

“Wait.” The rosette held out a fist and resting on her palm was a carbuncle cellphone charm. “Isn’t this yours?” She studied the furry mammal and the crystallized gem situated on its forehead with a charming smile. “It’s cute.”

Noctis flushed red as collected it. One of the things he brought today was a charm for his cellphone. It must have dropped out of his bags. “Yeah, well, it reminded me of an old friend that I hope to see again…” He trailed off, realizing how nonsensical it was relaying that tidbit of his childhood to a stranger. Glancing at it, he thought his upbeat guide, Ares, and tucked it securely in his pocket, he chuckled. 

A thoughtful and sentimental expression formed across her features. “I know what you mean. I hope that you’re able to meet with your friend one day.”

“Hey Noct! What’s keeping you? I thought you were behind us!” Gladiolus waved over. Prompto waved at Noctis as well, throwing an all-knowing smirk, much to Noctis’ chagrin. Just how far did those two get before they learned that they had to return?

“Your friends?” She inquired with amusement in her tone.

“None of them are the carbuncle, I swear.” Noctis joked and it was pleasant hearing her laugh.

“I have to go, but safe journey to you.” The woman bade her farewell and nodded to Gladiolus and Prompto before heading off.

“Same to you…” Noctis found himself memorized at her departure. Uneventful it was, meeting her had affected him strongly though he couldn’t figure out why. He felt himself being dragged away from the sight by Gladiolus. He broke into a run alongside his two brothers. No doubt that they were already late and Ignis had run out of things to say.

“So… Saw you putting the moves on her. Did you get her number?” Gladiolus teased.

“No.” Noctis replied curtly. Well, maybe he should have… She was quite beautiful.

“Oh? Is that a blush I see? You’re totally blushing!” Prompto coaxed while Noctis raised the collar of his jacket higher.

The blonde’s badgering only succeeded in Noctis swiftly running away from Gladiolus and Prompto’s unwarranted interrogation.

“Where did all that speed come from? We could have been there now if you weren’t dragging your ass!” Gladiolus bellowed at the prince’s retreating back.


“Nice for you to finally join us, Highness.” Ignis sighed as he adjusted his glasses. He had finished briefly berating the three men appeared before him for their delay and how depleted they were before him. He was called out by a court staff member and stepped outside the conference room to reunite with his friends. “His Royal Majesty waits, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fool him that you weren’t present. I had a suit prepared for you, but since our esteemed guest has arrived, I think it’ll be excusable just this once to wear what you have on now so not to keep her waiting.”

“Esteemed guest?” The three men chorused as they glanced at each other. This was the first that they ever heard of this.

The double doors invited the four in. Noctis noticed immediately as the room fell silent and all eyes turned on him that a familiar face was sitting at the king’s side.

It was the woman he met in the Grand Central Square. Judging from the wrinkles twinkling at the king’s eyes and his laugh, she and his father were engaged in a private conversation.

“You’ve arrived, my son.” Regis had remnants of mirth in his eyes, not even the slightest bit disappointed at Noctis’ long-delayed presence. He motioned for everyone to rise to his feet before he himself did the same. “There’s someone I’d like you to meet.” Turning to the rosette, his tone carried a tone of exaltation to it, he gestured, “You may introduce yourself to the Crown Prince.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” She affirmed, bowing her head before turning her attention to the prince. “I am Liaison Officer Claire Farron. It is an honor to meet you again, Your Highness. Or rather to introduce ourselves formally in this circumstance.”

What each Hexagram in the I Ching has taught me.
  1. Align your intentions with love then set your plans in motion with all the force and persistence you can muster.
  2. Open yourself fully to the idea the world is conspiring to present you with opportunities.
  3. Don’t be disheartened by initial difficulties.
  4. Beware of self imposed limitations and the stagnancy caused by over thinking.
  5. Sometimes it is best to wait until more opportune times. Use the time to make plans.
  6. Don’t make decisions when clouded by negative emotions. Examine your motives.
  7. Provide the hard work and discipline the situation demands.
  8. Use the poetry of the world around you to inspire you towards your goals. Be aware of the myths that bind us together.
  9. Persistently chip away at your aims with small subtle steps. Avoid grand gestures or bold aggression. Be gentle.
  10. Do what you find fun and find the fun in what you have to do.
  11. As soon as you make a firm decision the world will present opportunities to assist you.
  12. Don’t let the world and other people dictate your fate. Be aware of the forces controlling you.
  13. Find people with similar ideas and aims to you and cooperate.
  14. Build your self esteem up on your personal integrity and morality rather than the opinions of others and worldly success.
  15. Still your mind and listen. Bring an end to your pride and egotism in all it’s forms.
  16. Embrace the new and novel. Greet changes you can’t prevent with enthusiasm.
  17. Follow your bliss. Revelation comes from socialising.
  18. When forced to stay still. Settle into healthy habits and patterns. Don’t become so comfortable that you trap yourself.
  19. Find your own joy and the world will welcome you with open arms.
  20. Focus on the subtle small influences around you that have large effects due to repetition.
  21. Figure out and factor into your decisions the cosmic laws regarding karma, fate, intention and love.
  22. Back up your charm, style and panache with real substance. Don’t mistake the masks you wear for your true self.
  23. Accept that some things must come to an end and let them go.
  24. The world is ready for your change of heart. Build a space for your new ideas inside and out.
  25. Once you have freed your mind from the inferior you can act in spontaneous, unintentional, innocent and uninhibited way.
  26. Set limits on our behavior and environment that protect us and charge our power. Healthy boundaries prevent dissipation of energy.
  27. Meditation and non-action nourishes the soul as exercise strengthens the body.
  28. Rebelling against limitations and rules can in the end become it’s own trap.
  29. There are hidden dangers in the depths - be careful. Beware the pool of narcissistic self reflection.
  30. Let your light resonate and reflect with the light of others. Our interconnectedness is fundamental. Share your truth.
  31. Let joy be born from the ashes of your outmoded ways of being and thinking. Don’t get carried away when things are easy.
  32. Find your inner core of unquestionable beliefs and goals and never deviate from them no matter how much the world shakes around you.
  33. Recognise a bad arrangement for what it is and have the strength to cut your losses regardless of how much you have already invested.
  34. You have the power to start something new. Be bold and take the initiative. Shake things up.
  35. Follow the synchronicities, the signs, the cosmic winks.
  36. Transform mundane routine into acts of sacred worship. The divine is hidden in the mud.
  37. Make sure that the nest you build nourishes your spirit. Take care of those and that which have been constant influences.
  38. Through opposition and conflict we can find balance. Aim for a state of peaceful dynamic tension.
  39. Remain patient with life’s obstacles. Free yourself from internal blocks to your creativity. Don’t mistake apathy for non-attachment.
  40. Forgive, forget, move on to something new. Create the change you need despite the pain of letting go.
  41. There is great joy to be found when we have let go of all attachment and resigned ourselves to our naked selves.
  42. Reimagine the common features of your life in an entirely different way. A small detail will surprise you.
  43. It’s only through eradicating the underlying sources of you imbalances that you will make a breakthrough. Make a decision and commit to it.
  44. Listen to your dreams your intuitions. Become a living amplifier of the small voice within.
  45. Find the party! Dance, sing, play and make love!
  46. Get your mind in order and you will naturally ascend towards your natural place in the world.
  47. Restrain from excess. Just because the fuel is there you don’t have to use it all.
  48. Look within for nourishment. You can change your environment but its your soul that that will determine your quality of life.
  49. Disseminate ideas that bring people together, inspire them and change the world.
  50. Consume the ideas of people further along the path that stir you gently from within. Let them incubate in your subconscious until they emerge understood.
  51. Change direction and attitude before the world changes it for you. Be spontaneous. Do something you have never done before.
  52. Stop everything and take some time out to reassess what you don’t need. Do absolutely nothing.
  53. You will learn something small that will change everything through calm attentive listening to those around you.
  54. You will find great joy in something entirely unexpected. Serendipity awaits!
  55. Realisations will come like a flash of lightening sending an explosion of awakening within you.
  56. Maintain one foot in this world one in the other. Seek calming ideas. Comfort yourself with beauty.
  57. Settle in to your environment by paying attention to the details. Plant yourself. Nurture your roots. Ground yourself,
  58. Celebrate! Joy reinforces itself. The smile you give out comes back to you.
  59. Sometimes you have to settle into a situation that causes bad feelings. Don’t let those bad feelings further poison the situation.
  60. Find positive ways of expressing the parts of yourself that you seek to repress .Our passions and drives are forces to be worked with and transmuted. They are not to be caged.
  61. Take delight in and foster gratitude in the smallest of things and the hidden helpful influences in your life.
  62. Strive towards such peace of mind that even the greatest of changes and shocks fails to stir your inner calm.
  63. Seek to understand the metaphor, magic and myth from a scientific perspective. Remember growth is a spiral not a cycle.
  64. See the metaphors and myth in science and rationalism. Never feel that you have completed work on yourself. Remain humble and look for more improvements.

anonymous asked:

hey i was just wondering if you could point me in the right direction here. i feel like there's a great tendency with ships that involve tony in which he is the 'weaker', needy one who needs to be protected and since i personally don't see the character this way, was wondering if you could maybe recommend me some fics (or authors) that don't have that? (idek if you do these things and i'm sorry if you don't and i'm bothering you)

While I’d love to say I’m a fountain of winteriron knowledge, unfortunately I cannot. However this is a great place to ask these questions, even if I don’t have the answer I’m sure some of the bang’s followers will be able to help you. 

Here is what I do have though: 

“Where have you seen me? Did anyone else see me?” Tony turned around and the Soldier put the gun to his forehead. Tony couldn’t decide if he wanted to lean into the door or the gun. “You come to me all the time. I took care of your arm the first time” he said and pointed at it. It was clad in leather today and through the glove Tony could only see the silver fingertips. The Soldier took a step back and shook his head. He seemed to concentrate hard on something and then said “No. You cried.”

Also known as: The meetings between Tony and The Soldier throughout their lives.

(While he does need to be protected in the first of the series, it’s because he’s like 2 so I feel that makes up for it)

After spending years under HYDRA’s control the last thing Bucky wants is to return to their ranks. He does so only because his situation provides an invaluable opportunity to infiltrate the most impenetrable army in the galaxy — his own discomfort is a small price to pay for the lives he might save in the future.

Three months is all he can take before he decides to throw his cover and find his way back to Steve, HYDRA hot on his heels. With him, Bucky has a memory drive of stolen information and a second personality sharing his body, courtesy of HYDRA’s brainwashing.

All Bucky wants is to deliver the information to Steve and the Alliance and finally return home, but when his ship is damaged he has no choice but to stop for emergency repairs. He’s directed to ‘The Mechanic,’ who can supposedly help, but Bucky isn’t exactly comforted when he meets the man in question.

But with HYDRA breathing down his neck Bucky doesn’t have a choice — he’s going to have to trust this Tony, whether he likes it or not.

(Bucky and Tony are both vulnerable in this at moments, but theres some equality in it so that it doesn’t favour one over the other, plus its just generally a really great story)

It is December 19, 1991 and Tony Stark is sleeping. This is significant for several reasons.

For a start, this is the first he’s slept since sometime early on December 16th. He’s gone without sleep for longer—both with and without the intervention of illegal stimulants—so it isn’t so much that as it is the fact that his parents haven’t been alive since December 16th.

The thing is, when he’d agreed to go out clubbing on the night of the 16th—back when he still had parents—it hadn’t ever occurred to him that someone would show up at 5:43 p.m. on December 17th (he’s still wasted from the night before, sweating the drugs out of his system, stinking of sex, and liquor) to tell him his parents had stopped being alive.


The man is named Tony, and he seems to know James better than he knows himself. In fact, there are many times when he doesn’t remember his own name—only Tony’s—and has to be told, over and over. Sometimes he pretends not to know, just so Tony will hold him close, and whisper it against his ear, until his world is reduced to warmth and safety and Tony.

(Again here there’s like an equality in the emotional breakdown moments, plus a really sweet story)  

And finally:

Imagine Tony has a young child &, for some reason or another, s/he is very shy & withdrawn with strangers, & it took him/her a very long time to warm to the rest of the Avengers. However, when Steve brings Bucky into the tower s/he takes & opens up to him right away, much to everyone (but especially Tony’s) shock. Not only that, but Bucky does very well with and opens up to the kid in a way he hasn’t since the brainwashing, bonding with him/her & healing himself as well.


Imagine Bucky read the Hobbit when it came out, and Tony finds out and lends him old tattered copies of the LotR books that he’s read about a hundred times at least. Bucky loves them, and they watch the movies and Tony takes to calling him Elvish endearments in bed because he’s a huge geeky sap, e.g. Meleth e-guilen means love of my life.

(Recovering Bucky not very sure of himself+ Strong Independent Dad Tony who has the sweetest little girl)

Hope this helps with your cravings anon. If anyone else has questions or an answer for this anon feel free to ask/add to this post!

King of the Kitchen

Word Count: 1227


(Sort of suggestive, with some fluff. And yes, I’m a newbie.)

You knew there was something wrong the moment you walked through the door.

After kicking off your boots with a relieved sigh, and undoing the knot that kept your hair tightly bound (all except your matrimonial braid), the feeling hit you like a strange, uncertain and glancing punch. Your steps stuttered to a halt as you tilted your head back, sniffing at the air. Wafting from somewhere was the smell of food, which wasn’t necessarily so wrong. Your stomach said so. The wrong part was that the smell never welcomed you when you got home. Ever. Usually you were the one cooking it, which said something about the situation that confronted you as you walked into the kitchen.

A dark cloud billowed from a pot on the stove, immediately you knew that the fire was too bright, too large, too hot. There was also something else (read: someone else) hot in the kitchen, who was the cause for the panic.

“Thorin?” you asked.

The King under the Mountain did look quite ridiculous holding a pot in one hand, and a wooden spoon in the mitten-covered other. He froze, turning to meet you with spare strands of hair plastered to the sweat or steam on his face. The rest had frizzed from the heat. Obviously, he was quite frazzled. His silver-blue eyes were wide.

“Y/N.” He placed the pot onto the bench too quickly, scattering the various bowls there and creating more of a mess.

“Stop, stop,” you cried, when the bowls shot over the edge of the stone bench in a marvelous cascade, and he fumbled to try and catch some. The others hit the ground, some cracking or chipping, others shattering or merely clanging. Nonetheless, it had made you cringe horribly as the sound echoed around the walls, making the situation seem more worse than it was.

He merely stood, afraid to touch anything else, while you ducked down to gather the fallen crockery.

Retrieving a dustpan and broom, you proffered them to him.

“Clean your mess.” Adorable fool.

If he wasn’t handy in the kitchen, he was handy with cleaning (though sometimes quite circumstantially, ‘urgent’ duties would pop up suddenly whenever you needed to clean). But he had done his fair share of sweeping, since Erebor hadn’t been given without a fight. There had been quite a substantial amount of rubble to clean up afterwards.

Which was probably why he was cooking for you.

The smell of charcoal filled your lungs and tore your eyes toward the stove. You doused the fire and took the pot off the heat. Whatever he had been trying to cook for dinner was nontangible from the blackened mess glued to the bottom.

“What were you doing, Thorin?” you asked.

He grumbled as he gathered all the splinters of clay. Something about ‘giving you a rest’ and a ‘surprise’.

“I believed that Balin told me you were on a hunting expedition, and a meeting with Bard afterwards.”

He avoided your eyes.

“And I suppose that the emergency Fili and Kili directed me to really was fake after all.”

From there you got the first audible response.

“I told them to think up a good excuse. I should have known.”

“Really?” you laughed, pulling him to his feet so that he faced you. “You sent those two rascals to distract me, thinking that it would work?”

The dent in his pride was still quite too large to be ignored with the deep-chuckle that you usually wrested from his chest.

“Hey,” you murmured softly. “Don’t fret.” King of Erebor, slayer of Azog the Defiler, unsettled by his less-than-satisfactory attempt in the kitchen?


“I appreciate the gesture, Thorin, I really do.” Your hands had travelled up his vast chest, feeling the strong thrumming of his heart through his thin tunic, and to his hair, smoothing the dark mane. “But there could have been other ways please me.”

He caught the double entendre. His eyes sparked, all hint of shame disappearing from his majestic form.

“Hmm…” His hands firmly fixed themselves to the small of your back, bringing you closer. “I could think of a few,” he agreed, his voice low.

“And you are very good at them.”

Thorin leant down to plant a kiss on your lips, but you pulled back, a grin on your face, for having pulled him into your trap. His hands were suddenly empty, the air cold from the absence of your warm breath on his face. His eyes flickered open.


“But that is not to excuse the mess you’ve made. After dinner, if there’s anything left to salvage, you are scrubbing everything clean, without Fili and Kili’s help-”

He muttered something at the loophole you had closed.

“-but for the time being, you will help me cook.”

As you tidied the kitchen as much as you could, finding it easier to organize your thoughts when your environment was neat, he stood by, trying not to get in the way.

With whatever provisions left in the pantry, you thought up a quick dish that would be ten times easier to stomach than whatever he had intended to feed you with earlier (but your heart was warm for the thought).

“Slice thinner, Thorin.”

“This is thin!”

“Like this.”

And you demonstrated.

“Crush the garlic.”

“Rah!” SLAM.

“I said, the garlic, not the house.”

The khuzdul oath rung throughout the house, being thrown back by the echoes.

“Thorin!” you admonished.

“What is this pain?” he growled, cradling his hand. Then he glanced up at you and the scowl disappeared under a mask of almost-disinterest. “Not that it pains me too much.” Somehow he had doused the entire thing with boiling water. Dwarves were known for their hardiness, their resistance to high temperature, but funnily enough there was something about the hot water that threw the king off. Water was supposed to put out the fire, not be the fire itself.

He muttered half-heartedly as you poured cool water over it, “I can bear it.”

“Stir the pot, Thorin- don’t splash! Now wipe that. Not with the clean towel, with the rag. The rag! That’s your sleeve – don’t expect me to wash your tunic.”

Thorin cooked like he fought, which was crazy. Brute strength, quick instinctive thinking, plenty of yelling, and he struggled to heed directions (well, what else could you expect from a king?) Though for his credit, he really did try (your wedding vows had held him to it).

An adorable bumbling fool he was reduced to, but one that you still loved and chuckled internally at. Alas, supper was saved, and he even helped you set up the table and serve.

“Cooking is more difficult than I thought,” he admitted, as he sat down, his spoon already loaded with the steaming meal. “You are owed more credit than you’ve been given, my love.” His bandaged hand found yours on the table.

Your cheeks flushed as they always did with the affectionate, crooned words.

“You can pay back your debt when you clean the dishes.”

“All of it?”

You grinned as you popped a spoonful of food in your mouth, your stomach rejoicing, chewing slowly and swallowing to add suspense. He waited patiently while eating, his eyes never leaving yours.

“Maybe only half.”

The remaining half was paid, however, that night, in a currency known only to lovers.

Smart Case for EpiPens Could Help Save Lives

We benefit as the things around us get smarter. Traditionally you would not expect much from a case that holds an EpiPen, focusing instead on the medicine inside. But in the connected world, the case can serve as much of a role in saving lives as the pen itself. Meet Veta, a rigid, transparent smart case that can monitor the medicine it holds and communicate to the owner and those it knows in case of an emergency.

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Kanae and Mutsuki: Selflessness vs Selfishness

So the contrast comparison of Kanae and Mutsuki the last few days got me to thinking about these two characters, and the parallels in their narratives.

Both are characters that are afab, and live as men. Both are orphans that lost their parents and brothers to violence by the other species.

But then we begin to see two completely different stories emerging, taking them in directions that really are polar opposites.

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