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my emergency witch kit. inside are an altar candle, an old church candle, my trusty chalk, and clippings from plants grown and cared for in my house. i use an old altoid box to hold everything in case someone goes rifling through my purse- convenient and discreet! also featured: malachi, my malachite elephant! he was a gift from my roommate, and i take him with me to work every day to help me keep calm and maintain a cheerful outlook. he works wonders and i love him <3 

anonymous asked:

Do you happen to know of any candle spells involving luck? I'm trying to go over my options before trying to buy tickets to see my, & my friend's, all time favorite band in person later this year. Thank you~

Hey there!

I have a few. :p

You can also try making your own luck spell with candles using these posts:

I suppose I can write one. Add it to the list of spells I have to write. I think I have like five or six? Lol.

I hope that helps you! :D


22 Ways To Reuse An Altoids Tin | The Art Of Manliness

I’m not sure why but I have an affinity to mini and sample things. I love campers because of the mini ovens and pull out beds. I love samples of beauty products (I have about a million mini Avon lipsticks!) And I also like to be prepared. That’s the Brownie in me! So these Altoid Tin makeovers are like the worlds best DIY to me! There are 22 here but these four are my favourite. I particularly like the two Survival kit versions - the urban survival one I will keep in my handbag and the ‘real’ survival one I’m going to keep in my car… you know… for all those times I end up stuck in the scrub on my way to Maitland!

Emergency Candle
My dad went out and bought me a special torch that you always keep plugged in so when you have an emergency you can just grab it. I’m not sure where that torch is. Anyway, doesn’t candle light make you look pretty anyway?!

Games Tin
I love board and card games but when you decide to sit down and actually play, you either: A) Can’t find a die or B) Cards are missing from a pack. Keeping a little tin with these things in it means you’re always ready for a game.

Survival Kit
If you fill this kit with the items suggested, you could probably live in the woods for a year. Not only are there fire starters, but fishing line, water purification tablets, etc, etc. Now I just need to learn how to use those things…

Urban Survival Kit
I’m always asking people for Panadol, trying to find a Bandaid that hasn’t come open in my handbag or begging for change for parking metres. No more! I’m going to make one of these tins for myself, but don’t even think about asking me for any of the contents!

Anon, you challenged me a while ago, so I did a rapper line foursome. Hope you survive this… either way, you reap what you sow… muhahaHAHA

- Devi (≖ ‿ ≖)

[*Edit: For those of you who remember my April Fool’s joke, this post is the REAL one; also man did I put a lot of time in this so I hope you guys enjoy ;3;]


truth or dare

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Emergency Tarot Kit

I tend to give readings on the go, and I feel like creating a sacred space is integral to a good reading. Here’s the mobile tarot kit I’ve developed over the years, the contents of which can be easily wrapped up and taken in a bag or purse:

Altar Cloth: Traditionally black, but any design you use in tandem with your readings or psychic energies will do. By consecrating the cloth before you use it, you can turn any surface wherever you go into an appropriate workspace for magick!

Candle and Ribbon: My favorite shortcut to the deities, or entering a ritual state. Before using or adding these items to your kit, take one white spell candle and one length of silver or white ribbon. Anoint your candle with a psychic enhancing oil of your choice (geranium is my personal favorite), tie the ribbon around the index finger of your directive hand, and ask for power and aid in your divinations. When you are done, blow out the candle and knot the ribbon around it. Place the candle and ribbon in your kit, and tie the ribbon around your finger and light the candle whenever you want to start your communication with the psychic realm. Don’t forget a candle holder!

Quartz: A clear quartz (or amethyst) crystal kept with your tarot deck and psychic belongings will not only protect, but cleanse them between readings. I try to recharge my own decks with a quartz crystal above overnight when I can! This can be kept and wrapped right next to your tarot deck, and placed on top of the remaining cards to keep them charged during readings.

Matches or a Lighter: Self-explanatory, but important!

Take these with your deck of choice and you’ll have a portable environment for readings, ready wherever you go!

Blessed Be,



Don’t black out when there’s a blackout with our hacks for emergency candles. But which one will light up your life? We put them to the test on HACK MY LIFE Tuesday 10/9C on truTV.

“Are you roasting marshmallows over one of my candles?” Raven asked. It was a silly question to ask - Beast Boy hovered over a light violet colored candle, filling the air with the subtle mixture of flowers and cooking sugar.

Beast Boy remained focused, slowly rotating his marshmallow over the small, flickering flame. “What makes you so sure it’s your candle?”

“The emergency candles aren’t lavender scented, for one.”

“I like lavender. It could be mine.”

She rolled her eyes. “What is lavender?”

There was a pause, the marshmallow halting in it’s slow roll over the flame. “It’s a flower, right?”

“Beast Boy.”

He groaned. “Fine. it’s yours. I’ll pay you back.”

“Why did you take it? Didn’t you use to do that over the stove?” She looked over at the new stove they’d bought after the last time Starfire had tried to cook. It seemed fine. Honestly, it looked better than the previous stove - this one was stainless steel and had a sleek design. “Is the new one broken?”

“Nope. It’s just electric. It doesn’t make fire, it just gets hot.”

“So what’s the problem?”

He removed the marshmallow from the flame and held it out to her, close enough that her nose wrinkled at the sudden strong scent of sugar. “Look. It’s all crispy. If you put it over the stove, it just gets melted. See how it’s nice and brown?”

“It’s black around the edges,” Raven pointed out.

“No, it’s not.” He scowled and took it back, examining it. “It’s perfectly brown. Anway, here. Take this and eat it.”

She eyed the offered marshmallow. “Why would I want a block of sugar?”

“Because it’s good.” Beast Boy grinned. “Come on, take it. They’re special vegetarian ones.”

She grudgingly took the marshmallow and pushed it past her lips. As she chewed, it squished in her mouth, the texture strange. It was too sweet, and it seemed almost cold in her mouth. She frowned. “That’s terrible.”

“Cold marshmallows are gross,” he agreed. He offered her the crisp one. She was still frowning, so he began waving it enticingly as he explained herself. “This is good, trust me. Would I steal a candle from you if it wasn’t?”

“You do ridiculous things.” She took it anyway, chewing it slowly. Warm and melted in the middle, the edges crispy. It was still a little sweet for her, but a single marshmallow was tolerant. She nodded. “It’s good, though. I understand why you wanted it, even if you used less than ideal methods to get it.”

“See? My stealing was a good thing.”

“I still want fifteen dollars for a candle.”

“Aw, come on! Aren’t we having a nice time?”

“We are. But, next time, you can use a cheap candle instead of the ones I use to meditate.” She grabbed one of the chocolate bars he had set off to the side and sat down across from him, watching as he put another marshmallow to the flame.

Honestly, the sweetness was starting to grow on her.

I made an emergency candle.

What I used:

Tin seasoning container
Clove essential oil (good for repelling bugs & it is calming)
Palm candle wax
A couple crayons (for coloring)
Matches box (glued on to the top of a lid, I cut off the sides of the match box and glued those to the lid too)
Silver duct tape (to cover the lid because the lid was see thru)

Power Down

Short fic for TAU. Have some more fresh-after-Transcendence Pines Parents struggling with what’s happened to their kid…

Six broad, tall pillar candles were kept in the cupboard for emergencies. Six candles in one cupboard, never removed unless they were needed, always put back right after their work was done.

Mark swept the flashlight from corner to corner, digging through the Easter decorations also stored there as though he might find what he was looking for hiding behind a cute bunny shelf-sitter. Just as he first thought, there wasn’t a wick in sight.

“Anna!” he called. “Did we put the candles somewhere else last time?”

“No, I’m sure they’re in there.”

“I can’t find them!”

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I’m in some financial trouble, as usual. I won’t get into the depressing details, but I’m offering my commissions still, this time with discounted prices and a new comic page offer! These are limited time offer prices because I really need to get a buffer in my bank account again.

  • ~Sketch - $5 (Normally $7!)~ Rough sketch, no background. Greyscale or flats. Limit of 2 characters, additional characters are +$3
  • ~Simple - $15 (Normally $20!)~ Clean lineart with coloring and simple shading. Simple background. Limit of 3 characters, additional characters are +$5
  • ~Detailed - $30 (Normally $50!)~ Clean lineart with detailed coloring and detailed shading and lighting. Detailed background - A fully realized illustration! Limit of 2 characters, additional characters are +$10
  • ~!NEW! Comic page - $50~ Simple tier quality art (Clean lineart, simple bg and shading), one page, 3-9 frames. Any concept is accepted, but be sure that your dialogue or idea can fit onto one page. I will let you know if it’s too much, because cramming 4 pages of dialogue into one page is never good.

Any fandom, any ship, any character accepted (but fandoms I’m familiar with preferred, of course, as I would probably be better at characterizing them!).

Thumbs up: Robots, anthropomorphic animals, ships of any kind (straight, gay, lesbian, etc), violence/fighting, humor, sexy.
Thumbs down: Fetish, gore, full on nudity/genitalia

For more examples, check out my art tag. Send me a message to inquire about original character work.

Thank you for your help, guys.