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I got bored and decided to highlight ten of my favorite weird/eccentric singers in modern music. Maybe they aren’t the greatest singers of all time, but they’re all unique and unmistakable. Each of them have singing voices that make you go “WTF is this?!” upon first listen, but then you slowly grow to appreciate them as you listen to more material.

  1. Yma Sumac - The godmother of all eccentric voices. This Peruvian soprano both confused and bewildered 1950s audiences with her five octave vocal range, animal imitations, and “exotica” style of music, which mainly consisted of mambos and Latin American folk tunes. Most of the other people on this liste have traces of her influence in their vocal deliveries. Check out: Tumpa and Chuncho.
  2. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins - Once an aspiring opera singer, this R&B star single-handedly created the “shock rock” genre that performers like Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson later adopted. Emerging from coffins, evoking voodoo rituals, and scream-bellowing his way through songs about everything from soul possession to constipation? Yep, he did it. Oh yeah, and he’s rumored to have fathered over 75 children. Check out: I Put a Spell on You and Constipation Blues.
  3. Tiny Tim - While often regarded as a novelty act, this falsetto nostalgist was actually quiet sincere with his performances. His ukulele renditions of squeaky clean 1930s pop tunes led to stardom in the 1960s, although his fame quickly faded. He would later find posthumous recognition through the use of his music in cartoons like Spongebob Squarepants. Check out: Living in the Sunlight and this bizarre cover of Earth Angel.
  4. Kate Bush - The queen of baroque prog-pop (if that’s even a genre) known for singing self-penned (and self-performed and produced) tunes with a breathy, child-like timbre that’s hard to describe. Her live performances and music videos were equally as hard to describe, but nonetheless captivating. While she was a mega-star in the UK and much of Europe, her peculiar style never caught on in the US. Check out: Wuthering Heights and Sat in your Lap.
  5. Klaus Nomi - Occasionally there are singers whose voices are so strange that words fail to describe them, and this German avant-garde performer is one of them. Part soprano, part alien, and part walking pop art, his style was unmistakable, if also a bit too weird for even other weirdos to process. Still, there is a beauty about his style that shines through, especially in live performances. Check out: The Cold Song and The Nomi Song.
  6. Diamanda Galas - Her nickname in the ‘80s was “The wife of the devil”, and it’s not hard to understand why. She too started her career as an opera singer and took a turn into weird and frightening territory beginning with 1982′s nightmarish LP The Litanies of Satan. With a shrieking 5 ½ octave vocal range and infamous live performances that could scare the bejesus out of anybody, there has never been anybody quite like her before or since. Check out: Double Barrel Prayer and her cover of I Put a Spell on You.
  7. Bjork - This Icelandic maverick started her career as part of numerous alt rock bands before embarking on a highly successful solo career. While her self-produced, eclectic music was always a bit off-kilter, she has only continued to get stranger over the years, but her clear, arresting howl has stayed the same. Her influence is insurmountable, ranging from Thom Yorke to FKA Twigs and beyond. Check out: Human Behavior and Crystalline.
  8. Mike Patton - Best known for his work with Faith No More, he could only best be described as a vocal freak of nature. Possessing a monstrous six octave vocal range (the widest of any singer in modern music), he has mastered death metal, Italian pop tunes, experimental jazz, Native American chants and literally everything in-between. His style has no limits, nor do his songs from various projects, which often jump through multiple genres in the span of three minutes. Check out: Smaller and Smaller (with Faith No More) and My Ass is on Fire (with Mr. Bungle).
  9. Tanya Tagaq - Another performer of “exotic” music by Western standards, this Inuk throat singer takes music traditional to her culture and puts a plethora of innovative spins on it. Alternating between hums, buzzes, coos, and clean vocals, she is primarily a storyteller, using her voice as an instrument to paint striking mental images. Recently she won the 2014 Polaris Prize for music and caused controversy by paying homage to thousands of murdered indigenous women as part of her performance at the ceremony. Check out: Improv Performance and Uja.
  10. Julie Christmas - What would Cinderella become if Prince Charming jilted her? One listen to this Julliard-trained maniac’s voice, and you’ll get the hint. Known for her work with Made out of Babies and Battle of Mice, Christmas can go from sweet to psychotic at the snap of a finger, her vocal delivery terrifying yet intriguing to even the most hardened of metal critics. Her recent solo work is further proof of her vocal acrobatics - a fallen Disney princess, indeed. Check Out: Cooker (with Made out of Babies) and Bones in the Water (with Battle of Mice).

Star Adopts!

I had some people asking me to make some more stars, since they missed last weeks batch. </3

Examples of previous Star Batches: X - X - X - X - X

Message me or email me at ASKTHESTARGAZERS@GMAIL.COM to claim yours! Payment up front; PayPal only!

Options to claim:

A.) On-base batch of three designs. You get first pick: $20 USD
B.) On-base, single design, plus human OR ‘younger’ form: $40 USD
C.) Off-base, single design, plus human form AND ‘younger’ form: $60 USD

Once I’ve confirmed that you’ve claimed your pick, please send me a message or email with the following filled out:

Option: (A/B/C)
If On-Base, which? (Originalshown above/Femme/Curvy/Hot Dad/Small Femme/MultiArm Dad/Etc) Note: Angel bases are included.
If Off-Base, what body type do you prefer? (Tall, slender, short, heavy, buff, chub, etc.)
Hair prefs: Long/Short/Braided/Curly/No Preference
Extras: Horns/Tails/Ear Type/Multiple Eyes/Etc


(Please be sure to include fees in your payment.)


These babies belong to a closed species. Please do not create your own design based off of this species. Feel free to adopt one of mine, or commission a customized one from me! :)

(Info About Species Under Cut)

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Sales of recreational marijuana have blown past expectations in Nevada, threatening to leave some dispensaries with empty shelves. After Gov. Brian Sandoval endorsed a statement of emergency in the first week of legal sales, regulators are looking to bolster the supply chain.

The Nevada Tax Commission is meeting Thursday to determine whether the state has enough wholesale marijuana distributors; it could also adopt emergency regulations.

Marijuana Shortage Prompts Emergency In Nevada; Tax Officials Weigh Changes

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

E M E R G E N C Y   P O S T

OKAY SO. I checked my bank this morning. I have £37. My savings are pretty much empty as is my paypal, but my bills haven’t come out yet and they come to around £44 - I’m gonna be short, cause I’m already in my overdraft, so I’m gonna end up with bank charges if that happens, but as well as ME being short for MY bills, everyone else in the house is struggling and extremely tight for money. 

We need help like. major time. 

Commissions have been open all this time but I’d just like to remind that they’re open from as low as $10 (I’d love to say $5 but because of conversion rates that would barely be anything as bad as that sounds). If you’d like to commission me or would like to discuss a commission please feel free to message me! I don’t bite so please don’t be shy about talking to me, I’m a huge dork.

I’m hoping to get some adoptable characters up and out for people to purchase if they would like to. I’m hoping to price them around $10-$15. I will be posting them in batches of three (as the first batch I’m about to release has two completed and I want to be able to post them as soon as I can for you to see).

I also opened up a RedBubble last week! I only have one design up so far but I’m willing to accept ideas for designs if you have any ‘requests’ (within reason of course). You can find it over at https://www.redbubble.com/people/bauscheusse/shop?asc=u

I’m also accepting donations. I hate having to ask for these but we’re desperate so I can’t afford not to have these open if you’re not able to afford the prices of the above things. Every little helps! You can donate over at paypal.me/FMBauscheusse there’s no minimum limit but do bear in mind conversion rates as I live in the UK and we use the £.

If you can’t afford to give ANYTHING, then please at least hit me up with a share to spread this around!

Please, and thank you all so much.

Grandmaster Voryn Dagoth in mourning after death of Wulfharth of Atmora (who later ended up being brought back to life)

headcanon: the Chimer had two colours associated with mourning - red and grey. Grey, associated with ash and ceremonial burial, meant peaceful mourning, acceptance of the loss and calm, quiet contemplation on mortality and the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead. Red, on the other hand, expressed despair, pain, vengeful mourning, and was typically worn by families of those murdered or executed. It was not the “dignified” way of grieving, and for the Grandmaster of a Great House to show up in an all red outfit - parts of which were made from a kind of a poisonous giant moth - for a council meeting with the Hortator was rather bold.

After being changed into Dunmer, the colours mostly lost their significance; however, some continued to see grey and red as the colours of death and mourning, and from their eyes and their skin they made a symbol of grief for the lost glory of Resdayn and before it the High Velothi culture.

In 3th Era, the newly re-emerged Sixth House adopted red as their colour, corresponding with their self-given title of Tribe Unmourned.

Hi everyone! This is a new adopt shop made to raise money to escape our unsafe homes. We will be posting adoptable OC’s and giveaways! We also have commissions open and PWYC sketches! We will be posting all sorts of OCs and will do themed ones upon request! Signal boost if you can, and thank you so much!!


Earlier this year I was posting about the situation of crisis from my country, Romania, that the government want to adopt an emergency ordinance to pardon the ones who are corrupt, basically an emergency ordinance to pardon them, so they can get out of prison earlier or not go there at all and that the people protested for months. Today, they did it. They adopted a law that does this exact thing, it pardons the corrupts! Now those sentenced to imprisonment with execution for giving or taking bribes, traffic of influence or buying influence are to be pardoned. And the people are out on the streets protesting again.

I can’t believe it! They really think we are THAT stupid??

Blue Eye

Submitted by whereifellfromgrace

Prompt: Since birth, either Sam or Dean have dealt with major disability (blind, deaf, etc.) but by some miracle (perhaps supernatural) they are cured.“

Round 10: Test Drive vs. Blue Eye

It was on the eve of Sam’s seventh birthday when Dean stumbled back to the hotel from a hunt, smeared in blood, his clothes ripped to shreds. The night dad hit the bottle long before making sure he got himself and his eldest son back safely, the next morning impala reeking of that familiar bar house smell, complete with sweat and blood and fear. The night dad was so furious that Sam could feel his anger wafting through the small hotel room space like flames. And the night his brother’s mouth formed the words he couldn’t hear but would never forget.

“I wish I could have your silence Sammy. Just for a few minutes.”

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I have been gone so long oh my god

So much has happened it has been absolutely insane—we moved houses, our dog passed away (I’ve only just stopped crying and it’s been over a week now), our cat had a vet emergency, my mom adopted another dog for us, cars broke down…it’s been wild

Hopefully once our wifi is up I’ll be back more (two weeks without wifi or data…I’ve been struggling)



I desperately need someone responsible who can house a kitten for 5 months. I am moving in October & will be bringing him with me, but I can’t keep him where I live now & I do not have it in me to bring him to a Shelter.

His name is Khajiit, He is about 2-3 months old. He appears to be litter box trained, or is at least getting use to the concept. I have plenty of food for him but can & will supply more if you run out. I will also supply litter &, if it becomes a problem, I will Personally come clean up any accidents he may have. I know he was just taken from a litter of 4 so I want to say he is good with other cats, but I’ve never actually seen it myself. He is VERY friendly & playful. He has his own bed/blanket that he will sleep on but does enjoy curling up under the chin. He is a really wonderful cat.

I live in Cordova but work in the city so I have no problem with someone housing him in either location, I’d just like him to remain close so I can visit him regularly. Please, message me if you can help. I really need to find this kitten a safe temporary home until I move out.


Hey All,

This is Techie, she’s an amazing Husky/Shepherd/Shiba mix that loves to cuddle and run around and lick everything in sight!

Unfortunately, I have to move out of my current house, and after months of searching, the only place I could find that would take me with my credit and income (Hooray boston expensive) does not allow dogs.  

I had a place for her originally, but they had to turn it down because their landlord said no last minute.  

She’s a sweet loving girl who just wants love and attention.  She was abused by her previous owner and i’ve spent the last almost 3 years building up her trust in people and calming her down and nurturing her back to health.  If i can’t find a home for her by the end of this week, i’m going to have to take her to the MSPCA, who will euthanize her due to her having bitten someone in the past (this was back when I first got her and she bit me because I approached her too quickly)

Yes, she does take a bit to warm up to people but she’s genuinely a nice dog who loves to cuddle and snug and will pretty much clean your kitchen floor for you for free haha.

  • If you do take her, I can provide
  • A months worth of food
  • A crate with memory foam mat
  • A big fluffy dog bed
  • a shit ton of toys
  • Rope Toys
  • Treats
  • her vet records (obviously) She’s up to date on all of her shots until august
  • Six months worth of flea and tick preventative

I’ll drive her accross the country if it means finding her a good home.  I just cannot bring myself to take her to a place where I know she’s going to have her life cut short. She’s only 4 years old…

for more info or questions, e-mail me at originaleht@gmail.com



alright! emergency-ish adopts!

in short, i need money for food and busticket (and a new house)
the kind of stuff i’m kinda fucked without.

so, i made more horses!
offer to adopt and starting price is 15 EUR

1. -
2. -
3. - TAKEN
4. - TAKEN
send me a message if you are interested!

if you buy one, you may do whatever you want with it. i’m however not to blame for any of the things you do with it.

reblogs are also appreciated!

So as some of you may already know, my household is dealing with a huge cat problem right now. We moved into an apartment that had six feline tenants that our landlord refused to evict and then one of them had kittens so we’re at like. Capacity. We’ve been having a hard enough time making money for rent and food, let alone food and litter for a literal cat colony+it’s just not safe to have all of these cats here.

Animal control and the SPCA are unwilling to help, we’ve contacted rescues and been denied, kijiji ads have gotten some interest but no one who follows through, our irl friends cannot take them. The situation is getting incredibly desperate, and we just cannot keep them here anymore. Even if we suddenly had enough money to care for them, it is actually illegal to have this many cats and we can’t do this. 

So what I’m asking is basically, if you have any way of getting to Hamilton, Ontario, or if you live close enough that my partner can drive to your location, can you adopt one or more of these cats?

There is one adult female tabby cat named Sunny. The others are kittens, four of them are almost a year old, a black male named Salem, black female named Coulson, and two tabby males Ernie and Artie (who have a pretty codependent bond and would probably like to stick together but if you really want only one of them we can’t afford to be picky). There is also a male grey and white kitten, around 5 months, named Mako

Please, please, if you can adopt one of them or help us adopt them out contact me. If you can’t, then please at least signal boost this because we really don’t know what to do at this point.


We currently have people interested in Mako and Coulson and are working on hammering out the details there. Sunny has also had some interest from a kitty cat foster here in Hamilton. We’re very excited about getting these kitties into a better situation!

Artie and Ernie, the male tabby twins, and Salem, the male black cat still need homes. They’re all very friendly cats, Artie and Salem in particular are huge lap cats. If you’re looking for a kitty who will happily snuggle up to you while you’re sleeping or watching TV, they’re perfect. 

hey guys, i made my first batch of adoptables to help out with my financial situation since it’s getting pretty bad. these are some cat adoptables! first come, first serve. you can buy up to two of them! message me which one you want and i’ll give you the info you need. USD only, and must be sent through paypal!

1. Fire $4 [OPEN]

2. Water $4 [OPEN]

3. Dragon $6 [OPEN]

4. Angel $8 [OPEN]

5. Demon $8 [OPEN]

6. Galaxy $10 [OPEN]

i also have commissions open which you can also message me about. even just sharing this around helps a ton! thank you so much for reading this

also huge shoutout to deoxyrebornicleic for saying they’ll help me out, i hope you know just how much this means to me!!