The biggest problem with being poor for a long time is deciding what to do when you finally have a little extra money.

Do I buy that electric toothbrush I’ve been eyeing for a year?

Do I get new glasses to replace the ones I’ve been wearing for 3+ years?

Do I save it for when my car inevitably breaks down again?

Or do I really splurge and finally commission that artist I love??

And you just hold onto it because you can’t decide where to put those precious funds until another emergency situation uses them up anyway and you’re back to square one :D

@lypreila: If you’re doing a month of prompts then 1)Dancing for Mercy/Genji. Maybe 2)Trouble in the Garden for Merrill/ Hawke.

He’s the one who asked her to come. He’s the one she said yes to. The others had gone to her, asked her politely, begged her endlessly, and she had given them all a sweet smile and a hard no. To him, she had sighed, rubbed her brows, waved her hand with begrudging agreement. Now, he wishes he hadn’t. Not when he hears the shot, sees it catch one of her wings. Mercy goes tumbling from the distant sky, unable to hear his scream. “Angela!”

76 presses fingers to his earpiece, rifle in his other hands, tucked behind a wall. “Mercy. Mercy, report.” The buzz of static is agonizing. Genji is sitting in the backlines, hand pressed against a wall. The other is wrapped around the hilt of his sword, a tight grip, and there’s panic in every line of him. “Pharah, do you have eyes on Mercy?” He can hear her rockets in the air even if he can’t see her where he’s hiding.  

“Negative.” Genji peaks over the railing, sees Reinhardt approaching the courtyard, shielf in hand. 76 is beside him, tagging Talon and shooting them down. Pharah is providing covering fire as they move closer and closer to the package that Talon was attempting to smuggle. 76’s orders are brief, illed with iron.

“We finish this. Then we find Mercy,” he says. Everything in Genji screams the opposite. Find her, find her, now, go now, we have to find her now. He’s frozen in his spot. He knows he should be moving into their ranks, catching Talon off balance, providing discord. He wants to be running the other way, into the woods, in the direction he saw Angela fall. It’s 76 who snaps his mind back into focus.

“Genji we need you.” The fight is nothing. The fight doesn’t matter. A series of strikes and dashes, a shuriken between fingers, sword between ribs. He doesn’t need to wait for 76 to release him. The last Talon falls and he is off. He knows the Valkyrie system. Hours spent talking late into the night as Angela fiddled with the wings, explaining to him how even one could provide her support in falling. It doesn’t stop himself from pushing himself harder, running faster.

Nuttesohn. Draecks votze.” He almost laughs when he hears it. All others see the kind doctor. The patient Mercy. He knows the Angela could stub her toe and unleash enough vitriol to make plants wilt.  He finds her halfway up a tree, legs caught in a branch, swearing as she tries to untangle herself. Giving a hard sigh as she gives up, dangles upside down. Surprise flashes across her face when she sees him.

Hej min älskling,” she says with a smile. “This is not the worst thing you’ve caught me doing.” Genji doubles over, hands on his knees, shaky with relief. “Are you going to help me or just leave me here?” She reaches out her arms towards him. He straightens himself, wraps his hands around hers. She shrieks once as they go flying backwards, crashing towards the ground, laughing as he catches her. There are branches in her hair and she’s spitting out a leaf.

He picks her up with him, scooping her up into his arms. She wraps arms around his neck as he bounces. Humming with delight, squeezing her tightly. Spinning and dancing with her, her forehead pressed against his temple, grinning brightly. “Angela! You’re safe!” He says to her. She can hear the laughter in his words, the happiness that bleeds through the faceplate. She reaches up, touches the buttons she knows too well.

She unveils a shock of green hair, his satisfied smile. She brushes a thumb against his cheek as she cranes forward, presses a kiss to his cheek. He lets her go gently, feet touching ground, one wing still tucked at her back. “Let’s go home,” she says, her hand outstretched. He takes it with a pleased huff, stays by her side.


My hours have really been cut at work and I have to pay for health insurance and my dog’s vet payment come the 5th
SO IT WOULD MEAN OODLES if you would commission me <3Donations are also very appreciated <3
paypal: lisabairefoot@yahoo.com

I’m also open for regular commissions as well! 

Do cheaper morning-after pills work as well as brand name pills?

Someone asked us:

I was at the drugstore and I saw that they had a few different brands of plan b. Some of them were cheaper than others so like, do they all work the same or are more expensive ones stronger?

Short answer: all morning-after pill brands that you can buy without a prescription work the same, regardless of price. It doesn’t matter if you get it at a pharmacy, convenience store, health center, or a reliable online drugstore. Get yo bargain on!

Like most medicines, there are different brands of morning-after pills. They may be different prices, but they all have the same active ingredients and have the same effectiveness.

In the U.S., all over-the-counter morning-after pills use 1.5mg of levonorgestrel to prevent pregnancy. Levonorgestrel is a type of progestin, the same kind of hormone that’s in all hormonal birth control, like the IUD, pill, and shot.  

Some brands of levonorgestrel morning-after pills that are sold in the U.S. include:

  • Plan B One-Step
  • Next Choice One Dose
  • My Way
  • Aftera
  • Take Action
  • EContra EZ
  • Option 2
  • Athentia Next
  • Fallback Solo
  • Opcicon One-Step
  • Morning After
  • AfterPill (only available online)

Less expensive brands are often called “generics.” The FDA requires generic medications to have the same active ingredient, strength, dosage, quality, and effectiveness as name brands. So why can they cost less if they work the same? Because the companies making generics don’t usually pay for advertising, and they don’t have to run the expensive clinical trials that the original brand needed to do to get FDA approval for that kind of drug.

You can always double-check with the pharmacist if you’re concerned about buying the right pill. But as long as it says “levonorgestrel 1.5mg” somewhere on the package, feel free to buy the cheapest morning-after pill on the shelf —  it will work exactly the same as more expensive brands.

-Kendall at Planned Parenthood


ok so my computer is unusable now and I’m going to need a new one, so I’m doing commissions to try and get a little more money.

You can see the prices in the picture, I hope they’re not too high. :0 Sketches are done in pencil, then there’s the coloring styles


this style has vibrant colors, but has risks with it. 1: There could be some blotches and streaks from the markers drying too quickly while drawing. 2: Colors are a bit limited due to the amount of markers I have.

Colored pencils:

this style isn’t quite as vibrant and tends to look a bit grainy (maybe someone would like that more) but there’s more colors available to me, and less chance of making mistakes

what I’ll need for you to commission me:
1: a reference of the character you want me to draw
2: your PayPal email (so I can send you an invoice)
3: what coloring style you’d like (only if you’re getting a colored one obviously)

Just message me if you’re interested! In case it wasn’t obvious I can’t send the physical thing in the mail or anything, so it’s pictures of the drawing, I hope that’s not a problem. :0 

Thank you for being interested, or just reading. If you could please reblog and share this around, even if you can’t commission me, I would greatly appreciate it!

Emergency guide for langblrs

I thought i should make this guide with suggestions for people who:

1. Don’t always have internet.
2. Go somewhere where there’s no internet.
3. The internet is slow/barely working in their area.
4. People who want to be prepared.
5. Others that i can’t think of now.

Everything I’m going to say works offline so in case the light went out for a couple of hours and you don’t know what to do to practice your target language, here are some suggestions.


You should have a notebook with grammar in it and it doesn’t really matter if you just copy-paste an entire grammar book. (However it would be pretty good if you actually pay attention to what you write otherwise you’ll have to work twice. 1st you copy-paste then you have to figure out what’s important and what isn’t and that takes pretty long time.)


  • Print a book. try to find a place where the printing is cheap. Usually these are small bookshops or so. Take a walk around the town and check out many places or ask friends of yours, maybe one of them knows a place.
  • Buy a book

Print some lists with verbs and their forms. 

I’d suggest you guys to always have a list with irregular verbs. If you have time you can actually make a big poster with their forms and practice them daily (or just look at the poster, after a while you remember what you wrote) or keep it for days with no internet so you can study them.

Alternative: you can download a PDF but if you have no light for hours, your phone/laptop will die pretty soon and you might need them for more important stuff.

Always have books, magazines, comics in your target language. 

Now, it doesn’t matter if they are PDF or physical. My tablet has comics in Danish in case i have no light and i’m bored. It’s pretty handy to have something to read.

Idioms all the way~ 

You might be a beginner so you didn’t really want to learn idioms usually because you think they are “too advanced”, however, it’s no harm to have 2 packs of flashcards at you in case you want to play a game.
I said 2 packs so i should explain why. 1 is in your target language while the other is the translation. Put all the cards with their writing facing the rug/table/book/whatever and turn them 2 at the time. If the translation is the right one for the other card, take them out or leave them with their “face” up, if not, turn them again and turn 2 cards again. 

pro tip: have a list with the pairs since you don’t know the meaning of the idioms.


You can buy one/download a pdf or use an offline dictionary. I’d recommend using ProDict or BitKnights Ltd. You need internet only for 5 min to download all the content and then your app is good.


Try to have at least 2-3 movies in your laptop or on a flash stick/USB. Now, if you stay  1 month at your grandparents, you might learn the lines of these movies but at least you used your listening skills.


I’m pretty sure 95% of langblrs have at least 1 song in their target language(s) but i’m still going to say this. When you’re bored, these songs will save you, also, singing improves your pronunciation.

Apps that work offline

Pocket - basically, you need internet at first (the app has to download the content and you have to log in) and after, you have to save a few stuff. The app allows you to read articles offline. It saves the page and you can acces it later.

While you are at a computer you “save” the page through the browser’s extention and they will be added to the app from your phone.

50Languages - just like every app i’m going to mention, you need internet only at the beginning. This app has games, audio, vocab. I like it for the fact that the audio is really good. As you guessed, it’s for 50 languages.

Fun Easy Learn - it has a version for words and one for phrases. The app has 7 games and you have to play them all in order to have “learned” the vocab.

Memrise - everyone knows it so i won’t say anything else than the fact that you can download a couple of their courses. (i’m not sure if for ios you can download them but i know that on os you can)

Learn - this app has audio and vocab. The game for “teaching” is more of a way of testing you after you learned the words but it’s still pretty handy.

Learn Languages - this app is built to work hand in hand with 50Languages and i just love them? So, you use 50langs for the audio and LearnLanguages tests you for what you know. If you don’t know a certain word or phrase, the app will send you notifications with what you don’t know and its translation. You set the timer (15min, 30min, 1h, 3 h).

If you have words that need to be learned and you don’t know how, Quizlet might be a good option since it has different games and also a flashcards option.


If you by any chance don’t understand something, write it down. Try to have a notebook or a paper only for questions. When you have internet again, use HiNative or ask a native friend of yours.