Emergency! Best Underrated: The Exam

In The Exam, Johnny and Roy must re-certify for the Paramedic program by passing a tough exam that a lot of the other Paramedics are failing.  (Ernie Brown failed! Tim Williams too?)  It’s fun to watch the guys navigate trying to study, panic and take notes while all around them there are meals to be eaten, lives to be saved, and a fireman’s widow to be placated when her accident-prone daughter gets her head stuck inside a coffee table in the morning and then smashes that same head on the floor falling out of her bunkbed later in the day.

This episode includes one of my favorite Emergency! scenes between Johnny and Roy.  During a brief heart-to-heart chat in the Squad in the middle of their stressful day, Johnny confesses that he really wants to pass the exam because he doesn’t want “…to go back to the Engine.”  It’s an unexpected moment between two friends that is both heart breaking and real. This episode convinces me that Johnny never really accepts becoming a Captain or at least he doesn’t last as one for very long. His heart and his instincts lie elsewhere. 

The final rescue is memorable for being shockingly violent.  A car crashes on a movie studio set and an idiot working in the crew makes a bad situation even worse by lighting up a torch near some spilled gasoline and causing the trapped driver’s car to burst into flames. It’s a devastating scene for the show and the resulting carnage must be spectacularly gruesome because Captain Stanley will not even let Roy look at the body.

Even though the episode ends on a cliffhanger, the outcome of The Exam is never really in doubt.

Highlights include:

Virgos are not going to have a good exam day Johnny.  “Forget it…”

Jeanine’s stuck head.

Johnny’s profile.  Wow.

“It’s the electronics age!”

“He always eats a hotdog when he’s watching that football.”

That scene in the Squad…

“They’re more than just friends, they’re…”  “Crutches.”


Don’t look Roy…

“We passed it!”

“You’ll never guess what some twit did.”

anonymous asked:

It has occurred to me several times while watching Emergency that it would make a great drinking game. Of course since it's a family show you could use your family-rated beverage of choice (mine would be mountain dew). I don't know if anyone has ever done one for the show, but you could use whenever the phantom strikes, whenever Johnny says "shut up Chet", whenever Cap says "twit" or "pal" (I love when he calls someone pal!). What do you think?

Actually, yes, it does! Not that I’ve…played it…or anything…but uhm YES Grab a cuppa your favourite drink (alcoholic or non) and take a sip every time the boys go on a call,

and something crazy happens,

or when you see the green pen,

or when Johnny trips over his words,

or when the Cap makes a snarky remark,

or when Doctor Brackett gets in Dixie’s personal space,

or when Doctor Brackett yells at somebody,

or when Brice acts like a dick,

or when Johnny sniffs something,

or when anybody looks extremely sexy for no apparent reason,

or when Johnny acts like an idiot in front of a girl and/or gets shot down,

or when Johnny derps,

or when Johnny and Roy do something slashy,

or when Doctors Brackett and Early do something slashy,

or when butts. ’nuffsaid.

(or when Johnny has food in his mouth, or when Johnny and Roy touch each other, or when Johnny smiles with only half of his face, or when Chet sets something on fire…or if you REALLY want to get drunk, whenever Johnny and/or Roy have a phone pressed to their face…oh man. The list goes on. I could probably continue this for ten pages, but I won’t, cos this is already SUPER long D: ) Anyway, if you’re drinking an alcoholic beverage, you’ll be sixteen sheets to the wind in no time! If you’re drinking Mountain Dew (good choice, too, that’s my favourite soft drink), you’ll be more than-a-little-too-hyped-up-on-sugar. Very fun for the parents.

(And remember this before you operate any heavy machinery: Johnny and Roy can’t come to your rescue if you screw shit up and hurt yourself, so there’s really no point in drinking irresponsibly!)

 Happy Drinking! Just be sure to give me your keys first. XD

Emergency! Best Underrated: Inventions

The first time I watched this episode, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t hailed as one of the fan favorites.  It has so many wonderful things going on!

The guys at Station 51 are scheming and conniving to outdo each other in the fire department inventions competition.   We have Team Roy & Johnny, Team Marco & Mike, and Chet going solo.  Hank, as usual, was just trying to keep these twits from burning the station down.

Here are my reasons this is the most underrated episode of Emergency!

Reason #1:  The Inventions!

Our heroes are smart and creative!  And as always, super adorable.

Just look out how cute Johnny is when he’s telling Roy his idea about a Foam Bomb!

Roy doesn’t seem convinced. 

And here’s Chet with his Human Fly Shoes (which sounds good in theory, but in reality, not so much)

Last but not least, we have Marco and Mike demonstrating their Flame Blower-Outer (my name, not theirs)

This scene has my favorite Captain Hank Stanley line ever. Mike says “It just has to warm up for a minute,” and our favorite Sassy Cap says in his usual dry but hilarious way, “Oh good, that’ll be handy in a real fire.”  

Poor Mike just ends up blowing pieces of burning paper all over the place!

They have to stomp them out with their feet, and this must have been a fun scene to film because just look at those smiles:

Alas, Team Marco & Mike are out of the running when their invention eats itself:

Reason #2: The Back Yard & Equipment!

Another reason I love this episode is because we get to see so much more of the station and their equipment than usual.

We always hear Hank tell someone to “hang 200 feet of hose today,” but in this episode we actually get to see it done.

We get to see Chet using some kind of wringer device (which I didn’t get a picture of) and we see that these guys collect for Toys for Tots! (Bonus funny Chet face) 

This is one of only 2 or 3 times we see them use this gun-thingy to launch a line across an expanse so our heroes can climb across to safety:

(Bonus: wet Johnny, always a good thing)

Reason #3: Johnny & Roy in Scrubs.  ‘Nuff said. 

Reason # 4: Teamwork

I know, these guys are always great about the teamwork and helping each other, but how often does Mike get to be in the middle of a rescue instead of manning the engine?

And Roy is there, once again, to help his partner who has managed to hurt himself…again.  It wasn’t his fault, though.  Johnny’s air mask leaked, exposing him to chemical vapors, causing him to fall and get disoriented, then a burst pipe burns his hand.  Poor Johnny!

Someone from another station wins the competition, no less by inventing the very thing that was Roy & Johnny’s first idea.  Johnny’s not happy.

At the end, our guys are together, wolfing down a meal before the tones go off again.

Thanks to @dying-redshirt-noises for suggesting this fun event. I can’t wait to see what else comes up.  I have lots of ideas for my favorite underrated moments, characters, etc, hope I have time to do them all.  

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Emergency! Cook’s Tour

Season 1, Episode 4 (DVD Box Set)

I was just watching this again, probably fourth time, and I’d completely forgotten that this guy falls.  I actually gasped!  Of course, Johnny & Roy save him :)

A few more nice moments from this episode-

This is a cool shot:

The requisite screencap of Dixie being sexy:

Johnny being super cute teasing those ornery little boys:

  “They’ll probably use a woofle-spring on ya’

And Johnny & Roy make a deal



I’m sorry for all the inactivity, but I knew I needed to at least keep up the “stupid valentines” tradition! I love and miss you all! 
Hopefully my life will get back on track soon so I can get back to screencapping regularly… D:

BONUS: (because I know there are some Brice lovers out there…)

(made with photoshop/powerpoint)

Mike Stoker was Married?!

Yesterday I was watching Brushfire, (Season 1, Ep 5 in the DVD box set) and I heard something I’d never caught before.  

The guys from 51 have been battling a large brush fire all day, and they have to go rescue & treat fellow fire fighter Conway when his leg is crushed by a falling tree.

Roy gives the guy some morphine-

Conway says something about them helping him, and Johnny says in  his usual adorable way, “We gotta practice on somebody.”

Then Stoker uses a chain saw to cut the tree off they guy’s leg.  Conway asks Roy, “Who was on the saw?”  Roy says, “Mike Stoker.”  

And then Conway says, “Yeah, Stoker, he’s quite a good man. I don’t care what his wife thinks. And you can tell him I said so.”  Wife?

Enter Stoker. I always thought of him as a single guy. Gonna be weird watching him now.



I know that stupid phrasing gets thrown around often; usually to the chagrin of the word important. But this show truly was important.

It was Janurary of 1972, and a little show named Emergency! made it’s debut on NBC. Created by the masterminds of Jack Webb (Adam-12, Dragnet, Mark VII Limited), and Robert Cinader, the show followed the lives of firemen/paramedics John Gage and Roy DeSoto on their adventures through LA County in Squad 51. The show ran until May 28th of 1977, with six television movies to it’s credit.

To the layman, this seems unimportant. But let me give you an idea of how much this show did for the US. Let’s say, for a moment, that you lived in a small community somewhere in the Midwest in the 1970’s. One day, you’re at home with mum when she suddenly has a heart attack. Right there, in front of you. First and foremost, the general populace at large doesn’t know the signs of a heart attack. In this timeframe, medicine was only something you really considered when you saw your doctor for your physical. It was still somewhat taboo to really talk about injuries and the like. Regardless, you’ve at least witnessed dear old mum pass out, and you call 9-1-1 instinctively. You reach an emergency dispatcher and tell them your mother’s fainted, and you need help immediately. You’ll get that help, right?

Wrong. The dispatcher gives you the number to a company that will send you an ambulance: a private, for-hire company. And when that ambulance arrives? They will likely do very little life-saving interventions for your loved one. In that timeframe, you really didn’t even need first-aid to get on an ambulance; just a really nice set of white clothes and a hearse or a dedicated unit to put lights on and go woo-woo. You did very little in the back to help that patient, other than watch them and reassure them that you’d be at the hospital…soon.

The ambulance that you take for granted now was nothing like the ambulances of 40 years ago. We have evolved as EMS providers; we are able to actually save lives. This show followed only 1 of 10 (that’s right TEN) paramedic/EMS services working in the United States. Let me repeat that: ONE OF TEN SERVICES THAT ACTUALLY HAD EMS IN THE UNITED STATES. This show, which ran a new episode roughly once a month for six years, actually showcased the good that these services were doing. It brought national recognition to the need for better equipped EMS services.

The show also was accredited for being the first show to demonstrate real CPR to the United States; something that was still in it’s infancy, and which we now stress is a necessary way to save someone’s life the sooner they get it when they need it. In the show, you’ll see times when people literally are confused as to why a fire unit shows up to their home, and even tell Johnny and Roy that they don’t need firemen, they need a doctor. Now, we simply call 9-1-1 and when the ambulance shows up, trust blindly that they’ll help.

THIS SHOW WAS SO IMPORTANT. It was the start of America’s recognition into Emergency Medical Services. It was a turning point in the country to demonstrate that early, life-saving interventions could help people in their time of need; the self-same services that are simply taken for granted now.

And the show didn’t just do fire and EMS, either! It showed what it’s truly like to work in a hospital. The show also followed nurse Dixie McCall, doctor Kelley Brackett, and doctor Joe Early after the paramedic duo would bring them a patient. Yes, like most shows of the era, it was very melodramatic…but it did showcase what most of your EMS and hospital providers (and to a lesser extent, firemen) go through on their tours of duty.

The next time you’re bored, I highly stress you to watch this show. Remember the reasons that persons like myself are on ambulances, accepting crappy pay and little recognition. See why we put ourselves in a little slice of hell and remember that we’re not all douchebags.

Thank you.