On a more serious note, OW crew still doesn’t owe you anything, shipping circles and the size of various ship fandoms isn’t representative to the people making the game/the story. If you were a creator of anything, you probably wouldn’t base your characters’ stories on what the most popular opinion in fandom is (if you did, that would probably be bad storytelling). 

More importantly, Blizzard hasn’t said a peep about whether Genji or Mercy are LGBT or not. 

And, even if they were made to be a couple, they could still be pansexual/bisexual/asexual/etc. 

But the majority of you don’t care about the rest of the spectrum, you only care about pure homosexuality because your perception of sexuality has been so warped by listening to the opinions of people who are out of touch with reality on this website.( This, of course, does not apply to everyone. But for those it does, you know who you are. )

If they want to make Gency happen, it may. Mercy isn’t a confirmed homosexual, so it isn’t gay-erasure (you can’t erase what was never there in the first place), the idea that she is homosexual (or Genji for that matter), has entirely been made up by the fanbase. You only have yourself to thank for getting ahead of yourself.

I, too, am hoping they will reveal the LGBT characters soon, I love sensible diversity (where the characters are still people and not entirely boiled down to their racial caricatures), but it’s not up to me when they do it. I think people still forget that it was largely Chris Metzen who talked about the LGBT character, we haven’t really heard anything from the rest of the crew (maybe it was even a glip? who knows.). And he isn’t even going to work there for that much longer.

Personally, I hope the majority of you will stop this unnecessary hatred towards heterosexual ships, because it really is unnecessary. Your personal history and experiences do not get to lord over other people. 

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Along with everything else they are going through, the Mayor just announced that they will have NO GARBAGE PICK-UP UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!

This is cruel, deplorable treatment of human beings!

BEGINNING TOMORROW, please join me in calling the numbers below to demand additional Federal State of Emergency actions be immediately taken to aid the people of Flint. President Obama allocated $5million dollars on Jan 16 2016 - THEY NEED MUCH MORE THAN THAT! They still don’t have safe water. Their health problems are mounting. They are in dire conditions.

Governor Snyder: 517-373-3400 | DC Office: 202-624-5840
MI Atty General Bill Schute: 517-373-1110
U.S. Department of Homeland Security: 202-282-8000

P L E A S E . S H A R E !


“Emergency: my bowl is empty.”

cute animal vines?

my family is completely out of water and we're out of money

hey y'all this is an emergency I live in jamaica and we have a tank to hold our water we have a guy fill up our water tank once a week since we don’t have running water in our house and i made a mistake and somehow the tank was running all night so we literally have no water until friday which means no water to bathe, drink, or cook (we have only canned veggies, bread, and margarine)
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its only $25 US dollars to pay the water man and I’d really appreciate it if you guys would donate so we can drink and bathe and eat proper food until friday
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Please be safe
  • Stay out of flood waters as much as you can, there are creatures lurking. Alligators, snakes, and fire-ant balls are everywhere.

  • If you are stranded or need rescue call the National Guard number at (225) 664-2397. They can get to you in a boat or helicopter.

  • Boil your water before you drink it from the tap. We are under a Boil Water Advisory.

  • Click here for a list of shelters and supply distributors. You can go to these places as a “safe-haven”. 

  • To contact the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) use this website or call 1 (800) 621-3362. 

  • If you need 911, keep calling until you get through to a person. They are overflowed with calls and it may take a few times for them to get to you.

Remember that your belongings can be replaced, but your life cannot be.


“Talk to a man in a language he understands, it goes to his head. Talk to a man in the language of his home - that goes to his heart.” As for the context, I imagine Genji would have been feeling pretty down post-operation/getting murdered by his own brother. For those that can’t speak japanese, Genji says “Never mind, It’s nothing.” Angela replies with “Really?”


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Please, Please Help Me Save my Service Dog

I wouldn’t do this unless I absolutely needed to, but this is an emergency.

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