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Happy Nurses Week.

To the student nurses, who are just getting their feet wet and wondering what they’re in for.

For the new grad nurses, whose feet are wet, are still wondering what they’re in for and I’m sorry but what is this on my shoe?

For the experienced nurses, who know better than to look at their shoes any more.

For ortho nurses, who can wrangle anyone into a brace and know how to get you to the bathroom when you’re in a knee immobilizer, a shoulder immobilizer, and two wrist splints.

For cardiac nurses, who can read a rhythm strip from a mile away, are no strangers to pacer pads, and aren’t worried until your run of Vtach hits 20 beats.

For post op nurses, who can identify every drain you know and a few you don’t, who can pop stitches and staples out in 10 seconds without making you flinch, and change a surgical dressing in their sleep.

For med-surg nurses, who will handle the highest ratios and become pros at doling out 120 pills before 9am. 

For renal nurses, OR nurses, emergency nurses, observation nurses, palliative and hospice care nurses, home health nurses, wound nurses, PICC nurses, infusion nurses, clinic nurses, nurse practitioners, nursing professors, oncology nurses, critical care nurses, neuro nurses, and the literal hundreds of other nursing specialties I can’t name.

Thank you for all that you do, and all that you will do.


[p1: Emergency
p2: (on the phone) Someone at our prom has been killed! Please help! 
p1: Okay well calm down, we don’t want to panic at the disco! (chuckles) 
( I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! At the Disco plays) ]


Nepal demolished by another earthquake

May 12th, 2015 - “Nepal has been hit by another strong earthquake, causing widespread panic and casualties just over two weeks after a devastating one killed more than 8,000 people, injured 18,000 and destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes.

The US Geological Survey said the quake had a magnitude of 7.3 and struck 42 miles (68km) west of the town of Namche Bazaar, close to Mount Everest. It was followed closely by at least six strong aftershocks. Shockwaves were felt as far away as the Indian capital, Delhi, and Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

The full extent of casualties is unknown, with reports of collapsed buildings and some deaths coming in from remote areas close to the epicentre.”

Deaths have been recorded as far as northern/central India.


Housing Urgently Needed In Portland, OR:

I’m kind of at the end of my rope here, so, I’m here to ask for help.
I need a place to stay. Basically, I screwed up, and I thought I was going to be staying where I am a lot longer than I’m actually able to, and I REALLY need somewhere to go, and unless someone here in town offers me something within the next week or so, my only option is going to be to take an offer out of state, someplace I’ve never lived before, where I know almost nobody.

So, if you have an unused room, a futon, a couch, even just a corner I can pile some cushions in to sleep on for a couple of weeks, please let me know. The longer term the better, it’s really difficult for me to function when I have to move around a lot because of my disabilities, but I’ll take anything at this point. And yes, you can definitely copy and share this message. My email address is starlingcyberbird@gmail.com, easiest way to get at me.

Thank you for reading.




As some of you may very well know, I am, and have been, living in an abusive and painful place I have finally been offered the opportunity to break free of this horrible life under one condition. I need to afford a plane ticket and some back-up money within the month. I really need to be out of this situation as soon as possible, and am at a supreme lack of money.

We’re in the final stretch. The tickets have been bought and all that needs covering left is the final 100+ bucks within the last week. I will be leaving on the 18th. Any and all money you can send will be innumerably helpful for my new life.

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We are low on money and we need some badly for the food and for the new glasses i need to see better. And glasses ain’t so cheap. We need enough money to last this month and to pay those glasses, we are talking about amount what is over 100 euros. We have to get that money before a day 21 of this month, April, because that is when the glasses come.

So i am asking for donations. 

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So guys, I really need some help.

I’d like to preface this with the fact that I hate asking for this type of help, but at this point it’s the only option I see left. Sorry for the long explanation of things, but there is a lot to cover.

Just yesterday (May 13th) I was informed that my dad up and moved out of the house completely and left us (us being my mom, my friend Nikki, and myself) high and dry and having to pay for everything. My mother only makes $1200 a month but bills equal $1300, not including food costs.

This wouldn’t be a problem if I had a steady job, but I don’t. I live in a really small rural town with limited selection and everyone looking for work, especially with school ending soon. I’ve been trying for nearly three years to land a job around here that didn’t involve me selling things of mine, commissions, or without having to commute up to 2 hours round trip a day.

I’ve been trying desperately to move out of this toxic household for at least the last two years due to my mother being highly verbally and mentally abusive along with me not being in the most sound mental state (which I think is why my dad up and left since she treated him like utter crap too). I had almost all the money to move last fall from working for a family friend last summer, but my mom threatened me with possible eviction if I didn’t pay up for the things she needed money for. I can’t even go back to work for this person since my mom also sabotaged my relationship with her.

My wallet with my ID also “mysteriously” vanished around the same time after I revealed I was going to move in a few weeks and I was stuck here all winter without being able to drive and her not willing to pay for a replacement when I had cash since our DMV is stupid and wasn’t taking cash at the time. I barely got it back in March after a lot of effort. This is just a small snippet of what she’s pulled in the past.

My roomie moved in with me as a temp last summer, due to house hopping with family in an attempt to try and get away from her verbally/mentally abusive mother. Even though she moved out of her mom’s place nearly two years ago, she’s still been harassing my friend by using scare tactics (using others’ emotions to control her) and even resorting to shutting off her phone and removing her from the family health insurance. She was and still is planning on moving with me so costs are doubled in some places since we’d be moving for two.

Basically I’m asking for help getting us out of this hellhole and into a new, stable environment, plus enough to cover living expenses. I have a place to move, but it’s out of state so it is expensive. Since we don’t know the state of my current house, I have to take everything with me and can’t come back for more things as originally planned to keep costs down.

Part of my expenses break down into food for myself since I need to eat gluten free (and fairly diary free) plus food for my animals. I have a dog, hedgehogs, and a cat which I need to provide food and general care supplies for as well (mostly for my dog since she needs grain free food due to allergies and she is a big dog). And no, re-homing any of them is NOT an option.

Other expenses include general moving fees and money to support myself and my roomie for two months until her and I can get a job. This money would also cover me getting my knee fixed since it causes me enough chronic pain that I can’t hold down a generic steady job that involves a lot of moving around or standing.

Both my roomie and I have things we can sell. Mine are things I need to clear out, hers are commission based.
Her and I also have donation buttons on our blogs now to PayPal and we have a crowd funding option as well if you don’t want to go direct.

To donate

Paypal: cutiecrafts.craftsbynikki@gmail.com
Crowd Funding: HERE 

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Stuff she has for sale


Please, anything will help us at this point since we have nowhere else to go and nothing else we can possibly do. If you can’t donate, please, please reblog this!

Hello, my name is Bethany. Recently my mother and I were evicted without proper notice. We are currently living in a hotel. My mother is disabled and has had brain cancer three times. I am currently not working and suffer from several chronic illnesses myself. We do not have any money to rent a n…

In desperate need of help! Hello, my name is Bethany. My mother and I we’re just recently evicted from our apartment without notice. We had ten minutes to gather our most important belongings. We are allowed to go back to get our stuff on one visit. We are currently homeless. My mom is disabled and has had brain cancer 3 times. I am currently not working but am looking for a job. I had to leave my job due to receiving a concussion from a metal shelf falling on my head and my manager made me keep working my shift. I suffer from anxiety, depression, endometriosis, and other ongoing chronic illnesses. My mom and I do not have the money for a U haul, security deposit or first month’s rent. We are completely broke and can’t even buy food or personal items. I am in desperate need of help. I have no family that lives close enough to help us. My father passed away from suicide when I was only 13. I am only able to post this because of friend’s allowing me to use their internet. If anyone could help or donate, it would be greatly appreciated. This is an emergency situation. Even if you can’t donate, please share this. 

Thank you

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to click and take a look at this fundraiser. I have made this on behalf of my family, consisting of my dad, my grandmother, my girlfriend, and our cats, because we desperately need some help that only you out there can truly provide.
So I shall begin our story.

My family and I, try as we may, have been falling behind in bills and necessities and despite my job, my dad’s job, and my grandmother’s money, it’s all been building up to the point where we don’t know what we’re going to do. We moved into our current house just last september, and have been struggling to keep up with rent but have managed somehow, in some way, but that luck will only last us so long. My dad is on the verge of quitting his job if only because he is 50 years old and getting too old to work as a mover. It’s a very physically AND mentally exhausting job, and he should not have to go through it anymore after over 15 years in the industry, and let me tell you that the company hardly treats you as human. My dad goes all day without a rest and without even a proper meal, so he hardly has the energy to keep up and he has a condition with his knee also continuing to grow, and he has no medical insurance and so can do nothing about it, and already owes medical bills out there. The same goes for my girlfriend and I, No medical or dental insurance and we have a sea of things needed to be checked out and to make sure we’re alright.

But this is only the beginning of the problems. Just after winter was beginning to come to a close, a very, very pregnant mama cat came to our doorstep, and being the kind-hearted people we are, we took her in and sheltered her from the cold and kept her well fed, and she had her babies on March 23rd. Seven beautiful, precious little furbabies, and even though we’re happy we took her in and could not bear the thought of them being out in the elements, we also know that not too long from now, expenses are going to begin piling up |even more|. We are determined to find homes for as many of the kittens as possible, but even so, we already had 3 cats of our own when we took mama in, and altogether right now we have |11 cats|. Now, a long time ago, well over 5 years ago, my dad and I and his wife took in a pregnant cat, which was a very grave mistake, because we had no money to get the kittens, as they got older, fixed and so they began to breed, and breed, and breed and it was utter ruin and chaos. Most of our belongings were thrown away because of the male cats spraying, and we went through too much turmoil to do it again. The kittens that do not find homes |MUST BE FIXED|, including the mama and they must all be checked for illnesses because we cannot bear to think of our 3 babies getting sick because of our decision to take in mama kitty. And they have long been overdue for vaccinations and vet check ups, but we simply do not have the money to take them and it is agonizing to think about how badly they need to go. They are out family, and we love animals so much and refuse to just put the kittens outside when they are old enough, even though there are people out there who have told us to do so, or even to take them out into the country and drop them off. Just. No. Simply |no|. We have five boys, and two girls out of the kittens, and just one boy is enough to cause mayhem with the spraying, and we cannot and will not go through having our current house ruined by un-spayed males. The very thought makes my dad go crazy, and as much as he loves the cats with all his golden heart, he remembers the mayhem we went through before and how even with all our help, we would not be able to keep up with it. So our true and only hope right now is to raise the money to help us, even just with the cats as it will be very expensive by the time they are all taken and checked out. Every dollar counts, and if enough people were to see this and donate even one, or five, or ten, we could get there in no time. Thank you so much for reading this story, and please, if you can, signal boost this for others to see if you cannot contribute and even if you can.

You have our deepest gratitude.
- Devon (the one writing), Leia, Todd, Sandra.
- And our beloved cats, Maharet, Sauron, Salem, Mama, and babies. (Janos, Psii, Sun, Simba, Maedhros, Bobo, and the tiniest furbaby, Meulin.)

Okay guys, so look - I really hate to ask for donations, but this is super important. The very very short version: TWO TRANS YOUNG ADULTS NEAR HOMELESS HERE!

It’s only just struck me how dire of a situation I’m in. Currently I am finishing up the last 3 months of a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in Illustration. After that time I was originally slated to move home and live with my parents for a few months until I can get a job and on my own two feet.

I am planning on flying out to help my boyfriend ( evios ) pack up his things and move here, to Idaho, with me. Here’s where the plan hits several snags:

1) I have very limited funds, I am a college student, and I don’t have a job at this moment. School is my full-time job. Once I get a job, I wont be able to take the time off to fly down and help him pack up. I am going to try and buy my tickets within the next few days but even buying tickets TODAY for around AUGUST is going to cost about $1000.

2) I was JUST informed my parents are moving to an apartment in 2 weeks, and WILL NOT have room for even me, much less my boyfriend and myself. In short. As soon as I graduate, I am literally going to be homeless. I have no car, and no license. I cannot drive. I don’t know where I am going to go or what I am going to do.

My boyfriend ( evios ) is currently living in a very toxic environment. His mother constantly misgenders him, in spite of knowing the way he identifies and which name to call him. His father is currently unaware because evios is afraid that if he finds out he’ll throw him out of the house on the spot. His mother is being very manipulative about trying to keep him there, in-spite of the living situation causing him to feel frequently suicidal.  His parents WILL NOT HELP with the moving costs, at all. They will refuse to send him things in the post, and possibly even deny taking us to the airport so we might have to hail a taxi. evios himself does not currently have a job (largely because he has no transport, his mother sabotages opportunities for him to get a job, and writing down “female” on applications makes him extremely uncomfortable). I AM ALL ON MY OWN in paying for this.

I, myself, am bigender and am currently wanting to present as predominantly male. I can’t start transitioning just yet however, due to going to a religious school. I just have to wait it out for three more months. I am out on tumblr but not on DA or even to my family just yet. I don’t exactly know how all of them are going to take it, but… I DO imagine that my father’s side of the family is going to write me off completely. I pretty much know that for a fact.

If I scrimp and I save, I can possibly cover the airfare. But that is it. We will have no money, no jobs, and no home. This is why we need help.

==================== OUR GOAL IS $1000 USD====================

With $1000 we would have enough money to comfortably fly him here and out of my own pocket I’d have enough money for rent in either a very small house or apartment. I am going to see about contacting the local LGBTQ Resource (“The Community Center” aka TCC - http://tccidaho.org/ ) in trying to rely on their help for home and job placement, but - we cannot do it alone. your donations/commissions would SERIOUSLY be such a help in giving us a chance at starting out our life together.

My commissions have been closed due to college, and I am not eager to open them back up again when I do not have the time to work on them, currently. I am going to open up slots for this however, but mind you I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WORK ON THEM UNTIL JULY 24th!!! (The day after my graduation):

EVIOS IS ALSO OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS!! He is available to take work on RIGHT NOW!! Check out evios’ prices BELOW:

+ Paypal for either one of us is: Trunks-lover-Iris@hotmail.com

+ Message either one of us on tumblr or DA (DA handles are the same as our Tumblrs).

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING. EVEN IF IT IS JUST $1 WE COULD DESPERATELY USE THE CHARITY!! We are human beings, not machines. To reach that $1000 goal, we are going to need to rely on the kindness of others, and not just commission work alone.

Trunks-lover-Iris@hotmail.com is my paypal, and the money in it is ONLY going to be used for “Operation move Evios to Idaho” from here on in.

A FOR THAT RAFFLE BIT: FOR EVERY $100 I WILL RAFFLE OFF A SKETCH BUST OF UP TO TWO CHARACTERS!! So that means 10 lucky donators will get a free sketch out of gratitude!!♥

I will keep track of our total funds for everyone to see, here:

Thank you very much for considering and, if you can’t spare even just $1 PLEASE spread the word like wildfire.

- much love, from IrisHime/NoireNambu & Evios