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I hate weaving in ends. I made a lovely little striped bolero, but not with self-striping yarn. 50 ends. 50. That's the most ends I've had to weave in ever. 😫

I’m with you. God seriously. I have offered to pay Merlin could hard money, sexual favours, the chocolates he likes from this one shop in Glasglow to weave in my ends and my gorgeous bastard of a husband just said, ‘ye fix this circuit board and I’ll weave your ends.”

Most I ever had was 80. Wanted to die.

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With this and the new Iron Man comic, I have /so many/ ambivalent Howard feelings. Not that I’m ambivalent about Howard himself, but what direction they’re taking his character. At least I can trust you to keep him an in-character asshole.

I honestly don’t know what to think about Secret Origin. The ending left me open-mouthed with shock, but I have absolutely no clue what it means or where it’s going.

But don’t worry. Gillen can whitewash Howard all he wants. We will all still know the truth.

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Did Roxy and Sarah do anything nice for Christmas?

We were with Sarah’s family the whole time. I’m still a bit on the outs with my parents so there was a very polite phone call. But we just moved into her parent’s flat for three nights. We were on a futon because Sarah’s brother called dibs on the real spare bed. We tried to play the pregnant card but since she’s ‘not a whale yet’ it didn’t fly. Her family is big into board games so amidst gifts and all the food it was this huge board game competition. It actually made me think that maybe playing board games would help Harry with his words.

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Twitch, I've seen NGE and I agree, the mechas are pretty damn cool. (I didn't get it at all...) My guilty pleasures are Yu Yu Hakusho and G Gundam (which is the cheesiest, most ridiculous Gundam ever and I LOVE IT). There's a meme you might've seen floating around, "take it! My love, my anger, and all of my money!" Yeah, that's bastardized from G Gundam.

Nice, I like cheesy, I’ll check it out.

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All you guys have encouraged me to start crocheting! We'll see how this goes...

YESSSSSS!!!!! Crocheting is awesome. And if you ever have questions I am slightly better suited to answering them as that is what I do :)

Also if any of you knitters or crocheters are on ravelry.com or join it (it’s free) I’m anarchycox over there feel free to friend me.

And as ever if you finish a project that you are willing to show off tag the blog we’d love to see it :)

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When you say you cut ector down, do you mean that literally with weapons or figuratively? (Also my phone autocorrected ector to extortion which I feel is appropriate.)

he means cut him down from the tree that the net trap caught him up in. to stop the MCU vs comics war that sprung up Harry did a capture the flag weekend competition between the two sides. it went about as well as ye expect.

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I was rereading the early chapters of WiW and got to the one where the Knights make a blanket for Eggsy. Did Tristan make a square? Ector?

Sadly no, I was away on a mission at the time and Tristan was not the warm and fuzzy fellow that he is now. Clearly Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot, Bors, and Percival made squares with the knitting circle. As did Kay, Lamorak, and Gawain. Bedievere had also been on a mission, Caradoc and Pelleas refused to participate.

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So Harry, do you actually get stress headaches or is it just a convenient excuse to run away? I ask because you use it often but I'm never sure if you're serious. I worry. :\

Thank you for your concern. And yes I do get headaches. I used to have one or two migraines a year but since the whole being shot in the head they’ve increased. Now half a dozen migraines and more stress headaches generally. But…it occasionally has also been a useful excuse.